January 21st, 2017 IT Meeting

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  • Introductions
  • Tutorials/Skill Share
    • How to upgrade drupal/civi
    • How to upgrade wordpress
    • using git for backups
  • To-do Projects
  • Discussions
    • Offsite Backups
  • Future Projects
    • Building a voter record CSV import
    • Adding crypto currency donations
    • Cycling passwords
    • Message board
    • Voting system
  • Wrap up


We discussed the project of setting up a builtin board/discussion board system. Potential candidates

The reddit/subreddit approach could support natural forms of growth. If (say) on particular area becomes dominant, you can break that off into a subreddit.

Our list of requirements:

  • Minimal babysitting
  • ability to integrate with anti-spam accounts (e.g. Akismet)
  • ability to detected spam accounts (never had arcticles accepted for posting)
  • ease of account creation. Should be easy to create accounts. Low friction to sign up
  • ability to have different discussion groups
  • FOSS
  • anti-harrassment facilities. (e.g., Person A doesn't want to see posts from person B)
  • should be able to self-host. This is a preference more than a hard requirement
  • Works with our hosting provider
  • Ability to show people what is happening locally, regionally and statewide