January 17th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Status of members/supporters mailing
  2. Motion to sign on to support the TSA out of the MBTA action on Sat., Feb. 2nd
  3. Motion to sign on to petitions to remove prosecutors Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann
  4. Review of organization

Started work on a budget, but need 2012 financial review first.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

  1. Status of members/supporters mailing
  2. Motion to sign on to support the TSA our of the MBTA action on Sat., Feb. 2nd
  3. Motion to sign on to petitions to remove prosecutors Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann
  4. Review of organization
    1. How can we be better organized?
    2. Need committees? Which ones if so?
    3. What do we want from website/social media

For the record, the events we agreed to do or have people willing to work on are:

  1. Pirate Info Conference - some progress on possible sites
  2. CryptoParties
  3. CryptoCurrencies Conference (such as this one, have four people who are interested in working on it)
  4. Together Boston music festival is week of May 18th (http://togetherboston.com/) - Was $50/table in 2012
  5. Boston Pride Parade on Sat. June 8th (http://www.bostonpride.org/calendar/) - $175 for group/float by 2/28
  6. Freedom Rally on Boston Common - 2 Days this year (Sat. Sept 21st - Noon to 8pm & Sept 22nd - Noon to 6pm) - $150 & $30 table, $10/chair

Other Events we could possibly attend as individuals or table at:

  1. Pax East - Boston, March 22-24th
  2. Bar Camp Boston - April 7/8
  3. Wake up the Earth Festival - Jamaica Plain (Boston), Sat., May 4th
  4. Security BSides - May?
  5. AnimeBoston - Hynes Convention Center, May 24-26th.
  6. Digital Media Conference & Grassroots Use of Technology Conference possibly


  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • srevilak - Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • mildbeard - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • black_van - sevan, south end
  • illunatic
  • wingedearth
  • Havoc
  • kate_m
  • massh
  • wanderer
  • bsod
  • ageis
  • davidd


  • cmal


Status of members/supporters mailing

Advertise the pdf of the survey and get a survey up on a site.

Motion to support the TSA out of the MBTA action on Sat., Feb. 2nd


Motion to urge our supporters to sign on to petitions to remove prosecutors Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann


Review of organization

Lots of discussion. The ideas that came out are:

  • Have people contact the folks who sign up to our lists and give them ideas as to what is going on and how they can help
  • Have more events, esp. social ones
  • Define different roles and get people to take them on including:
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Fundraising Coordinator
    • Intern wrangler
    • Event Coordinator

See the minutes for more details.

Meeting Minutes


[12:00] <@jokeefe> Agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_17th,_2013_IRC_Meeting [12:00] <@jokeefe> Start with ids (give as much as you want) - James O'Keefe, Somerville [12:00] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: IRC meeting starting now - https://t.co/y6oo9T0j channel #masspirates agenda at: http://t.co/4kR9I80w - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/291953094781202432 [12:01] <+black_van> Sevan Boston, soon to be moving to NH manchester area [12:02] == mildbeard [webchat@hknv-28-026-620-99.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #masspirates [12:02] == mode/#masspirates [+o mildbeard] by [4Q] [12:02] == mode/#masspirates [+v mildbeard] by [4Q] [12:02] <@[bsod]> bsod, some guy from central mass [12:02] == mode/#masspirates [+l 19] by [4Q] [12:03] <@mildbeard> Erik Zoltan, Framingham [12:03] <@[bsod]> heh, ive been there before [12:03] <@mildbeard> condolences [12:03] <+black_van> it seemed nice erik [12:03] <@[bsod]> i know right [12:03] <+massh> Marc, Boston [12:04] <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington [12:04] == Havoc [webchat@vnm-84-376-72-191.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #masspirates [12:04] == mode/#masspirates [+v Havoc] by [4Q] [12:04] == mode/#masspirates [+l 20] by [4Q] [12:05] <@[bsod]> heh, are these meetings getting bigger or is this the first one [12:05] <+black_van> seem to be getting bigger, definitely a good thing [12:05] == kate_m [webchat@vhmo-317-9-121-071.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #masspirates [12:05] == mode/#masspirates [+v kate_m] by [4Q] [12:05] <@mildbeard> I think we're attracting people, and that's definitely a good thing. [12:05] == mode/#masspirates [+l 21] by [4Q] [12:06] <+kate_m> hi jokeefe [12:06] * srevilak waves back to davidd [12:06] <+Havoc> I am baconarama from twitter [12:07] == [bsod] changed the topic of #masspirates to: Agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_17th,_2013_IRC_Meeting [12:07] <+black_van> http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&safe=off&sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1152&bih=574&tbm=isch&tbnid=DB3sMZBrgPjxvM:&imgrefurl=http://www.usmuscle.com.au/Forum/showthread.php%3Ft%3D6183&docid=F_q91O4-nZnYiM&imgurl=http://www.usmuscle.com.au/Forum/attachment.php%253Fattachmentid%253D8464%2526d%253D1301047438&w=109&h=76&ei=zi_4UM_2NYy_0QGVm4G4Aw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=490&vpy=162&dur=513&hovh=65&hovw=95&tx=83&ty=28&sig=115033271194025918967&page=1&tbn [12:08] <+black_van> BLT for lunch it is [12:08] <@[bsod]> so, helping al queida build a nuclear weapon holds a maximum sentence that is shorter than what swartz was facing [12:08] <+Havoc> -shakes head- [12:08] <+Havoc> so they say [12:08] == wingedearth [webchat@sv76-863-314-71.z319-313-88.customer.algx.net] has joined #masspirates [12:08] == mode/#masspirates [+o wingedearth] by [4Q] [12:08] == mode/#masspirates [+v wingedearth] by [4Q] [12:08] <@mildbeard> yeah, this whole thing is getting way out of hand [12:08] == mode/#masspirates [+l 22] by [4Q] [12:08] <@[bsod]> hey, the libertarian lawyer guys back [12:09] <+Havoc> Its not getting out of had it has been out of hand. [12:09] <@wingedearth> I don't know that I'm totally "libertarian", considering I work in public tv [12:10] <@[bsod]> traitor! [12:10] <@[bsod]> lol [12:10] <+davidd> i have never met a total libertarian [12:10] <+davidd> i have met people that claimed to be though [12:10] <@mildbeard> the problem is going to get much worse before it finally gets better [12:10] <+davidd> they always fail [12:10] <@[bsod]> in my country, the libertarians are just torries [12:11] <@[bsod]> my favorite example is "we don't like government interference so lets ban gay marriage and abortion" [12:12] <+black_van> can we start the agenda [12:12] <+Havoc> So yeah. genda [12:12] <@wingedearth> yeah, I don't get why more libertarians aren't pro-choice [12:12] <@wingedearth> at the same time, I think the issue gets confused [12:12] <@wingedearth> I don't support Roe v. Wade, but I'm pro-choice [12:12] <+kate_m> that's an odd position [12:12] <@wingedearth> I'm pro-choice but think it's a political issue that should be decided by the States individually [12:12] <+black_van> that is not an odd position [12:13] <@[bsod]> ah, i live in massachusetts so i think power needs to be taken away from the states [12:13] <@wingedearth> I don't think the Supreme Court can just order it one way or the other. [12:13] <@wingedearth> I also live in massachusetts [12:13] <+black_van> me 2 [12:13] <@[bsod]> see [12:13] <@[bsod]> our states crazzy [12:13] <@wingedearth> wait, we all do, right? [12:13] <@[bsod]> yes [12:13] <@[bsod]> cept davidd is an intruder [12:13] <@wingedearth> we may think other states are crazy. they may think we're crazy. that's why it's best for the states to decide for themselves [12:13] <@mildbeard> is jokeefe here to start us on our agenda? [12:14] <@[bsod]> he tried, then wandered off [12:14] <+Havoc> and me [12:14] <+Havoc> I am in Texas [12:14] <@wingedearth> it's a matter of respecting local customs and mores [12:14] <@[bsod]> ah, welcome texans [12:14] <@mildbeard> OK let me take a first stab. [12:14] <@mildbeard> Did everyone get our mailing? [12:14] <+Havoc> I think I am the only one lol [12:14] <@[bsod]> im so contrary to our local customs that i do not respect em, thats all im saying [12:15] <@wingedearth> Texas is doing better and better because of low taxes and a business friendly environment, plus lots of new tech [12:15] <@mildbeard> I want to call the meeting to order. [12:15] <@mildbeard> OK? [12:15] <@[bsod]> yes, start the meeting whenever [12:15] <@mildbeard> noew [12:15] <@mildbeard> now [12:15] <@mildbeard> So did anyone here not get the mailing we recently sent out, if you're in Mass? [12:15] <@wingedearth> bsod, typically I err on the side of free choice. but in an area where most people consider a fetus to be a human being, then there's the issue of interfering with such human's rights. [12:16] <+black_van> I did [12:16] <+massh> I got the mailing. filled out mailing back tomorrow [12:16] <@[bsod]> we can talk about it in the after meeting time [12:16] <@wingedearth> but again, personally I think the parents are more qualified than the government to make that choice [12:16] <@mildbeard> I heard from jokeefe that he had sent out the last ones. [12:16] <@[bsod]> im not on the mailing list i think [12:16] <@mildbeard> wingedearth, we want to focus on the agenda please? [12:16] <@wingedearth> sorry [12:17] <@mildbeard> np [12:17] <@mildbeard> hold on, let me look up an URL for anyone who didn't get the mailing. [12:17] <+kate_m> I didn't get a mailing, but I'm not sure where I stand with the MPP anyway [12:17] <@wingedearth> ditto [12:17] <@[bsod]> whats an mpp ? [12:17] <@wingedearth> mass pirate party [12:17] <+kate_m> mass pirate party [12:18] <+Havoc> lulz [12:18] <@[bsod]> ah, are you guys registered? [12:18] <+kate_m> nope [12:18] <@wingedearth> no [12:18] <@[bsod]> i think that's what triggers the mailing [12:18] <+Havoc> Do I need to say no? [12:18] <+kate_m> yes [12:18] <+kate_m> humor us [12:18] <@mildbeard> OK here's the link. [12:18] <@[bsod]> yes, no is not implied [12:18] <@mildbeard> https://www.dropbox.com/s/sm7j9qa4m817r3m/Ballot%20and%20Volunteer%20Form.pdf [12:18] <+Havoc> well I am in texas :P [12:19] <+kate_m> oh hey I'm in the picture! [12:19] <+black_van> thanks erik [12:19] <@mildbeard> If you didn't receive a mailing, you can access it from that URL if you want to participate. You can print and mail it, or respond via email to info@masspirates.org [12:19] <@[bsod]> heh, these questions are very partisian [12:20] <@mildbeard> It includes a letter, a volunteer form and a policy survey. We want to ask for volunteering help and we want to get member feedback on policy issues. [12:20] <+black_van> well you should have come to the meeting when we decided on them [12:20] <@jokeefe> sorry, called away, back now. [12:20] <@mildbeard> hi jokeefe, we're talking about the survey. [12:20] <@mildbeard> I'll turn it over to you. [12:20] <@[bsod]> i wasnt complaining [12:20] <@jokeefe> good [12:21] <@jokeefe> One thing we need on the survey is a web form for it. [12:21] <@mildbeard> [bsod], if you feel the questions are too slanted or that a valid pirate opinion isn't represented, we'd love to hear it as a comment. [12:21] <+kate_m> what's "no file left behind" supposed to mean in the education question? [12:21] <@[bsod]> Reform democracy to serve the many rather than the few. [12:21] <@[bsod]> heh, who would ever check that box! [12:21] <+Havoc> lol [12:22] <@mildbeard> kate_m, I think it's an attempt at humor. [12:22] <+Havoc> Yeah making fun of Bush Jr [12:22] <@jokeefe> kate_m, but that sharing is good in a school setting [12:22] <@[bsod]> i feel that people have taking their parties policies in as a religion, so if someone identifies with the democrats, then they will answer all boxes accordingly having made no independant thought of their own [12:23] <+Havoc> hmm [12:23] <+Havoc> good point [12:23] <@[bsod]> nah, im just... whats that word for bitter old guy [12:23] <+kate_m> that's true for a lot of people, but I think people already reaching out to a third party are going to be a little better than average [12:23] <@wingedearth> @bsod: sourpuss? [12:24] <@[bsod]> heh, close [12:24] == Kit [webchat@140.247.mht.ypn] has joined #masspirates [12:24] == mode/#masspirates [+v Kit] by [4Q] [12:24] <@[bsod]> cynical ? [12:24] <+massh> meshugenah [12:24] <@wingedearth> cynic [12:24] <@[bsod]> yea [12:24] == mode/#masspirates [+l 23] by [4Q] [12:24] <@mildbeard> Well, I think do it's a legitimate concern. [12:24] <+Kit> ahoy everybody [12:24] <@[bsod]> ahoy [12:24] <@wingedearth> sharing is caring [12:24] <+Havoc> so they say [12:25] <@[bsod]> arg [12:25] <@mildbeard> jokeefe, did we ever come up with a web form backend to use? [12:25] <+black_van> Hi Kit [12:26] <@jokeefe> ahoy, Kit [12:26] <@wingedearth> I favor raising the voting age to 21 [12:26] <+Havoc> :( [12:27] <@wingedearth> at the same time, people over 21 have their issues too [12:27] <+black_van> lol [12:27] <@jokeefe> mildbeard, no web form yet though there is opensource software we can use. thought we could use the amazon vm we have. ageis, might you be able to set one up? [12:27] <+Havoc> and you cannot underestimate every young person [12:27] <@[bsod]> what does expaning obamacare entail exactly? [12:27] <@jokeefe> BTW, welcome to all the new and returning folks! [12:27] <@wingedearth> you can underestimate most of them [12:27] <@wingedearth> hormones and such [12:28] <+Havoc> lmao [12:28] <+black_van> Is there a way to use webchat without constnatly scrolling down? [12:28] <@[bsod]> how about prohibiting people who are too old lol [12:28] * Havoc is only 20 [12:28] <@wingedearth> of course younger people aren't yet infected with bsod's cynicism [12:28] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann: accountability for prosecutorial abuse http://t.co/o2W9sHRD - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/291959389630365696 [12:28] <+kate_m> restricting voting rights rubs me the wrong way [12:28] <@jokeefe> black_van, not that I know of [12:29] <@[bsod]> there are restrictions arent there? [12:29] <@mildbeard> kate_m, me too [12:29] <@[bsod]> was someone telling me that convicted felons cant vote? [12:29] <@wingedearth> young people are naive and inexperienced. old people are out of touch [12:29] <@[bsod]> but eventually your brain stops working [12:29] <+kate_m> yeah, and most of them rub me the wrong way [12:29] <@wingedearth> maybe voting should be restricted to 30-somethings [12:29] <@mildbeard> I can see we're going to get a lot of great survey comments here. [12:29] <+Havoc> O.O [12:30] <+kate_m> my husband can't vote in a federal election for more than a decade because of a copyright infringement conviction [12:30] <@[bsod]> or to people who are voting on issues other than 'i like his hair' [12:30] <@jokeefe> yes, we are mildbeard [12:30] <@[bsod]> kind of creates a self serving system [12:30] <+davidd> but the guy with the best hair lost [12:30] <@[bsod]> lies! [12:30] <+Havoc> lol [12:30] <@jokeefe> stay on target folks [12:30] <+kate_m> sorry [12:30] <+black_van> before the end of the meeting we need to discuss organization [12:31] <@mildbeard> Do we want to move on to agenda item 2? Motion to sign on to support the TSA out of the MBTA action on Sat., Feb. 2nd [12:31] <@[bsod]> or lack of? [12:31] <@wingedearth> if the country were a company, deciding on officers based on a vote by all employees would be disastrous [12:31] <+kate_m> Everyone who didn't gt a mailer is cool with emailing in responses? [12:31] <@jokeefe> yes, bsod, in MA convicted felons who are serving time cannot vote they changed it a few years back [12:32] <@[bsod]> so once their time is over they can vote again ? [12:32] <@jokeefe> or mail it in, kate_m if you want it to be secret [12:32] <+kate_m> in state and local elections, not federal [12:32] <@mildbeard> kate_m, we want to create a webform too but we're just getting that organized. [12:32] <@srevilak> I'm in favor of "TSA out of MBTA" [12:32] <@jokeefe> really, kate_m, thought it was all [12:32] <+black_van> I support getting/keeping tsa out [12:32] <@[bsod]> that should be changed shouldnt it? amoung a million other more important things [12:32] <@wingedearth> too much is decided by voting, and not enough by individual choice [12:33] <@jokeefe> so looking for a place to host survey software or someone to setup it up on vm, any takers? [12:33] <@[bsod]> i dont think anyone in the world is happy with the TSA [12:33] <+kate_m> TSA can suck my balls [12:33] <@[bsod]> possibly [12:33] <@[bsod]> whats the survey ? [12:33] <@jokeefe> the one mildbeard sent the pdf to [12:33] <@jokeefe> though with mods folks want [12:33] <@[bsod]> you guys seemed pretty computer savvy when you did the liquid feedback thing [12:34] <@jokeefe> might get more responses [12:34] <@wingedearth> airports should provide their own security without TSA [12:34] <@mildbeard> [bsod] but there's a difference between knowing how to do it and having the time/bandwidth. [12:34] <@[bsod]> heh [12:34] <+kate_m> Security theater is a fucking joke and the whole thing needs to get scrapped immediately [12:34] <@jokeefe> thanks, bsod, but trying to distribute the work [12:34] <+kate_m> So, there's an event on Feb 2? [12:35] <@jokeefe> yes [12:35] <@jokeefe> BTW: agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_17th,_2013_IRC_Meeting [12:35] <@[bsod]> heh, im getting a big vacation in febuary again [12:35] <+kate_m> It's not a great weekend for me, but I'll figure out a way to make time [12:35] <@jokeefe> TSA out of the MBTA is at https://www.facebook.com/events/510992278941389/?fref=ts [12:35] <@srevilak> kate_m: http://act-ma.org/pipermail/act-ma_act-ma.org/2013/006455.html [12:35] <+kate_m> anything that would make bringing kids a bad idea? [12:35] <@[bsod]> the drugs [12:35] <+Havoc> I think the TSA needs to stay home and drink tea :) [12:36] <@jokeefe> Arrests, but probably not [12:36] <@mildbeard> OK so I'd like to make a motion: that we sign on to support the TSA out of the MBTA action on Sat Feb 2. Voting for the motion indicates we should sign on and not that the individual is available on that date. [12:36] <@jokeefe> my eldest might come [12:36] <@[bsod]> oh, dont arrest kids, thats not cool [12:36] <@srevilak> second [12:36] <@jokeefe> So: Motion to sign on to support the TSA out of the MBTA action on Sat., Feb. 2nd, all in favor? [12:36] <@mildbeard> aye [12:36] <+kate_m> aye [12:36] <@jokeefe> aye [12:36] <@srevilak> aye [12:36] <+Kit> aye [12:36] <+Havoc> aye [12:36] <@[bsod]> is it too late to ask a question ? [12:36] <+black_van> aye [12:37] <@jokeefe> no [12:37] <@[bsod]> haha [12:37] <@jokeefe> not too late [12:37] <+Havoc> never too late [12:37] <@[bsod]> whos motion ? [12:37] <@jokeefe> mine I guess [12:37] <@[bsod]> but what are we signing ? [12:37] <@[bsod]> just a symbolic signing ? [12:37] <@jokeefe> more to say we support it and will urge our supporters to attend it [12:37] <@[bsod]> oh [12:37] <@[bsod]> aye [12:37] <@wingedearth> aye [12:38] == wanderer [webchat@10-973-440.netrun.cytanet.com.cy] has joined #masspirates [12:38] == mode/#masspirates [+v wanderer] by [4Q] [12:38] <@[bsod]> the wording made me think maybe it was an intiative from another group [12:38] <@jokeefe> hi wanderer [12:38] == mode/#masspirates [+l 24] by [4Q] [12:38] <+wanderer> hi :) [12:38] <@[bsod]> hey groo [12:38] <+black_van> next item? [12:38] <@jokeefe> yes, bsod, it was initiated by another group of folks [12:38] <@[bsod]> he's the guy who killed sharereactor [12:38] <@jokeefe> some of whom are pirates [12:38] <+wanderer> lol [12:38] <@[bsod]> ah [12:38] <@mildbeard> I would say the motion carried unanimously... [12:39] <+wanderer> actually that was my wife [12:39] <@jokeefe> gotta do procedure: all opposed? [12:39] <@[bsod]> i dont really miss the site [12:39] <@[bsod]> can we all say nay now ? [12:39] <+wanderer> simonmoon was cool, i miss him [12:39] <@jokeefe> yes, horsey noises are now [12:39] <@[bsod]> yea, wonder if he's still alive [12:39] <+Havoc> nnnnnaaaaayayyyy [12:39] <@[bsod]> nah [12:39] <@[bsod]> i mean nay [12:40] <@jokeefe> didn't you just vote aye? [12:40] <@[bsod]> oh, i thought we were voting nay to being opposed [12:40] <@jokeefe> lol [12:40] <@[bsod]> heh [12:40] <+Havoc> Yeah ditto [12:40] <@[bsod]> so aye then again [12:40] <+kate_m> this is why we can't have nice things [12:40] <@[bsod]> ha [12:40] <+Havoc> I think nobidy said no [12:40] <@jokeefe> so motion passes [12:40] <@mildbeard> 8-0 [12:41] <@[bsod]> whoever is reading this log... good luck! [12:41] <+Havoc> lol [12:41] <@jokeefe> Motion to urge supporters/etc. to sign the petitions to remove prosecutors Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann [12:41] <+Havoc> aye [12:41] <@[bsod]> strong aye [12:41] <+massh> aye [12:41] <+kate_m> aye [12:41] <@srevilak> aye [12:41] <@mildbeard> Hold on... [12:41] <+Havoc> very strong [12:41] <@jokeefe> aye [12:41] <@mildbeard> we're not voting yet... [12:41] <@wingedearth> comments for/against? [12:41] <+kate_m> fuck those guys? [12:41] <@mildbeard> anyone want to provide some background or a link? [12:41] <@[bsod]> nope [12:42] <+Havoc> lol [12:42] <@jokeefe> links at the agenda [12:42] <@[bsod]> everyone wanted to vote cept you lol [12:42] <+Havoc> If you do not know idk what to say [12:42] <+kate_m> http://0v.org/carmen-ortiz-has-released-a-statement/ [12:42] <@[bsod]> and he happens to be from massachusetts too, which is ironic for us [12:42] <@[bsod]> http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/01/swartz-prosecutor-this-offices-conduct-was-appropriate/ [12:42] <@srevilak> link - https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-united-states-district-attorney-carmen-ortiz-office-overreach-case-aaron-swartz/RQNrG1Ck [12:42] <+Havoc> Yeahh [12:42] <+kate_m> Do we really need to go over the alleged crime and why it's relevant to pirate interests? [12:43] <+Havoc> lol and the articles come [12:43] <@wingedearth> I'm assuming those are the prosecutors against Jason Schwartz? [12:43] <+kate_m> Aaron Swartz [12:43] <@jokeefe> yes [12:43] <@[bsod]> itions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-united-states-district-attorney-carmen-orti [12:43] <+Havoc> Did the patition get full in less than 48 hrs? [12:43] <@mildbeard> Ok so just by way of background, it's related to their overzealous prosecution in the Aaron Swartz case. [12:43] <+black_van> Aaron* [12:43] <@[bsod]> wait, whos aaron swartz [12:43] <@jokeefe> yes, but they need 100,000 now [12:43] <@wingedearth> I am aaron swartz [12:43] <@[bsod]> (just kidding) [12:43] <@wingedearth> I mean* [12:43] <@jokeefe> me too [12:43] <+massh> there is also a petition for MIT [12:43] <@wingedearth> typo crazy in here [12:43] <@jokeefe> got a link? [12:43] <+kate_m> I don't know if they absolutely need the 100,000 since the survey was created before the change [12:43] <@mildbeard> I'm going to second the motion. Second. [12:44] <+black_van> aye [12:44] <+kate_m> but it needs to be impossible for them to ignore [12:44] <@[bsod]> i thought that was the second motion [12:44] <@wingedearth> I support their removal. the prosecution was baseless harassment [12:44] <+massh> http://open.scripts.mit.edu/blog/petition/ [12:44] <+Havoc> Yeah I did not hear that we now have to get 1k? wtf? Do the people who signed it have to resign? [12:44] <@[bsod]> from now on, we have to say: "vote begins now" [12:44] <@[bsod]> lets vote to use that wording [12:45] <+black_van> I have a proposal for our next agenda item on organization: I'd like to have created a rotating committee of people that contact new sign ups and make monthly meet ups with the new members to get them on board with what we are doing [12:45] <@wingedearth> call for a vote [12:45] <@[bsod]> im against plea bargains, are we? [12:45] <@[bsod]> they're illegal in canada afterall [12:45] <@[bsod]> thats how we got marc emery [12:45] <+kate_m> plea bargains are a useful tool for some things [12:45] <+Kit> I vote aye on their removal. The law is superbroad and it was wrong to give them the discretion they have and for them to exercise it as they did. This is a problem throughout the criminal justice system and the fact that Aaron was so well connected makes it a good avenue to make people aware of the general, systemic injustice [12:45] <+kate_m> they're being abused horribly here [12:45] <@wingedearth> motion to vote on the proposal to urge signing petitions demanding removal of Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann [12:45] <+kate_m> like the rest of the justice system [12:46] <@jokeefe> all in favor of urging supporters signing petitions demanding removal of Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann? [12:46] <+Havoc> Aye because sharing = caring [12:46] <+kate_m> aye [12:46] <@[bsod]> dont get me started, there isnt enough time on earth for me to start griping about our justice system [12:46] <+black_van> aye [12:46] <@srevilak> aue [12:46] <@mildbeard> aye [12:46] <@[bsod]> aye [12:46] <+massh> aye [12:46] <@jokeefe> aye [12:46] <@srevilak> s/aue/aye/ [12:46] <@[bsod]> too late [12:47] <@[bsod]> aue goes down in history [12:47] <@jokeefe> no trailing g [12:47] <+Havoc> -_- we got to get serious.. [12:47] <@[bsod]> he has a point there [12:47] <@jokeefe> all in opposed to urging supporters signing petitions demanding removal of Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann? [12:47] <+kate_m> *crickets* [12:48] <+Havoc> 0 [12:48] <@[bsod]> so dont say nah to being opposed this time ? [12:48] <+Havoc> lol [12:48] <+Havoc> troll [12:48] <@[bsod]> heh [12:48] <@[bsod]> would someone who was opposed have to wait for the second question to say, aye im opposed? [12:48] <@jokeefe> any abstentions? [12:48] <+Havoc> NONE [12:48] <+kate_m> related question: if there are any actions in support of Aaron/opposition to MIT r the prosecutors in Boston, with the MPP help spread the word? [12:48] <@wingedearth> aye [12:49] <@jokeefe> black_van, your proposal will be added to the next item on the agenda [12:49] <@mildbeard> So anyone who wants to individually sign, there's a link in the agenda. You have to give your email address to the white house. And they'll drag their feet in sending you a verification email. [12:49] <@jokeefe> sounds good to me, kate_m [12:49] <@[bsod]> im not as mad at mit as i am at the proscuitors [12:49] <@srevilak> related petition - https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/require-free-access-over-internet-scientific-journal-articles-arising-taxpayer-funded-research/ [12:49] <+Havoc> same bsod [12:49] <+kate_m> [bsod]: read this http://0v.org/july-2011-survey-of-mit-professors-about-aaron-swartzs-case/ [12:49] <@[bsod]> atleast MIT said sorry, the prosicutor keeps claiming that she was right [12:49] <@jokeefe> got a 404 on that one srevilak [12:50] <@jokeefe> So, motion carries [12:50] <+Havoc> nice link srevilak thanks [12:50] <+kate_m> the staff at MIT has lost their way, they need to be corrected [12:50] <@[bsod]> is http://0v.org yours btw? [12:50] == illunatic [~illunatic@ev-73-39-10-97.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #masspirates [12:50] == mode/#masspirates [+o illunatic] by [4Q] [12:50] == mode/#masspirates [+v illunatic] by [4Q] [12:50] <+kate_m> the husband's [12:50] <@[bsod]> hey illunatic [12:50] <@[bsod]> ltns [12:50] <@jokeefe> hi illunatic [12:50] <@illunatic> hi [12:50] == mode/#masspirates [+l 25] by [4Q] [12:50] <@[bsod]> cool, you seem to read there alot [12:50] <+kate_m> he's only got three posts so far, they're just relevant [12:51] <@srevilak> related petition (again) - https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/require-free-access-over-internet-scientific-journal-articles-arising-taxpayer-funded-research/wDX82FLQ [12:51] <@jokeefe> thanks srevilak [12:51] <@illunatic> me? [12:51] <@[bsod]> no, something you just missed [12:51] <@jokeefe> Next item: Review of organization [12:51] <@illunatic> ok [12:51] <@jokeefe> agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=January_17th,_2013_IRC_Meeting for new folks [12:52] <@[bsod]> How can we be better organized? [12:52] <+Havoc> Is that now? [12:52] <@[bsod]> have more time and quit all our jobs and figure out how to obatin limitless money to do this [12:52] <@jokeefe> So, how can we be better organized? How do we better reach out to supporters? Do we need committees? Which ones if so? What do we want from website/social media? [12:52] <@jokeefe> funny, bsod [12:53] <+Havoc> I had an idea for making videos [12:53] <@[bsod]> i think we should work on our web presence [12:53] <@illunatic> It there a MyBB forum or something? [12:53] <@[bsod]> i was thinking more frequent blog posts or something, we need a falkvinge [12:53] <+black_van> We are getting a decent number of sign ups to our mailing list but it isn't translating to people coming to meeting necessarily [12:53] <+black_van> people need to meet in person and become friendly [12:54] <@[bsod]> i can see that, people are busy [12:54] <@mildbeard> I do feel that a web forum would be useful. [12:54] <@mildbeard> And I think our recent survey was a good step too. [12:54] <@[bsod]> i think jokeefe said people never use those [12:54] <@[bsod]> lol [12:54] <+black_van> I think a beer drinking meet and greet for new members would be a good idea [12:54] <@[bsod]> finally! [12:54] <@jokeefe> willing to try anything [12:54] <@[bsod]> beer and stronger [12:54] <+massh> doesn't our iki have a forum? [12:54] <@jokeefe> haven't had a lunch in a while [12:54] <+massh> *wiki [12:54] <@illunatic> yeah beer drinking meet would be good [12:54] <@jokeefe> Weekends, maybe? [12:55] <@[bsod]> heh, food time is it ? [12:55] <+black_van> yeah or happy hour time [12:55] <@wingedearth> more party officers [12:55] <@[bsod]> i was thinking that too [12:55] <+kate_m> when summer rolls around we could do another pirate picnic? [12:55] <@jokeefe> black_van's idea to reach out to people who sign up is a good one, who wants to help with that? [12:55] <@mildbeard> I don't think we should underestimate the value of just getting together - it's basically "socially networking" in person. [12:55] <@wingedearth> maybe downtown lunches on certain weekdays? [12:55] <@wingedearth> ? [12:55] <@jokeefe> aye, kate_m! [12:55] <@illunatic> sponsor a porn [12:55] <@illunatic> it just came to me. throwing it out there [12:56] <+Havoc> omg [12:56] <+black_van> lol [12:56] <@[bsod]> zack and illunatic make a porno [12:56] <@illunatic> hah [12:56] <+black_van> baby steps [12:56] <@illunatic> ^ [12:56] <@jokeefe> BTW: put up an event calendar - http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=2013_Event_Calendar [12:56] <@[bsod]> a public domain porno ? [12:56] <+kate_m> Anonyporn did not do much for our membership [12:56] <+kate_m> just for the record [12:56] <@illunatic> brainstorming requires throwing every idea into the pile and filtering later [12:56] <@illunatic> :) [12:56] <+kate_m> :) [12:56] <@mildbeard> kate_m, what's that?? [12:57] <@jokeefe> There was Anoynporn? I don't want to know [12:57] <@wingedearth> illunatic, some ideas can be pre-screened by one's own tact [12:57] <@[bsod]> nsfw [12:57] <+kate_m> jokeefe has it right [12:58] <@illunatic> PR? Which blogs/news media can would do an interview or accept guest posts? [12:58] <@jokeefe> In terms of outreach to supporters: telling them of upcoming events would be good. [12:58] <+Havoc> google it [12:58] <@[bsod]> heh i think jokeefe was once swarmed by interviewers already [12:58] <@[bsod]> suprise them with upcomming events [12:58] <+kate_m> If there's anything newsworthy, we have some good contacts with basically every media outlet you want [12:59] <@[bsod]> we know the torrentfreak guys [12:59] <@[bsod]> or so does ktetch anyways [12:59] <@jokeefe> yes [12:59] <@[bsod]> heh [12:59] <+black_van> which contacts are you referring to kate_m [12:59] <@[bsod]> i just remembered you knew hiim [12:59] <+Havoc> Omg [12:59] <@mildbeard> jokeefe, did you see I got a quote on a venue and forwarded it to you? [12:59] <@jokeefe> wingedearth, we have had lunches, but it has been awhile [12:59] <+massh> I'm editing/writing/translating @piratetimes [12:59] <+Havoc> Hey i heard or read that there was going to be an icecream thing at mit for aaron [12:59] <@jokeefe> yes, haven't dealt with it. [13:00] <@[bsod]> are you really [13:00] <@jokeefe> sorry [13:00] <+massh> yeah [13:00] <+Havoc> So why not make an appearance? [13:00] <@wingedearth> @jokeefe, since I work in Downtown Crossing, I thought I'd bring up the weekday lunch [13:00] <@[bsod]> i had pirate times on my irc channels rss feed for awhile but friken davidd voted against it one week [13:00] <@[bsod]> haha [13:00] <@[bsod]> secret ballot ofc [13:00] <@jokeefe> we have done them in central sq, but that is not that far [13:00] <@wingedearth> yeah, that's doable [13:00] <+massh> @wing /agree [13:01] <+black_van> on the 1. very accessible [13:01] <@wingedearth> kendall sq could work too [13:01] <@jokeefe> thanks, massh [13:01] <@illunatic> i've had guest posts on TF 2 or 3 times. if it's good ernesto will post it [13:01] <+massh> kendall is good [13:01] <@[bsod]> i totally never go to boston [13:01] <@jokeefe> on the piratetimes thing [13:01] <+black_van> yeah kendall sq is sweet [13:01] <@[bsod]> oh, which is the one where MIT is [13:01] <@[bsod]> just for the irony [13:02] <@illunatic> how about "GUNS FOR TORRENTS" [13:02] <@illunatic> instant controvery everywhere [13:02] <@[bsod]> maybe [13:02] <@jokeefe> ROTFL! [13:02] <@wingedearth> masspirates should create and sell merchandise, using public domain graphics [13:02] == Kit [webchat@140.247.mht.ypn] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [13:02] <@[bsod]> does masspirates have a cfo ? [13:02] <@wingedearth> like I said, masspirates needs more officers [13:02] <+Havoc> and use ebay to sale them. :) [13:02] <@jokeefe> nope, have a treasurer. need a fundraising director [13:02] <@[bsod]> oh, illunatic can i be the cfo of our thing ? [13:03] <@wingedearth> merchandise falls under "business development" [13:03] <@illunatic> [bsod]: probably [13:03] <@jokeefe> so what officers do we need. articles of agreement allow for more than the current three [13:03] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: Support #InternetFeeedomDay tomorrow, one year anniversary of the stopping of #SOPA: http://t.co/Svg95L3j tnx2 @lessig - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/291968385774940161 [13:03] <@wingedearth> someone working on funds/revenues is key [13:03] <@[bsod]> doesnt the treasurer do that ? [13:04] <@wingedearth> someone working on marketing also [13:04] <+black_van> can we get interns? [13:04] <@jokeefe> yes [13:04] <+Havoc> lol [13:04] <@wingedearth> is there an office? [13:04] <@jokeefe> no [13:04] <@wingedearth> with an office, interns are possible. unpaid [13:04] <@jokeefe> need to decide what interns can do [13:04] <@[bsod]> imagine applying for a job after being an intern for the masspirates.... [13:04] <+black_van> we wanted to make a college presence felt [13:04] <+Havoc> lol [13:04] <@wingedearth> interns can work with the marketing officer on street team activities and preparing promotional materials and petitions [13:04] <@jokeefe> yes [13:04] <+black_van> building school clubs [13:05] <@wingedearth> software interns an help on the backend of the website and on mobile apps [13:05] <+black_van> that what campaign for llberty did 4 years ago [13:05] <@mildbeard> We could probably use someone who can organize volunteers for the most critical things we need to do. Contact supporters to ask for help and be the point person for who does what. [13:05] <@[bsod]> well, im afraid im out of time today kids [13:05] <@wingedearth> design interns can help create promotional materials and graphics for the website [13:05] <+Havoc> like videos [13:05] <@jokeefe> speaking of websites, what do folks think of what we have now? [13:05] <@wingedearth> political science interns can help formalize platforms, policies, agenda items, and action items [13:05] <@jokeefe> it is hosted, but has limitations as to what we can do with it. [13:05] <+Havoc> better than texas' [13:06] <@[bsod]> not updated frequently enough [13:06] <@mildbeard> If we had a "volunteer czar" then we wouldn't need to create an officer or committee for everything, and we'd have a better shot at getting things done. [13:06] <@wingedearth> motion to never use the word "czar" with respect to any MPP office [13:06] <@jokeefe> interns are good, but some of this stuff we just have to be willing to do ourselves [13:06] <@wingedearth> this isn't the russian mafia [13:06] <@[bsod]> can i be the pizza czar [13:06] <+black_van> seconded [13:06] <+Havoc> aye [13:06] <@mildbeard> wingedearth LOL - call it what you like. [13:06] <+kate_m> admiral? [13:06] <@[bsod]> admiral czar [13:06] <+kate_m> ooh! king! [13:06] <+black_van> coordinator [13:06] <@wingedearth> admiral works, b/c of the pirate theme [13:07] <@mildbeard> how about quartermaster - it's more piratical. [13:07] <@wingedearth> or captain [13:07] <@wingedearth> first mate [13:07] <@[bsod]> what if someones name is czar ? [13:07] <+kate_m> PIRATE KINGS [13:07] <@wingedearth> etc. [13:07] <+black_van> people are confused enough about the pirate party [13:07] <+black_van> putting admiral in an email would like retarded [13:07] <@illunatic> internazi [13:07] <@illunatic> no [13:07] <@mildbeard> "Powder Monkey" is also an actual pirate ship role. [13:07] <@illunatic> never mind [13:07] <@[bsod]> ha, very retarded [13:07] <@illunatic> powder money? hah [13:07] <+davidd> i vote mildbeard [13:07] <@wingedearth> national socialist german pirates party [13:07] <@jokeefe> no please [13:08] <@wingedearth> or maybe not [13:08] <@[bsod]> oh, national socialism is racisty [13:08] <+Havoc> ptf [13:08] <@[bsod]> if you ask fox news, canada is socialist like HITLER! [13:08] <@wingedearth> the german version was. [13:08] <@illunatic> how about starting with the roles? what they do? [13:08] <@jokeefe> lets do this: if folks want to get on the activist list (who aren't on it), email info@mass... and we'll add you. [13:08] <@illunatic> titles aren't as important [13:08] <@jokeefe> We have the meeting on the 27th in Framingham. Who can make it? [13:09] <@wingedearth> no, canada is more socialist like norway [13:09] <@jokeefe> besides me and mildbeard? [13:09] <@[bsod]> lets test if titles arent important and name it something rediculios like farpenharver [13:09] <@illunatic> haha [13:09] <@illunatic> what if everyone is just a "pirate" [13:09] <@[bsod]> im pretty sure i can make it jokeefe, but im not sure if i can commit to an rsvp [13:09] <@illunatic> pirate of operation [13:09] <@wingedearth> no, officers need titles [13:09] <@jokeefe> titles = descriptors - just saying [13:09] <@illunatic> pirate of treasury [13:09] <+black_van> so is noone volunteering to contact new sign ups and doodling bar meet ups? [13:09] <@wingedearth> it's a political party, so chairman titles would be appropriate [13:09] <@jokeefe> k, bsod [13:09] <@wingedearth> marketing chair [13:09] <+black_van> i am hoping to move out of boston soon, so I will be useless in setting them up [13:10] <+Havoc> pirate of booty lok [13:10] <@illunatic> :) [13:10] <+Havoc> lol* [13:10] <@wingedearth> financial chair [13:10] <@[bsod]> also, ok im late, see ya guys next week [13:10] <@illunatic> that seems appropriate [13:10] <@wingedearth> communications chair [13:10] <@wingedearth> etc [13:10] <@jokeefe> see ya bsod [13:10] <@illunatic> see [bsod] [13:10] <@mildbeard> What kind of snacks do people want to have at the monthly meeting in Framingham on the 27th? [13:11] <@jokeefe> so communications, fundraising, anyone want to take on a role? [13:11] * Havoc is in Texas [13:11] <@wingedearth> unfortunately I can't commit [13:11] <@illunatic> Havoc: i'm in Austin [13:11] <@jokeefe> black_van, I'll help of course. [13:11] <+Havoc> No way! [13:11] <+Havoc> Email messss [13:11] <@illunatic> yeah :D [13:12] <+Havoc> Baconarama@gmail.com [13:12] <@illunatic> k [13:12] <@jokeefe> hey! [13:12] <@wingedearth> I suppose with someone savvy, communications could direct both marketing and technology [13:12] <+Havoc> I have been trying to reach someone in TXPP [13:12] <@jokeefe> better to divide up the work [13:12] <@illunatic> i'm going to an internet marketing party tonight [13:12] <+black_van> aight, i got to run. I will check the meeting minutes [13:12] <@wingedearth> the areas overlap quite a bit [13:12] <+black_van> peace everyone [13:12] <@jokeefe> working on someone Havoc [13:13] <@jokeefe> take care black_van [13:13] <+Havoc> What do you mean by that? [13:13] <@wingedearth> marketing design will be software heavy [13:13] <@wingedearth> Adobe CS6 and coding [13:14] <@wingedearth> ok, so maybe divide marketing from IT [13:15] <@mildbeard> Our biggest need right now [13:15] <@mildbeard> as a party [13:15] <@mildbeard> is to get more volunteers [13:15] <@mildbeard> to help us out with a lot of things. [13:15] <+Havoc> Well I am looking to assist and spread word of TXPP so whom ever is working on it can email me and we will go from there. :) [13:16] <@mildbeard> We have a small number of people who are completely overloaded and responsible for pretty much everything. [13:16] <@wingedearth> BTW, are there any law school ppl here? [13:16] <@illunatic> sent an email [13:16] <@jokeefe> emailed my contact there, Havoc will know where they are soon I hope [13:16] <@illunatic> fukgoo@gmail.com [13:16] <+Havoc> lol [13:16] <@illunatic> eh it's not as bad as it reads [13:16] <+Havoc> If you have law questions you can contact the eff :) [13:16] <@jokeefe> so maybe there are two people [13:16] <@illunatic> i was just pissed at google for pestering me about personal info [13:17] <@wingedearth> I don't have law questions. I'm a lawyer. Just looking to see if there are prospective media law interns out there [13:17] <+Havoc> Yeah I have an account I use to use when i did propaganda for anon [13:17] <+kate_m> oh hai :) [13:17] <+Havoc> um hi? [13:18] <@illunatic> alright got to work. good luck [13:19] <@jokeefe> so the sense I get is more events, esp. social ones and get people taking on different roles, yes? [13:19] == [bsod] [~bsod@xx.pirate] has left #masspirates [] [13:19] == mode/#masspirates [+l 23] by [4Q] [13:20] <+kate_m> sounds about right [13:20] <@wingedearth> More action. Keep the energy going. [13:20] <@wingedearth> and stay active in this IRC channel [13:20] <@jokeefe> good point, wingedearth [13:20] <@mildbeard> yeah [13:21] <@wingedearth> fundraising is definitely helpful though. with more funds, more is possible. [13:21] <@jokeefe> aye [13:21] <+Havoc> dont underestimate flyers [13:21] <@jokeefe> yes [13:21] <@wingedearth> mailchimp could be helpful for e-mail blasts [13:22] <@jokeefe> use that [13:22] <+Havoc> mailing list [13:22] <+Havoc> ? [13:22] <+Havoc> for noobs [13:22] <@jokeefe> not as frequent at emailing as we should be. [13:22] <@wingedearth> and recruit heavily from MIT [13:22] <+Havoc> HEAVILY! [13:22] <+Havoc> Texas needs to recruit at UT [13:23] <@mildbeard> yeah, we could use a formal officer position for a college liaison or something. Wish we had someone good at that. [13:24] <@wingedearth> also, produce informational programs, perhaps with Kickstarter funding [13:24] <+Havoc> :/ [13:24] <+Havoc> informational programs can be yt videos eplaine faqs [13:24] <+Havoc> explaining* [13:24] <+Havoc> Generrate content [13:24] <+Havoc> get known [13:25] <+Havoc> Do a mini convention [13:25] <+Havoc> hold some speaks [13:25] <+Havoc> cut the work amongst people [13:25] <@jokeefe> convention is in the plans [13:25] <@jokeefe> June [13:26] <+Havoc> cover topics like copyright laws and how it stunts innovation [13:26] <+Havoc> -insert other topics- [13:26] <@jokeefe> mildbeard, lets create the positions and advertise for people to take them on [13:26] <@mildbeard> good idea [13:27] <+Havoc> :) [13:27] <+Havoc> Well I am gonna go [13:27] <+Havoc> Thanks for having me. [13:27] <@jokeefe> Havoc - take a look at last years convention - http://www.masspirates.org/blog/conference/2012-conference/ [13:27] <+Havoc> k [13:28] <@jokeefe> anything else folks want to bring up? [13:28] <@wingedearth> hey look, here's an 1847 treatise on copyright. I wonder what theories and justifications they had back then: http://books.google.com/books?id=fXPVTHgR8VEC&printsec=frontcover&dq=copyright&hl=en&sa=X&ei=VEL4UJazGOO10QHB6YDgCQ&ved=0CEEQ6AEwAQ [13:28] <+Havoc> none that can stand the test of time and socail change [13:29] == massh [~Adium@149-60-12-859-iskmbuzjrx.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has left #masspirates [] [13:29] == mode/#masspirates [+l 22] by [4Q] [13:29] <@wingedearth> Ok, I'm to go commandeer some lunch [13:29] <@mildbeard> I'm good. [13:29] <@mildbeard> Gotta go - have a meeting to moderate here at work. [13:30] <@mildbeard> move to adjourn, jokeefe [13:30] <@jokeefe> 2nd. [13:30] <@jokeefe> all in favor [13:30] <@srevilak> aye [13:30] <@jokeefe> I'll stick around [13:30] <@jokeefe> aye [13:30] <@mildbeard> aye [13:30] <@mildbeard> ok adios [13:30] <+kate_m> meeting over? [13:30] <@wingedearth> yo ho ho, I'm out. [13:30] == wingedearth [webchat@sv76-863-314-71.z319-313-88.customer.algx.net] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [13:31] == mildbeard [webchat@hknv-28-026-620-99.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [13:31] <@srevilak> kate_m: good to see you're still around [13:31] == Havoc [webchat@vnm-84-376-72-191.austin.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [13:31] <@jokeefe> meeting is over, but folks can hang out of course [13:32] <@jokeefe> I will [13:32] <+kate_m> okay good