February 18th, 2017 Democracy/IT Meeting

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Saturday, Feb 18th. 2--4pm at Steve's house


  • Project: preparing and testing a set of sign-up forms for PirateCon
  • Discussion: IT needs for upcoming fundraising campaign
  • Discussion: platform for a forum/discussion web site.


Form testing

Found (and fixed) a few minor bugs in one of the Piratecon forms.

Text on the Piryx page needs to be changed, in the "Legal Compliance" section. Instead of "Paid for by the masspirate party", needs the OCPF list of assertions.

IT Needs for fundraising campaign

Group - all supports with phone numbers (turns out we have a smart group for "all contacts with phone numbers") Some sort of campaign or survey (what would work best with civi). Idea is to keep track of who was called and who wasn't, record notes. And to keep track of how often we run campaigns.

We'll try to take payment via website (e.g. masspirates.org -> Donate). Must be easy to explain how to get to the payment link over the phone.

If supporter wants to pay by check, we can send them something in the mail.

Donate link on https://masspirates.org should point to the conference donation page. After conference, we can change it back after the conference.

We will not be taking credit card numbers over the phone

For future, should we think about putting a "donate banner" on our website, kind of like wikipedia does for annual fundraising.

Discussion: platform for a forum/discussion web site

Would it be worthwhile to look at alternative hosting (something that would be a dedicated vm, and perhaps less expensive)

Reddit is a nice piece of software, but it's got a ton of dependencies. There are good install scripts for Ubuntu 14.04, but they're rather Ubuntu-specific, and work less well on other linux distributions. Seems like it makes sense to look for a light-weight package.

Jamie had offered to set up myBB, which the German Pirate Party uses.

Discourse is another piece of discussion software to look at.

Would be useful to take our list of candidate discussion boards, and come up with a few sites that are using them.