December 12th, 2020 Democracy/Tech Meeting

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  • Steve Revilak
  • Olivia
  • Tim Wallis
  • James O'Keefe
  • Nick Roy


Conference live streaming

Big Blue Button worked well enough though it Olivia voiced concerns about it being too desk/laptop focused. James will investigate that.

Tech tasks


  • added Captcha to for CiviCRM and Drupal forms;
  • removed the spam from CiviCRM. Required a clearing of all cached user data in Drupal;
  • backed up CiviCRM/Drupal databases.

Nick got a copy of our web logs from Steve and is looking them over for security issues.


  • updated blog to the latest version and removed a bunch of unused themes and plugins;
  • installed the Pirate Rogue theme from git;
  • configured the Pirate Rogue theme and activated it. Our previous theme was old and not very friendly on mobile devices;
  • backed up the wiki and blog.

Next meeting

Saturday, 1/9/2021, 11am-1pm, on-line

Future Action items

  • stopped updating the map on 11/7/2020. James is fixing it.