January 6th, 2021 IRC Meeting

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National Party Bylaw amendment

The Outreach committee of the National Party has proposed adding the several changes to the party bylaws. All non-controversial changes were approved.

jokeefe, acting as Rep. in place of the existing reps, objected to:

Article III, section 3, 7
Each delegation shall be treated equally in all matters with an exception in the matter of nominations for President and Vice-President of the United States, wherein each delegation shall have a vote in a national convention weighted by its population in millions rounded up to the next whole million. In the case of the delegation representing a constituency that has a primary election wherein the pirate party has state ballot status, the delegation shall allot its votes to candidates in proportion to the results of the state’s primary.

The reasons are:

  • By basing state delegations on state population rather than party members in a state, we are using an unrepresentative metric for allocating delegates;
  • We are not close enough to running candidates for President and Vice-President, so there is no pressing reason to enshrine this allocation formula. Rather we should wait until we have a larger number of active states.

The state party should weigh in on this issue and make a final decision as to how Massachusetts should vote on this issue.

The reasons for this change are that this is how other parties have allocated their delegations and state population is valid metric by which to allocate delegations.


Goals for Q1 2021:

  • Organize meetups
  • Revise platform
  • Organize Fundraiser
  • Organize candidate trainings

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Next pirate news recording scheduled for Sunday, 1/10/2021, 7pm unless changed

Democracy and Dogfood (Tech)

Next meeting is Jan 9, 11am-1pm on-line

Surveillance Mapping

  • Come up with a how to instructions
    • Paper - done
    • iPhone - done
    • Android
  • Come up with how to videos

Regional Meetings/Events

In-person events, including outdoor events, on hold until COVID-19 numbers go down.

Leader: jokeefe


Boston Pride Festival

  • table booked
  • setup signup sheet
  • Announce
  • Need to purchase insurance
  • Need volunteer sign up form
  • Tie to an activity, mapping the CCTV cameras in Boston or along the Pride parade route?


  • Free the Moderna Vaccine
    • Planning new event



  • EARN IT Act
  • PATRIOT Act renewal


  • Legislature extended session
  • Push to get Right to Repair bill to a vote.
  • Some of facial recognition moratorium is in the police reform bill

Computer donations

Platform Discussion

Moved to 2020 Platform Discussion

Other To Do

  • Application to PPI
  • Post statement on Archive.org Suit
  • Post statement on our opposition to S.4051 - Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act.

Tabled Projects

FOSS Tutorials

Worcester farm group is interested in having some FOSS tutorials. Perhaps:

  • how to do basic labels in GIMP,
  • work through a few sample spreadsheets related to seed cost and
  • similarly applicable real-world situations, depending on the needs of the group

Basically how to do graph design & product management with open source tools. Malt will put together a one paragraph description of what we need and we can mail it out to ask pirates to help.

Upcoming Events

  • Every Tuesday, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, on-line
  • Sat., 1/9/2021, 11am-1pm, 'Democracy Meeting, on-line



  • ChanServ
  • davidd
  • hvxgr
  • Deffy
  • mikey
  • slerman




[9:07pm] jokeefe: Agenda: https://masspirates.org/wiki/January_6th,_2021_IRC_Meeting
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Anything to add?
[9:07pm] jokeefe: ids
[9:07pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
[9:07pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
[9:08pm] malt: Sam capradae, Worcester
[9:08pm] Joe: Trump's riot in dc tonight?
[9:08pm] malt left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:09pm] jokeefe: dang
[9:09pm] malt joined the chat room.
[9:09pm] malt: I'm back
[9:09pm] jokeefe: hi
[9:09pm] malt: Two folks in woo want to run for office
[9:09pm] malt: Dc is a nightmare
[9:10pm] jokeefe: yeah
[9:10pm] Joe: Trump started it
[9:11pm] jokeefe: lost by 7 million votes and he still thinks he can win.
[9:11pm] malt: Yuuuuup
[9:11pm] malt: I'm just flipping out
[9:13pm] malt: And what's worse is this is just the start
[9:13pm] jokeefe: Would have thought DC would be better prepared
[9:13pm] malt: They were told to stand down
[9:14pm] jokeefe: Or open the gates
[9:14pm] malt: Y'all saw that video?
[9:15pm] jokeefe: yeah
[9:15pm] Joe: i did not, do you have a link?
[9:17pm] malt: One sec
[9:17pm] malt: https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FPhil_Lewis_%2Fstatus%2F1346932851229519884%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1Ll73gFar326NSdUFQwKLuMJbfC1eFOHq1S1sd0wuZS3mlw-iFh_6PMQQ&h=AT0dixOAe31IiIJ5dZtGJx60945S_jPRlSBcFKD2131pGdVuftxMyWezCqXzyzKRK6djhcwFF0cZT5qcVsLfet1MOmpWwSZ21zELvSzf6aN8C1mPcuZM_RSwbeTrv-EQgMhhA9V52xtn_GLs-4gc1qHwYoIAl4TqSAfZn3QpC6Q0
[9:17pm] malt: mH6SGG0NdWdF-GwahveCT1Tw3-1N85FSXJrj09ndKDjtDSMBUvuBEvS0GPtOV3wycx2s_cc1KXdVIOabdTzDiru3Pkh2F4Z8gwR03J8GeOryqLqVUYuWfXPGegN3rhnK9lThhV9EhW7kkIuGYBeyJbhMmSnwzJVBUk9oJjbB1aWiFS4TbmYTIR3FLcGoBsfRlRZB6RdRxDUcsmqOjKHGicbGyMTPnpXaPn_kJHwk
[9:19pm] Joe: wtf?
[9:20pm] malt: It's real surprising yeag
[9:22pm] jokeefe: time to turn off twitter
[9:23pm] Joe: he got a 12 hour ban on Twitter for inciting violence.
[9:23pm] malt: TWELVE HOURS
[9:23pm] jokeefe: yeah
[9:24pm] malt: I want treatment that soft
[9:26pm] Joe: if he does not remove the posts he will be permanently banned from Twitter. Also he is facing another impeachment though whats the point....
[9:27pm] jokeefe: interesting times
[9:27pm] malt left the chat room. (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))
[9:29pm] jokeefe: Going to move National Party Bylaw amendment to next week when we will hopefully have more people
[9:29pm] jokeefe: Projects
[9:29pm] jokeefe: Video Newsletter/Podcast
[9:30pm] Joe: Sunday usual time?
[9:30pm] jokeefe: Sounds good
[9:32pm] malt joined the chat room.
[9:32pm] malt: Fah
[9:32pm] malt: I'm making soul
[9:32pm] Joe: we have plenty of material so we  an decided then what to talk about. I expect it to be a longer video.
[9:32pm] malt: Soup
[9:32pm] jokeefe: We are recording Sunday, same bat time, same bat channel
[9:32pm] malt left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:32pm] Joe: soul soup is delicious!
[9:33pm] malt joined the chat room.
[9:33pm] jokeefe: ahoy
[9:33pm] malt: Mobile
[9:33pm] jokeefe: Democracy and Dogfood (Tech) meeting is Saturday, 11am-1pm
[9:34pm] malt: Neat
[9:36pm] Joe: On the topic of the national bylaw. I do not agree with it.
[9:37pm] Joe: it should be 1 state has a vote for the council, but whom is running should be a simple popular vote. We all should have a say if that party is recognized by the USPP on a national level.
[9:37pm] jokeefe: You are not alone
[9:37pm] malt left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:39pm] jokeefe: That is all I have. Still recovering from the holidays
[9:39pm] malt joined the chat room.
[9:39pm] malt left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:41pm] Joe: motion to adjourn
[9:41pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[9:41pm] Joe: I need to get on that zazzle work but not tonight unfortunately
[9:41pm] jokeefe: this weekend?
[9:42pm] Joe: yeah, we can touch upon it while we are getting setup
[9:42pm] jokeefe: sounds good
[9:42pm] jokeefe: we are adjourned, then
[9:43pm] Joe: I'll let Malt know we are done.
[9:43pm] Joe: good night and stay safe!
[9:43pm] jokeefe: good night