February 26th, 2022 Community Organizing Discussion

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Attending: Steve, Greg, James, Joe, Malt.

Meet and Greet

Picking a Single Discussion Platform

We have tried multiple discussion platforms:

  • email lists
  • Slack
  • Matrix discussion
  • Discord (our own and National Party)
  • Signal Channel

The German Pirate Party has their own Discourse server as well as Discord and Telegram. The Dutch Pirates have seven communication tools. The Australian Pirates have a Discourse server and a Discord.

Ways to stop the pandemic

Running for office



  • Two House Bills:
    • H.R.6544 - EARN IT Act of 2022
    • H.R.1198 - END Child Exploitation Act
  • Plan protest with EFF/FSF/others
  • Talk with Senators Warren/Markey and Congresswoman Trahan who is on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Discussion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

PPI Statement

Picking a Single Discussion Platform

Decided on using activists email list and signal chat.

Ways to stop the pandemic

Why are we still here?

  • Free tests and masks
  • Mask and social distance
  • Get vaccinated
  • Free the Vaccines
  • Invest in producing tests locally
  • Invest in public health
  • Living wage for medical workers

Interview "Worcester sucks and I love it" writer about the nurses strike and the effort to decertify it.

Running for office

  • Signatures due by the end of May
  • Ask members to run
  • Contact those who said they were interested in running
  • Contact volunteers
  • Video for how to get on the ballot

Meeting Details

X attended.