January 9th, 2021 Democracy/Tech Meeting

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  • Steve Revilak
  • James O'Keefe



cctv.masspirates.org stopped updating the map on 11/7/2020. jokeefe working on fixing it. will likely require creating new db.

jokeefe will check in with Malt about Android mapping app steps

jokeefe working on video of how to map cameras with Go Map!!

Site Security?

Report back from Nick about what he sees in the logs.

Tool for platform discussion

jokeefe will contact Micky about offer to provide access to BBB.


No progress on uploads yet.

Discussion of setting up a peer.tube instance at masspirates.tv. Peer.tube is decentralized (P2P) federated open source video hosting application. Many people can setup their own instance, such as Diode Zone.

Other Tech tasks

  • Add front page donation link

Next meeting

Saturday, Feb. 13, 11am-1pm, on-line

Future Action items