CiviCRM Installation Notes

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Initial Installation


CiviCRM is installed in our main hosting order, under the subdirectory "crew/".

We're using the drupal version of civicrm, since drupal civi has some useful plugins for political organizations. Drupal was installed via the mf/pl control panel.

crew is under git source control. ~/ is a bare repository, and the master copy.

For themes

 drush pm-download zen
 drush pm-enable zen

I haven't done any theme customization yet.

Additional modules installed

  • pathauto
  • token

Installed civicrm, according to instructions at

Intially, I configured civicrm to use a dedicated database. Later, I discovered that certain things are easier if civicrm uses the same database as drupal itself. I mysqldumped civicrm's database and loaded it into crew's drupal database, and changed civi's configuration file accordingly.

Configuration checklist:

Installer URL:

Webform Integration


Today, I worked on configuration webform/civicrm integration. This amounted to installing webform, webform_civicrm, and dependent modules. Aka

 drush pm-download webform
 drush pm-enable webform
 drush pm-download webform_civicrm
 drush pm-enable webform_civicrm

Also had to enable module "CiviCRM Contact Reference Field"

This seems to work. You can create a webform, contact information creates new Civicrm contacts, and form submission can be recorded as civicrm activities.

Civicrm 4.5.0 Upgrade


Also updated civicrm

 drush civicrm-upgrade --tarfile=$HOME/civicrm-4.5.0-drupal.tar.gz

This failed on the last step:

 WD php: Exception: Your database has already been upgraded to CiviCRM 4.4.6 in            [error]
 CRM_Upgrade_Headless->run() (line 53 of
 Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at           [warning]
 Exception: Your database has already been upgraded to CiviCRM 4.4.6 in CRM_Upgrade_Headless->run() (line 53 of
 Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error.                        [error]

Let's try the database upgrade separately

 drush civicrm-upgrade-db

That seemed to work successfully.

All filesystem changes committed to source control, and pushed to origin/master.

Bitpay Integration


There's a (still experimental) module for CiviCRM/Bitpay integration:

Downloaded .zip from

First challenge: figuring out where one installs CiviCRM extenions.

Our civicrm extensions directory is ~/

Needed to configure civicrm Extension Resource URL.

Installed by

  • unpacking .zip in the extensions directory
  • drush cei

Enabled "CiviCRM: profile listings and forms" permission for anonymous users. According to the article on Bitpay integration, this allows the payment processor to make callbacks after a payment has been processed.

Under Administer > System Settings > Payment processors. Clicked "Add Payment Processor". I see bitpay in the list.

Not going to tackle the configuration piece now.