December 18th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Cryptoparty dates
  2. SCATV Pirate Show on net neutrality, 12/15, 6-6:30pm (Noe)
  3. Endorse Tor Project's Statement of Solidarity Against Online Harrassment
  4. Work with Pass Mass Amendment this fall

Events Summary

  1. Jan. 16-19, Arisia at Westin Waterfront, Crypto-panel and Pirate Party room
  2. Feb. 4, Cryptoparty @ Boston Desktop Linux Users Group
  3. Feb. 14, WMass Cryptoparty (lisbon), Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, 100 Bigelow Street, Holyoke, MA (, Snow date is Feb 21st, dates tentative. duration 4 hours. Need to supply our own projector.
  4. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.

Every Thu., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)
  • lisbon (Christopher Maria - Ludlow)
  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal


Discuss WMass cryptoparty. We'll shoot for 11a-3pm on Sat 2/14/2015. Outreach strategies: we have usual social media, website, email list. Also have Ludlow Register and Springfield Republican (newspapers). Also Craig's list, colleges, and activists group based in western mass.

Jan Cryptoparty at Somerville Public Library. Will request Jan 10th as a date, perhaps 11:00 start time.

We vote to endorse the Tor Project's Statement of Solidarity against online harrassment.


21:06 < srevilak> hi lisbon
21:06 < lisbon> ahoy
21:07 < srevilak> so far, just you and I.  Captain james says he'll be
        arriving late this evening
21:07 < lisbon> ok
21:08 < srevilak> how's are things in general?
21:08 < lisbon> Im pretty good myself, and you?
21:11 < srevilak> ok.  Spent the evening flyering in harvard sq, with
        some folks from the FSF
21:11 < lisbon> sounds interesting
21:12 < srevilak>
21:13 < lisbon> I need a 3d printer, but the good ones are expensive
21:14 < srevilak> They're very cool to watch.  I've seen some very nice
        artwork come out of them
21:15 < lisbon> My art instructor was obsessing over them today, she
        has no idea how they work but she wants one
21:16 < lisbon> I was at a local town meeting discussing the public
        schools food policy, the nurses argument was essentially that if we let
        kids bring in food they will die of anaphylactic shock
21:16 < srevilak> wow, that's ... different
21:16 < srevilak> (From someone who grew up bringing lunch to school in
        brown bags)
21:17 < lisbon> My town has a very strict health policy, no brown bags
        for us.
21:17 < srevilak> What was the motivation/justification for the current
21:19 < lisbon> Basically, the health secretary at the school department
        is close friends with someone at the CDC who wanted to try out a new
        model health policy
21:19 < lisbon> and thus we became CDC guinea pigs
21:20 < lisbon> there is a motion to end it hopefully next year
21:20 < srevilak> What was the town meeting's position on the food policy?
21:20 < srevilak> ah, ok
21:21 < srevilak> so what kind of stuff are you itching to 3D print?
21:21 < lisbon> there were a hand ful of teachers and parents arguing
        to go back to the old system while the nurses maintained their stance
21:22 < lisbon> I want a headphone stand/holder, various replacement
        parts that seemingly been removed from the face of the earth, and a
        frame for a little robot I want want build
21:23 < lisbon> mostly parts
21:23 < srevilak> nice
21:24 < lisbon> so, whats our position on the cuba issue
21:25 < srevilak> Haven't discussed it as a group.  I'm in favor of
        opening relations
21:25 < lisbon> I am as well, I see no reason to continue using methods
        that havent worked to combat a long dead issue
21:26 < srevilak> Most of current policies came from 1960s.  It's not
        the 1960's anymore
21:26 < lisbon> that sentence can be applied to so many areas
21:28 < lisbon> My mother has been to Cuba on vacation when she was
        younger (she is a Portugese citizen) and she said it was a great place
21:28 < lisbon> she had to fly out of Costa Rica though
21:30 < lisbon> What exactly are we doing for the day against DRM,
        or is that too far off to plan for?
21:31 < srevilak> Day for DRM is still a ways off
21:31 < srevilak> Piratecon 2015 is likely coming up sooner
21:33 < lisbon> ok
21:33 < srevilak> Day for DRM could be a simple standout, but I'd like
        to do something more entertaining
21:33 < srevilak> Some the MPAA shenanigans that came out with Sony data
        exfiltration have been interesting
21:34 < jokeefe> ahoy!
21:34 < srevilak> Apparently sharing music is evil, but buying state
        AGs isn't
21:34 < jokeefe> sorry for being late
21:34 < srevilak> jokeefe: np
21:34 < lisbon> hello
21:34 < srevilak> lisbon and I have been chatting about cuba and drm
21:34 < srevilak> (different topics)
21:34 < jokeefe> yes because money talks
21:35 < jokeefe> ah
21:36 < srevilak>,_2014_IRC_Meeting
21:36 < jokeefe> any of the agenda covered?
21:36 < lisbon> It appears that I am still getting DMCA notices even if
        I use a VPN, which is scary
21:36 < lisbon> I was actually hoping that I could get authorization to
        book the Cryptoparty dates
21:37 < jokeefe> yes, wanted to decide that.  sorry for the delay
21:37 < jokeefe> srevilak, 2/14 ok for a WMass cryptoparty?  I think it
        is valentines day.
21:38 < srevilak> I'm okay with 2/14
21:38 < lisbon> I had realized that 2 says ago and I was also wondering
        if that would be a problem
21:38 < lisbon> I dont observe Valentine's day nor does anyone I know
21:39 < srevilak> I always had the impression that most valentines day
        engagements happened in evening
21:39 < jokeefe> might suggest we start earlier and not go to late.
10am-2pm or 11am-3pm?  gives EMass folks time to get back
21:39 < srevilak> I like 11-3
21:40 < jokeefe> works for me, you ok with it lisbon?
21:40 < lisbon> that will be fine
21:40 < jokeefe> great.  to confirm, is there any cost for the space?
21:40 < lisbon> no, it is a public space
21:40 < jokeefe> great
21:41 < lisbon> So what are the topics we will be addressing at the party?
21:41 < jokeefe> ooops forgot my id - James O'Keefe, Somerville
21:41 < lisbon> Christopher Maria - Ludlow
21:41 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:42 < jokeefe> Good question.  besides PGP/Tor
21:42 < jokeefe> might also be good to cover behavior.  Hear rene has
        a good talk on that topic
21:42 < srevilak> Packet sniffing demonstrations are fun
21:43 < lisbon> I would love to see a packet sniffing demo
21:43 < srevilak> jokeefe: is david house still around?
21:43 < jokeefe> seems to be.
21:43 < jokeefe> will ask him.
21:43 < srevilak> IIRC, his talk @ our very first cryptoparty was
        pretty good
21:44 < lisbon> who is David House
21:44 < srevilak> If we're in wmass, should invite Andrew Lewman
21:44 < jokeefe> packet sniffing demo would look great if you could read
        the data and play back the unencrypted coversation/stream.
21:44 < jokeefe> worth a shot srevilak
21:44 < srevilak> lisbon: David House - central figure in Bradley Manning
        support network
21:44 < srevilak> jokeefe: could do that.
21:44 < lisbon> ah, thanks
21:45 < lisbon> I will be AFK for a few minutes...
21:45 < jokeefe> David House helped found the then Bradley Manning
        support network
21:45 < jokeefe> ok, lisbon
21:46 < jokeefe> srevilak, up for a Jan. cryptoparty as well as the
        Arisia one?
21:47 < srevilak> jokeefe: I'm up for jan.  But might like to go through
        moderation before signing on to Arisia
21:47 < jokeefe> could do a short weekday evening one
21:47 < srevilak> s/moderation/mediation/
21:47 < jokeefe> understand
21:48 < srevilak> Have a friend who gives a nice mobile security talk.
        But might be difficult to bring him in (again, mediation issues)
21:48 < srevilak> jokeefe: did you have a specific venue in mind for Jan?
21:49 < jokeefe> Somerville Public Library is public and there are
        interested folks there.
21:49 < srevilak> SPL would be great
21:49 < lisbon> I'm back
21:49 < jokeefe> hey lisbon
21:49 < srevilak> Also have a Feb 4th Cryptoparty lined up
21:50 < srevilak> Will Rico's Linux Desktop Users Group @ Akamai
21:50 < lisbon> What is the best method of getting the word out for
21:50 < jokeefe> yes, srevilak
21:50 < srevilak> lisbon: we usually rely on website, social media,
        email list
21:51 < jokeefe> was concerned about the proximity
21:51 < srevilak> lisbon: are there town newspapers in the area?
21:51 < srevilak> If the local paper runs a `calendar' section, that
        can be a good place
21:51 < jokeefe> lisbon, know of some social justice groups in the area
        to invite.
21:52 < lisbon> Yes, Ludlow register, The Republican (Springfield)
        but they charge fees I believe
21:52 < jokeefe> would be good to poster campuses in the area
21:52 < jokeefe> don't forget craigs list
21:53 < lisbon> It would be good to get the message out to the students
        in the 5-college area
21:53 < jokeefe> srevilak, suggest either 10th or 31st for the SPL
        Jan. cryptoparty
21:54 < srevilak> jokeefe: either of those dates are okay with.  If forced
        to choose, would prefer 10th
21:54 < jokeefe> agreed, we should lock down the WMass schedule as soon
        as we can.
21:54 < jokeefe> ok, 10th it is.  I will tell them.  got a time
21:55 < jokeefe> 11am start?
21:55 < jokeefe> sorry, brb
21:55 < srevilak> 11am is good.  Are they looking for a shorter (60-120)
        minute workshop, or a longer event?
21:58 < srevilak> Since we're running up on time, I'd like to bring up
21:58 < srevilak>
21:59 < srevilak> I endorsed the Tor Project's statement of solidarity.
        I'd love to see us endorse it as a group
21:59 < lisbon> what exactly am I looking at?
21:59 < srevilak> Some of people at Tor project have been getting
        harrassed on-line
22:00 < srevilak> Tor foundation came out with a statement condemming
        online harrassement
22:00 < srevilak>
        is their statement
22:01 < lisbon> Sounds great to me, but I am disappointed that we have
        to address this in today's society
22:01 < srevilak> lisbon: agreed, that is disappointing
22:01 < srevilak> I see John Saylor's name in the list of endorsees
22:01 < jokeefe> back
22:02 < srevilak> hi jokeefe: we were talking about
22:03 < jokeefe> yeah, been following it for the last few weeks.  I agree
        we should support it.
22:03 < srevilak> Shall we vote?  All in favor of endorsement?
22:03 < jokeefe> we have three for it.  any opposed?
22:04 < lisbon> No opposed
22:04 < jokeefe> would seem so
22:04 < jokeefe> motion passes
22:04 < srevilak> I will write to Tor project, and ask to have us listed
22:04 < jokeefe> srevilak, would you write the statement?
22:05 < jokeefe> thanks
22:05 < srevilak> jokeefe: yes, will do that too
22:05 < jokeefe> thank you.
22:05 < srevilak> we're at time
22:05 < jokeefe> Suggest we talk about helping Mass. Pass. at the next
22:05 < jokeefe> agreed.
22:05 < lisbon> Just a final confirmation, Wmass Cryptoparty, 11 -
3 on february 14th?
22:06 < srevilak> jokeefe: agreed.  Will get back to them on where
        we're at
22:06 < jokeefe> aye
22:06 < srevilak> lisbon: aye
22:06 < jokeefe> aye, lisbon
22:06 < jokeefe> snow date is 21st
22:06 < lisbon> I will be sure to mention the snow date, I will let you
        know if there are any issues scheduling it
22:07 < jokeefe> want to lock down SPL cryptoparty, srevilak.
        will suggest two hour PGP hands on starting at 11am on 1/10?
22:07 < jokeefe> does that work?
22:09 < srevilak> jokeefe: works for me
22:09 < jokeefe> ok, will run it past time and confirm.
22:09 < lisbon> I need to go, have a good night everyone
22:09 < jokeefe> srevilak, would you be so kind as to post the notes?
22:09 < jokeefe> thanks, lisbon!
22:10 < srevilak> absolutely, will post notes
22:10 < jokeefe> thank you, srevilak
22:10 < jokeefe> motion to adjourn?
22:11 < srevilak> aye to adjourn
22:11 < jokeefe> aye
22:11 < jokeefe> motion passes
22:11 < jokeefe> thanks for all your help, srevilak