February 1st, 2016 IRC Meeting

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Review & Decisions

Mass. Senate came out with a public records reform bill (S.2120) that is better than the awful House version. Bay State Examiner has a good review in the Weekly Dig.

On Thursday, the 4th at 10am, the Body Cameras bill (H.2170, S.1257) will have its State House hearing in room B-1 - We support it.

  • Who can write a testimony for the hearing about why we support it?
  • Who can speak at it?

Campaigns Status

Regional Convention & Contacting Members

  • bestpiggy is calling Boston
  • Lulu is calling Worcester & South
  • srevilak, noe, aquaticonions & jokeefe are finding a location for a regional convention North/West of Boston.

2016 Campaign

2016 Campaign Plan & Task Status

Pirate Pads:

  1. text for campaign site

Candidate Status

  • jokeefe will post blog and send email asking for candidates Tuesday
  • srevilak merging potential candidates into list, starting calling
  • noe not running, jokeefe/noe will encourage others to run in greater-Somerville

PirateCon 2016

  • Location
  • Date

Upcoming Events

  1. 2/4, 10am, Body Cameras bill hearing, State House, room B-1 - We support it. Who can speak at it/write a statement about it?
  2. 2/8, 7pm - 8:30pm, Using Intelligent Algorithms to Design Intelligent Algorithms, The Burren, 247 Elm Street, Davis Square, Somerville
  3. 2/11, 6pm - 8pm, Boston Security Meetup: "Where Security Meets Privacy, Government Surveillance and Web", LogMeIn, 333 Summer St, Boston
  4. 2/16, 12pm - 1:30pm, Bruce Schneier on "Security and Privacy in the World-Sized Web.", Berkman, 23 Everett Street, Second Floor, Cambridge - RSVP, live stream
  5. 2/24, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty
  6. 3/19-20, LibrePlanet 2016 conference, MIT Stata Center, Cambridge, Edward Snowden is the keynote speaker
  7. 3/30, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty

Every Wed., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • igel
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • aquaticonions (Eli Haber, Lexington)
  • bestpiggy (olivia píñeyro, boston)
  • davidd (David van Deijk, Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Kendra (Kendra Moyer in Michigan)
  • Bluestreak


  • Pharyngeal
  • zby


Saturday campaign meeting went well. Organized calling and button making.

Body worn cameras. Steve offers to write some testimony for why we support H.2170. https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/House/H2170. https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/Senate/S1257. We discuss several aspects of cameras, filming police, and jobs that are routinely done in front of a camera. Text of testimony statement: https://piratenpad.de/p/MAPPH2170Statement

https://piratenpad.de/p/MAPPCandidateRecruitmentSiteText. Draft of next candidate recruitment letter.


21:00 < jokeefe> agenda -
21:00 < davidd> i mean swarmwise is good filosophy
21:01 < davidd> but sometimes you just want a checklist
21:01 < jokeefe> ids - James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:01 < srevilak> Steve Revilak - Arlington, MA
21:01 < davidd> have a good meeting everybody, i have to say goodnight
21:01 < bestpiggy> olivia píñeyro, boston
21:01 < jokeefe> hi aquaticonions & bestpiggy
21:01 < bestpiggy> hey!
21:01 < davidd> David van Deijk, Eindhoven, Netherlands
21:02 < aquaticonions> hola, Eli Haber, Lexington
21:02 < jokeefe> anything anyone wants to add to the agenda?
21:02 < jokeefe> ahoy Kendra
21:02 < jokeefe> agenda -
21:03 < Kendra> Hi All, Kendra Moyer in Michigan
21:04 < srevilak> How did Saturday's meeting go?
21:04  * srevilak asks, while still getting over a cold
21:05 < jokeefe> colds have been pretty awful fo late
21:05 < jokeefe> went well.  Lulu, Jason, bestpiggy and me.
21:05 < jokeefe> organized calling and button making
21:06 < Bluestreak> Ahoy
21:06 < jokeefe> ahoy Bluestreak
21:07 < jokeefe>
21:07 < jokeefe> Review & Decisions
21:08 < jokeefe> The Senate has a public records bill that is better
        than the awful house bill
21:10 < jokeefe> posted a link to the BSExaminer’s take on it
21:11 < jokeefe> Likely to be amended, maybe not for the better
21:11 < srevilak> Andrew and Maya's article was a nice critique
21:12 < jokeefe> Think we should look over the final bill
21:13 < srevilak> https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/Senate/S2120
21:13 < jokeefe> thanks
21:14 < jokeefe> On Thursday, the 4th at 10am, the Body Cameras bill
        will have its State House hearing in room B-1 - We support it.
21:14 < jokeefe> Who can write a testimony for the hearing about why we
        support it?
21:14 < srevilak> https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/House/H2170
21:15 < srevilak> Bill is 15 pages long.  I can put something up on a
        pirate pad tomorrow night
21:15 < jokeefe> Thanks
21:16 < srevilak> have been reading a CBP report on body camera
        deployment, so I have some things to reflect on
21:16 < jokeefe> Who can speak at it?
21:16 < Kendra> Is CPB Chicago?
21:16 < srevilak> CBP = Customs and border protection
21:17 < srevilak> Got the Body Worn Camera assessment report from FOIA
21:17 < srevilak> s/the/their/
21:17 < jokeefe> cool
21:18 < Kendra> Chicago police have been caught allegedly sabotaging
        the sound on body cameras, which will be a problem
21:18 < srevilak> Yes, that's one of the things you need to figure out
        before doing a body camera program
21:19 < Kendra> There will be a lot of R&D $$$ spent on trial and error
21:19 < srevilak> How do you deal with officers that mess with devices,
        or don't follow recording guidelines
21:19 < srevilak> Kendra: yeah, lots of stuff to figure out up front
21:19 < Kendra> It is an ethical issue.  I think of the Serpico
        situtation, he recently said nothing changed since the 70's
21:20 < jokeefe> anyone able to get off work and speak at this hearing?
21:20  * srevilak has prior commitment with electrician
21:21 < jokeefe> anyone else?
21:21 < Bluestreak> Gotta get irradiated.
21:21 < Kendra> Outta state
21:21 < srevilak> :)
21:22 < jokeefe> well, we can email the statement at least
21:22 < jokeefe> Campaigns Status - Regional Convention & Contacting
21:22 < Kendra> It woudl probably be more likely to be heard via email,
        maybe send it early
21:22 < Bluestreak> Got the list and looked it over. Got no voice right
21:23 < jokeefe> no worries.  hope you feel better
21:23 < Bluestreak> ty
21:23 < jokeefe> lists divided up.
21:23 < Kendra> nite lulu
21:24 < jokeefe> will get an email out by Wed. asking for people to call /
        organize / be candidates.  Just too tired to do it tonight.
21:24 < jokeefe> https://piratenpad.de/p/MAPPCandidateRecruitmentSiteText
21:27 < jokeefe> please edit it with what you feel should be in it.
21:27 < jokeefe> brb, srevilak is in charge
21:30 < srevilak> re: regional convention, I've been out of it the last
        few days, and have some catching up to do.
21:34 < srevilak> Any thoughts on police body cameras?
21:34 < srevilak> (i.e., stuff I can incorporate into testimony)
21:35 < Kendra> I think there will need to be some sort of decentralized
        data collection center for the collected footage managing quality and
        access of data
21:36 < Kendra> They will be wriing laws for the next couple hundred
        years to straighten this out, but there should also be some provision
        for attempts to weaken the body camera laws through restrictions like
        Arizona is implementing
21:36 < srevilak> what's Arizona doing?
21:37 < Kendra> Something like you can't film police in less than 20
        ft away.  I'm not sure about the distance, but it leaves room for a lot
        of abuse
21:37 < srevilak> Oh I see.
21:37 < aquaticonions> that's problematic
21:38 < Kendra> It provides a loop hole to attack someone filming for
        being too close
21:38 < srevilak> This is a little different: police wearing body cameras,
        vs citizens filming police
21:38 < srevilak> Yeah, the bit about "you can't record a police officer
        w/o their permission" is BS
21:38 < Kendra> Sorry, I was up all night
21:39 < srevilak> Kendra: no worries
21:41 < srevilak> w/police-worn cameras, the corresponding (I guess)
        issue, is "do the officers turn them on"
21:41 < srevilak> and as Kendra pointed out, do the officers try to
        disable the cameras
21:41 < srevilak> what about impact to citizen privacy?
21:42 < jokeefe> back
21:44 < Kendra> It is still the same principle or effect of repressing
        damning evidence on both ends if people are restricted by footage or
        if police body camaeras are disabled to cover up misconduct.  There is
        mentality of "I will do right as long as I don't get caught on camera"
        that is disturbing coming from the police, but maybe not surprising
21:45 < srevilak> good point
21:46 < Kendra> A the same time who wants a camera in their face 24/7. I
        probably wouldn't last at a job that required that.
21:47 < jokeefe> police car cameras turn on automatically under certain
21:47 < jokeefe> perhaps that is the model
21:48 < srevilak> In some jobs, you can't avoid being on camera.
        Bank teller, checkout in grocery store
21:49 < aquaticonions> poker dealer
21:49 < jokeefe> :-)
21:49 < Kendra> I worked places like that.  This conversation actually
        reminds me of Blade Runner, 1984, and Minority Report all at once,
        it is interesting to watch it play out
21:51 < Kendra> Because someone has to sit and review the f At some
        point we are all watching each other, it's kind of insane
21:51 < Kendra> review the footage
21:51 < Bluestreak> and creepy
21:52 < srevilak> Well, technology is known for making things more
        efficent, but not necessarily for reducing work :)
21:52 < Kendra> Soylent Green is people
21:53 < jokeefe> created piratepad for bodycams statement
21:53 < jokeefe> bots could review it
21:54 < srevilak> bots are fine
21:55 < jokeefe> oh what decisions they make ;-)
21:57 < jokeefe> anyhow, we are nearly at time
21:58 < Kendra> Motion to adjourn
21:58 < srevilak> second
21:58 < jokeefe> please think about PirateCon 2016 where and when
21:58 < jokeefe> all in favor?
21:58 < srevilak> aye
21:58 < Kendra> aye
21:58 < bestpiggy> aye
21:58 < srevilak> will post transcript
21:58 < jokeefe> aye
21:58 < aquaticonions> aye
21:59 < jokeefe> thank you, srevilak
21:59 < jokeefe> motion passes
21:59 < jokeefe> have a great night all!
21:59 < jokeefe> thank you