February 21st, 2012 IRC Meeting

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1. March 10th Conference Status

2. What movies should we show at the conference?

3. Fundraising

4. Anything else others want to bring up.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:



  • bsod - http://activepolitic.com:82/
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • jamesprice - James Price, Rowley
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren P, Boxboro/Cambridge
  • erixoltan - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • Lucia - Lucia


1. Conference Status

   a.  FB event up
   b.  Blog updated and sent email
   c.  Tweets going out.
   d.  We have three speakers for the panel and may have another
   e.  Haven't locked down the conference schedule since still waiting to hear back from to speakers
   f.  Your Face is a Saxophone, an open-source CC0 animated series will be playing at the conference
   g.  Fundraising mailing will mention the conference.
   h.  Erik will work on video recording.  James offered a field recorder and decent mics

2. What movies should we show at the conference?

   a.  Your Face is a Saxophone, an open-source CC0 animated series will be playing at the conference
   b.  Erik will help organize a schedule

3. Fundraising

   a.  We have raised about $200.  
   b.  Fundraising mailing in the works.  
   c.  Various folks offered to contribute
   d.  Pride table and march permit as well as t-shirts/fliers are the most pressing materials.

4. HO2842 Bill

   a.  Jamie will write up a statement, but may not be able to give it.  Either we just submit it or someone else may have to read it at the hearing on the 28th.

Meeting Minutes


[12:01] <jokeefe> Waiting for people to trickle in, but the agenda is at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=February_21st,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:02] == SplendidSpoon [~lpespisa@] has joined #masspirates [12:03] <jokeefe> hey! [12:03] <SplendidSpoon> Hi [12:04] <jokeefe> just waiting for folks to trickle in [12:05] <SplendidSpoon> Yep [12:06] == erixoltan [47aee4da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [12:06] <jokeefe> hey erixoltan! [12:06] <erixoltan> hi [12:09] <erixoltan> ... [12:11] <jokeefe> lets start [12:11] <jokeefe> agenda is at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=February_21st,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:11] <jokeefe> I'll start with ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [12:12] <erixoltan> Erik Zoltan, Framingham (recently sent in my Pirate voter registration form...) [12:12] == Lucia [ad4cf9ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [12:12] <Lucia> Hi [12:12] <jokeefe> hey Lucia! we are just doing ids, agenda is at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=February_21st,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:13] <Lucia> Lucia, read the agenda [12:13] <jamesprice> I'm James Price and I live in Rowley [12:14] <SplendidSpoon> Lauren P, Boxboro/Cambridge [12:16] <jokeefe> thanks for registering Erik! [12:16] <Lucia> Thanks, Eric [12:16] <Lucia> K [12:16] <Lucia> :-) [12:17] <jokeefe> 1. Conference status - Emailed folks, posted on FB/reddit/twitter/etc. [12:17] <jokeefe> We have another person for the panel [12:17] <jokeefe> And I think I may have found a musician to be on the panel as well, waiting to hear back [12:18] <jokeefe> Two conference speakers haven't given me their availability yet [12:18] <jokeefe> May just pick for them, though I would prefer not [12:18] <erixoltan> who? [12:18] <jokeefe> Jeanne will work on a poster design [12:19] <jokeefe> David House and Shauna Gordon-McKeon [12:19] <jokeefe> Folks get busy of course [12:19] <erixoltan> was worried it was me :) [12:20] <SplendidSpoon> omg wanna meet david house [12:21] <Lucia> (Googles David House) [12:21] <SplendidSpoon> He's fighting the freaking dept of defence [12:21] <jamesprice> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvhO9pEPzSY [12:21] <jamesprice> (David House video) [12:21] <jokeefe> Also, we have an offer to show Your Face is a Saxophone, an open-source CC0 animated series: http://yfias.com at the conference. I said ok [12:22] <Lucia> OK Now I remember [12:22] <jokeefe> They are NY Pirates [12:22] <Lucia> That sounds cool [12:22] <jokeefe> We still need a projector and to get the word out more. [12:23] <erixoltan> What about sounds system and video recording at the conference? [12:24] <jokeefe> The place is small enough that we don't need a sound system, though for video recording having a mic would be good. [12:25] <erixoltan> I have a camera that will record video but no external mic. [12:25] <jamesprice> I have a field recorder and decent mics [12:25] <erixoltan> Also wanted to talk about setting up a masspirates youtube acct. (or alternative). [12:25] <jokeefe> james, if you can bring them that would be great! [12:26] <jokeefe> erik, yes we need a youtube account. [12:26] <Lucia> I gave JP a new web cam [12:26] <Lucia> ASk him about making a channel [12:27] <jokeefe> We have a google account, but perhaps it shouldn't be tied to that account? [12:28] <jokeefe> Still waiting from the state on our voter list. [12:28] <jokeefe> Pinged last Thursday and they said this week. [12:28] <jokeefe> Will ping by Thu. at the latest [12:31] <jokeefe> Next on the agenda are movies [12:31] <jokeefe> We have the half hour Your Face is a Saxophone web show [12:32] <erixoltan> Are you looking for additional ideas? [12:32] <jokeefe> yes [12:32] <jokeefe> http://www.goodcopybadcopy.net/ [12:33] <erixoltan> There are some awesome TED talks that relate to some of our core issues. [12:33] <jokeefe> can we play them without permission? [12:33] <erixoltan> Should be able to. Can research. Can also provide a list of suggestions. [12:34] <jokeefe> great [12:34] <erixoltan> will do [12:34] <jokeefe> also - http://www.stealthisfilm.com/Part2/ & maybe http://ripremix.com/ [12:34] <jokeefe> throw in some good silent films too [12:35] <jokeefe> http://publicdomainmovies.info/ [12:36] <jokeefe> I didn't know this was in the public domain - http://publicdomainmovies.info/mickey-mouse-cartoon-the-mad-doctor [12:37] <jokeefe> we have 2-3 hours of time, depending on whether we want to run it during dinner [12:37] <jokeefe> might be able to go until 10pm, though had planned that it would end at 9pm [12:38] <erixoltan> Yes you can publicly perform TED talks. http://www.ted.com/pages/195 [12:39] <jokeefe> cool [12:39] <jokeefe> An eclectic mix is good [12:41] <jokeefe> Well we can lock down the final play list over the week. [12:42] <jokeefe> Any video suggestions, please email erikzoltan@gmail.com & jokeefe@jamesokeefe.org [12:42] <jokeefe> Next up is fundraising - [12:43] <jokeefe> We have raised about $200, not including inkind contributions. [12:43] <jokeefe> I have to get a fundraising mailing out, hopefully this weekend. [12:43] <Lucia> Im sorry for not knowing this but how much to attend the conference? [12:43] <jokeefe> $5 [12:43] <Lucia> K [12:43] <jokeefe> Can give more of course [12:43] <jokeefe> :-) [12:46] <jokeefe> If we want to get a table and march in the Pride parade we need to pay $325 by 2/29/2012 [12:47] <Lucia> I can help pay, but I cant table [12:47] <jokeefe> Always good. [12:47] <jokeefe> That and fliers / t-shirts are the most immediate expenses. [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> It's a leap year? [12:47] <jokeefe> yes [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> wow ok [12:47] <Lucia> every Presidential election year is [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> Good to know (I get paid last day of month) [12:48] <jokeefe> except those divisible by 100 [12:48] <jokeefe> paid monthly? [12:48] <Lucia> Sheese i spoke too soon [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> no bi monthly [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> 15th and last day [12:48] <jokeefe> Sorry had to test leap years at a past job [12:48] <jokeefe> ah [12:48] <Lucia> DOh wait an extra day! [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> lol exactly [12:49] <SplendidSpoon> I can help table though [12:49] <jokeefe> thanks! [12:49] <Lucia> Awesome [12:49] <SplendidSpoon> I can help at conference as much as needed as well [12:49] <SplendidSpoon> besides my awesome pontification on kopimism [12:49] <jokeefe> Absolutely! [12:49] <SplendidSpoon> I will show up in morning and leave at night if necessary [12:49] <SplendidSpoon> I have been telling every random person i can about it [12:50] <jokeefe> thanks! [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> Been talking to people online, my okcupid profile has mention of Pirate Party [12:50] <jokeefe> lol [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> I get a lot of guys asking about it when they talk to me [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> and I link and share and everyones like "woah, Im glad that exists" [12:51] <jokeefe> Folks can give on-line via the site or if you want to pay for something like t-shirts people can buy them directly and then donate them as inkind [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> Yea I should get a shirt [12:51] <Lucia> Me too [12:52] <jamesprice> Are there shirts? [12:52] <jokeefe> yes [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> Next paycheck [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> I spent too much of this one paying off debts so I wouldn't buy so much beer [12:53] <jokeefe> http://www.zazzle.com/MassPirates [12:53] <jokeefe> good plan [12:53] <jokeefe> We are at 8 attending and 10 maybe attending for the FB event, so if you haven't signed up for that, please do [12:55] <jokeefe> also, please share with friends. [12:55] <jokeefe> and encourage them to register [12:55] <SplendidSpoon> Yes [12:55] <jokeefe> thanks! [12:56] <jokeefe> The only other thing I have is House bill HO2842 [12:56] <jokeefe> need to write a statement against it. [12:56] <jokeefe> though I am not sure I will be able to read it. may only have time to submit it. [12:56] <Lucia> Link to FB event? [12:57] <SplendidSpoon> Who is modelling the shirts in the zazzle site [12:58] <jokeefe> Not us, i think they just put the logo on an image they have. [12:58] <SplendidSpoon> I see [12:58] <SplendidSpoon> The guys arm looks weird [12:59] <SplendidSpoon> That's why I was asking [13:00] <jamesprice> he's not actually wearing the shirt, I think [13:01] <jokeefe> anything folks know about and want to share? [13:04] <jokeefe> james, would you send me your contact info - you can reach me at jokeefe@jamesokeefe.org [13:05] <jamesprice> sure [13:05] <jokeefe> thanks! [13:07] <jokeefe> that's all I have. Looks like our next in-person meeting will be at the conference [13:07] <jamesprice> info sent [13:07] <jokeefe> thanks [13:08] <jamesprice> just my email sig [13:08] <Lucia> OK sorry I didnt have much to offer, been busy [13:09] <jokeefe> no problem. thanks for your help. [13:09] <jokeefe> hope the family is well, Lucia [13:12] <SplendidSpoon> Sorry I come back and forth....at work :D [13:13] <jokeefe> quite understand [13:13] <jokeefe> gotta get back there as well so I don't have to work too much tonight [13:13] == erixoltan [47aee4da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [13:13] <SplendidSpoon> but yea, I will do as much in person tabling, helping and stuff as I can so feel free to assume I'll be there to help with conference and whatever else (as long as it's not weekday 9-5) [13:13] <Lucia> TY u 2 [13:13] <SplendidSpoon> Unless it's big deal, then I'll take day off [13:13] <jokeefe> talk later! thanks [13:14] <jokeefe> gotta head off, thanks for making it [13:14] <Lucia> hope to see u at conference [13:14] <jokeefe> have a good day [13:14] == Lucia [ad4cf9ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]