January 10th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Status of Members/supporters mailing
  2. Motion to sign on to FSF statement in opposition to Windows 8 (or other) Secure Boot
  3. Senate race
  4. Scheduling our events (Conference/CryptoParties/Currency)
  5. Review of organization

Started work on a budget, but need 2012 financial review first.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

  1. Members/supporters mailing
    1. Supporter letters mailed
  2. Motion to sign on to FSF statement in opposition to Windows 8 (or other) Secure Boot
  3. Senate race
  4. Review of organization
    1. How can we be better organized?
    2. Need committees? Which ones if so?
    3. What do we want from website/social media
  5. Scheduling our events (Conference/CryptoParties/Currency)

For the record, the events we agreed to do or have people willing to work on are:

  1. Pirate Info Conference - some progress on possible sites
  2. CryptoParties
  3. CryptoCurrencies Conference (such as this one, have four people who are interested in working on it)
  4. Together Boston music festival is week of May 18th (http://togetherboston.com/) - Was $50/table in 2012
  5. Boston Pride Parade on Sat. June 8th (http://www.bostonpride.org/calendar/) - $175 for group/float by 2/28
  6. Freedom Rally on Boston Common - 2 Days this year (Sat. Sept 21st - Noon to 8pm & Sept 22nd - Noon to 6pm) - $150 & $30 table, $10/chair

Other Events we could possibly attend as individuals or table at:

  1. Pax East - Boston, March 22-24th
  2. Bar Camp Boston - April 7/8
  3. Wake up the Earth Festival - Jamaica Plain (Boston), Sat., May 4th
  4. Security BSides - May?
  5. AnimeBoston - Hynes Convention Center, May 24-26th.
  6. Digital Media Conference & Grassroots Use of Technology Conference possibly


  • srevilak - Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa - Boxboro currently
  • mildbeard - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • black_van - sevan, south end


  • cmal
  • davidd


Members/supporters mailing

Mailing done

Motion to sign on to FSF Statement

The motion to sign on to the FSF statement in opposition to Windows 8 (or other) Secure Boot passed.


Not planning to run anyone for the Senate special election, but srevilak said he would put together a survey to send to the candidates.

jokeefe will work on a video for how to get on the ballot for city/town & 2014 state elections.

2013 events/activities

The Party conference will be a weekend day in June after Boston Pride. Either 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th. We need to decide on a venue. srevilak did some research on the cost of different venues.

The Cryptocurrencies conference will be a weekend in September/October after Freedom Rally. Sept. 28-29th, Oct. 5th-6th or 12th-13th. There is a San Diego Bitcoin Conference May 17-19 and unSystem, which seems to be a bitcoin/hacker conference in Vienna 1-3 November and has a bunch of big names as speakers. black_van said he would help to find sponsors.

Meeting Minutes


[12:01] <@jokeefe> agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_10th,_2013_IRC_Meeting [12:01] <@mildbeard> I'm on a conference call at same time if I blip out for a minute. [12:01] <@jokeefe> brb, got to run to a quick status meeting, SplendidSpoon in charge [12:02] <@mildbeard> k [12:03] <@SplendidSpoon> ok so mailings and stuff [12:04] <@SplendidSpoon> I guess they went out. I don't know if we got any back or anything [12:04] <@mildbeard> Jamie says we got a few back but he hasn't looked at them. [12:04] <@SplendidSpoon> ok cool [12:04] <@mildbeard> I just sent mine out today XD [12:04] <@SplendidSpoon> Yea I haven't even, I'm just gonna give it to him on Saturday [12:05] <@SplendidSpoon> Motion to Sign on the FSF statement in opposition to Windows 8 Secure Boot [12:05] <@mildbeard> Is there an event ? [12:05] <@mildbeard> Sat? [12:06] <@SplendidSpoon> Oh me and Jamie are going on a radio show [12:06] <@mildbeard> awesome [12:06] <@SplendidSpoon> to talk about the Pirate Party. [12:06] <@mildbeard> what station and time? want to listen! [12:06] <@SplendidSpoon> Yea I was on there before talking about Barrett Brown [12:06] <@mildbeard> I saw the vid [12:06] <@SplendidSpoon> it's Unregular Radio, Two Hotheads with Mike Cann [12:06] <@mildbeard> k [12:06] <@SplendidSpoon> So it's streaming online [12:07] <@SplendidSpoon> around 3:30 [12:07] <@SplendidSpoon> We need to figure out which issues we want to focus on and what to promote and stuff [12:07] <@mildbeard> that's great [12:07] <@SplendidSpoon> This could be one [12:07] <@SplendidSpoon> Yea they actually have a ton of listeners [12:08] <@SplendidSpoon> and I guess me and Gregg got a huge amount of traffic that weekend so he wants to keep doing shows with both of us lol, plus we are pretty plugged in to a lot of activism so it makes sense [12:08] <@SplendidSpoon> ok anyway, Secure Boot, boooo [12:08] <@mildbeard> http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot/statement/ [12:09] <@SplendidSpoon> I mean restricted boot, booo [12:10] <@SplendidSpoon> euphemisms, boooo [12:11] <@mildbeard> The question of the agenda item is, can we sign on as an organization? [12:11] <@SplendidSpoon> I think we should [12:12] <@mildbeard> I was tempted to do it, but figured I should ask. [12:12] <@SplendidSpoon> yea, anyone object? [12:14] <@SplendidSpoon> Wait, we didn't do introductions - is anyone else here? [12:15] <@jokeefe> back, reading the discussion [12:15] <@mildbeard> hey [12:16] <@jokeefe> no objections [12:16] <@SplendidSpoon> cool [12:16] <@srevilak> hi all [12:16] <@jokeefe> James O'Keefe, Somerville [12:16] <@mildbeard> In that case I'll sign us up OK? [12:16] <@jokeefe> ji srevilak [12:17] <@jokeefe> hi [12:17] <@SplendidSpoon> Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro [12:17] <@mildbeard> Erik Zoltan, Framingham [12:17] <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington [12:19] <@srevilak> re: http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot/statement/, I'm in favor of signing on as an org. Two other pirate parties have [12:19] <@jokeefe> any other votes for/against? [12:21] <@jokeefe> hearing none, motion passes [12:22] <@jokeefe> Senate Race [12:22] <@srevilak> last week, we mentioned not having 1% of registered voters. [12:22] <@jokeefe> aye [12:22] <@srevilak> Seems like that would take senate race off table [12:23] <@jokeefe> true, but do we want to put out a questionaire to the candidates? [12:23] <@jokeefe> then publish the results and get some attention for it? [12:23] <@srevilak> ah, I see. [12:23] <@jokeefe> and is anyone willing to put it together? [12:24] <@jokeefe> have ones that the OK Pirates did that can be a template [12:24] <@srevilak> jokeefe: send me a template, I'll make a pass [12:24] <@jokeefe> ok, then, will do. Thanks! [12:24] <@srevilak> np [12:25] <@jokeefe> Scheduling our events (Conference/CryptoParties/Currency) [12:25] <@mildbeard> you know... [12:26] <@jokeefe> if we only have one conference, makes sense that it be big and we have time to prepare and get issues to decide well vetted [12:26] <@mildbeard> ...the senate race is the only opportunity this year to get signatures. [12:26] <@mildbeard> not to throw a wrench in the works. [12:26] <@jokeefe> well, there are city town elections [12:27] <@jokeefe> plus it is a special election so the the schedule is shorter [12:27] <@mildbeard> true enough [12:27] <@srevilak> mildbeard: signatures for what? [12:27] <@jokeefe> and we would need 10,000 *valid* signatures [12:27] <@SplendidSpoon> Don't we also need someone willing to run? [12:28] <@jokeefe> and it would suck whatever time we have preventing us from doing other things or prepping for 2014 elections [12:28] <@jokeefe> aye, SplendidSpoon [12:28] <@mildbeard> Well, I think we need to target some kind of signature opportunity so that we can get more experience doing it. Iron out the kinks and all. [12:29] <@mildbeard> A local election would be fine. [12:29] <@SplendidSpoon> Yea [12:29] <@jokeefe> sounds good. want to run, mildbeard? [12:30] <@mildbeard> I would have to make sure I'd actually accept if elected. I would have to find out how much the office pays for example. [12:31] == mildbeard [webchat@hknv-28-026-620-99.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [12:32] == mildbeard [webchat@hknv-28-026-620-99.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #masspirates [12:32] == mode/#masspirates [+o mildbeard] by [4Q] [12:32] == mode/#masspirates [+v mildbeard] by [4Q] [12:32] <@mildbeard> WHOOPS sorry! [12:32] <@[4Q]> pfft, only human [12:32] == mode/#masspirates [+l 17] by [4Q] [12:33] <@jokeefe> np [12:33] <@mildbeard> let me look into opportunities. Or let me know if you are aware of any. [12:34] <@jokeefe> well, lets put out a post that we are looking for candidates for city/town elections and promote it and see if we get any traction. [12:34] <@jokeefe> email as well. [12:36] <@SplendidSpoon> We could also announce that on the show [12:36] <@SplendidSpoon> Like, after we talk about what we believe in [12:36] <@jokeefe> Great idea [12:36] <@SplendidSpoon> be like, if you agree with our platform and our interested in running...etc [12:36] <@SplendidSpoon> Also the folks at the show would get involved with that, they have like signature drives and stuff, have done it before [12:37] <@jokeefe> cool [12:38] <@srevilak> SplendidSpoon: good idea [12:38] <@jokeefe> I better put together a video on getting on the ballot. [12:38] <@srevilak> brb [12:38] <@jokeefe> k [12:38] <@jokeefe> So, we have Together Boston on 5/18, Pride on 6/8 and Freedom Rally on 9/21 & 9/22 [12:39] <@jokeefe> The Cryptoparty(s) can be anytime [12:39] <@jokeefe> I could see the cryptocurrency event just after Together or Freedom Rally [12:40] <@mildbeard> that all sounds great! [12:40] <@jokeefe> that way we get some good opportunities to get the word out [12:40] <@mildbeard> I thought of a conference topic I'd like to talk about this year. [12:41] <@jokeefe> good, what is it? [12:41] <@mildbeard> What is the Pirate Party? [12:41] <@mildbeard> I think it would be a good opportunity to provide the "elevator speech" and was hoping to go early. [12:41] <@jokeefe> good [12:42] <@mildbeard> thx [12:42] <@jokeefe> There is a Bitcoin conference in London 9/15&16 - http://bitcoin2012.com/ [12:42] <@jokeefe> sorry, that was last year [12:43] <@jokeefe> 2013 is in San Diego May 17-19, 2013 [12:44] <@jokeefe> however there is http://unsystem.net/ - Vienna 1-3 November 2013 [12:44] <@mildbeard> I think it would be interesting to do a talk explaining the nuts and bolts of how crypto currencies work and why we should be seeing more of them in the future. [12:44] <@jokeefe> yes [12:44] <@jokeefe> SplendidSpoon, is the internet meme conf going to be back at MIT this year? [12:45] <@SplendidSpoon> I think that was the last one actually [12:45] <@jokeefe> ok [12:45] <@SplendidSpoon> They claimed it was last year, and I haven't heard them announce ROFLcon 4 so I guess not [12:45] <@SplendidSpoon> yea [12:46] <@jokeefe> also it looks like Hope 10 will be 2014 if there every two years pattern persists [12:46] <@SplendidSpoon> Yup [12:47] <@jokeefe> so what months sound good for our events? [12:47] == black_van [webchat@ifi1i-552-81-746-45.bumc.bu.edu] has joined #masspirates [12:47] == mode/#masspirates [+v black_van] by [4Q] [12:48] == mode/#masspirates [+l 18] by [4Q] [12:48] <@mildbeard> wasn't last year's conf in March? [12:48] <@jokeefe> yes [12:50] <@jokeefe> we announced in Dec. 2011 that we would have a conference in Feb 2012, then had it in March 2012 [12:51] <@jokeefe> so if we want March, then it has to be late and we need to pick a place and book it. [12:51] <@jokeefe> hi black_van [12:52] <+black_van> hey sorry i missed most of it. i am having a busy day [12:53] <@mildbeard> I don't think it has to be in March. [12:53] <@mildbeard> I think we should space things out a bit though. [12:53] <@jokeefe> agreed [12:55] <@jokeefe> So something after Freedom Rally? [12:57] <@mildbeard> maybe crypto currency then? [12:59] <@mildbeard> And maybe a main conference in spring or something? [13:01] <@mildbeard> just thinking out loud... [13:01] <@jokeefe> Summer starts June 21st [13:02] <@jokeefe> if we scheduled it after pride, then we can advertise it in the fliers we hand out at pride [13:03] * srevilak going into lurk mode (work stuff) [13:03] <@jokeefe> That would be close enough to Together Boston on May 18th that we can advertise there as well. [13:03] <@jokeefe> sell tickets too [13:03] <@SplendidSpoon> I'll table that [13:03] <@SplendidSpoon> at Together [13:03] <@jokeefe> thanks! [13:04] <@SplendidSpoon> I do well with that crowd [13:04] <@jokeefe> I think we can get some other people to help now as well [13:04] <@SplendidSpoon> It'd be cool to have an event to promote there too [13:06] <@jokeefe> So does June 15th work? [13:06] <@mildbeard> ok [13:06] <@mildbeard> I do think handing out event fliers is a brilliant idea [13:06] <@jokeefe> we will have enough this time. [13:06] <@mildbeard> almost as good as chocolate doubloons... [13:06] <@jokeefe> or do we want to do June 22nd? [13:07] <@jokeefe> yum! [13:07] <@jokeefe> could do both [13:07] <@jokeefe> fliers for the parents, coins for the kids [13:07] <@mildbeard> either date should be great. [13:07] <@SplendidSpoon> Wait where? [13:07] <@jokeefe> not sure [13:08] <@SplendidSpoon> oh you mean have an event on one of those days [13:08] <@jokeefe> our conference [13:08] <@SplendidSpoon> yup [13:08] <@mildbeard> I love it [13:08] <@jokeefe> srevilak looked at some venues and got prices [13:09] <@jokeefe> ok, then cryptocurrencies confer weekend or two after Freedom Rally? [13:09] <@mildbeard> I keep forgetting to ask here locally about prices. [13:10] <@jokeefe> well snap too it matey! ;-) [13:14] <@jokeefe> so the cryptocurrencies conference the weekend or two after Freedom Rally? [13:15] <@mildbeard> sure, sounds good to. [13:15] <+black_van> are there any other orgs that would want to co-host the cryptocurrency conference? [13:16] <+black_van> maybe some bitcoin startups or other similar groups [13:17] <@jokeefe> don't know, but we can ask around since there is time. [13:18] <+black_van> I'll keep an eye out and put out some feelers [13:18] <@jokeefe> thanks [13:19] <@jokeefe> SplendidSpoon ? [13:19] <@SplendidSpoon> yea sure sounds good [13:19] <@jokeefe> black_van you fine with that date? [13:20] <+black_van> june 15th? [13:21] <+black_van> i have no preference, way too far in the future [13:21] <@jokeefe> or 22nd, depending on location availability - though this is for the party conference [13:21] <@jokeefe> the cryptocurrency conference would be in Sept. week or two after Freedom Rally [13:22] <@mildbeard> So here's a thought. [13:22] <@jokeefe> k [13:23] <@mildbeard> You're at an event, and someone hands you a flier for another event you really want to go to. [13:23] <@mildbeard> The following week you may be already busy, but much later and you will have lost the flier or forgotten. [13:23] <@mildbeard> What's the ideal time span? [13:24] <@jokeefe> if they can register on-line then less of an issue, but you are right that people are more likely to be busy the next week [13:24] <@mildbeard> so 2 weeks? [13:25] <@mildbeard> maybe the 1-3 range... [13:25] <@mildbeard> just thinking out loud again. [13:25] <@jokeefe> is good [13:26] <@jokeefe> I would aim for 2 weeks [13:26] <@jokeefe> but depends on what is available [13:26] <@jokeefe> June & Sept. give us lots of time to prepare and get the word out [13:28] <@jokeefe> well that is what I have for now. [13:29] <@jokeefe> sounds like work is taking everyone's attention so motion to adjourn [13:30] <@mildbeard> second [13:33] <@SplendidSpoon> cool, see you Saturday Jamie [13:34] <@SplendidSpoon> If you have ideas of what we want to promote and/or focus on the most on the show send me an email so we can be on the same page. [13:34] <@jokeefe> will do