December 3rd, 2017 Video Magazine Meeting

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  • Malt: sam capradea, worcester
  • AsamonDajin, Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville



Took place over audio at our Discord channel.

Malt has done a walk through and it took about 2 minutes.

We will meet Sunday the 10th at 7pm to record the final product. 4 Foundry Road, Lowell (follow signs for Mini Self Storage).

  • Camera (jokeefe)
  • tripod (jokeefe)
  • mic (AsamonDajin)
  • green screen (AsamonDajin)
  • computer (AsamonDajin)


  1. Post meeting announcement - complete
  2. Email supporters to get involved - complete
  3. Write script - complete
  4. Script read through - complete
  5. Revise script - complete
  6. Record video - set for 12/10
  7. Edit video
  8. Upload video


  • Producer: jokeefe
  • Writer: Joe
  • Presenter/reader: Malt
  • Video editor: DannyT