February 29th, 2024 Meeting

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Meeting to be held via video conference: https://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/mass-pirates-member-meeting/

Recording: https://youtu.be/X_BYlFQjNFg



United States Pirate Party Issues?



Tokens created. Ballots sent out.


  • March 3rd - Ballots must be returned

Steve will remove handle voting tokens.

Planning for 2024

Nomination papers available for county/state/federal elections.

  • List of city/town election contacts added to database - Thanks Steve.
  • Contact cities/town to get list of voters
    • Get list of contacts
    • Write email
    • Send it
  • Mail members/voters
    • Ask them to organize locally
    • Ask them to campaign/run
    • Ask them to give us their full contact info
  • Call potential candidates/supporters
  • ?

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Next pirate news on March 3rd.
  • Pirate news recording scheduled for Sundays, 7pm with go-live at 7:30pm. Unless changed

Other To Do

Upcoming Events


  • jokeefe
  • joe
  • srevilak




  • Through our friends at Digital Fourth, Somerville had a meeting to accept the Mayor's surveillance report. Will go to full city council at some point.
  • March 5th. Cambridge is having a similar review.
  • There are national efforts to roll back Section 702 (Patriot Act). Biden administration wants to renew Patriot act provisions as-is.
  • Farmer in PA is suing for the right to sell organic raw milk (PA ordinarily requires a permit for this).

USPP updates

  • Liz is trying to get a more sustained effort to revitalize the platform committee
  • PPI is willing to let us stay on as an honorary member, rather than giving us observer status.

Election of MAPP officers

  • Ballots out. Voting closes on March 3rd.

Planning for 2024

  • Jamie will send email to supporters about organizing and running locally.

Pirate News

  • Scheduled for this Sunday at 7:30pm