December 28th, 2015 IRC Meeting

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Review & Decisions

Campaigns Status

Fundraising Letter

Pirate Pad for the text

10th Anniversary Party

2016 Campaign

2016 Campaign Plan & Task Status

Pirate Pads:

  1. text for campaign site
  2. Post videos on:
    1. why run
    2. planning your campaign
    3. how to get on the ballot
    4. how to gather signatures
  3. quick how to publicize and run a regional meeting document

Event Planning

  1. June, PirateCon 2016

Upcoming Events

  1. 12/30, 6-9pm, Crypto Party, Parts & Crafts, 577 Somerville Ave, Somerville
  2. 1/1/2015 noon-3pm. Pirate party 10th anniversary party/potluck
  3. 1/16, 4pm, Arisia Cryptoparty

Every Wed., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)
  • Lulu


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal
  • zby


Worked on e-mail fundraising letter.

Discussed reducing the number of paid events we attend.

Picked a location for 10th anniversary party. It will be noon-3pm and will be a potluck.



[9:01pm] jokeefe: agenda -,_2015_IRC_Meeting [9:01pm] jokeefe: ids - James O’Keefe, Somerville [9:02pm] srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington [9:03pm] jokeefe: anything to add? [9:03pm] srevilak: looks fine to me [9:03pm] srevilak: (agenda, that is) [9:03pm] Lulu joined the chat room. [9:04pm] Lulu: ahoy [9:06pm] Bluestreak joined the chat room. [9:06pm] jokeefe: ahoy [9:06pm] jokeefe: agenda -,_2015_IRC_Meeting [9:07pm] jokeefe: Fundraising Letter - [9:09pm] jokeefe: please add any suggestions. [9:10pm] srevilak: I've been filling in the "what will we spend the money on" part [9:11pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:13pm] srevilak: After IRC, I'll send a P&L + balance sheet [9:13pm] Lulu: Hoot suite? [9:13pm] srevilak: Hoot suite goes away tomorrow [9:13pm] Lulu: What instead [9:13pm] Lulu: is free? [9:14pm] srevilak: This year, we took in 1976 (including in kind), and spend 1863 (including in-kind) [9:14pm] srevilak: Lulu: hootsuite -> tweetdeck [9:14pm] jokeefe: thanks, srevilak [9:14pm] Lulu: is free? [9:14pm] srevilak: Lulu: at present, yes [9:14pm] Lulu: kk [9:15pm] srevilak: Looking at books, part of me would like to eliminate one paid event in the next year [9:15pm] Lulu: Nah. we will pick up the slack [9:15pm] srevilak: We spent $500 on other group's event registration, and 420 on our own events [9:15pm] srevilak: took in 207 from events [9:16pm] Lulu: We didn’t give ya;; anything this year [9:16pm] Lulu: cuz I was sick [9:16pm] srevilak: As much fun as pride, freedom rally are, they're money loosers [9:16pm] Lulu: Jason will pay for FR [9:16pm] Lulu: he loves doing the booth [9:17pm] jokeefe: What about attempting to raise more at FR/PirateCon? [9:17pm] jokeefe: thanks, Lulu [9:17pm] Lulu: How to raise $$$ at FR? [9:17pm] jokeefe: Sell shirts [9:17pm] Lulu: sell water! [9:17pm] srevilak: At FR, at least we were able to gather a few hundred signatures [9:18pm] jokeefe: Books - Falkvinge’s / no safe harbor [9:18pm] Lulu: David comes to MA just to do FR with us [9:18pm] jokeefe: Pride is good publicity [9:18pm] Lulu: Speaking of Jason... [9:19pm] Lulu: He wants me to head out with him now [9:19pm] srevilak: I'm just noting that we took in 1976 dollars last year. 417 from in kind, and 1177 from "generous donors" [9:19pm] Lulu: Glad I was here to speak up for FR! [9:19pm] Lulu: I will read the noter [9:19pm] srevilak: Run of the mill contributions were $383 [9:19pm] Lulu: \s [9:20pm] Lulu: Jason and I will discuss fundraifin on our date [9:20pm] Lulu: ttyl boys [9:20pm] Lulu left the chat room. (Quit: Lulu) [9:20pm] Bluestreak left the chat room. (Quit: Bluestreak) [9:20pm] jokeefe: your point on our reliance for “generous donors” is apt [9:21pm] srevilak: yes, half our income came from two individuals. Neither is named Koch [9:21pm] jokeefe: lol [9:23pm] jokeefe: Thanks for the updates. I will write the letter tomorrow and send it out for review. [9:23pm] jokeefe: 10th Anniversary Party [9:24pm] jokeefe: I will host [9:24pm] srevilak: Thank you [9:25pm] jokeefe: noon - 3pm [9:25pm] srevilak: what's the date? [9:25pm] jokeefe: Friday, 1/1/2016 [9:25pm] jokeefe: Potluck [9:27pm] jokeefe: can you make it? [9:27pm] srevilak: yes, will be there [9:28pm] jokeefe: good [9:28pm] jokeefe: 2016 Campaign [9:29pm] jokeefe: I put up the pirate pads [9:29pm] jokeefe: Going through list of people to contact. [9:29pm] srevilak: That's one of my projects for tomorrow [9:30pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:31pm] jokeefe: There is a cryptoparty Wed. 6-9pm, Somerville [9:31pm] srevilak: am planning to go, perhaps with Kendra [9:33pm] jokeefe: wonderful [9:35pm] jokeefe: that is all I have. Xmas has been distracting. [9:35pm] srevilak: Yes. Beyond xmas, I've been doing demolition work in my basement. More fun than distracting [9:36pm] jokeefe: sure it would be [9:36pm] jokeefe: adjourn early? [9:37pm] srevilak: motion to adjourn early [9:38pm] jokeefe: 2nd [9:38pm] jokeefe: all in favor [9:38pm] jokeefe: ? [9:38pm] srevilak: aye [9:38pm] jokeefe: aye [9:38pm] jokeefe: have a good night [9:39pm] srevilak: likewise. See you on wed