January 17th, 2012 IRC Meeting

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1. Conference

   a. Review of ticket price & which ticket service to use on-line
   b. Brainstorm schedule & speakers
   c. Name ideas?

2. Endorse Citizens United Events on 1/20 & 1/21. See http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/The_Rally_and_Summit_to_Unite_Citizens_for_Democracy

3. Anything else others want to bring up.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

From last meeting

1. Approved the Conference date and location: March 10th at the Democracy Center in Cambridge

2. Draft schedule:

   a.  Breakfast
   b.  Conference Talks
   c.  Lunch
   d.  Conference Talks / Pirate Party decision making
   e.  Dinner
   f.  Public Domain / Open movie view fundraiser

3. Draft topics:

   a.  Cyber law
   b.  How to class on maintaining your security on the Internet / Computer
   c.  ideas from this conference - http://www.shareconference.net/timetable.htm
   d.  crowdsource ideas

4. Draft speakers:

   a.  Jared Ball who wrote a book called I Mix What I Like! about remix culture - http://akpress.com/2011/items/imixwhatilike
   b.  JP will ask some professors he knows
   c.  crowdsource suggestions

5. Ticket cost - something nominal has been suggested

6. Conference name suggestions

   a.  Jamie suggested Politics: share, remix, reboot
   b.  should crowdsource


  • bsod - http://activepolitic.com:82/
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • wingedearth - Andrew A. Anissi, Boston / Jamaica Plain
  • ChrisCWalsh - Chris Walsh, Cambridge, @chriscwalsh
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren
  • RubenHaan


1. Conference

    a. Price is $5
    b. Name is Politics: share, remix, reboot
    c. We should make sure we don't run up against CC licenses for the movie.
    d. A followup film festival in March/April would be a good thing to advertise at the conference

2. We endorsed The Rally and Summit to Unite Citizens for Democracy

Meeting Minutes


[11:09] == jokeefe [401c5302@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [11:58] == wingedearth [266f244f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [11:58] <wingedearth> g'day [11:58] <jokeefe> hi [11:58] == ChrisCWalsh [183d0e75@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [11:58] <jokeefe> hi [11:59] <ChrisCWalsh> Hi everyone [11:59] <wingedearth> have you heard about the Boston DA trying to subpoena an Australian twitter user based solely on his use of an occupy hashtag? [12:00] <jokeefe> yes [12:00] <wingedearth> http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/01/17/the-boston-fishing-party-and-australians-rights-online/ [12:01] <jokeefe> Think I heard about it direct from Asher [12:01] <wingedearth> I haven't seen the subpoena, so I don't know the details of what it calls for, but otherwise, it seems blatantly unethical [12:02] <wingedearth> a gross misuse of judicial authority [12:02] <jokeefe> yes a fishing expeditions [12:04] <jokeefe> thanks for the link, BTW. [12:04] == RubenHaan [~chatzilla@ip4da77b95.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #masspirates [12:04] <jokeefe> hi [12:05] <RubenHaan> hi [12:05] <jokeefe> Here is the agenda - http://www.masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_17th,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:06] <wingedearth> The way to deal with the DA is to write a strongly worded letter to the Office of Bar Counsel, 99 High Street Boston, Massachusetts 02110 complaining of professional misconduct [12:07] <jokeefe> You up to drafting one? [12:07] <wingedearth> I could, but I don't know enough about the facts [12:07] <wingedearth> maybe Asher should [12:08] == SplendidSpoon [~lpespisa@] has joined #masspirates [12:08] <jokeefe> hi [12:08] <wingedearth> since he's the aggrieved party [12:08] <wingedearth> or his attorneys should [12:08] <SplendidSpoon> Hey, Im at work so might not be able to respond immediately to everything but I'll try [12:08] <jokeefe> thanks! [12:08] <wingedearth> after they get the subpoena quashed [12:09] <jokeefe> I can ping Asher and see how we can help, unless someone else feels like taking up that standard [12:10] == erixoltan [6c14b13e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [12:10] <jokeefe> hi [12:10] <erixoltan> hey there sorry to be late, couldn't remember how to join ! [12:10] <jokeefe> np, glad to have you here [12:11] <jokeefe> lets start [12:11] <jokeefe> the agenda is at http://www.masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_17th,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:12] <jokeefe> I'll start with the id's, give what you are comfortable with giving - jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville [12:13] <ChrisCWalsh> Chris Walsh, Cambridge, @chriscwalsh [12:13] <erixoltan> Erik Zoltan, Framingham [12:13] <jokeefe> Following Chris' lead, I am at @jpokeefe [12:14] <erixoltan> @erixoltan [12:14] <wingedearth> Andrew A. Anissi, Boston / Jamaica Plain [12:16] <jokeefe> The Pirate conference is scheduled for Sat. March 10th for most of the day. [12:16] <jokeefe> We need to decide on a ticket price first and foremost. Last meeting we wanted it to be nominal. [12:17] <erixoltan> That's wise. [12:17] == RubenHaan [~chatzilla@ip4da77b95.direct-adsl.nl] has left #masspirates [] [12:17] <jokeefe> Could be $0, but we do have to rent the democracy center in Cambridge, and having to pay for a ticket gives people an incentive to show up. [12:18] <jokeefe> My preference would be $10. Does that seem resonable? [12:18] <ChrisCWalsh> What do people think of making it a "suggested donation"? So people can come learn about our important issues even if they can't afford, but we ask people with the means to contribute $N. [12:19] <[bsod]> heh, you know asherwolf too ? [12:19] <[bsod]> small world [12:19] <[bsod]> hold on catching up on backlog [12:19] <wingedearth> Are there any private spaces that would be willing to allow use for this event? doesn't seem like a huge group, so maybe a university or a hackerspace or a library would allow it [12:19] <wingedearth> for free, I mean [12:20] <jokeefe> We tried a few colleges/univs and the hoops were too high, or it was too expensive or they had issues with us being a political organization [12:21] <jokeefe> We are scheduled at the democracy center for that date. [12:21] <[bsod]> everythings expensive in massachusetts [12:21] <jokeefe> Chris, we are limited to 100 people. [12:21] <erixoltan> Seems like a good idea to move forward with a decision that has already been made, unless someone has a specific alternative that is better. [12:22] <jokeefe> I would prefer not to turn people away from the door because someone got a free ticket and never showed. Asuming we actually get 100 people, which I would like to see. [12:23] <wingedearth> what about a high school? [12:23] <jokeefe> We had thought of a movie fundraiser in the evening, so we could charge tickets for that and have the conference be donation only. [12:23] <wingedearth> any idea on numbers of attendees? [12:24] <erixoltan> What movie? [12:24] <jokeefe> The longer we delay the announcement of where/when, the less time to get the word out. [12:24] <jokeefe> Attendees will be 0 to 100 [12:24] <jokeefe> I was thinking we show some public domain movies, or say Steal this Film [12:24] <[bsod]> 2 [12:25] <jokeefe> A film that someone hasn't shown, but is free to show. [12:25] <[bsod]> it seems like they're never gonna finnish, tpb afk [12:25] <erixoltan> great idea. The lionshare was an OK film. [12:25] <[bsod]> vodo stuff? [12:26] <wingedearth> some free films: http://www.openflix.com/ [12:26] <jokeefe> If we play our cards right, we could have a pubic domain film festival for April and sell tickets at the conference/movie. My local theatre isn't too expensive to rent. [12:26] <[bsod]> wait, wasnt the lionshare that one with a ton of drinking [12:27] <ChrisCWalsh> There are a couple of video series trying to do a post-copyright model of production where they get funds contributed before releasing each episode and then let it be copied freely [12:27] <wingedearth> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_in_the_public_domain_in_the_United_States [12:27] <jokeefe> nice! thanks wingedearth! [12:28] <erixoltan> The Lionshare is about file sharing. [12:28] <jokeefe> So, price. I think we have three suggestions: free, $10 or free for conference and $ for film. [12:29] <wingedearth> Also, if you get a copy of this, you can show it for free: http://www.amazon.com/Edison-Invention-Movies-1891-1918-Thomas/dp/B0006Q93LA [12:29] <[bsod]> whats it anything older than 70 years ? [12:29] <[bsod]> unless in canada [12:29] <wingedearth> published before 1923 is public domain [12:30] <jokeefe> Lots of silents are available for free. [12:30] <[bsod]> k [12:30] <wingedearth> here's a guide: http://copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomain.cfm [12:31] <wingedearth> between 1923 and 1963 is public domain if the copyright was not renewed [12:31] <jokeefe> i.e. Night of the Living Dead [12:31] <[bsod]> is it? [12:31] <jokeefe> I believe so. [12:31] <[bsod]> pick that then [12:31] <[bsod]> lol [12:32] <wingedearth> there are a lot of orphan works whose copyright situatinon is complicated and unknowable, and owners can't be found [12:33] <wingedearth> My proposal for a fix to copyright law and patent law would be to replace the owner's monopoly with a compulsory license for a statutory royalty [12:33] <ChrisCWalsh> There are a ton of Creative Commons licensed films noted at: https://creativecommons.org/video/ [12:33] <[bsod]> good find [12:33] <ChrisCWalsh> Sintel is especially cool because it was created with open source software (blender) [12:33] <wingedearth> yeah, but I don't think you can charge admission for creative commons films [12:33] <erixoltan> Using something that was creted more recently, but that the authors made it free, would be a good message to send. [12:33] <ChrisCWalsh> That sounds true if it's a noncommercial CC license [12:34] <[bsod]> charge for the conferance + free movie? [12:34] <wingedearth> Most CC licenses are for noncommercial use [12:34] <[bsod]> thats because its default isnt it [12:34] <wingedearth> bsod, that could still create a legal issue of whether the movie was really free with the conference charge in mind [12:34] <ChrisCWalsh> based on the tag, Sintel is BY-SA [12:35] <[bsod]> oh, who is everyone btw? [12:35] <wingedearth> creative commons was created mainly for more people to be able to use or experience content, not for them to make money off of it [12:35] <jokeefe> we could ask for donations [12:36] <[bsod]> donations of exactly $10 please [12:36] <jokeefe> or more. the movie may be free, but the space and equipment aren't [12:37] <[bsod]> or sell refreshments at a 6000% markup [12:37] <wingedearth> suggested donations may work for CC films. is there a 501(c)(3) set up? [12:37] <jokeefe> not at this time. [12:37] <[bsod]> are you a lawyer btw? [12:38] <jokeefe> so are options seem to be: free for conf, free for film, $ for conf, $ for film, in some combination [12:38] <jokeefe> who wants the conference to be free? [12:38] <wingedearth> yes, I am [12:38] <erixoltan> I think a nominal fee even $2 would encourage attendance. [12:38] <[bsod]> whats the money going towards? [12:39] <jokeefe> the Mass. Pirate Party's general accounts [12:39] <wingedearth> but I'm not giving any legal advice now. just chatting [12:40] <[bsod]> so, that was long enough [12:40] <wingedearth> I would stick with public domain films for now, while you get more formalized as a not-for-profit [12:40] <[bsod]> no votes for free conferance [12:40] <ChrisCWalsh> likewise. I'm a lawyer but not giving legal advice or representing anybody here [12:40] <[bsod]> heh, that costs extra [12:40] <SplendidSpoon> I'm a web developer and I will give legal adice [12:40] <SplendidSpoon> advice* [12:40] <[bsod]> lol [12:40] <jokeefe> lol [12:40] <SplendidSpoon> And whatever we are planning I don't mind if it's not free [12:41] <[bsod]> is everyone here a pirate party member? [12:41] <jokeefe> my pref would be a fee, but the smaller the fee, the higher the cut for the on-line ticket sellers. [12:41] <SplendidSpoon> Yes, I am Lauren Pespisa by the way [12:41] <SplendidSpoon> I was working on a bug so I was distracted [12:41] <wingedearth> another alternative for films and music: find local filmmakers and musicians and show their work with their permission [12:41] <[bsod]> im always distracted [12:41] <wingedearth> short films should be easy to find [12:42] <jokeefe> any votes for a free conference? [12:42] <wingedearth> And public domain recordings of classical music are available here: http://musopen.org/ [12:44] <wingedearth> I'm not a member, just an interested and helpful person. Might become a member in the future once I learn more. [12:44] <jokeefe> k [12:44] <jokeefe> Chris, what is your vote? [12:44] <jokeefe> bsod? [12:44] <[bsod]> if you register pirate you cant go vote against mitt romney in the primaries [12:44] <[bsod]> id say charge for it [12:45] <ChrisCWalsh> I think a small charge to recoup costs is fine, and we can give the option for people to donate more voluntarily [12:45] <wingedearth> I either registered Republican or independent. can't remember. [12:46] <[bsod]> well, i have to go; im going to leave my thing online tho so i can read the backlog later [12:46] <wingedearth> I either registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, or registered independent so as not to be tied to a party [12:46] <jokeefe> thanks [12:46] <jokeefe> prez primary is 3/6. [12:46] <wingedearth> I think I'm independent [12:46] <[bsod]> they tricked people with that [12:47] <[bsod]> there was an independant party that people signed up for thinking it meant unenrolled [12:47] <jokeefe> Does $5 seem to be an excessive price? [12:47] <erixoltan> No. [12:47] <[bsod]> $5 is fine [12:47] <wingedearth> yeah, if I registered independent (and I think I did), I would have checked "none" or left it blank [12:47] <erixoltan> No meaning not excessive... [12:47] <ChrisCWalsh> $5 or $10 both fine with me [12:49] <jokeefe> I looked at eventbrite.com and meetup.com, meetup.com seems less expensive, but requires paypal / amazon where as eventbrite is much more expensive, but has a more general credit card system. We need them to give us the person's address for campaign finance reasons. [12:49] <jokeefe> anyone know of any other services? [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> Wait what kind of services? [12:50] <wingedearth> meetup is good. [12:50] <jokeefe> on-line ticket seller so people can register on-line [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> oh hmm. Does google have an events thing? [12:51] <wingedearth> Google has groups with calendars for events, I believe [12:51] <wingedearth> but I would stick with meetup [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> oh ok [12:51] <erixoltan> Since Paypal is cheaper - is there any objection based on privacy or anything or is it OK to use? [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> Because the Boston Ruby group uses google [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> and puts the calender on their website [12:52] <jokeefe> do you pay to attend the boston ruby group? [12:52] <jokeefe> http://upcoming.yahoo.com/ is another one [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> No [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> Yea they dont do tickets through there [12:52] <wingedearth> are there any coders in the group that could set up an alternative shopping card for ticket sales? maybe something that uses Square or a similar service [12:53] <wingedearth> without even needing a merchant account [12:53] <jokeefe> if anyone could set that up, it would be great. [12:53] <jokeefe> need it soon, though. [12:54] <erixoltan> Would it be smart to use something simpler for this meeting but set up something special for a future one? [12:54] <jokeefe> sure [12:56] <jokeefe> Well, $5 seems like a price that no one objected to, so that would seem to be the price. [12:57] <wingedearth> $5. done. [12:57] <wingedearth> next [12:57] <jokeefe> Item 2 is time critical, so I am raising it on the agenda [12:57] <jokeefe> Endorse Citizens United Events on 1/20 & 1/21. See http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/The_Rally_and_Summit_to_Unite_Citizens_for_Democracy [12:58] <jokeefe> We have already come out in favor of various campaign finance reform bills before the MA legislature. [12:58] <jokeefe> So this seems aligned with those positions [13:00] <jokeefe> comments? [13:00] <ChrisCWalsh> I'm certainly in favor of supporting the democratic reform movement (I'll be helping with the Rootstrikers events on Fri/Sat) [13:00] <wingedearth> I don't see how any such bills can be effective. they'll probably just shift the donations from the donors directly to proxy citizens [13:00] <ChrisCWalsh> There will be a variety of educational seminars and discussions so you can learn about people's proposals for addressing the various problems falling under the 'money in politics' umbrella [13:01] <erixoltan> I don't have any illusions that finance reform would work. But it's important to support it. [13:01] <jokeefe> More information is a good thing. [13:01] <jokeefe> certainly transparency in who funds whom would be an improvement. [13:02] <wingedearth> a lot of the corruption can be swept away by cutting a lot of the funding in general and scaling down the federal govt [13:03] <jokeefe> patents and copyrights are two issues where there would be lobbying of govt. even if govt. got cut. [13:03] <wingedearth> ending the wars and moving our troops home. passing a bill requiring zero deficit on Congressional bills. [13:03] <jokeefe> govt. imposed monopolies [13:04] <ChrisCWalsh> as far as our issues go, SOPA/PIPA and intellectual property in general are great examples of how money gets results in congress contrary to the public interest (with a nice recent reversal as popular outcry has put the brakes on SOPA) [13:05] <jokeefe> aye! [13:05] <jokeefe> so all those in favor of endorsing these events? [13:05] <wingedearth> It's clear that Congress and the White House have loyalties to special interests over the American people. So how do we fix that? [13:05] <ChrisCWalsh> show up on Fri/Sat and join the discussion to figure that out [13:06] <ChrisCWalsh> or listen to what the speakers have already said. Lessig has a solid presentation on it in which he talks about your 'small govt would fix the problem' comment. I don't want to get to derailed on it in this chat, though [13:07] <ChrisCWalsh> *too [13:08] <wingedearth> It's nice to have a friendly govt protect us from other powerful groups, but our govt isn't doing that. [13:09] <ChrisCWalsh> I agree [13:09] <wingedearth> Anyway, we don't need a "small govt" in general. Just a small federal govt. Send power back to a more local level. [13:09] <wingedearth> Sorry, let's move on. [13:09] <jokeefe> So, Chris, Erix and me for endorsing [13:10] <jokeefe> any against? [13:10] <wingedearth> no, not against. [13:10] <wingedearth> I'll say for. [13:10] <jokeefe> motion passes [13:11] <wingedearth> 3) name ideas [13:11] <[bsod]> this is the longest conferance ive seen in here yet [13:12] <jokeefe> I was supposed to crowd source this, but haven't sent an announcement. sorry. we thought up Politics: share, remix, reboot [13:13] <[bsod]> zero deficit on congressional bills eh [13:13] <[bsod]> are we libertarians now [13:14] <wingedearth> don't have to be a libertarian to support fiscal responsibility [13:14] <jokeefe> true [13:14] <wingedearth> and we shouldn't have an economy based on cash advances [13:15] <jokeefe> lets not debate that now [13:15] <[bsod]> heh [13:15] <[bsod]> okay [13:15] <wingedearth> what's next [13:15] <[bsod]> do we have an oppinion on medical marijuana [13:15] <wingedearth> legalize all marijuana [13:15] <SplendidSpoon> I have an opinion [13:15] <wingedearth> especially domestically grown marijuana [13:15] <[bsod]> i mispell alot [13:15] <SplendidSpoon> But I don't know what the pirate platform on it is [13:16] <[bsod]> its a popular issue in massachusetts [13:16] <SplendidSpoon> Yea [13:16] <jokeefe> yes we think it should be legalized, I'll dig up the actual text [13:16] <wingedearth> Is there anyone here that is opposed to legalization? [13:16] <jokeefe> any conference name suggestions or talk topic suggestions? [13:16] <[bsod]> not i [13:16] <SplendidSpoon> No way no one my age opposes that [13:16] <[bsod]> it does seem to be a young vs old issue, as are many pirate issues [13:16] <SplendidSpoon> We are the party of the future! Weeee [13:17] <ChrisCWalsh> I need to run. I do not have strong opinions on the name of the convention. Have a good day, everyone [13:17] <wingedearth> personally, I don't see any distinction between the marijuana ban and the problems with Prohibition, except that marijuana may actually have positive medicinal affects [13:17] <erixoltan> I strongly favor legalization and believe it is consistent with Pirate Party values. [13:18] <jokeefe> by Chris, thanks! [13:18] <jokeefe> bye that is [13:18] <wingedearth> can we have a statement of pirate party values? [13:18] <[bsod]> what about social issues, healthcare, abortion, gay marriage? [13:18] == ChrisCWalsh [183d0e75@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [13:19] <wingedearth> need a core of pirate party values to guide decisions on all the micro issues [13:19] <jokeefe> http://www.masspirates.org/blog/ourissues/ [13:19] <[bsod]> gotcha [13:20] <jokeefe> well, we place to be in the Boston Pride march [13:20] <wingedearth> the issues page seems very specific, which has its merits, but some more general theory would help [13:21] <[bsod]> how much of it was pirated from other pirate parties? [13:21] <jokeefe> most of it [13:21] <[bsod]> lol [13:21] <wingedearth> For example, I wouldn't ban DRM, but would also not ban people from reverse engineering it. But I think we'd be arriving at these solutions based on the same or similar principles [13:21] <jokeefe> our position on marijuana: "Because of our firm belief in civil liberties and the right of the individual to control his or her body and mind, we believe that Cannabis should be treated no differently than alcohol or cigarettes. Prohibition did not work in the 1920s and 30s and it certainly is not working now." [13:21] <erixoltan> The Pirate Party is limited in scope to a few issues. A few people including myself think it needs to be expanded, especially in the USA where it's winner-take-all and not proportional. Marijuana legalization is one example. [13:22] <SplendidSpoon> have you seen Falkvinges pirate wheel? [13:22] <[bsod]> hes a nice guy [13:22] <jokeefe> any suggestions for a conference name or talk topics? [13:22] <[bsod]> and no [13:22] <SplendidSpoon> He just wrote a blog post on the Boston Police Dept. btw [13:22] <SplendidSpoon> http://falkvinge.net/pirate-wheel/ [13:22] <[bsod]> i liked the one you suggested earlier [13:23] <[bsod]> Politics: share, remix, reboot [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> oh [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> Like the Kopimista [13:23] <[bsod]> heh [13:23] <[bsod]> how many kopimists are present? [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> <---\ [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> Me [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> It's my new religion of the month [13:24] <[bsod]> heh [13:24] <jokeefe> haven't gotten my card yet [13:24] <wingedearth> what's that? [13:24] <[bsod]> a religion that suports the abolotion of copyright [13:24] <[bsod]> lol [13:24] <wingedearth> oh, nm I remember [13:24] <SplendidSpoon> Copying, remixing and sharing data is sacred [13:24] <[bsod]> http://activepolitic.com:82/News/2012-01-04a/Kopimism_Recognized_as_Official_Religion_in_Sweden.html [13:24] <jokeefe> Ctrl-c / Ctrl-v [13:25] <[bsod]> most within other pirate parties that i have talked to are not kopimist [13:25] <wingedearth> copyright is used purposely as a tool to control minds and thought through the control of what information reaches the public [13:25] <[bsod]> except of course falkvinge [13:25] <wingedearth> by a small handful of companies owned by a small handful of banks owned by a small handful of banking families [13:25] <[bsod]> andrew norton advocates many copyright reforms but wouldnt abolish it [13:25] <SplendidSpoon> It's a Swedish thing, i think it's only started to grow [13:26] <[bsod]> the media coverage gave it a kick [13:26] <wingedearth> I wouldn't abolish, but would drastically reduce the term and would require compulsory licenses [13:26] <[bsod]> i agree [13:26] <[bsod]> nothing wrong with demanding attribution [13:26] <erixoltan> Copyright and patents are not just monopolies - they are mental slavery. [13:26] <wingedearth> with patent I'd also require compulsory licenses. it doesn't make sense to give someone the right to stop others from using inventions [13:26] <[bsod]> the drug companies have gone crazy [13:27] <[bsod]> not to mention monsanto and food [13:27] <[bsod]> i wouldnt even allow patenting food [13:27] <jokeefe> Any others ok with Politics: share, remix, reboot ? [13:27] <wingedearth> attribution...ok. royalties...ok. but the right to stop others from use? why do we need that? [13:27] <erixoltan> sure - name is Ok with me. [13:27] <SplendidSpoon> I like it [13:27] <wingedearth> Agriculture patents should be abolished entirely [13:27] <jokeefe> aye! [13:28] <wingedearth> same with software and business method patents [13:28] <[bsod]> they claim to recoup the money that they invested into it, liscening their product should be more than ample compensation [13:28] <SplendidSpoon> Maybe a good topic would be why communications platforms online shouldn't keep logs [13:28] <SplendidSpoon> (like Twitter( [13:28] <[bsod]> i found you on twitter and followed you when you told me your name lol [13:28] <wingedearth> agreed, but you can't stop them. all you can do is use Tor or other anonymity services [13:29] <SplendidSpoon> Well you can push them with public attention and actions and stuff [13:29] <SplendidSpoon> the same way people got BoA to not issue the new fee [13:29] <wingedearth> the media and government can always push harder in the other direction. [13:29] <[bsod]> in california they proposed making it illegal to impersonate online, which includes putting a fake name, I wouldnt make it compulsary to tell the truth to social sites or to make their terms of service legally binding [13:29] <SplendidSpoon> I think targetting private companies might be more effective than even the government [13:29] <[bsod]> that was a grip i had before [13:29] <wingedearth> boycotts are a good form of protest [13:29] <[bsod]> almost never work [13:30] <SplendidSpoon> It'd take a lot of work [13:30] <wingedearth> I think moving domains off of godaddy hurt them directly [13:30] <SplendidSpoon> not just boycotts [13:30] <jokeefe> so "Politics: share, remix, reboot" is our conference title [13:30] <[bsod]> they didnt like the bad press but the final count shows they didnt acually lose much, they had a small stunt in growth [13:30] <SplendidSpoon> Sounds good [13:30] <wingedearth> sounds good [13:31] <[bsod]> will the conferance be broadcast online at a later time? [13:31] <[bsod]> that might hurt ticket sales [13:31] <jokeefe> If we can get the equipment to record it. [13:31] <jokeefe> not sure it will be shown live [13:31] <erixoltan> How long will the conference be [13:32] <[bsod]> heh, will there be beer? [13:32] <[bsod]> and marijuana [13:32] <jokeefe> ~10am to 5pm, then dinner and the movie [13:32] <jokeefe> not sure about beer, we won't be buying it [13:32] <erixoltan> I wouldn't try to put the whole thing up if it's that long. [13:33] <jokeefe> same goes for other substances [13:33] <[bsod]> i think its difficult to allow beer in massachusetts [13:33] <jokeefe> could do each of the talks separately [13:33] <[bsod]> they're very uptight about that [13:33] <jokeefe> makes it easier to view [13:33] <jokeefe> there is a time for lunch & dinner so folks can go to a restaurant and get their own. [13:34] <[bsod]> that would be easiest [13:34] <wingedearth> maybe get a local coffeeshop to sponsor [13:34] <wingedearth> and bring free coffee [13:34] <jokeefe> not so halt a great conversation, but shall we adjourn the official meeting. folks can stay on and talk of course [13:34] <wingedearth> ad-supported free coffee [13:35] <erixoltan> What is the conference date? [13:35] <jokeefe> March 10th [13:35] <[bsod]> its on the masspirates site [13:35] <jokeefe> Saturday [13:35] <erixoltan> OK will look at my calendar :) [13:35] <jokeefe> not the final date [13:35] <jokeefe> is on the web site. [13:35] <[bsod]> its in summerville? [13:35] <jokeefe> will get that up tonight [13:35] <jokeefe> it will be in cambridge, democracy center in harvard sq. [13:36] <[bsod]> oh ok, take the red line lol [13:36] <[bsod]> i havent been there in a long time [13:36] <wingedearth> I go to the Barnes there now and then [13:36] <wingedearth> too few public workspaces in the area [13:36] <wingedearth> I joined the Athenaeum, which is a good one though [13:37] <erixoltan> OK folks adios, great meeting. Love the noon time! [13:37] <[bsod]> cya later [13:37] <wingedearth> have a pleasant day [13:37] == erixoltan [6c14b13e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [13:37] <jokeefe> see ya. [13:37] <[bsod]> supose to rain more last i checked [13:37] <jokeefe> thanks for everyone turning out, BTW [13:37] <wingedearth> rain or snow? [13:37] <wingedearth> I got your Facebook chat msg. that's what brought me [13:37] <jokeefe> it is in doors so yet [13:38] <[bsod]> http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/02210 [13:38] <[bsod]> im here 24/7 [13:38] <wingedearth> here where? [13:38] <wingedearth> in this irc? [13:38] <[bsod]> on irc chat [13:38] <[bsod]> ya, i just figured why not stay, then i can catch anything that happens [13:38] <wingedearth> are you logging all the pirate talks or something? [13:38] <[bsod]> im on many other irc channels all the time anyways [13:38] <wingedearth> I see [13:38] <[bsod]> there is an automatic irc log [13:39] <[bsod]> mirc* [13:39] <jokeefe> all official meetings have a transcript. [13:39] <[bsod]> i delete those regularly [13:39] <[bsod]> i write for a blog, but i would ask permission to print anything inpaticular [13:39] <wingedearth> I'm not concerned about saying anything political or controversial, because I've said so much already I'm past that [13:39] <jokeefe> :-) [13:39] <[bsod]> heh [13:40] <[bsod]> i havent identified myself yet so logs cant hurt me [13:40] <wingedearth> wingedearth is also my twitter [13:40] <wingedearth> and my domain [13:40] <wingedearth> so I'm already identified without saying my name [13:40] <[bsod]> indeed [13:41] <[bsod]> Honor and Magic. For Seekers of Truth. For the epic, the monumental. For the spiritual. For the mystical. For the noble. [13:41] <wingedearth> yep, that's me [13:41] <[bsod]> heh cool, following [13:41] <wingedearth> I got too caught up in politics and criticisms and everything wrong in that sphere, and I needed an escape from all the negativity [13:41] <[bsod]> breaking http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120117/10253117434/google-to-use-home-page-to-protest-pipa-tomorrow.shtml?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter [13:41] <wingedearth> so I started a blog on art and spirituality [13:42] <wingedearth> with no politics [13:42] <wingedearth> I also have www.steamlawyer.com [13:42] <jokeefe> cool, thanks bsod! [13:42] <wingedearth> my steampunk intellectual property lawyer site [13:42] <[bsod]> i do this http://activepolitic.com:82/ [13:43] <[bsod]> crappy design and all i know [13:43] <wingedearth> I'm adding that to twitter [13:44] <wingedearth> the most popular sites all have crappy design [13:44] <[bsod]> heh [13:44] <[bsod]> thepiratebay [13:44] <wingedearth> slashdot. drudge. youtube. [13:44] <[bsod]> example [13:44] <jokeefe> I'll stay on, but have to focus on other stuff now. Thanks for showing up. I'll make sure we message folks again. [13:44] <[bsod]> cya later man