January 16th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Upcoming Events
    1. 1/17, Smart Meter comments due
    2. 1/17-20, Arisia, Boston (Cryptoparty & Campaign Training) - Schedule set
    3. 1/18 Boston Common Smoke Out/Vape Up!
    4. 1/23, Medway Pirates Meeting. twitter youtube
    5. 1/25, Issue Meeting
    6. 1/25, 7pm, Activists Ball
    7. 1/28 (Tue), International Privacy Day
    8. 2/8, Boston Security Conference, Cambridge
    9. 2/9, Cryptoparty
    10. 2/9, Somerville Pirate Party meeting. https://twitter.com/villepirates
    11. 2/11, The Day we Fight Back, Call in to Congress about NSA surveillance
    12. 2/17 (Monday), Snowden, Manning & other whistleblowers Airport Protest
    13. 2/23 2-4pm. Phone banking/fundraising.
    14. March Cryptoparty
    15. 3/21 (Saturday), Pirate Party Fundraiser, Democracy Center, Harvard Sq., Cambridge
  2. 2014 Conference
    1. Location?
    2. Date - poll not sent
    3. Need info on it at Fundraiser so we can sell tickets
  3. Support Outreach & Fundraising
    1. Finances & negative account balance
    2. Nation Builder - Try 14 day trial
    3. Phone banking - Sun. 2/23 2-4pm
    4. Fundraiser Tasks
  4. 2014 Campaign
    1. Media List
    2. Mapping
    3. Voter registration app


  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • Kendra (Kendra Moyer, Arlington, MA)
  • js0000 (johnny saylor walthamy MA)
  • Igel


  • ageis
  • davidd


Arisia this weekend. Events being held at room 454 of the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel.

Steve will submit comments on smart meter legislation. Later, this will become a blog post.

Steve will write blog post for 2/11 The Day we Fight Back action.

Democracy center tour, as prep for the 3/21 fundraising event. Perhaps Sat 1/26.

Date for phone banking. For now, we'll say 2/23 (Sunday) 2-4pm for phone banking. Steve to host.

Meeting Minutes

21:06 < Kendra> Today I found out I have to move at the end of February, but I will keep everyone updated.  Landlady is selling the house. 
21:07 < jokeefe> ah, will keep eye out for places
21:07 < srevilak> Have truck, will help you move
21:07 < jokeefe> 1. Upcoming events
21:08 < srevilak> where are the Arisia events being held?
21:08 < jokeefe> hi js0000
21:08 < js0000> hi
21:08 < jokeefe> http://masspirates.org/blog/2014/01/13/party-with-the-pirates-at-arisia-this-weekend/
21:08 < jokeefe> room 454 of the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel
21:09 < srevilak> thx.  Had been looking through email -- should have checked website
21:09 < Kendra> So do we have to register for the actual conference or are we ok to just go to the hotel room?
21:09 < js0000> johnny saylor walthamy MA
21:09 < jokeefe> should be in both places
21:09 < jokeefe> k, we have a schedule, encouraging people to attend
21:10 < jokeefe> mentioned it in the email
21:12 < srevilak> Ah see it now.  (I'm behind on mail)
21:13 < jokeefe> Encourage others to get the word out.  Need fliers
21:14 < Kendra> What it the subject line in the email with the Arisia schedule?
21:14 < jokeefe> http://masspirates.org/blog/2014/01/13/party-with-the-pirates-at-arisia-this-weekend/
21:14 < jokeefe> will get it
21:15 < srevilak> Subject: "Support Online Voter Reg. Bill Today!" (sent early thu am)
21:15 < jokeefe> Anyone able to put together a flier about it - what, where, when, why ...
21:15 < jokeefe> ?
21:16 < Kendra> Can we clarify if we are talking about Arisia or the Online Voter reg Bill?
21:17 < srevilak> We're talking about Arisia.  The email w subject "Support Online..." had online voter reg info, plus arisia info
21:18 < jokeefe> hi lgel
21:19 < Igel> hi jokeefe, 
21:19 < Igel> how goes it?
21:19 < Kendra> Thanks.  I don't think I got that email though.  
21:20 < jokeefe> will check if you are on the distribution list and add you if you aren't.
21:20 < jokeefe> Can take discussion of this to email.
21:20 < jokeefe> 1/17, Smart Meter comments due 
21:21 < jokeefe> looks like there is an extension to 24th if you mention that there is an extension
21:21 < jokeefe> not sure we want to put such an extension in a blog post
21:21 < jokeefe> comments can be as little as a paragraph
21:21 < Kendra> Have you had any good submissions yet?  I missed last weeks meeting and was wondering what we might need to say exactly.  Other than the additional invasion of privacy. 
21:22 < srevilak> Tomorrow night I'll be able to write blog post.  Can mail in a copy as comment
21:24 < jokeefe> how about this, I will put up a post tonight that says comments are due by 1/17 and outline what is going on.  srevilak, if you would post our comments to their site, later we can post to blog.  sound ok?
21:26 < srevilak> Will do.  In general, I'll clean up summary of issues that I sent over the weekend, 
21:26 < jokeefe> Good.  Thank you.
21:27 < jokeefe> Reminder about the 1/25, Issue Meeting
21:27 < jokeefe> as part of the 2/11, The Day we Fight Back, there is talk of a crypto party on 2/9.  Maybe at a university.
21:27 < jokeefe> Should know more by Sat.
21:27  * srevilak just mailed quick and dirty arisia flyer to activists @ masspirates.org
21:28 < js0000> thx, will try to make it
21:28 < jokeefe> Thanks!
21:28 < jokeefe> We need a post on our support for the The Day we Fight Back action on  2/11
21:29 < srevilak> Can work on Day we fight back action post
21:29 < jokeefe> thank you!
21:30 < srevilak> I can talk all day about mass surveillance :)
21:30 < js0000> mass pirate mass talk
21:31 < Kendra> Not to pile on, but we might also want to respond to Obama's NSA reform speech tomorrow.  That can be a short post too.  I might been able to get something written and actually posted this time. 
21:32 < jokeefe> make it so!
21:32 < jokeefe> ;-)
21:33 < jokeefe> I don't have anything further on the other events.  We can talk about them during the weekend
21:33 < jokeefe> that includes the 2014 conference
21:35 < jokeefe> also, Jan. 28 (Tue) is International Privacy Day 
21:37 < jokeefe> Moving on to Support Outreach & Fundraising 
21:37 < Kendra> Libre Planet 2014 
21:37 < jokeefe> Nation Builder trial ongoing
21:38 < jokeefe> Finances & negative account balance - we had two unanticipated charges that put us in the red
21:39 < Kendra>  Sorry that was a typo, on last event.  Libre Planet, our Linux group will be presenting on Tech activism.   March 22-23 in the Stata Center at MIT
21:39 < jokeefe> oh good
21:40 < srevilak>  I may be doing a cryptoparty @ FSF the night before the conference
21:40 < srevilak> (with members of said linux group, of course :)
21:40 < jokeefe> cool
21:40 < srevilak> (pirates would be welcome, too!)
21:41 < Kendra> Good time and place to spread the word. 
21:43 < Kendra> Sorry to derail the agenda, if you want to continue with finances and fudnraising
21:43 < jokeefe> anything else on finances, srevilak, except that we need to fundraise
21:43 < srevilak> I don't think so.  We'll both pay eastern a visit this weekend.  That should be sufficient
21:44 < Kendra> Are you planning to go to the Democracy ctr this weekend?
21:44 < Igel> neat
21:45 < jokeefe> Kendra, too busy.  Was thinking next Saturday.  Does that work?
21:46 < srevilak> next Sat could work, as long as it's before activists ball and IPM
21:47 < srevilak> or, at leasts fits in among activists ball and IPM
21:47 < Kendra> Maybe we could meet in the morning and take a look.  I've done events there, so I know the layout.  will we be restricted to a particular part of the building?
21:49 < jokeefe> I don't have to be there, so if you two want to go, I can put you in touch with my contact and you can find a time that works.
21:49 < srevilak> I'm game if Kendra's game
21:50 < srevilak> goal is to look the place over, get a sense of layout, etc, yes?
21:50 < Kendra> We can talk about it later.  We can start thinking about a good concept for the fundraiser.  I still have some decent contacts for performers. 
21:50 < srevilak> Kendra: awesome
21:51 < jokeefe> yes, srevilak.
21:51 < jokeefe> thanks, Kendra
21:51 < Kendra> that works
21:52 < jokeefe> Phone banking - should pick dates
21:53 < srevilak> how about late feb, early march?
21:53 < jokeefe> late feb.
21:53 < jokeefe> with back up of early march.
21:54 < srevilak> sun, feb 23rd?
21:54 < jokeefe> sounds good
21:54 < Kendra> I can be available that day.  Do we want to work together at one location on this?
21:54 < Kendra> And what time works?
21:55 < srevilak> it might be nice to be co-located, to bounce questions off each other.
21:55 < jokeefe> how about training on that day, with some calls
21:55 < jokeefe> who can host?
21:55 < srevilak> I could do it
21:55 < jokeefe> thank you
21:56 < jokeefe> what time?
21:56 < srevilak> 2-4pm?  (give people time for sleeping in, church, etc)
21:56 < Kendra> OK with me. 
21:57 < Kendra> Sheesh this month is flying by
21:57 < srevilak> yup
21:58 < jokeefe> yes it is.  that time is fine
21:59 < srevilak> ok, 2/23 2-4pm noted
22:01 < jokeefe> we are at time.  adjourn?
22:02 < srevilak> motion to adjourn
22:02 < srevilak> I can post transcript
22:02 < js0000> second