July 18th, 2017 IRC Meeting

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  • Net Neutrality Day


S.1241 - Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017

S.1241 - Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017 would add expand the definition of “financial institution” in 31 U.S. Code § 5312 - Definitions and application to include an issuer, redeemer, or cashier of digital currencies. This would allow them to monitor Bitcoin exchanges and the like.

Pirate Picnic

Finalize the date based on the recent poll.

Social Media

Only a small number of people post to our social media accounts reliably. We have to change that.


FOSS Tutorials

Worcester farm group is interested in having some FOSS tutorials. Perhaps:

  • how to do basic labels in GIMP,
  • work through a few sample spreadsheets related to seed cost and
  • similarly applicable real-world situations, depending on the needs of the group

Need a write up so we can put the word out (Malt)

Other To Dos

  • Review regular IRC meeting day - send new poll with earlier times (jokeefe)
  • email Loomio invite to supporters (jokeefe)
  • email/post about support of Internet-wid Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality
  • set up torrents for PirateCon videos (creynolds)
  • post remaining audio for PirateCon talks (srevilak)
  • finish setup of myBB (jokeefe)
  • install mattermost as slack alternative (jokeefe)

Upcoming Events

  • 7/20, Boston Socialists cryptoparty, 7-9pm, e5
  • 7/26, Somerville cryptoparty, 6-9pm, The Sprouts
  • 7/27, Fixit event in JP
  • Sept., South Boston public library cryptoparty

See: 2017 calendar



  • davidd
  • igel
  • papegaa
  • razz
  • Techrev




[9:06pm] jokeefe: Well lets get started - agenda: https://masspirates.org/wiki/July_18th,_2017_IRC_Meeting
[9:06pm] papegaai: Title: July 18th, 2017 IRC Meeting - Mass Pirate Wiki (at masspirates.org)
[9:06pm] jokeefe: ids
[9:06pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
[9:07pm] hvxgr: Tom Rodman, Milwaukee.
[9:07pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Review
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Anything to add?
[9:08pm] hvxgr: no
[9:08pm] Joe: No, I would like to wait till next week to discuss the email I just sent.
[9:08pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:09pm] Joe: Did you get the email?
[9:10pm] jokeefe: not yet
[9:10pm] Joe: Ok, we can discuss it more after if that's ok.
[9:11pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:11pm] jokeefe: Net Neutrality Day went well. hopefully the pressure will prevent them from having any cover if they get rid of net neutraliity
[9:12pm] jokeefe: Decisions/Endorsements
[9:12pm] jokeefe: S.1241 - Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017
[9:12pm] jokeefe: Joe, would you speak on it
[9:13pm] jokeefe: ?
[9:13pm] Joe: Looking in to this, I don't think it's going to pass. It is however a direct attack on digital currency.
[9:14pm] Joe: Sorry, my screen stopped scrolling.
[9:14pm] hvxgr: Is that related to Tulsi Gabbard's HR 608?
[9:15pm] jokeefe: this one https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/608 ?
[9:15pm] papegaai: Title: H.R.608 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Stop Arming Terrorists Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress (at www.congress.gov)
[9:15pm] Joe: The bases of this bill is as an amendment to track digital currency claiming US sovereignty over the digital marketplace.
[9:16pm] Joe: No, though them seem it they are both different bills
[9:16pm] hvxgr: ok
[9:16pm] Joe: From what I understood, this is more about tracking the money and making sure people are paying taxes. 
[9:16pm] jokeefe: I don’t see “digital” anything in the HR608
[9:17pm] Joe: They mostly are going after Bitcoin as far as I can tell.  There is a lot of talk about how they are going to ban gift cards and the like and with this bill they could do it.
[9:18pm] jokeefe: as if there are $1000 gift cards
[9:18pm] Joe: But from the conversations I have had it does not seem that 1) this bill has much support & 2) They are only trying to plug a tax loophole.
[9:19pm] Joe: Well, you could in theory do just that, there is no law against it.
[9:19pm] Joe: As far as I know anyways.
[9:20pm] jokeefe: I suppose.  Have heard of $500 Apple gift cards used in IRS scams
[9:20pm] Joe: The challenge with this bill is that it refers to laws in place so there is a lot of back and forth just to understand the bill.
[9:21pm] jokeefe: do you want to take a week to review it for the next meeting?
[9:22pm] Joe: It could not hurt.
[9:22pm] Joe: There is not a lot of support for the bill.  It must have been written by people who don't understand how bitcoins work.
[9:23pm] jokeefe: probably. would you send email to the list about the bill asking people to review it?
[9:23pm] Joe: Sure.
[9:23pm] jokeefe: thank you
[9:24pm] jokeefe: Pirate Picnic/camera mapping outing
[9:25pm] jokeefe: Saturday, August 5th and Saturday, August 19th got the most votes, with Saturday, August 12th the next highest
[9:25pm] jokeefe: suggest Saturday, August 19th
[9:25pm] jokeefe: which will give us more time to prepare
[9:26pm] jokeefe: sound good?
[9:27pm] Joe: Sure!
[9:29pm] jokeefe: what time do you think?  at noon the sun will be high, but later and it won’t be lunch time
[9:30pm] Joe: I think noon would be best if we want to see the most amount of people.
[9:30pm] Joe: Mind if I create a calendar event through Google?
[9:30pm] jokeefe: go for it
[9:30pm] jokeefe: noon-1pm, food and training
[9:30pm] jokeefe: 1pm-2pm, map cameras
[9:31pm] Joe: You should be able to modify it.
[9:31pm] jokeefe: 2-3pm, come back and debrief
[9:31pm] jokeefe: sound like a plan?
[9:32pm] hvxgr: Minor/maybe come back at 2:30 to debrief?
[9:32pm] jokeefe: sounds fine
[9:33pm] jokeefe: noon->3:30pm works
[9:34pm] hvxgr: ref -link +pp/imp
[9:34pm] hvxgr: (sorry wrong window)
[9:34pm] jokeefe: no worry
[9:34pm] jokeefe: settled then
[9:35pm] jokeefe: noon-1pm, food and training
[9:35pm] jokeefe: 1pm-2:30pm, map cameras
[9:35pm] Joe: Sorry if you got a bunch of emails Jamie
[9:35pm] jokeefe: 2:30-3:30pm, come back and debrief
[9:35pm] jokeefe: no worries
[9:37pm] jokeefe: Social Media
[9:38pm] jokeefe: Joe, did you get the invite for the twitter account?
[9:38pm] Joe: I did not see it. Let me check
[9:39pm] Joe: I don't see it Captain
[9:40pm] jokeefe: hmmm
[9:40pm] jokeefe: ok, will send you email
[9:41pm] Joe: Ok
[9:43pm] Joe: Worse case, I'll come by and have you log in on my phone so I can tweet away.
[9:43pm] jokeefe: Suggests for how we should go about finding more people to post?
[9:43pm] Joe: It's mainly how I tweet anyways.
[9:45pm] Joe: When we start posting more tweets and generating interest in what we are doing, I am sure more people will be happy to add to the posting.
[9:47pm] jokeefe: once we get the collaboration tool up, that will help hopefully
[9:48pm] hvxgr: Slightly OT but I find https://twitrss.me/  is a good tool, to follow twitter, via RSS (no login to twitter needed).
[9:48pm] papegaai: Title: TwitRSS.me - rss of twitter user feeds by screenscraping with perl (at twitrss.me)
[9:48pm] jokeefe: thanks
[9:49pm] Joe: Are you talking about Loomio?
[9:49pm] jokeefe: not specifically
[9:49pm] jokeefe: see that more as a voting on issues tool
[9:50pm] Joe: My heart is still for Discord
[9:50pm] Joe: I found out our mates over in the UK are using Discord
[9:50pm] jokeefe: I am fond of trying a few things and seeing what gets the most interest 
[9:51pm] jokeefe: yes, and loomio
[9:51pm] jokeefe: I think
[9:51pm] jokeefe: I don’t have any further updates
[9:51pm] jokeefe: anything else?
[9:51pm] Joe: We could follow their example, using Loomio for voting.
[9:52pm] jokeefe: possibility
[9:52pm] Joe: May I add a topic?
[9:53pm] jokeefe: sure
[9:53pm] Joe: I know this is a ways off, but I have already started thinking about possible ideas for a winter bash
[9:53pm] jokeefe: cool
[9:54pm] jokeefe: now is the time to plan
[9:54pm] Joe: It's a spin off of the idea Maltz had with his pun day.
[9:54pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:54pm] Joe: Except we could host a fund raiser/ball and get people talking about us.
[9:55pm] Joe: A masquerade ball was what I was thinking
[9:56pm] jokeefe: with a pirate theme of course.
[9:56pm] jokeefe: we better pick a date and location, then
[9:56pm] jokeefe: why don’t you email the idea to the list and we can get a discussion going
[9:56pm] Joe: I would also like to extend an invite to the national parties as well.  I am also looking to see what it would be to charter a boat for this.
[9:57pm] jokeefe: lol
[9:57pm] Joe: One that would stay in the dock for the party
[9:57pm] jokeefe: yes, it can be cold in winter on the water
[9:58pm] Joe: Yes.  Maybe a fall or spring party would work better.
[9:59pm] jokeefe: perhaps
[10:00pm] jokeefe: shall we adjourn?
[10:00pm] Joe: I second
[10:00pm] hvxgr: third
[10:00pm] Joe: It does not seem that my emails are going through btw.
[10:00pm] jokeefe: have a good night you two
[10:01pm] Joe: You too.
[10:01pm] jokeefe: send me the bounce email and I will look at it
[10:01pm] hvxgr: Thanks, good night all.