June 28th, 2022 IRC Meeting

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Planks: https://github.com/masspirates/planks

What we are working on now:



Leader: Malt

Meeting poll

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Pirate news recording scheduled for Sundays, 7pm with go-live at 7:30pm. Unless changed

Other To Do

  • Application to PPI

Upcoming Events

  • Pirate Moot, Sat., July 23rd, noon-2pm, James's place
  • Pirate Moot, Sat., August 27th, 11am-2pm, Joe's place


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)
  • Joe (Joseph Onoroski, Lowell)


  • davidd
  • hvxgr
  • slerman


No meeting next Tuesday (July 5th)

Art is for everyone plank

Art is for Everyone!

American culture only encourages artistic pursuits in the context of financial success. Only working-class prodigies raised up by big-city tastemakers, or the already-successful progeny of wealth are given access to artistic careers. Everyone else is resigned to "content creation," the endless slog to produce disposable distractions for the mobile market. High art, formal art, the art written about in newspapers, functions largely as a money-laundering mechanism for urbane cultural elites.  

Art exists outside of museums, outside of universities, and outside of the auction house. Everyone who lives and thinks about their living is capable of art. Everyone who has an opinon about life and can convey that opinion is capable of making art. We all have heard the cliche of the "starving artist", but to this day nothing has been done to support those who give so much of themselves in order to bring beauty to our world. It is our responsibility to give people the tools to do so!

When elected, the Massachusetts Pirate Party will:
* Eliminate the film tax credit as it is a useless subsidy to wealthy Hollywood entertainment companies;
* Fund community art grant programs to encourage artists at all levels to create art to share with their neighborhoods. Digital art created with the people's money must be released into the public domain;
* Create a basic income so that all have the means to create art if they choose.

Pirate news

  • Sunday, usual time


21:04 <~jokeefe> Agenda:
21:04 <~jokeefe> ids
21:04 <~jokeefe> Anything to add?
21:04 < srevilak> nothing here
21:05 <~jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:05 < Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:06 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:06 < Joe> Nothing to add atm
21:06 <~jokeefe> ok if we cancel next Tuesday’s meeting?
21:07 < srevilak> makes sense
21:07 < Joe> I have no objections
21:09 <~jokeefe> good.
21:10 < Joe> brb
21:11 <~jokeefe> ok
21:13 < Joe> back, sorry for the delay
21:15 <~jokeefe> no worries
21:16 <~jokeefe> We were working on
21:16 <~jokeefe> I mean
21:22 <~jokeefe> I rearranged it and put in some objectives.
21:22 < Joe> I see that the intro was redone.
21:22 < Joe> Seems a lot shorter now.
21:23 <~jokeefe> More rearranged. Joe, I thought that bullet point 2
        covers your idea of community competitions.
21:23 < Joe> It does. Plus I really like the first point
21:24 < Joe> the third tying it into other action items from other planks
21:26 <~jokeefe> Anything else to add?
21:29 < Joe> adding it now
21:29 < srevilak> What does "Lowell, MA" mean (in the first sentence)
21:29 < Joe> ?
21:30 < Joe> I thought that part was removed
21:30 < Joe> And it was a direct quote from Lowell, MA slogan
21:30 < srevilak> ok, thx
21:31 < srevilak> I broke the quote into a separate paragraph
21:34 <~jokeefe> Joe, I moved the new entry to the 2nd paragraph
21:34 < Joe> It works much better there.
21:35 <~jokeefe> glad you like it
21:35 <~jokeefe> are we good with this?
21:35 < Joe> I think so
21:35 < srevilak> looks ok to me
21:35 < Joe> motion to adopt
21:36 <~jokeefe> 1 sec
21:36 < Joe> unless you want to continue working on it
21:37 <~jokeefe> Updated the 2nd bullet point
21:40 <~jokeefe> 2nd the motion to adopt
21:40 < srevilak> aye
21:40 <~jokeefe> aye
21:40 < Joe> aye
21:41 <~jokeefe> any opposed?
21:41 < srevilak> nay
21:42 <~jokeefe> motion passes
21:42 <~jokeefe> Pirate news recording Sunday?
21:43 < srevilak> yep!
21:43 < Joe> Yes, usual time?
21:43 <~jokeefe> yes
21:45 <~jokeefe> BTW: I posted my and srevilak’s
        photos of the Trans Resistance March at
21:45 <~jokeefe> motion to adjourn?
21:45 <~jokeefe> s/?//g
21:46 < srevilak> second
21:47 < srevilak> will post transcript
21:47 <~jokeefe> all in favor?
21:47 < srevilak> aye