How to upgrade drupal

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The drupal upgrade process is similar in spirit to the upgrade process for wordpress.

Back up the database

 mysqldump --verbose -u USER -pPASSWD  masspirate_drup | gzip -9 > ~/masspirate_drup.$(date +%F).sql.gz

replacing USER and PASSWD with appropriate values.

Make sure all files are checked in

 $ git status
 # On branch master
 nothing to commit (working directory clean)

To upgrade

 drush pm-update --no-core

After upgrading, do git status and git add or git rm changed (removed) files, then

 git commit
 git push origin
 git remote update
 git merge origin/master

MF/PL's infrastructure handles updates to drupal core.

For civicrm upgrades:

  • Download CiviCRM patch tar file to server;
  • Run: drush civicrm-upgrade <tar file path>
  • Update git repo
  • If necessary, run: drush civicrm-upgrade-db ?