December 27th, 2012 IRC Discussion

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  1. Discussion of locations for our next conference(s)

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


  • srevilak - Steve Revilak
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • davidd - David, Netherlands


  • cmal

Pirate Info Conference

Qualities we need in a site for a conference:

  1. We will probably get more people this year, so adequate space. At least 100 people.
  2. Good location that is easy to get to and accessible to people with disabilities
  3. Good access to internet and electrical outlets
  4. Good lighting

srevilak sent out what he discovered about the costs/availability of the locations we discussed. jokeefe also sent out the notes from last year.

Plans hinge on what we want to do and how many people we think will attend.

srevilak had a good suggestion to have one conference in Boston-area and the other further West, such as Worcester or Springfield.

Meeting Minutes


[12:41] <@srevilak> wow, did I lose track of time [12:57] <@srevilak> I'll toss out a few questions, re: conference [12:58] <@srevilak> and hope that jokeefe checks back in :) [12:58] <@srevilak> I assume one day, either Saturday or Sunday [12:58] <@srevilak> good or bad assumption? [12:58] <@jokeefe> hi [12:59] <@jokeefe> hi [12:59] <@jokeefe> you there? [12:59] <@srevilak> yup [12:59] <@jokeefe> good [12:59] <@jokeefe> I am just cleaning [13:00] <@srevilak> day off? [13:00] <@jokeefe> yes [13:00] <@jokeefe> until the 2nd [13:00] <@jokeefe> one perk of the company I work for [13:01] <@srevilak> Good for you. I'm having a quiet day at work [13:01] <@srevilak> cleaning is a good thing to do on the days off [13:02] <@srevilak> have a moment to chat about conference planning? [13:03] <@jokeefe> sure [13:04] <@srevilak> Are we looking at one day on a weekend? Or something else [13:04] <@jokeefe> I just emailed out the space notes from the 2012 conference [13:05] <@jokeefe> We had talked about two confs each of a one day duration [13:05] <@srevilak> (reading notes) [13:05] <@jokeefe> I have found with the GRP that two days is both too much and not enough [13:06] <@jokeefe> too much for people's interest, and not enough time to get everything done. [13:08] <@srevilak> I see. In that case, two one-day conferences makes sense [13:08] <@srevilak> Sevan (bsod?) is also looking at a space in Roxbury [13:08] <+davidd> [13:09] <@jokeefe> Interesting. BTW: Sevan != bsod [13:10] <@jokeefe> hi davidd [13:10] <@srevilak> jokeefe: thanks for info [13:10] <+davidd> hi mister okeefe [13:10] <@srevilak> davidd: 20:30 lecture looks interesting [13:10] <+davidd> 20:30 is in 40 minutes from now [13:10] <+davidd> central european time [13:11] <+davidd> they have lots of interesting stuff [13:11] <+davidd> today is day one [13:11] <@srevilak> Next week, you can tell us What Happens When Telling the Truth about Secret US Government Power Becomes a Crime [13:11] <@srevilak> :) [13:11] <+davidd> it isnt a crime yet? [13:12] <@jokeefe> depends who tells it. [13:12] <@jokeefe> it would seem. [13:13] <@srevilak> And they can always find a way to turn it in to a crime. I was interested in hearing international perspective [13:13] <@srevilak> but I digress [13:14] <@jokeefe> BHCC may be the most reasonable of the ones you researched, srevilak [13:14] <@srevilak> ok. How many hours (what times) are we looking at? [13:14] <@jokeefe> Our 1st conference made money, but IIRC all of the GRP conferences lost money [13:15] <+davidd> bradley manning is sent to the proverbial goelag in siberia [13:15] <@srevilak> GRP? [13:15] <@jokeefe> Green-Rainbow Party [13:15] <@srevilak> kthx [13:15] <@jokeefe> yes, davidd [13:16] <@jokeefe> For BHCC it depends on what the other fees are [13:16] <@srevilak> I have rate sheet @ home. [13:16] <@jokeefe> So, probably 10am-6pm, with a concert/fundraiser from 7pm-10pm [13:17] <@srevilak> Most venues wanted dates [13:18] <@jokeefe> The Community Church seemed reasonable, but no wheelchair access and we would need to bring in our own wifis [13:18] <@srevilak> Community church is wheelchair accessible. They have an elevator that lets out in the space [13:19] <@srevilak> Attended a meeting where one fellow came up in a motorized wheelchair [13:19] <@jokeefe> oh good [13:20] <@srevilak> CCB Congregation Directory, Linda Jenkins, is a really good person. [13:20] <@jokeefe> parking would be a pain, but rates might not be as bad on a Saturday [13:20] <@srevilak> s/Directory/Director/ [13:23] <@srevilak> when do we want to pick dates for the event? [13:23] <@jokeefe> We are fairly flexible on that score. [13:23] <@srevilak> ok [13:24] <@jokeefe> Probably want at least three month lead time depending on what we are doing [13:24] <+davidd> how many people do you expect/want to come? [13:24] <@jokeefe> if just pirates doing policy, then we could limit it to a keynote/end conf speakers and just have break out sessions. [13:25] <@jokeefe> we had about 40+ people last time. [13:25] <@jokeefe> I believe we want to double/triple it. [13:25] <+davidd> what is the median driving time for people to get there? [13:26] <@srevilak> 100+ seems like a reasonable goal [13:26] <@jokeefe> Could take some of the talks folks did for cryptoparty + others and have that in one set of sessions. [13:26] <+davidd> in other words the balance between time in the car and time on the conf [13:27] <@srevilak> (driving time) for someone in the area, probably 30-45 minutes by public transit [13:27] <@jokeefe> good question, davidd. max time is about 2:30hrs from farthest reaches. [13:27] <@jokeefe> majority probably in 30-45 min [13:27] <+davidd> ok, that is very nice [13:27] <@jokeefe> Could do see about doing an indiegogo campaign. Pick a date and see how much we get. Then we know the baseline as to how many will be there. [13:28] <@jokeefe> because they prepaid. [13:28] <+davidd> do you have any speakers in mind yet, and how busy is their schedule? [13:28] <@srevilak> given two conf. Would it be worthwhile to do one conf in Boston, and one in Springfield/Worcester [13:29] <@jokeefe> as long as both have similar structure, I would think [13:29] <@srevilak> I'll let jokeefe speak to speakers [13:30] <@jokeefe> we would need to brainstorm that. [13:31] <@srevilak> 3 mth lead time is probably good for working out all the logistics [13:31] <@jokeefe> Would be good to have local folks and if two speakers, one man and one woman. [13:31] <@jokeefe> yes [13:33] <+davidd> in my experience the turnout is very dependent on good announcements [13:33] <+davidd> starting far in advance, but many repetitions [13:34] <@srevilak> I'll have to clock back in to work. jokeefe: see you Sunday? [13:34] <+davidd> up until the event [13:34] <+davidd> good work srevilak [13:34] <+davidd> have fun [13:34] <@srevilak> davidd: good point, and thx [13:34] <@jokeefe> yes, srevilak, I'll have the list [13:34] <@jokeefe> happy work. [13:35] <@jokeefe> thanks for the suggestions, davidd. [13:35] <+davidd> and you too jokeefe, keep up the good work [13:35] <@jokeefe> thanks [13:35] <+davidd> i am just trying to help brainstorm without telling you what and how to do [13:35] <+davidd> just asking some important questions [13:36] <+davidd> and your anwsers should lead you to what to do [13:37] <@jokeefe> though direct examples are very worthwhile, of course