January 7th, 2018 Video Magazine Meeting

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  • AsamonDajin, Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville



Next videos:

  • Net Neutrality: key points, why it is important, what we lost, what we need to do to bring it back
    • attendees: Joe, James, ...
    • Record on the 14th on google hangouts? - test during the week
  • potluck/chat session - end of the month or early January. one point of discussion is a 1-2 min mission statement, who we are, what is our mission, what are we trying to change, what we stand for.
  • Nick has agreed to work with James on a set of how to run videos on different topics. They will talk this week.
  • Steve Revilak sent Dan a set of videos from another training Steve recorded in November.


  1. Post meeting announcement - complete
  2. Email supporters to get involved - complete
  3. Write script - complete
  4. Script read through - complete
  5. Revise script - complete
  6. Record video - complete
  7. Send video
  8. Edit video
  9. Upload video


  • Producer: jokeefe
  • Writer: Joe
  • Presenter/reader: Malt
  • Video editor: DannyT