December 4th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. PirateCon 2015 survey results
  2. SCATV Pirate Show on net neutrality, 12/15, 6-6:30pm (Noe)

Decisions/Events Status

  1. Renew Hootsuite yearly?
  2. Agenda items for in-person meetings
    1. Election year review
    2. 2015 Budget/Fundraising planning/review of 2014 spending/accounts (Steve)
    3. Hands on with CiviCRM (Steve)
    4. Figuring out how we open up decision making/participation to more people (Jamie)
    5. Issue development process (?)
  3. Early 2015 Events
    1. Cryptoparties
      1. WMass
      2. Lowell?
      3. Train the Trainers?


  • igel
  • jokeefe
  • Kendra
  • lisbon


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal
  • zby

Events Summary

  1. Dec. 6, Radical Reference Collective: Privacy Workshop for Library Professionals, 2-5pm, Simmons College
  2. Dec. 7, Boston Planning Meeting, e5
  3. Dec. 13, Worcester Planning Meeting, Worcester Public Library, Banx room
  4. Dec. 15, The Pirate Show on SCATV
  5. Feb. 14, WMass Cryptoparty (lisbon), Snow date is Feb 21st, dates tentative. duration 4 hours
  6. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.

Every Thu., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


Discussion about the recent non-indictments for police homicides. Kendra will draft a post.

Set a tentative date (Feb. 14) for our first WMass Cryptoparty, Snow date is Feb 21st, dates tentative. duration 4 hours

Noe, Kendra & Jamie working on first Pirate Show for 12/15. Others welcome to help.



jokeefe: Agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting [9:03pm] jokeefe: Going to go round up folks [9:06pm] jokeefe: how are things, igel? [9:07pm] igel: fine fine [9:08pm] igel: keeping my nose clean before leaving... [9:09pm] jokeefe: Cool. Lucky you. Would love to go next year. [9:11pm] igel: its going to great.. hmmm [9:11pm] igel: people are downtown tho, i bet [9:12pm] Kendra joined the chat room. [9:12pm] Kendra: Hi All [9:12pm] igel: hi kendra [9:12pm] jokeefe: ahoy, Kendra [9:12pm] Kendra: hi [9:12pm] Kendra: hi jamie [9:13pm] jokeefe: Agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting [9:13pm] jokeefe: really haven't started [9:13pm] igel: i wanted to reply to your email kendra [9:13pm] igel: yeah we just chilln.. [9:13pm] igel: and i thought about the reasons i couldnt.. [9:14pm] igel: and it makes me sick [9:15pm] Kendra: Oh you mean on the Pirates list? Not trying to make people sick...But it's a fairly twisted and demented situation rife with lies and hypocrisy [9:16pm] Kendra: I like how the cop who killed the elk in Colorado got sentenced to 6 years [9:16pm] igel: seriously [9:17pm] Kendra: It is a just another chapter in a long history. [9:17pm] jokeefe: ? [9:18pm] Kendra: There is a link in the email I sent to the list earlier that spells out a number os crazy scenarios where law enforcement is not held accountable for killing innocent people. But at the end I put in a link about a police officer who killed a prized elk in Colorado and they threw the book at him. [9:18pm] jokeefe: speak, man, speak [9:18pm] lisbon joined the chat room. [9:18pm] lisbon: hello [9:18pm] jokeefe: ahoy, lisbon [9:19pm] Kendra: I think more important is awareness and action. also, people have to understand how to engage th epolice. this is why i did not go out tonight, I do not trust the police [9:19pm] jokeefe: I threw together the agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting [9:19pm] Kendra: You can't be evil indefinitely and not have it catch up to you. [9:19pm] jokeefe: yes [9:19pm] Kendra: Wrong is wrong, but I digress [9:20pm] jokeefe: Anything folks want to add? Statement on police killings? Need for cameras on cops, independent prosecutors, armed citizenry? [9:21pm] Kendra: Maybe some kind of education into what happened in Nazi Germany with the SS and then East Germany with the Stasi [9:21pm] jokeefe: Kendra, like the Adama quote [9:21pm] Kendra: It's the frog in the boiling pot theroy [9:22pm] Kendra: I saw the quote, then realized it was from Battle star Gallactics. Still works. [9:22pm] igel: hhe [9:22pm] Kendra: I think we should equate the War on Drugs with racial profiling andnow profiling of the impoverished of all races. [9:23pm] igel: what are indi prosecutors, like.. the local but non-affil exec action? [9:23pm] Kendra: What kind of so called Christin Nation arrests a pastor for feeding the poor? [9:23pm] igel: seriously. [9:23pm] Kendra: Drives people out of their homes and then trashes camps where the homeless live [9:24pm] lisbon: can someone get me up to speed, where did this happen? [9:25pm] Kendra: In Florida they had a law, the was overturned just this week,m that you cannot give homeless people food in public. A 90 year old pastor kept feeding them and getting arrested until the rescinded the law like this week. [9:25pm] Kendra: Sorry to be so crabby, but I have a bit of food posoning and I was already annoyued. [9:25pm] igel: insanity [9:25pm] lisbon: that is absurd [9:25pm] Kendra: It is creeping fascism [9:26pm] lisbon: next thing you know: Welcome to the People's Republic of the United States [9:26pm] Kendra: We're already there [9:27pm] Kendra: I'm done venting if we need to get through the agenda [9:27pm] jokeefe: Kendra, you want to write a statement we can put up? [9:28pm] Kendra: I will write something and get it to you tomorrw, and I will do it thei time [9:28pm] jokeefe: send to list to get insights? [9:28pm] igel: Kendra, i'm not in disagreement with you. makes me sick.. [9:29pm] lisbon: quick question, what is our official stance on gun control? [9:29pm] lisbon: that is if we have one [9:29pm] Kendra: Use both hands [9:30pm] jokeefe: we really don't have one. our first candidate two years ago suggested: we're pirates, we like guns, IIRC [9:30pm] jokeefe: we have members who have collections of guns, we have members who don't have guns [9:30pm] Kendra: Sorry, I am speaking for myself, I think it is a right that should be exercised for personal safety [9:30pm] lisbon: sounds good to me [9:31pm] jokeefe: we are a data driven party, and part of the issue is we don't have adequate data. boingboing did a two part exploration of it. [9:31pm] Kendra: I beleive in the Constitutional rights. I also think as human beings we should be able to resolve our differences without violence [9:31pm] Kendra: But maybe I am delusional [9:31pm] jokeefe: without good data, both sides can claim what they want. [9:32pm] Kendra: Can you elaborate on what both sides are? [9:32pm] jokeefe: I am not convinced the 2nd amendment is as broad as the NRA makes it out to be, but I don't think they should be banned. [9:32pm] jokeefe: pro & anti-gun control [9:33pm] lisbon: just wanted to clarify this because my 67 year old neighbor thinks that the pirate party "sounds like another group that wants to take away my gun collection", and yes data is the key to every arguement [9:33pm] Kendra: He's more likely to kill the wife in a fit of rage than anyone else [9:33pm] jokeefe: That said, I think that there is little evidence that guns keep government tyranny away unless you are white and preferably racist [9:34pm] Kendra: I go to the parable of the miller and the son riding the donkey to market, you can't please everybody [9:34pm] jokeefe: Tell him that pirates like guns. [9:35pm] igel: sure to some degree [9:35pm] lisbon: I can see both sides of the argument, but I have a neutral stance on them. I will definitely inform him of pirates liking guns [9:35pm] jokeefe: That said, we live in a very violent, racist, sexist, homophobic culture and guns feed into that. [9:35pm] Kendra: Our culture glorifies violence and thinks it is the solution to everything unfortunately. there is a difference from hunting or protecting your home from zombies and "patrolling" looking for an excuse to kill someone. [9:36pm] jokeefe: By the way if anyone has a spare $50,000, knows how to sale and wants a month or two to sale it back - [9:36pm] igel: yeah... like going to target with m16/ar15.. or starbucks.. etc.. [9:36pm] jokeefe: No cannons unfortunately. [9:36pm] igel: i am pro cannon [9:36pm] igel: hehe [9:37pm] jokeefe: School killings are awful, but some of the solutions are just batty [9:37pm] lisbon: it is tempting, maybe it's time to cash out my bitcoin investments lol [9:37pm] jokeefe: lol [9:37pm] jokeefe: bitcoin will rise again! [9:38pm] lisbon: only to plummet rapidly and slowly fade out into oblivion [9:38pm] lisbon: source: federal reserve [9:39pm] lisbon: totaly a reliable source on the matter right? [9:39pm] Kendra: what solutions, giving teachers guns? [9:39pm] igel: omfg ahha [9:39pm] jokeefe: there are a fixed number of bitcoins ultimately, so long as it isn't abandoned by something better, it is likely to have an increasing demand [9:39pm] Kendra: I'm serious, because that is all you hear. [9:39pm] igel: nooo prob like, less ammo in the clip or something silly.. [9:39pm] igel: really?? [9:40pm] igel: what.. [9:40pm] jokeefe: giving teachers guns, letting parents come in with guns, stationing people with guns, more surveillance cameras, ... [9:40pm] jokeefe: so lisbon, is February or March better for the cryptoparty in WMass? [9:40pm] lisbon: funny you mention that Kendra because that came up in a student council meeting at my school a few hours ago [9:40pm] Kendra: metal detectors, my high school had them [9:41pm] lisbon: jokeefe, I say February would work better [9:41pm] jokeefe: great, lets do it! [9:41pm] Kendra: There was a school shooting at my high school in 12th grade while I was t school, it was happening in the ghetto a long time ago [9:42pm] Kendra: I think February for cryptoparty [9:42pm] igel: yea, same [9:42pm] jokeefe: Going postal started in the 70s when they started to crack down on postal workers [9:42pm] jokeefe: fight gun violence with economic justice! [9:42pm] lisbon: jokeefe, sounds good, when are we going to plan it, or what specifically will the cryptoparty include. [9:43pm] jokeefe: how much time do we have? [9:43pm] lisbon: as long as you want in theory [9:43pm] jokeefe: Generally at least 1.5 to 2 hours. up to 8 [9:44pm] jokeefe: how about 4 hours? [9:44pm] jokeefe: can we schedule a snow date as well? [9:44pm] lisbon: they have staff at the facility 24/7, but 4 hours sounds good [9:44pm] jokeefe: it being february [9:44pm] lisbon: yes on the snow date, that month is notorious for sudden blizzards [9:45pm] jokeefe: ok, probably back to back Saturdays. [9:45pm] lisbon: how about the 14th or 21st [9:46pm] jokeefe: sure, anyone know what the almanac says the weather may be? [9:47pm] igel: damn it looks hecktic downtown [9:47pm] lisbon: Northeast: A cooler than normal winter with above average precipitation is currently favored. Snowfall is projected to be above normal. [9:48pm] lisbon: very vague [9:48pm] jokeefe: ok, lets go with 14th with snowdate of the 21st. will confirm with others and see what we want to teach [9:48pm] lisbon: okay [9:49pm] lisbon: Can I schedule those dates with the venue, or is it too early [9:50pm] jokeefe: will confirm with folks by sunday, ok? [9:50pm] jokeefe: should I add you to our email list? [9:51pm] lisbon: ok, and my email: REDACTED [9:52pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:53pm] jokeefe: Anyone have time to help record something with Noe about Net Neutrality for the Pirate Show on 12/15? [9:54pm] igel: i'll be gone [9:54pm] Kendra: I can probably make it if I am not scheduled to work. Do you all have a time? [9:55pm] jokeefe: can be recorded before igel [9:55pm] Kendra: I can help in that case. Should I contact Noe? [9:55pm] jokeefe: Kendra, Noe's aim is to record something before. [9:56pm] lisbon: I need to go, just lost power for some reason and the UPS backups kicked in. Have a good night [9:56pm] jokeefe: yes, please do. cc me. Maybe the three of us could have a discussion at SCATV [9:56pm] jokeefe: night [9:56pm] lisbon left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving) [9:56pm] jokeefe: we are pretty much at time. [9:56pm] jokeefe: who will be at the meeting on Sunday? [9:56pm] igel: downtown? [9:56pm] igel: e5? [9:56pm] Kendra: I'll be there [9:57pm] igel: yea [9:57pm] jokeefe: yes [9:58pm] jokeefe: cool [9:58pm] Kendra: Motion to adjourn, or is ther more? [9:58pm] jokeefe: 2nd [9:58pm] jokeefe: all in favor? [9:58pm] Kendra: aye [9:58pm] jokeefe: aye [9:58pm] igel: aye [9:58pm] Kendra: nite all, thanks for listening [9:58pm] jokeefe: thanks all