July 12th, 2016 IRC Meeting

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Aaron James Campaign

  • Need help calling for volunteers
  • Need help calling media

Organization Stuff

  • Revising party platform

Events to Participate In

Upcoming Events

  1. 7/16, noon-4:45. Cryptoparty @ Somerville Public Library
  2. 7/22-24, Hackers on Planet Earth, NYC
  3. 7/27, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  4. 8/7, (noon ferry), Pirate Picnic, Georges Island. Planning
  5. 8/27, Boston Public Library Crytoparty
  6. 8/31, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  7. 9/17-18, Freedom Rally
  8. 9/28, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  9. Democracy/IT meeting
  10. WMass Cryptoparty
  11. How to file a FOIA request by Maya Shaffer

Every Thu., Digital Fourth meeting, 11am-12:30pm, Tatte Bakery & Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe
  • srevilak
  • igel
  • Kendra
  • MosesMPP
  • Castaway


  • davidd
  • Velveeta_Chef


We Discussed H.4440, a bill that Gov. Baker is trying to fast track through the legislature. It's a knee-jerk reaction to last weeks shooting in Dallas. Anyone (like a protester) who "assaults" a police officer would receive a mandatory 1 year minimum sentence. So, if you're at a protest and a police officer claims you've assaulted them, you go to jail for a minimum of one year.

Aaron James Campain. The campaign needs volunteers to help make phone calls. Please email info (AT) voteaaronjames.org if you can help.

USPP is working on revisions to their platform. https://uspirates.org/help-write-our-platform/

There will be a Restore the 4th event at HOPE. Saturday, July 23 at 8:15 PM. Stout NYC - 133 W 33rd St, New York, New York.

Screening of Killer Drones in Arlington on July 19th. http://justicewithpeace.org/node/6314

Planning to put out PirateCon audio as a series of weekly podcasts.


21:00 < jokeefe> hi all
21:00 < srevilak> hi all
21:01 < jokeefe> Writing this for the blog/email:
21:01 < jokeefe> With the recent shooting of police officers and civilians
        in Dallas fresh in our mind, Governor Baker is trying to rush through
        a bill (H.4440) that would increase penalties for assault on a police
        officer, allow pretrial commitment after a finding of dangerousness,
        and impose a mandatory minimum of one year's imprisonment in the case
        of serious injury to the officer.
21:01 < jokeefe> The Joint Committee on the Judiciary will meet at
        tomorrow, Wednesday at 9am in Hearing Room A-2 at the State House
        in Boston.
21:01 < jokeefe> Besides H.4440, the committee will also consider H.4466
        which is even worse.  With H.4466, assault on a police officer would
        carry an automatic minimum term of five years. Assault, under the law,
        need not cause any injury; it merely has to create a "reasonable fear
        of harm" in the mind of the officer. There have been many cases of
        people participating in protests being charged with "assault" merely
        for coming into
21:02 < jokeefe> involuntary physical contact with an officer (this
        is a notable recent case). Assault on a police officer is often based
        merely on the officer's word, and officers' word, like anyone's word,
        can't always be trusted.  Should a police officer break his hand while
        punching a handcuffed protester, it it wouldn't surprise us to see an
        extra five years added to the protester's sentence.
21:02 < jokeefe> No one should harm a police officer, just as no one
        should harm any citizen or resident, but this bill would put police,
        who truth be told are given vast deference by the courts and prosecutors,
        above citizens and residents.
21:02 < jokeefe> We need your help opposing these bills. If you can,
        please drop in on the hearing and speak against it.  If you cannot,
        please contact the Chairs and Vice-Chairs, and if possible, other
        committee members and tell them we don't need these bills.
21:02 < jokeefe> Thank you!
21:02 < srevilak> wow ...
21:02 < jokeefe> yea
21:02 < jokeefe> h
21:02 < jokeefe> Hearing at
21:03 <@papegaai> Title: Event Details (at malegislature.gov)
21:04 < srevilak> wow, tomorrow morning
21:04 < jokeefe> yes
21:04 <@jokeefe> title suggestions?
21:05 <@igel> william fleurant, arlington ma
21:05 <@jokeefe> ahoy igel
21:06 <@jokeefe> https://piratenpad.de/p/MAPP_H.4440
21:06 <@igel> hi oo
21:09 <@jokeefe> ahoy
21:09 < Kendra> Hi All, Kendra Moyer in Highland Park, MI
21:09 <@jokeefe> ahoy
21:09 < MosesMPP> ahoy
21:10 <@jokeefe> sorry, we haven’t really started - reviewing
21:10 <@jokeefe> want to get it out tonight
21:10 <@jokeefe> so while we waited for people … ;-)
21:10 <@jokeefe> need a title
21:10 <@srevilak> For a title, how about: Massachusetts: Sticking the
        Middle Finger to victims of police violence
21:11 < Kendra> How about Drawing and Quartering's Too Good for You?
21:11 <@jokeefe> lol
21:12 <@jokeefe> Stop Massachusetts from sticking its Middle Finger to
        victims of police violence  ?
21:13 < Kendra> that's pretty good maybe "giving the middle finger to"
21:13 < MosesMPP> second
21:13 <@srevilak> I like that
21:15 <@jokeefe> Stop Massachusetts from giving middle finger to victims
        of police violence  it is
21:15 <@jokeefe> I mean
21:15 <@jokeefe> Stop Massachusetts from giving the middle finger to
        victims of police violence
21:15 <@igel> argg
21:15 <@jokeefe> any corrections to the text?
21:16 <@igel> its not mass
21:16 <@igel> its baker
21:17 <@jokeefe> if the legislature passes it, it is mass
21:17 <@jokeefe> but Baker is shorter
21:17 < Kendra> You might mention malicious prosecution
21:17 <@igel> i would just put: trump sympathizing gov. baker extending
        abuse powers into new judge dread police force
21:18 <@jokeefe> lol
21:19 <@igel> i mean.. its baker
21:19 <@igel> and senate
21:19 <@igel> but its baker + marjijana + police + trump..
21:19 <@srevilak> I made a small edit, but I like the copy a lot
21:20 <@igel> he's got the attn. of senate re: transit and public police
21:22 <@igel> An Act relative to assault and battery on a police officer
21:22 <@igel> Sponsors:
21:22 <@igel> Charles D. Baker
21:22 <@igel> mandatory minimum term of imprisonment
21:22 <@jokeefe> ok
21:22 <@igel> fuck
21:22 <@igel> this
21:22 <@igel> ?? who the fuck
21:22 < Kendra> We have to remember the potential for officers to plant
        evidence and railroad witnesses.  Also the police are behaving oftentimes
        like gangsters themselves and not meeting the highest standards of
        training or service.
21:22 <@igel> is he trolling the commonwealth with this bullsh*!?
21:23 <@jokeefe> Added the edits and set it to go out.	Will email
        later tonight.
21:23 <@srevilak> igel: apparently so :(
21:23 <@jokeefe> Thanks for everyone’s help
21:23 <@jokeefe> Agenda:
21:23 <@papegaai> Title: July 12th, 2016 IRC Meeting - Mass Pirate Wiki
        (at masspirates.org)
21:23 <@jokeefe> thanks for the ids so far
21:24 <@jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:24 <@jokeefe> Review
21:24 <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:24 <@igel> william fleurant, arlington ma
21:24 <@jokeefe> Well not quite review
21:24 <@jokeefe> if anyone going to the rally tomorrow outside Boston
        PD HQ?
21:24 < Kendra> Kendra Moyer, Highland Park, MI
21:24 <@jokeefe> https://www.facebook.com/events/1226375227396970/
21:25 <@papegaai> Title: Unity March Against Police Terror:
        Boston2BatonRouge (at www.facebook.com)
21:25 < MosesMPP> Moses Sukin, Great Barrington MA
21:27 <@jokeefe> Well email the list if you plan to go
21:27 <@srevilak>
21:27 <@papegaai> Title: Mass. Pirate Party op Twitter: "Unity March
        Against Police Brutality. https://t.co/yCOYOqEwRa" (at twitter.com)
21:27 <@jokeefe> Aaron James Campaign could use some help calling
        volunteers and media
21:30 <@jokeefe> If you can help make calls, please email them at
21:31 <@jokeefe> National party is revising its platform -
21:31 <@papegaai> Title: Help Write our Platform! | United States Pirate
        Party (at uspirates.org)
21:31 <@jokeefe> Might be a good opportunity to share the work, help
        edit and adopt what we like
21:33 <@jokeefe> Besides the cryptoparties on 7/16 & 7/27 in Somerville,
        the other upcoming events are:
21:33 <@jokeefe> 7/13, 6:30pm, Unity March Against Police Terror:
        Boston2BatonRouge, Boston Police HQ
21:33 <@jokeefe> 7/19, 7 PM, Killer Drones, Arlington
21:33 <@jokeefe> 8/7, noon, Pirate Picnic - Planning to take the noon
        ferry. Might be useful to have folks arrive early to get a table. Planning
        Pad Schedule and tickets.
21:33 <@jokeefe> pirate pad - https://piratenpad.de/p/MAPP2016Picnic
21:35 <@Kendra> HIOPE
21:35 <@jokeefe> And the pirate gathering at HOPE on 7/23 or 7/24
21:35 <@srevilak> jokeefe: Hadn't heard about 7/19, 7 PM, Killer Drones,
        Arlington.  Do you know details for the event
21:35 <@igel> going?
21:35 <@Kendra> HOPE Conference
21:35 <@jokeefe> one sec, it is a private event on FB
21:36 <@jokeefe> yes, I will be at HOPE
21:36 <@igel> mm
21:36 <@jokeefe> The Killer drones talk is at Robbins Library
21:36 <@srevilak> I'll be there as well.  This year, I've volunteered
        to work on the A/V crew
21:36 <@jokeefe> cool
21:37 <@jokeefe> The Restore the 4th event at HOPE is:
21:37 <@jokeefe> Hope XI NYC Restore the Fourth Meetup
21:37 <@jokeefe> Saturday, July 23 at 8:15 PM
21:37 <@jokeefe> Stout NYC - 133 W 33rd St, New York, New York
21:39 <@srevilak> Killer Drones: http://justicewithpeace.org/node/6314
21:39 <@papegaai> Title: Killer Drones: film and talk by
        whistleblower Christopher Aarons | United for Justice with Peace (at
21:40 <@jokeefe> cool
21:40 <@jokeefe> got to look at the HOPE schedule
21:40 <@srevilak> BTW, who wrote papegaai?
21:41 <@jokeefe> davidd, IIRC
21:41 <@srevilak> I was going to ask what the name meant, but now I
        suppose it's danish
21:41 <@srevilak> (sorry for the tangent)
21:42 <@jokeefe> No updates on cryptoparties except that there will be
        one in Boston on 8/27
21:42 <@jokeefe> I think Dutch, srevilak
21:42 <@Kendra> I looked it up it means parrot
21:42 <@jokeefe> That is all I have.  Anything else you all want to
        bring up?
21:42 <@srevilak> Kendra: :)
21:43 <@srevilak> I've been editing PirateCon audio.  Planning to do 1
        blog post/week with audio
21:43 <@srevilak> Under the moniker "Pirate Podcasts"
21:44 <@srevilak> If we can record audio at more events, we could get
        a nice collection together
21:45 <@srevilak> (out)
21:45 <@MosesMPP> that sounds nice
21:45 <@jokeefe> Agreed.  I will check with Noe about the video
21:45 <@jokeefe> If the Audio is good we can just put it up.
21:46 <@jokeefe> Have you needed to make any adjustments to the audio?
21:46 <@jokeefe> ahoy Castaway
21:46 < Castaway> ahoy!
21:46 <@igel> lo
21:47 < Castaway> I'm in Vermont, and we don't have a formal party,
        so I'm at least temporarily, a castaway
21:48 <@srevilak> Castaway: welcome aboard
21:48 < Castaway> I support Aaron James as a candidate, and I'm glad
        he's running.
21:49 <@jokeefe> Cool.	We just talking about getting the audio/video
        up from our last conference
21:49 <@jokeefe> You wouldn’t happen to do audio/video editing,
21:50 < Castaway> I don't; I'm sorry.
21:50 <@jokeefe> No worries
21:51 < Castaway> Your party seems to be one of the most active in the
        US, which is great.
21:51 <@jokeefe> thanks, we try
21:51 <@jokeefe> srevilak, Have you needed to make any adjustments to
        the audio?
21:52 <@jokeefe> Cryptoparties are fun ;-)
21:52 <@srevilak> Just the usual slew of little edits + compression
21:52 < Castaway> I'd like to see the Mass Pirates, and other Pirates,
        replicate some of the success of the Icelandic pirates
21:52 <@srevilak> Castaway: we would like that too :)
21:53 <@Kendra> Maybe have a presidential debate with some other 3rd
21:54 <@jokeefe> We would need a presidential candidate first, but we
        could host one and stream it with the right equipment ;-)
21:55 < Castaway> I've noticed that a nonprofit called the Citizens
        Foundation became a great forum for the Icelandic Pirates and the party
        they had formed before becoming pirates.
21:55 <@jokeefe> yes
21:56 < Castaway> Have you reached out to any community nonprofits to
        host small, or large, servers running FOSS, encrypted apps?
21:57 <@jokeefe> Not yet, but that is an interesting idea
21:58 <@jokeefe> So we are at time and we are done with our agenda and
        there isn’t anything else
21:58 <@srevilak> I'll motion to ajourn
21:58 <@jokeefe> 2nd
21:58 <@jokeefe> feel free to hang out if you can
21:58 <@srevilak> all in favor?
21:58 <@jokeefe> after
21:59 <@MosesMPP> ahye
21:59 <@jokeefe> aye
21:59 <@srevilak> will post transcript