July 11th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Events Review
    1. PirateCon 2013
      1. Conference
      2. Videos
    2. No NSA Spying Protests, July 4th
    3. Cameron D'Ambrosio Fundraiser, Lowell, July 6th, 8pm
    4. July 9th Legislative Hearing
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. Transparency Toolkit workshop July 13th, 3pm. MIT Media Lab -- 20 Ames Street room 363 (E15-363),
    2. Art Beat, Somerville, July 19-20th
    3. Pirate Picnic, George's Island, August 3rd
    4. Boston Comic Con, August 3-4th
    5. NH Pride Fest, August 5th
    6. CryptoParties, ?
    7. Pirate Night, ?
    8. Candidate Training, Aug?
    9. Issue Conference, Sept./Oct.
  3. Status of endorsement process?
  4. Sign on to Mass. ACLU's Privacy Agenda?
  5. National Affairs


  • srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • davidd: David van Deijk, Eindhoven, NL
  • illunatic
  • Shidash
  • Kendra Moyer, Arlington, MA
  • Bacon, TX
  • Igel: William Fleurant, Arlington, MA


  • kit
  • brendan_kidwell
  • puddle
  • passstab


  • Review of conference. Suggestions for how to improve next year's conference.
  • Discussion of upcoming events: Transparency toolkit workshop, cryptoparties, pirate night
  • Candidate endorsements. We'd like to ask candidates for statements/videos relating to their positions on the MAPP platform. From those statements, we can make a decision about endorsement.
  • We decide to endorse Mass ACLU's privacy agenda, http://aclum.org/privacy_agenda

Meeting Minutes

21:02 <+davidd> ok its time
21:02 <+davidd> so who here went to the piratecon?
21:02 < Igel> cheers
21:03 < Igel> i spoke about meshnet.
21:03 < srevilak> hey Igel 
21:03 < srevilak> glad you could join us
21:03 < Igel> whats hood broski. ;]
21:03 < srevilak> here's this evening's agenda: http://masspirates.org/wiki/July_11th,_2013_IRC_Meeting
21:03 < Bacon> srevilak it does
21:03 < Igel> thanks for the heads up.... lots been hapening, 4th n' all.... howd #restore thing go
21:04 < srevilak> Igel: we'll cover restore shortly
21:04 < srevilak> customar introductions
21:04 < srevilak> s/customar/customary/
21:04 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA
21:04 <+davidd> David van Deijk, Eindhoven, Netherlands
21:05 < js0000> john saylor waltham MA "watch city" of a byegone era
21:06 < Igel> william fleurant -- arlington, ma 
21:06 < Bacon> Is #FICA a concern? 
21:07 < srevilak> #FICA?
21:08 <+davidd> he kendra
21:08 < srevilak> hai Kendra 
21:08 < Kendra> Greetings
21:08 < Igel> cheerio
21:08 < Bacon> Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax
21:08 < srevilak> Anyone want to give a summary of piratecon
21:09 <+davidd> did it receive any mentions in local media?
21:09 < js0000> rocked
21:09 < js0000> [an exteme summary]
21:09 < Igel>  Your search - site:http://masspirates.org/ FICA - did not match any documents. 
21:09 < Bacon> FICA? 
21:09 < srevilak> davidd: no media summaries that I now of
21:09 < Igel> dunno -- summary, i had fun.
21:10 < Bacon> I was talking to someone in the German Pirate Party
21:10 <+davidd> we'll need to work on that for next events
21:10 < srevilak> we have some videos up: http://masspirates.org/blog/2013/07/03/piratecon-2013-a-success/
21:11 < srevilak> Bacon: I see, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Insurance_Contributions_Act_tax
21:11 < Kendra> I thought the turn out was very impressive and we had great variation of debate.  I don't know about local media.  It seems that we did generate some interest on the  topic of online data protection.   I was pleased overall..  I like events. 
21:11 < Igel> 05:03 < srevilak> here's this evening's agenda:  http://masspirates.org/wiki/July_11th,_2013_IRC_Meeting
21:12 < srevilak> Had a good number of walk-in registrations.  A few said it was their first pirate event
21:12 < Bacon> so that german pirate party member said this to me 
21:12 < Bacon> Fisa needs to stop. You need to fight for a second church committee (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Committee) 10 out of 11 FISA judges are republican. and it's overseen by the supreme court. It should be overseen by congress
21:13 <+davidd> yes fully agree with that but that is not on the agenda right now i think
21:13 < Igel> true; it was kickass J gave me like 5 min past the end of the lightening talks
21:13 <+davidd> srevilak what is the current topic?
21:13 < srevilak> reviewing conference
21:13 < Bacon> sry for going off topic..
21:13 < srevilak> np
21:13 < Igel> germans have to pay a church tax to be apart of the church (baptised, etc..)
21:13 < Bacon> i have more reported "news" on that topic for later
21:14 < srevilak> According to Captain James, it was the second pirate conference in the US
21:14 < Igel> i think its taken out of their paychecks.
21:14 < js0000> conf wifi worked, i was happy about that
21:14 <+davidd> so Igel you were a speaker at the piratecon?
21:14 < puddle> Imo anything fisa does that will effect US citizens or Europeans should at least be partially disclosed
21:14 <+davidd> did they treat you ok?
21:14 < Igel> <-- spoke about projectmeshnet -- fund.meshwith.me i pitched conveiently after the croud sourcing
21:15 <+davidd> any possible improvements that could be made to make it easier for the speakers?
21:15 < js0000> slightly raised stage?
21:15 < puddle> Like say, publish something saying "prism, monitoring program - may effect US, EU citizens."
21:15 < Igel> dunno i wouldnt say that -- may be the camera was blah (personally)
21:15 < srevilak> Desktop mic stands would have helped
21:16 <+davidd> blah?
21:16 < srevilak> And more extension cords
21:16 < Kendra> I got very positive feedback from people I invited.  They were very impressed with the subject matter. 
21:16 < js0000> any thought to broadcasting video out to another screen somewhere?
21:17 < js0000> also, to echo kendra, speaking was pretty good throughout
21:17 <+davidd> so how did the debate part go?
21:17 < Igel> well yea, 'it wasent my best angle'
21:17 <@illunatic> boosh
21:17 <@illunatic> hi
21:17 <@srevilak> hi illunatic 
21:17 < Igel> me?
21:18 <@srevilak> davidd: most of the conference was debates and panels
21:18 <@srevilak> Felt like we had good discussion going
21:18 <+davidd> yes well i only saw talks posted
21:18 < Igel> i wanted to recruit for projectmeshnet , cjdns and to organize a tight group of individuals within the party -- or help with somthing more important
21:19 <+davidd> did you get any takers Igel?
21:19 <@srevilak> We should have had more swag
21:19 < Kendra> After going to the allied Media Conference, i would suggest that our future conferences offer a work station where someone can share knowledge about methods to protect data.  Not huge, but something interactive. 
21:19 <+davidd> did swag got sold out?
21:19 <@srevilak> half of it
21:19 < Igel> yes
21:19 < Bacon> Kendra I like that!
21:20 < Kendra> Stickers.  I wanted a stickers with the pirate skull on it.  Maybe next time. 
21:20 < Igel> yeah davidd i spoke with serval people throughout the community
21:20 < Shidash> More group discussions would also be nice. The speakers were great, but it would be helpful to have more time to talk with the other attendees
21:20 < Igel> but developing a pirate router is different
21:20 <+davidd> well a dutch pirate went and did the following thing by himself, and you could too:
21:20 < Bacon> setting up a "debate arena" is something we are wanting to do at the TXPP
21:20 < Igel> a, pirate-party router/network.
21:21 <+davidd> he ordered lighters with piratelogo's on them
21:21 <+davidd> 20 boxes for like $150 or something
21:21 < Igel> its going to link anyone/anywhere to this pirate-irc chat, the pirate-wiki, the pirate-*
21:21 <+davidd> he sold boxes to pirates for $10
21:21 <@srevilak> Bacon: what's a debate arena?
21:21 <@srevilak> I suppose we need a swag committee :)
21:21 <+davidd> so each pirate could spread lighters among his friends
21:21 < Bacon> just a place where people can debate ideas out
21:22 < Bacon> there would be regulations 
21:22 < Igel> who debated?
21:22 < js0000> i just think a few rooms would be good
21:22 < js0000> nothing too big, just a table
21:22 < js0000> to facilitate informal discussions
21:22 <@srevilak> these are all good ideas for next year
21:22 < Igel> what other videos are up there, am i on there?
21:23 <+davidd> so was any internal plans for masspirates discussed?
21:23 <@srevilak> We have one fellow running for state legisature
21:23 < Igel> who are you asking/about what topic?
21:23 < Bacon> Nice!
21:24 <@srevilak> Captain james is wants to organize candidate training workshops later this year
21:24 <@srevilak> Run people for office in 2014.
21:24 < Bacon> I got an in with a Texas Senator he is talking about putting us on a board of advisers. 
21:24 < Bacon> Dealing with Crowd Source Legislation 
21:24 <@srevilak> Bacon: nice
21:24 <+davidd> nice bacon
21:25 < Igel> what can we do to help
21:25 <@srevilak> anything else on conference, or shall we move on to July 4th?
21:26 < Kendra> Last quick comment on Piratecon (from me). We had a good turnout given the proximity to the Fouth and the holiday season I say we should all give ourselves a hand.  We deserve it.   Also, I am not sure who Bacon is.  
21:26 <@srevilak> Kendra: Bacon is from TX pirate party
21:26 <@illunatic> we have a pirate party?
21:26 < Kendra> Thanks.  Great name. 
21:26 <@illunatic> Kendra: are you in austin?
21:27 < Kendra> No, I'm in Arlington, I guess we forgot the check in at the beginning. 
21:27 < Kendra> Massachusetts
21:27 <@srevilak> 9:26 and plenty of agenda to work through
21:27 < js0000> kendra: no you just missed it ...
21:27 <+davidd> hi jokeefe
21:27 <@srevilak> any reports from the other events?
21:27 <@illunatic> my gf is from Arlington, tx
21:27 < jokeefe> here, but not.  kid.  back soon
21:29 <@srevilak> July 4th #RestoreTheFourth had a good turnout.  NSA surveillance really seems to resonate with people
21:29 < Bacon> we need to make sure it grows!!!
21:29 <@srevilak> Anyone go do Tuesday's Senate hearings, or last Saturday's fundraiser?
21:29 < Bacon> each time
21:31 <@srevilak> On to upcoming events?
21:31 < Igel> heh
21:31 < Igel> ppl make any argument like, they dont listen to your phone calls blah blah they dont have the time or power to do that..
21:32 <@srevilak> Shidash: there was an event you wanted to add to agenda?
21:32 < Igel> i say, dont you have the ability to -almost- do that on your Shazam app?
21:32 < Kendra> I went to the State House this week for the renewal of the Mass Wiretap Act hearing amongst others with Jamie.  There was a full house and the rational being forwarded for renewiing the legislature is that organized crime is more loosely organized and that pot dealers are so violent that they havbe to spy on eveeryone.  they also say that Massachusetts only wiretapped 17 people in all of last year.   Which i don't 
21:32 < Bacon> more crypto parties!
21:33 <@srevilak> Kendra: yes, heard the hearings were so packed that they had to move to a larger room
21:33 < Shidash> srevilak: Yes, This Saturday I'm holding a discussion/workshop for people interested in Transparency Toolkit
21:33 <@srevilak> where and when?
21:33 < Bacon> Can you make a video?
21:33 < Bacon> That would be soooo cool
21:34 < Shidash> It is Saturday 3-5 pm at the MIT Media Lab in room 363. There is more info at https://www.facebook.com/events/181137915397006/
21:34 < Shidash> This is what I gave my lightning talk on at Piratecon
21:34 < kit> Hi, I was at the Committee hearing, too. I think it went quite well. I would guess that they'll report favorably on the Electronic Privacy Act, but I'm not sure what will happen with the wiretap expansion
21:34 < Shidash> Also if anyone knows of anyone else who may be interested, it would be awesome if you could invite them
21:34 < Igel> Shidash: ah no shit thats like where blu meets>
21:35 < Igel> ??
21:35 <@srevilak> thx Shidash 
21:35 < Bacon> have you guys started targeting university students?
21:35 < Shidash> lgel: Yeah, if you are talking about the person I think you are
21:35 < Igel> i think i just friended you on twitter
21:36 <@srevilak> Bacon: not specifically, but 6, 7 are related
21:36 < Bacon> What do you mean 6, 7 are related?
21:36 <@srevilak> Bacon: Event items 6, 7 on agenda
21:36 < Igel> yea i did Shidash -- did i see you near davis yesterday??
21:36 < Shidash> lgel: I don't think so?
21:36 < Bacon> ty
21:37 < Igel> walkin down the street i did a doubletake from the bus heh
21:37 < Igel> im like wtf.. ehh heh..
21:37 <@srevilak> Blue and Bluestreak are organizing George's Island
21:38 <@srevilak> Anyone have background on Boston Comic con, NH Pride fest?
21:40 < Igel> hey Shidash i was talking on the projmeshnet + cjdns  -- building a framework to bootstrap vps/routers with pirate-wiki, pirate-irc, pirate-blog, etc..
21:40 < Bacon> bootstrap <3
21:40 <@srevilak> On mailing list, we've started discussing holding monthly Cryptoparties
21:40 < Igel> so i sent you a request on twitter the other day -- off topic
21:41 <@srevilak> Igel: at one of cryptoparties, could you do a workshop on meshnet?
21:41 < Kendra> Comic Con?  August 3-4 at Hynes.  That seems like a good opportunity to play dress up and recruit. 
21:41 < Shidash> lgel: what is your username on Twitter?
21:41 < Bacon> lol
21:41 < Bacon> Totally 
21:41 <@srevilak> Kendra: that could be fun
21:42 < Igel> for sure, im all heart for cjdns.. heh
21:42 <@srevilak> Igel: ok, thx
21:42 < Igel> Shidash: william fleurant
21:42 < Shidash> lgel: I followed you. We should talk more later
21:43 < Igel> cheers, lets.. ill hit the email list, etc.. no facebook here sorr i cant see the event.
21:43 < Igel> did anyone make it to lowell????
21:43 < Shidash> lgel: Okay, you can email me at shidash@shidash.com or IM me at shidash@jabber.org
21:44 < Igel> alright -- i think igel@projectmeshnet.org should work
21:44 < Igel> or will@projec...
21:44 < Igel> i have it written down somehwer... are we off topic
21:45 <+davidd> will prism still work on projectmeshnet /kidding
21:45 <@srevilak> Pirate Night - I think black_van is looking into that, but needs to wait until his schedule opens up
21:46 <@srevilak> anyone else interested in organizing pirate nights?
21:46 < Igel> it takes the power away from the carrier (comcast/verizon/navy) and brings it to the person running the hardware -- so uless you are working for prism
21:47 < jokeefe> back
21:47 < Igel> the power, being censorship and false-privacy
21:47 < jokeefe> black_van was organizing the pirate nights
21:47 <@srevilak> hi jokeefe 
21:47 < jokeefe> but he is busy this month
21:47 < Igel> ill bring the german beer.
21:47 < jokeefe> pirate lunch or just go with the picnic as the monthly social event?
21:48 < Igel> heh... jk, german and belgium 
21:48 < Bacon> oh did you guys hear about utah?
21:48 < Kendra> What would pirate night  involve?  Obviously, excluding the rum.  If it is as simple as scheduling a spot that could be arranged, thoug I avoid Facebook.  
21:48 < Igel> the pork industry?
21:48 < js0000> i also avoid facebook
21:48 < Kendra> What happened in Utah?
21:49 < jokeefe> pick a restaurant, pick a discussion topic, pick a date
21:49 <@srevilak> Kendra: I think dinner, or similar meeting in public place.  Eat drink, and discuss pirate stuff
21:49 < Bacon> http://rt.com/usa/utah-isp-surveillance-state-corporations-925/
21:50 < Bacon> also 
21:50 < Bacon> this is cool too http://blog.okfn.org/2013/07/11/using-public-data-to-flag-tax-avoidance-schemes/
21:50 < Igel> aah  Xmission, an independent company based out of one office in Salt Lake City, Utah, has spent nearly two decades protecting its customers’ privacy as the National Security Agency, Department of Justice, and prosecutors have ramped up pressure on internet service providers (ISPs).  
21:50 < Kendra> OK, I do a lot of that already.  And as for Utah, if you mena the data center,I reported on this on my radio program way back last year and it was not big news in the media.   James Bamford reports a lot on that.
21:50 < Igel> i used to have a bunch of servers with them
21:51 <@srevilak> Bacon: thx, kudos to xmission
21:52 < Igel> oh hey
21:52 < Igel> i wanted to ask everyone if they were interested in beta-testing a cjdns (cjdpirate) router
21:53 < Igel> it will squash any spying -- not just NSA, but ISP spying.. which i think is worse
21:53 < jokeefe> srevilak, I'll take the conn
21:53 < Igel> cause they sell it too... and experiment with it.. etc..
21:53 <@srevilak> jokeefe: ok
21:53 < jokeefe> put the  Candidate Training, Aug? / Issue Conference, Sept./Oct. as place holders.
21:54 < jokeefe> Kendra, what is the status of the endorsement process?  getting requests from reps. of Boston City Council candidate
21:56 < Kendra> I do not have a good answer.  I went to SA last night and got into one of those heated Left wing debates and forgot to ask.  But I can email Tim.  As far as I know we are just interviewing Seamus.  I thought we were avoiding direct endorsements to put more emphasis on our own candidate.  Quick question.  If I were to arrange a Pirate Night, what location best suits everyone.?  What would be most accessible/centrl b
21:58 < jokeefe> Well Joe isn't running til 2014 so we have time to endorse if we want
22:00 < jokeefe> Please email Tim, because they want to know.  As long as we can say why we endorsed and candidate, that works.
22:00 < jokeefe> Opinions from folks?  Endorse on key points of agreements?  
22:01 < Kendra> are we in agreement that we will endorse Seamus Whelan for City Council? I just emailed them to schedule the interview, but I can send and update with our endorsement.  Do we need to vote?
22:02 <@srevilak> I liked Seamus' pledge to accept salary equal to average wage in his district.  IMHO, that's a good "people first" effort
22:02 < Kendra> If it's not that big a deal I can send a message that we are endorsinghis candidacy right now. 
22:02 < Kendra> All in favor?
22:03 < jokeefe> not comfortable with that. 
22:03 < Kendra> OK how should we proceed?
22:03 < jokeefe> we cannot endorse without at least hearing from the candidate
22:03 < Kendra> OK, so lets get the interview out of the way and go from there. 
22:03 < js0000> maybe put an item on one of these IRC meetings ...
22:03 < jokeefe> what are our criteria for endorsement?
22:04 < js0000> i don't think they exist
22:04 < Kendra> I will see what they are asking for and send it to the list if that works, I am not sure myself. 
22:04 < js0000> i haven't seen them
22:04 <@srevilak> Our platform is Open Govt, Open Innovation, Open Culture, and People First
22:04 < jokeefe> right
22:04 <@srevilak> IMHO, I'd like to see alignment on two, preferably three of those points
22:05 < jokeefe> I would like four. ;-)
22:05 < js0000> if you can match those items with seamus positions, that can be part of endorsement
22:05 <@srevilak> I think we've got "people first"; that leaves three to go
22:06 < Kendra> They have a pro-labor platform and are basically Marxist.  I would prefer to discuss my personal observations of the group in person.   I will send a short version of our platform to them as well. 
22:06 < jokeefe> great
22:06 < jokeefe> how about, they have to issue a statement/video on what of these four issues they support and how they would implement them.  then we put the statement out, get feedback over a week, then vote?
22:07 < js0000> good for me
22:07 <@srevilak> jokeefe: that sounds reasonable to me
22:08 < jokeefe> have 2nds.  all in favor of giving them our positions, and asking them to issue a statement/video on what of these four issues they support and how they would implement them.  then we put the statement out, get feedback over a week, then vote?
22:08 < js0000> 2nd
22:09 < jokeefe> going once
22:10 < jokeefe> going twice
22:10 < Kendra> I just emailed the PP platform to Seamus and Tim asking for some clarification as to our common goals. 
22:11 < Kendra> I second this as well.
22:11 < jokeefe> any opposed?
22:12 < jokeefe> passed - moving on
22:12 < jokeefe> Sign on to Mass. ACLU's Privacy Agenda - http://aclum.org/privacy_agenda ? 
22:13 < jokeefe> Sign on, look at it more, … ?
22:13 < js0000> i looked at this and liked it, especially password protection act
22:13 < js0000> definitely moving toward more open government
22:14 < js0000> given that i don't know if they can move too much more closed ...
22:14 < jokeefe> I don't see anything we would oppose
22:14 <@srevilak> I read about platform a while back, in ACLU newsletter.  I support
22:14 < jokeefe> any concerns?
22:15 < Kendra> I would sign this.  It seems broad but nothing to lose.  Drastic times.
22:15 < js0000> yes, very broad but good to build coalition ...
22:16 < jokeefe> any opposed?
22:16 < jokeefe> js0000, srevilak, Kendra, jokeefe for
22:17 < jokeefe> none opposed
22:17 < jokeefe> motion passes.
22:17 < js0000> jokeefe: now i see why you're captian ... haha
22:17 < jokeefe> Bluelustreak not here, so no national party report
22:17 < jokeefe> anything else on the agenda?
22:18 <@srevilak> I have brief non-agenda item
22:18 < jokeefe> kewl
22:18 < js0000> not that i can see ...
22:18 <@srevilak> Quartermaster reports are due Jul 22nd.
22:18 <@srevilak> I'll attempt to put together a prelim report this weekend,
22:18 <@srevilak> so we can review before submission
22:18 < Igel> privacy -- and notification or full disclosure
22:19 <@srevilak> I'll also be asking folks to list any in-kind contributions they've made
22:19 < Kendra> Last question, is anyone going to the event at MIT with Shidash/
22:19 <@srevilak> I have a prior commitment :(
22:19 < jokeefe> I will help on the report, srevilak
22:20 <@srevilak> thx jokeefe 
22:20 < jokeefe> will email you
22:20 < Kendra> i do too, but might split my time. 
22:20 < Kendra> It that about it?
22:20 < jokeefe> I am hoping to make Shidash's event.  Will spread the word.
22:20 < js0000> 20 minutes over
22:21 < jokeefe> srevilak, would you update the wiki with the chat log?
22:21 <@srevilak> jokeefe: will do
22:21 < jokeefe> thank you kindly
22:21 <@srevilak> also: OCPF got our update.  http://ocpf.cloudapp.net/Filers?q=Pirate&cat=P
22:21 < Igel> ughk germany has an active domestic drone program
22:22 < jokeefe> thanks, srevilak. more to do on that front
22:22 < jokeefe> lgel, gotta link?
22:22 < Kendra> OK thanks everyone and Good night.  
22:23 < jokeefe> good night , Kendra
22:23 < jokeefe> thank you all