July 31st, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Staff for Freedom Rally
  2. Get Joe finance set up
  3. Advertising?
  4. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies
  5. DMC delay


  1. Pirate Picnic, Sunday August 10, catch the noon ferry. Georges Island (Ferry Information)
  2. September 13-14 noon-8pm Freedom Rally
  3. Next IPM/Social?


  • Bluelustreak (Lucia Fiero)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • noe (Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville, MA)
  • jpokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville, MA)
  • igel (Will Fleurant, Arlington)
  • Kendra (Kendra Moyer, Highland Park, MI)


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal


21:00 < Bluelustreak> We can wait a few for Jamie or we can start. Up to y'all.
21:02 < Bluelustreak> Going to start at 9:05 unless objections?
21:02 < srevilak> Bluelustreak: 9:05 is okay with me
21:04 < igel> just chilln..
21:04 < Bluelustreak> Hello DOLL!
21:04 < Bluelustreak> Kendra, YOU'RE ALIVE!
21:04  * srevilak is just renumbering home network LAN segment
21:04 < Bluelustreak> The train has delivered you safely to Motown!
21:05 < Kendra> Yes, How is everyone doing?
21:05 < Bluelustreak> Awesome sugar how are you?
21:05 < igel> na'bad u Kendra?
21:05 < noe> Sleepy, but good.  :)
21:05 < Bluelustreak> Time. IDs please
21:05 < Bluelustreak> Lucia Fiero
21:05 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA
21:05 < Kendra> Good, getting some interesting work done today. 
21:05 < Kendra> Kendra Moyer, Highland Park, MI
21:06 < noe> Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville, MA
21:06 < Bluelustreak> So cool!... Noe?
21:06 < Bluelustreak> Pharyngeal?
21:07 < noe> Erm, votenoelani.org went live yesterday.  Feel free to poke at it and inform Jamie or I if anything doesn't work.
21:07  * Pharyngeal is just an idler from Philadelphia/NYC
21:07 < noe> Feel free to share it with your friends!
21:07 < Bluelustreak> Awesome. Word from Cap'n O'Keefe is he will be a while. Let
21:07 < Bluelustreak> s start
21:08 < Bluelustreak> Let's start with the website... please share on soc med if you can
21:08 < Bluelustreak> Noe do you have a go fund me  or anything like that?
21:09 < noe> Nope, but we have a direct donation link on votenoelani.org.
21:09 < igel> William Fleurant, Arlington MA
21:09 < noe> We will periodically update donation progress on the blog.
21:09 < Bluelustreak> Excellent. Again please share with friends and family.
21:10 < noe> I have been involved with the 15 Now New England indiegogo, and it didn't generate much funds.
21:10 < Bluelustreak> Hmmm good to know
21:10 < noe> I've been kind of disheartened from doing a gofundme or indiegogo as a result.  I think it could work, but our direct donation link will suffice.
21:10 < Bluelustreak> Anything you would like to add about your campaign?
21:11 < noe> We're looking for people in Somerville who would be willing to host meet and greet parties.
21:11 < noe> Also, if anyone knows any portuguese translators (both ways), feel free to send them my way!
21:12 < noe> I think that's it for the moment.
21:12 < Bluelustreak> Is there a Somerville Pirate meeting scheduled?
21:13 < noe> Yes, I think about a week and a half from now, I think.  Jamie has the actual date, but yeah, I do not remember.
21:13 < Bluelustreak> Can you flyer about the Ville Pirates? Or to encourage people to join your campaign?
21:14 < noe> I think we will.  I am sorry that we haven't, I was sick during ArtBeat.
21:14 < Bluelustreak> Update on Joe. He was working on his EIN today.
21:14 < noe> Hooray!  That is good news.
21:15 < Bluelustreak> One: I was sick that weekend too!
21:15 < Bluelustreak> Two: Can you Joe help our Joe with his EIN?
21:15 < Bluelustreak> We are hoping to have it before Saturday.
21:16 < Bluelustreak> Moving one?
21:16 < Bluelustreak> on?
21:16 < Bluelustreak> Pirate Picnic
21:16 < Bluelustreak> Head count?
21:16 < noe> I am going.  August 10th, right.
21:17 < Bluelustreak> Jason and I are looking forward to it. AJ is humoring us.
21:17 < Bluelustreak> Yes
21:17 < Bluelustreak> Sunday
21:17 < Bluelustreak> Noon Ferry
21:17 < Bluelustreak> I missed it last year because Sam and I got pneumonia. Sheesh.
21:17 < noe> O_o
21:17 < noe> Hopefully, we'll all be healthy.  But is there WiFi out there?
21:18 < Bluelustreak> Derp
21:18 < Bluelustreak> Google it or ask Kate or Jamie.
21:18 < Bluelustreak> People have sammich preferences?
21:19 < igel> i cant commit to making it
21:19 < noe> I can eat all the things.
21:19 < Bluelustreak> Aw!
21:19 < Bluelustreak> That's ok
21:19 < Bluelustreak> We'll miss you!
21:20 < igel> :/
21:20 < Bluelustreak> Ferry and other information will be added (eventually) to the FB event page
21:21 < Bluelustreak> https://www.facebook.com/events/670742093019273/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar
21:21 < noe> Hopefully, you can make it.  :)
21:21 < Bluelustreak> Please share the FB event page or the blog post!
21:21 < Bluelustreak> Moving on?
21:22 < Bluelustreak> Oh, one more thing about picnic: Open to all. Invite who you like.
21:22 < Bluelustreak> Next up...
21:22 < Kendra> We should probably send some individual invitations to people who might not see the Facebook event. 
21:23 < Bluelustreak> OK. Good idea.
21:23 < Bluelustreak> We are going to need lots of staff for Freedom Rally
21:23 < Bluelustreak> Lots of fun last year
21:23 < Bluelustreak> Even bigger this year
21:23 < Bluelustreak> Excellent outreach opportunity
21:23 < noe> How much staff are we searching for?
21:24 < Bluelustreak> Last year on Sat, the long day we had...
21:24 < Bluelustreak> 6 people plus visitors coming and going
21:24 < Bluelustreak> Sunday, short day we had... 4?
21:24 < Bluelustreak> Yeah only 4
21:24 < Bluelustreak> Both days will be long this year, hopefully.
21:25 < Bluelustreak> Lots of traffic. cozy encampment, the more ppl we have the more breaks to look around ppl can take.
21:25 < noe> So, ideally, 6 on both days.
21:25 < Bluelustreak> Mike Cann will be a big part of this, we want to support him as he supports us.
21:26 < Bluelustreak> Sure!
21:26 < noe> Should we put a call out on the blog?
21:26 < Bluelustreak> Jamie is going to do that...
21:26 < Bluelustreak> At least he told me that earlier today.
21:27 < noe> I know he will, then.  :)
21:27 < Bluelustreak> So that is covered.
21:28 < Bluelustreak> So... I threw together the agenda without much though...
21:29 < Bluelustreak> About the next IPM/social... it is actually going to be the Picnic.
21:29 < Bluelustreak> We will take the opportunity to do some planning for the fall, so that can be dropped from the agenda. :/
21:29 < Bluelustreak> Speaking of the fall...
21:29 < Kendra> Be sure to do something nice to give Kit Walsh a good send off to California next month. 
21:29 < Bluelustreak> DMC is being delayed
21:30 < Bluelustreak> Oh.
21:30 < Bluelustreak> Yes
21:30 < Bluelustreak> Good point thanks
21:30 < srevilak> Bluelustreak: what was the reason for the delay?
21:30 < Bluelustreak> They don't feel that they have enough youth participation
21:31 < Bluelustreak> Sarah F asked Chuck Turner to hook us up with some of the Boston Youth Groups he favors
21:31 < Bluelustreak> We are going to see how that pans out.
21:31 < Bluelustreak> Not my idea.
21:31 < Bluelustreak> Also, we were late for the meeting... oops
21:31 < noe> Thank you for going.
21:31 < Bluelustreak> So we missed a bit
21:32 < Bluelustreak> Thank Kendra, I wouldn't have gone if she didn't come
21:32 < Bluelustreak> (honesty!)
21:33 < Kendra> Not exactly my cup of tea, but if they delay it to the spring they will have us competinf with Pirate Con.  they will have time to approach media departments of schools in the area to get some more kids involved. 
21:33 < Bluelustreak> Anyway, they want to push it off to the spring at the very least which means possible conflict with PIrateCon 2015
21:33 < Bluelustreak> GMTA!
21:33 < Bluelustreak> Exactly
21:33 < Bluelustreak> And for PirateCon:
21:34 < Bluelustreak> I reached out to Cory Doctorow who said
21:34 < Bluelustreak> If we schedule it when he is going to be in the NE for something else, he will speak!
21:34 < igel> i was thinking the same thing kendra.. where else, right..
21:35 < noe> :D
21:35 < Bluelustreak> Jamie suggested that if he can't be in the US that we could video con him in, like Snowden at HOPE X
21:35 < Bluelustreak> Which is also a great idea.
21:35 < Bluelustreak> I think...
21:35 < Bluelustreak> I think I am going to ask Kit to reach out to Lawrence Lessig, too
21:35 < Bluelustreak> Why not, right?
21:36 < Bluelustreak> Lessig is crowd funding this super PAC he has
21:36 < srevilak> lessig would be a great speaker to get
21:36 < noe> Might as well before Kit becomes part of EFF.  :)
21:36 < Bluelustreak> Noe...
21:37 < srevilak> reminds me: need to donate to that super pac :)
21:37 < Bluelustreak> Would you ask Kit about this?
21:37 < Bluelustreak> Yes please
21:37 < Bluelustreak> https://mayday.us/
21:38 < noe> Sure!  Kit may say yes or no, but I can email Kit.
21:38 < Bluelustreak> Lmk
21:38 < Bluelustreak> And TY
21:38 < Bluelustreak> Tell him what Docotrow said
21:38 < Bluelustreak> So I saw on the news tonight about Market Basket supporters...
21:39 < Bluelustreak> That they have a Go Fund Me to get an ad in the paper
21:39 < Bluelustreak> to plead their case and it got me thinking...
21:39 < Bluelustreak> Why can't we advertise like that, take up funds from friend?
21:39 < Bluelustreak> s?
21:39 < Bluelustreak> Our biggest problem is a lack of exposure.
21:40 < Bluelustreak> (IMO)
21:40 < noe> OMG us on physical media?
21:41 < Kendra> Off topic, but one last idea for the DMC.  They could make a contest for schools or individual students (Elementary, middle and high school categories) to create audio or visual  public service announcements and air the finalists at the DMC with awards.  It would get schools to come out. 
21:41 < Kendra> If anyone cares to pass that along
21:41 < noe> Kendra, that is awesome.
21:42 < Bluelustreak> I will do that, K
21:42 < Bluelustreak> So yeah, us in the paper. It has happened before.
21:42 < noe> Bluelustreak:  if you're interested, I can send you the same information I shared with people who have done kickstarter or indiegogo.
21:42 < Bluelustreak> Yes please. Thanks, Noe
21:43 < Bluelustreak> We got a lot of press when we obtained the ability to register as Pirates.
21:43 < noe> Bluelustreak:  I would make sure the goal is reasonable.
21:43 < Bluelustreak> Jamie was on RT, you know.
21:43 < Bluelustreak> And we were in the Globe, but it was more of a puff peice
21:43 < Bluelustreak> Most people get press by paying for it. Why should we be any different?
21:44 < noe> Truth.  I think that has been true for my campaign:  we've sent stuff out, but really we will be relying on the people we know to put stuff out there.
21:45 < Bluelustreak> Well I am not proud.
21:45 < Bluelustreak> We need more hands on deck
21:45 < srevilak> what does newspaper advertising cost these day (boston globe for example?)
21:45 < Bluelustreak> I shall investigate!
21:46 < Bluelustreak> I will look further into the Market Basket story, too.
21:47 < Bluelustreak> Moving on?
21:47 < Bluelustreak> Objections?
21:47 < noe> yup
21:47 < Bluelustreak> OK SCATV
21:48 < Bluelustreak> Mass Pirates is now members of same
21:48 < Bluelustreak> I thought Garret would want to start right in on the HOT set. I was wrong
21:48 < Bluelustreak> He told me to tap Chance.
21:48 < Bluelustreak> I still need to do that
21:49 < noe> If people are interested in producing content and they are a Pirate (doesn't  have to be from Somerville), feel free to signal boost that we have the ability to get into the studio and produce content.
21:49 < Kendra> Have you thought about talking to amurice and getting footage from some of our past events to maybe put something together in the meantime?  
21:49 < Kendra> Maurice
21:49 < Bluelustreak> Um no...
21:50 < Bluelustreak> I haven't
21:50 < Bluelustreak> Like a retrospective?
21:50 < Kendra> He might even edit something together if we have enough footage and we are trying to get exposure in the area for what MPP is about.
21:51 < noe> that's a great idea!
21:51 < Bluelustreak> Well that would be nice, but if he isn't interested in editing, he can just drop box some footage.
21:51 < Bluelustreak> I will ask him if he can help us out.
21:51 < Kendra> Like some of the panels from the Pirate Con or other events we have attended.  we could add commentary from the studio from some of the pirates or candidates.
21:51 < Bluelustreak> Who knows what he still has on his hard drive
21:52 < Bluelustreak> Would you help me with this idea, Kendra?
21:52 < Bluelustreak> I will email him to see what he has... we have some on the blog already
21:52 < Kendra> I can can help, if the footage can be gotten over to me through Dropbox or something, i might be able to put together some 20 or 30 minute segments. 
21:53 < Bluelustreak> Oh who has seen this? Derpy, but FUN! https://masspirates.org/blog/2013/08/23/be-a-pirate-a-little-levity/
21:53 < Bluelustreak> The extent of my editing skillz
21:54 < Bluelustreak> But my boy has major skilz
21:54 < Bluelustreak> I just have to give him direction, he is very eager to help us.
21:54 < Bluelustreak> Ahoy, ageis
21:54 < ageis> hi
21:55 < igel> lo
21:55 < Bluelustreak> You may now all praise me for my video ditty
21:55 < Bluelustreak> Which you have all watched by now
21:55 < Bluelustreak> I'm watching it again...
21:56 < Bluelustreak> OK ten minute mark
21:57 < Bluelustreak> So about SCATV... I am going to ask Erica to switch the 2nd named member from Garret to Chance. Objections?
21:57 < noe> sounds great.
21:58 < Kendra> nice work lulu, and, oh dear
21:58 < Bluelustreak> I think Chance could make excellent use of the hot set.
21:58 < Bluelustreak> What?
21:58 < Bluelustreak> Oh dear? You are making me nurvous!
21:58 < Kendra> it's short an to the point, I didn't know i was on there, but it's ok.
21:59 < Bluelustreak> LOL I'm sorry! You are all over our social media
21:59 < Kendra> i forget sometimes
21:59 < Bluelustreak> It was a retrospective of 2013 and you were a big part of that
21:59 < Bluelustreak> You were nice and skinny!
21:59 < Bluelustreak> :-)
22:00 < noe> wow, its 22:00
22:00 < noe> next week same time same place?
22:00 < Bluelustreak> 5 minute mark we started late
22:00 < Bluelustreak> :-)
22:00 < noe> ok
22:00 < Bluelustreak> JK... we can go
22:00 < Bluelustreak> Unless...
22:01 < Bluelustreak> Is there anything pressing to add Pirates?
22:01 < igel> i got to run soon
22:01 < Kendra> move to adjourn
22:01 < Bluelustreak> 2nd?
22:01 < srevilak> second more to adjourn
22:01 < Bluelustreak> all in favor?
22:02 < Kendra> aye
22:02 < Bluelustreak> aye
22:02 < Bluelustreak> srevilak pls post transcript?
22:02 < noe> aye
22:02 < igel> aye
22:02 < Bluelustreak> And can you fix my blue box problem on the agenda?
22:03 < Kendra> nite Pirates
22:03 < Bluelustreak> Mtg adjourned. Have a great night and a great week. PLEASE PLAN ON COMING TO PICNIC!
22:03 < srevilak> Bluelustreak: will post transcript