December 19th, 2011 IRC Meeting

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1. SOPA/PIPA/oh my

2. Pirate Conference in February

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:



  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • Occupationally
  • kate_m
  • SplendidSpoon
  • GenKreton


1. SOPA/PIPA/oh my. Action items are:

   a. Summarize to six points
   b. Update links in the site to simplify getting to our anti-Net censorship page
   c. Get new posters designed
   d. Get fliers designed
   e. Teach more people to speak out about these laws
   f. Get folks on radio and tv
   g. hand out flyers?

2. Pirate Conference in February

   a. we need to invite sympathetic groups
   b. Topics include the kind of stuff we were talking about for the pirate picnic last year

Meeting Minutes


[21:28] == jokeefe [d1062906@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:28] == mode/#masspirates [+ns] by [21:36] == Occupationally [3285f613@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:36] <Occupationally> well well, quite the rowdy room [21:37] <@jokeefe> hi! [21:38] <@jokeefe> people trickle in [21:38] <Occupationally> :) [21:40] <@jokeefe> how are things? [21:45] == kate_m [ad30c148@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:45] <kate_m> hey guys [21:45] <kate_m> I am sick as hell right now, so sorry if I ramble or vanish [21:46] <Occupationally> Hello [21:47] <@jokeefe> no problem, getting under the weather myself [21:48] <@jokeefe> The agenda is SOPA/PIPA/oh my and the Pirate Conference in Feb [21:48] == SplendidSpoon [] has joined #masspirates [21:48] <@jokeefe> hi! [21:48] <SplendidSpoon> Hey sorry Im late was in shower too long 8) [21:49] <@jokeefe> np, in this weather it is understandable [21:49] <kate_m> hey splendide [21:49] <SplendidSpoon> Hai [21:49] <@jokeefe> I'll start with intro- James O'Keefe, Somerville, feel free to give what you want, since this does get logged as meeting minutes [21:50] <SplendidSpoon> Lauren, Boxboro [21:51] <kate_m> Kate, Malden [21:53] <@jokeefe> So the agenda is fighting SOPA, Pfc Manning/David House trials and the Pirate Conference in Feb. I put together a draft task list here - [21:54] <kate_m> Does MPP have any concrete plans for events? [21:55] <kate_m> I have several anons bitching at me to have something to do [21:56] <@jokeefe> We had our anti-PIPA rally, but haven't planning anything more yet. Having one anti-SOPA rally for every Congressperson would be good. [21:56] == GenKreton [] has joined #masspirates [21:56] <kate_m> I think having a serious flyer run and rally scheduled somewhere would help [21:56] <@jokeefe> hi GenKreton [21:57] <kate_m> SOPA hasn't gotten any traction in the media [21:57] <GenKreton> SplendidSpoon: :P [21:57] <SplendidSpoon> Yes, more in advance too [21:57] <GenKreton> hi jokeefe [21:57] <GenKreton> SplendidSpoon: just spammed this in our occupy boston channel [21:57] <SplendidSpoon> Hi GenKreton, we have our weekly Mass Pirate Party meeting here [21:57] <SplendidSpoon> (They were discussed IP laws) [21:57] <@jokeefe> Yes, we were rushed on the last one and should have waited longer. Didn't know how long we would have. [21:57] <SplendidSpoon> It seemed relevent [21:58] <@jokeefe> welcome, GenKreton, feel free to id yourself as much as you feel comfortable [21:58] <SplendidSpoon> The vote is late January? [21:58] <kate_m> vote could be this week [21:59] <kate_m> they're keeping it all in the air like the worthless douchenozzles they are [21:59] <SplendidSpoon> what am I thinking of then in late Jan.... [22:00] <SplendidSpoon> And it seems only internet-based media covers the issue [22:01] <@jokeefe> Senate vote is looking like it will be done by 1/24, Reid has it as the first order of business. [22:02] <SplendidSpoon> What if (unlikely) they make amendments [22:02] <@jokeefe> For the new folks, please look at the task list and see what other things we need. it is at [22:02] <SplendidSpoon> and it becomes less dangerous [22:03] <SplendidSpoon> Lets say every issue was hypothetically address through amendments, is it possible for this bill to not suck? [22:03] <@jokeefe> The OPEN bill still could be used to starve sites like wikileaks of cash. [22:03] <SplendidSpoon> in which case would we stop being against it? Or is it just such a train-wreck it's unlikely that'll happen? [22:04] <@jokeefe> DMCA went too far, anything more screws up the open internet [22:04] <@jokeefe> Of course, I don't think it will get watered down. [22:05] <SplendidSpoon> Yes probably not [22:07] <@jokeefe> A rally could work, but what we need is a campaign of action: people fliering, getting on the radio/tv, letters to the editor, etc. [22:07] <@jokeefe> I do think a rally could be part of that [22:07] <kate_m> I agree [22:08] <kate_m> I think education needs to be a priority, since most people who don't get their news from internet sources haven't even heard about SOPA yet [22:09] <kate_m> and even I'm not sure exactly what it covers, I just know it's a pile of bad shit [22:09] <SplendidSpoon> We have info packet right? [22:09] <@jokeefe> SOPA - [22:10] <SplendidSpoon> Yes [22:10] <kate_m> someone with an attention span give me a tl;dr? [22:10] <kate_m> my brain's not working [22:10] <@jokeefe> PIPA/CFSA - [22:10] <@jokeefe> np [22:10] <SplendidSpoon> Could we set up like a table somewhere [22:11] <SplendidSpoon> and man it and pass out copies of these and answer questions or something? I don't know I have free time coming up lol [22:13] <@jokeefe> of course [22:13] <SplendidSpoon> I have like all next week off woohho [22:13] <@jokeefe> cool [22:14] <@jokeefe> anyone know when the Senate gets back in session? [22:16] <SplendidSpoon> lol do they have a calender online somewhere? [22:16] <SplendidSpoon> (If they were Pirates they would) [22:17] <kate_m> [22:17] <kate_m> dates listed are scheduled breaks [22:17] <kate_m> I think [22:17] <SplendidSpoon> that was 2011 though [22:17] <kate_m> it's still 2011 [22:18] <kate_m> and there are dates in december where they should be in session [22:18] <@jokeefe> [22:18] <kate_m> did they announce that they're adjourned already? [22:18] <SplendidSpoon> oh I see [22:18] <SplendidSpoon> the SOPA markup hearing adjourned [22:19] <SplendidSpoon> [22:19] <@jokeefe> Nope, Wednesday the hearing continues [22:20] <SplendidSpoon> oh this is old news heh [22:20] <kate_m> so, jokeefe [22:20] <SplendidSpoon> Well @EFFLive will livetweet it Im sure [22:20] <kate_m> do you think you could get me like 6 talking points on SOPA? [22:21] <kate_m> I could make up some flyers and we could link to your page on it? [22:22] <@jokeefe> Yes [22:22] <@jokeefe> there is a bullet point list at [22:22] <@jokeefe> more than six [22:22] <kate_m> Sir, know that I am saying this with love [22:23] <kate_m> you suck at summarizing things [22:24] <@jokeefe> LOL It evolved to "Don't censor the net" [22:24] <@jokeefe> far reaching law. [22:24] <kate_m> yeah, I know how it is [22:24] <@jokeefe> I'll get you a five point summary [22:24] <@jokeefe> shouldn't be more than three points generally [22:25] <kate_m> six gives me a chance to do a series of flyers :) [22:25] <@jokeefe> okey dokey [22:26] <kate_m> but, basically we're looking at killing user-generated content and encouraging false copyright takedowns [22:26] <kate_m> right? [22:27] <SplendidSpoon> Without due process! [22:27] <@jokeefe> aye [22:28] <kate_m> "Justin Bieber sang covers on You Tube and became famous. If SOPA passes, when you sing covers on You Tube you'll become a criminal." [22:28] <@jokeefe> all to prop up the profits of an industry that doesn't want to innovate [22:28] <@jokeefe> yes [22:28] <@jokeefe> take a look at the posters at [22:29] <kate_m> yay posters! [22:29] <SplendidSpoon> I like the censored one [22:30] <@jokeefe> I would put up two next to one another so if one didn't catch you the other would [22:32] <@jokeefe> So if the Senate isn't back until the 24th and doesn't consider PIPA before that, then when should we do a rally? [22:33] <kate_m> I think getting on some flyering right away would be good one way or the other [22:33] <kate_m> if you can get people thinking about these things right before the holidays, they'll bring it up with the families at christmas [22:33] <SplendidSpoon> Hmmm good point [22:33] <kate_m> which gets more of the older, less tech-savvy crows involved in the conversation [22:33] <kate_m> crowd [22:34] <@jokeefe> anyone have a radio/tv show list? [22:34] <@jokeefe> I would think that getting on a few talk radio shows would help. [22:35] <SplendidSpoon> Yes probably [22:35] <SplendidSpoon> But I don't know anyone :( [22:35] <kate_m> gregg might be able to help [22:35] <kate_m> he's dealing with his virtual machines acting up at the moment [22:35] <@jokeefe> sorry to hear they are acting up [22:36] <@jokeefe> that would be great if he could suggest a few people to approach [22:38] <@jokeefe> So immediate action items I have are: [22:38] <@jokeefe> 1) Summarize to six points [22:39] <@jokeefe> 2) Get new posters designed [22:39] <@jokeefe> 3) Get fliers designed [22:39] <@jokeefe> 4) Teach more people to speak out about these laws [22:39] <@jokeefe> 5) Get folks on radio and tv [22:39] <kate_m> 6) hand out flyers? [22:40] == Occupationally [3285f613@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds] [22:41] <@jokeefe> yes, but we are almost into XMas/New Years so not sure how many will be willing to do so. [22:41] <SplendidSpoon> I will be around to do so [22:41] <SplendidSpoon> As in hand out flyers with people and stuff [22:42] <@jokeefe> thanks! [22:42] <@jokeefe> We should encourage people hand them out, but I want to make sure we call our list and id people who can help [22:42] <kate_m> I'll bet we can get one flyer run organized this week [22:43] <@jokeefe> wonderful! [22:43] <SplendidSpoon> Count me in, especially next week. Can't do much Sat or Sun though hehe [22:45] <@jokeefe> I'll work with Henry, Jeanne and Clay about updating the posters to be focus not on a rally, but on calling their reps & senators [22:45] <@jokeefe> kate, what do you see on the flier? [22:45] <@jokeefe> just the issues or what folks should do? [22:47] <kate_m> What I'd be doing would be make some simple, one issue quarter-sheets with a link to the MPP url [22:48] <kate_m> more important to get them talking about the issue right now than telling them to yell at senators [22:50] <kate_m> (please feel free to question the sick person's judgment) [22:50] <SplendidSpoon> Nah it makes sense [22:50] <SplendidSpoon> Should be a URL and action point like "For more" or "To see what you can do" [22:51] <@jokeefe> Good point, Kate. For a link, we have been using - I'll get you a QRcode as well. [22:52] <kate_m> is there any way the /blog/ part could go away? [22:53] <kate_m> less parts = more actual direct visitors [22:53] <kate_m> sad but true [22:53] <@jokeefe> ? [22:54] <kate_m> or [22:55] <@jokeefe> let me see what I can do [22:56] <kate_m> permalinks in the wpadmin section [22:57] <@jokeefe> I just setup a 301 redirection from to [22:57] <@jokeefe> Let me check on the WPadmin change [22:57] <kate_m> 301 works just as well [22:59] <kate_m> So, conference stuff? [22:59] <@jokeefe> Yes [23:00] <@jokeefe> seemed like the time we needed to get together as a large group, educate folks, make decisions and socialize [23:01] <@jokeefe> looking at location, date and schedule [23:03] <kate_m> are there enough mass pirates for it? [23:03] <kate_m> or are you going to be inviting sympathetic groups :) [23:05] <@jokeefe> we need to invite sympathetic groups [23:06] <kate_m> okay, well you know we're good for reaching out to the anons [23:06] <kate_m> do you have a month in mind? [23:06] <@jokeefe> Feb [23:07] <@jokeefe> Looking at a college/univ/church/democracy center/etc. [23:07] <@jokeefe> networking needed of course [23:08] <@jokeefe> computer that is [23:11] <@jokeefe> recommendations welcome [23:11] <kate_m> no idea, really [23:14] <@jokeefe> thanks [23:14] <@jokeefe> any suggestions for talks? [23:15] <kate_m> Basically dust off the kind of stuff we were talking about for the pirate picnic last year? [23:15] <@jokeefe> good point [23:15] <kate_m> probably try to get some experienced Pirates to come and speak, or at least some established third party candidates [23:15] <@jokeefe> yes [23:16] <@jokeefe> some good how tos would also help [23:19] <@jokeefe> I have nothing more to add. anyone else? [23:19] <SplendidSpoon> Nope sounds good [23:24] <@jokeefe> good night folks [23:24] <SplendidSpoon> Nighty night [23:26] <kate_m> night