July 17th, 2021 Democracy/Tech Meeting

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  • Steve Revilak
  • Nick Roy
  • James O'Keefe

Task Summary

  • CiviCRM: SRevilak will update it over the next two weeks
  • Wiki: SRevilak will update it
  • Logs: SRevilak will give NRoy new copy of web logs to review
  • Blog: JOKeefe updated and main dbs backed up.
  • Matrix Discussion list: JOKeefe will announce in next email update
  • cctv.masspirates.org: JOKeefe will check on it and back it up
  • masspirates.tv: JOKeefe setup hosting instance requested postgres db
  • JOkeefe will check with John to schedule the surveillance hardware review

OCPF records db

  • NRoy is getting copies of the OCPF database and possibly the Mass. Elections database to correlate and identify anything interesting.
  • JOkeefe will announce in next email update so others can help

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be a Sea Port Camera Mapping Event. It will be Sat., August 7th, 10am-noon. We will meet in front of the Moakley Federal Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Way, Boston, MA 02210 and then divide up the area and map cameras. Afterwards, we will grab lunch and find some place outside to eat and talk.

  • SRevilak will bring maps
  • JOkeefe will bring instructions and setup crew signup form