March 13th, 2012 IRC Meeting

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1. March 10th Conference Review

2. May 12th Film Festival lineup?

3. Tabling opportunity at Together Boston

4. Upcoming speaking engagements/possible events

5. Anything else others want to bring up.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


  • bsod -
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro/Cambridge
  • wingedearth - Andrew A. Anissi, Jamaica Plain
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville


1. Conference Review

  o all the talks went well and everyone seemed to be enjoying it
  o conference technical improvements:
    o wireless mics
    o better streaming
    o better camera angles
    o closer zoom to speaker and visual aids
    o stop photographers from standing in front of the video camera

2. May 12th Film Festival lineup suggestions, look at:

  o Steal This Film 2 is free to show as well

3. Lauren will table at Together Boston, April 7th. Jamie will get them the $50. We need more volunteers.

4. Upcoming speaking engagements/possible events

   o  Get JP on the ballot
   o  March 29th - Ignite 9, MIT
   o  April 4th - Together Boston panel on patents
   o  April 7th - Together Boston Tabling
   o  April 7/8th - BarCamp, MIT
   o  April 6-8th - PaxEast, Boston Convention Center
   o  April 6-8th - AnimeBoston, Hynes Convention center
   o  April or August mini conference (free?)
   o  April ? - Extravaganja

5. Unanimously nominated JP Hollembaek as our candidate for the 16th Middlesex State Representative district.

6. We should look at putting public policy questions on the ballot

7. Later Planned events:

    o May 12th: Film Festival
    o June: Boston Pride
    o July
      o Art Beat
      o Pirate Picnic?
    o August?
    o September: Freedom Rally
    o Oct-Dec: Local Issues conference

Meeting Minutes


[12:13] <jokeefe> Any how, the agenda is at:,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:14] <[bsod]> i think religion is just obsolete sciences and modern science is equally wrong on many issues, people trying to explain the world with the information they had [12:14] <jokeefe> knowledge evolves and grows, hopefully [12:14] <jokeefe> SplendidSpoon, what is your summary of the conference? [12:14] <[bsod]> heh, how did i get listed as attending [12:15] <SplendidSpoon> It was a good time :) [12:15] <jokeefe> bsod, i always have since you are always here [12:15] <SplendidSpoon> I think all the talks went well and everyone seemed to be enjoying it [12:15] <[bsod]> nice [12:15] <[bsod]> free link [12:15] <jokeefe> and not even a spam one [12:15] <[bsod]> lies [12:15] <wingedearth> I think the Far Eastern approach to religion is better in that it's not so institutional and is more personal [12:16] <jokeefe> forgot to id, Jamie O'Keefe, Somerville [12:16] <[bsod]> massachusetts seems to be a very catholic area [12:16] <SplendidSpoon> Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro/Cambridge [12:17] <wingedearth> the choices of what music, film, and art we experience is also personal or culture, but shouldn't be determined by an authoritarian institution [12:17] <SplendidSpoon> Yea it's Catholic, which is why I included Kopimist Jesus in my talk [12:17] <wingedearth> Andrew A. Anissi, Jamaica Plain [12:17] <[bsod]> oh, the nice neighborhood [12:17] <wingedearth> yes, the only nice neighborhood [12:17] <wingedearth> </sarcasm> [12:18] <[bsod]> heh [12:19] <jokeefe> conference technical improvements - wireless mics, better streaming [12:19] <jokeefe> earlier setup [12:19] <[bsod]> did we all see us in arstechnica and torrentfreak last week [12:19] <jokeefe> & Boston Phoenix [12:20] <wingedearth> better camera angles, closer zoom to speaker and visual aids [12:20] <wingedearth> and stop photographers from standing in front of the video camera [12:21] <[bsod]> [12:21] <jokeefe> thanks, bsod, good points wingedearth [12:23] <wingedearth> so who are illunatic and K'Tetch_? [12:24] <[bsod]> illunatic is [12:24] <[bsod]> K`Tetch_ is andrew norton from the defunt us pirate party [12:24] <jokeefe> K`Tetch is from the PP of Georgia [12:24] <[bsod]> we all hang out in #torrentfreak on efnet [12:25] <wingedearth> defunct? [12:25] <[bsod]> [12:25] <[bsod]> i wasnt following at the time, but i think the us had a pirate party nationally that broke up or something [12:25] <jokeefe> It is being reformed [12:25] <jokeefe> It gets busy, then has a lull [12:25] <wingedearth> ok, so now that we know who everyone is, what are some good alternatives to the pirate bay? [12:26] <[bsod]> [12:26] <jokeefe> sneaker net [12:26] <[bsod]> depends on what you want to do i guess [12:26] <jokeefe> <joke> [12:26] <[bsod]> for uploading and exposure you cant beat tpb [12:26] <[bsod]> i did this one last year [12:26] <wingedearth> yeah, I know, but I know it's tops in the radar of torrent enemies [12:27] <wingedearth> so good to have some backups [12:27] <wingedearth> nice list [12:27] <[bsod]> many of the private sites also have spies onboard, so its a good idea to use a heavy busy swarm to stay obscure [12:28] <[bsod]> like if you only connect to say 20 people on a swarm of 300,000 its less likely you'll be noticed than if you connect to 20 in a swarm of 50 [12:28] <jokeefe> Speaking of films, we have the May 12th Film Festival coming up. Need a line up soon so we can get posters designed. [12:28] <jokeefe> We have a bunch of suggestions [12:28] <jokeefe> Will solicit more [12:29] <[bsod]> do we need designers then ? [12:29] <jokeefe> sure [12:29] <jokeefe> the more the merrier [12:29] <[bsod]> i might know some people online that i can pester [12:29] <[bsod]> alot of em are lazy tho [12:30] <[bsod]> heh, wheres all the people who knew all the public domain films when you need em [12:30] <jokeefe> lazy can = simple, which can be a good thing [12:30] <jokeefe> bunch of links in the past few meeting minutes [12:32] <jokeefe> if anyone wants to help select them, speak now [12:33] <wingedearth> bsod, there's this: [12:33] <[bsod]> what do we have selected so far? [12:33] <wingedearth> and this : [12:33] <wingedearth> and this: [12:33] <jokeefe> haven't selected anything yet [12:33] <[bsod]> they're never going to finnish tpb-afk are they [12:34] <wingedearth> here's more: [12:35] <jokeefe> thanks [12:35] <[bsod]> steal this film 2 ? [12:35] <[bsod]> its piratebay propaganda [12:35] <[bsod]> according to the mpaa [12:36] <jokeefe> possibly, if the public performance rights are free [12:36] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:36] <[bsod]> hmm, ive never checked [12:36] <[bsod]> i remember hulu had it for awhile [12:37] <jokeefe> Apparently requires $200 to put it on public performance [12:37] <wingedearth> paying $200 is not exactly stealing that film [12:38] <jokeefe> there were some good pilots at [12:38] <[bsod]> respect your festival, and we WOULD love it if you show the film [12:38] <[bsod]> is vodo stuff free? [12:39] <[bsod]> i know you can get it for free but for broadcasting [12:39] <jokeefe> they are torrents, but public viewing might depend [12:39] <SplendidSpoon> the fact that ripremix does that pisses me off [12:40] <[bsod]> we could always ask em [12:40] <SplendidSpoon> this guy got huge sampling hundreds of artists, never going through legal channels [12:40] <SplendidSpoon> he should at least pay it forward [12:41] <jokeefe> STF2 looks like we can show it [12:41] <[bsod]> looks kind of like it, did you find the actual license? [12:41] <jokeefe> better go download it and view it at home [12:42] <jokeefe> They say "Q. I want to show STF (1 or 2) at my film festival: can you send me a DVD / Beta Tape / Laserdisc / VHS / 12" record.... A. We'd really, really, rather not. It's not that we don't respect your festival, and we WOULD love it if you show the film, and it's not that we think we're special, and and we really appreciate your attention. It's just that we don't have an office, and we don't have a Beta deck, and you CAN just download the film from our site [12:42] <jokeefe> and it is IS HD quality and really, isn't it TIME you learned how to use Bittorrent anyway? [12:43] <jokeefe> which seems to be pretty explicitly say go get the torrent and play it [12:43] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:43] <SplendidSpoon> nice [12:43] <[bsod]> heh ya [12:43] <wingedearth> that works [12:43] <[bsod]> too bad they dont put it on beta [12:43] <wingedearth> why beta? [12:43] <[bsod]> sarcasm [12:44] <[bsod]> who used beta? [12:44] <jokeefe> 12" record [12:44] <jokeefe> lol [12:44] <wingedearth> I never did [12:44] <[bsod]> heh [12:44] <wingedearth> vhs [12:44] <jokeefe> too young [12:44] <[bsod]> laserdisc, now we're talking [12:44] <wingedearth> and laserdisc [12:44] <wingedearth> yeah [12:44] <wingedearth> also, videodisc, which was before laserdisc [12:44] <[bsod]> are we mostly linux users in here? [12:44] <SplendidSpoon> woohoo format wars [12:44] <jokeefe> lol [12:44] <SplendidSpoon> I use linux on my home except my gaming pc is windozw [12:44] <SplendidSpoon> and a mac for work [12:45] <[bsod]> heh, wine still having issues with directx [12:45] <jokeefe> Next 3. Tabling opportunity at Together Boston, April 7th. Fee is $50 [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> yea [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> I bought a too-sexy pirate costume [12:45] <wingedearth> work comp is PC, but use a mac at home. I'd like to get a new (used) laptop and run linux on it, but there's no point in doing so just yet [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> But the hat it came with is amazing [12:45] <[bsod]> i use a dual boot machine at home and a mac for golf swing pratice [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> great pirate hat with pink ribbons on it [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> so i am ready to table! [12:45] <jokeefe> yay! [12:46] <jokeefe> we need to get you helpers [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> The rest of the costume will probably work for the pride parade lol [12:46] <jokeefe> pirate's little helpers? [12:46] <wingedearth> oh, you're setting up at Together? That's great [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> Yaarrrr [12:46] <jokeefe> two events with one costume [12:46] <wingedearth> I def want to check that out [12:46] <jokeefe> how busy was it last year? [12:46] <[bsod]> some kind of gay pirate thing? [12:46] <wingedearth> I was pissed I missed it last year [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> lol the costume is like pink punk pirate so it might work [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> for the gay thing [12:47] <jokeefe> it is the week for such events - BarCamp, Together, PaxEast, AnimeBoston [12:47] <[bsod]> whats barcamp, that almost sounds like something i do [12:47] <wingedearth> ooh, animeboston. that sounds interesting [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> Yea I'm gung for anything [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> its an unconf I was invited to go to [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> to speak at [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> [12:48] <[bsod]> ohh, nothing to do with getting drunk tho eh [12:48] <jokeefe> would you go sunday? [12:48] <[bsod]> anytime you need someone to get drunk let me know [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> I don't know which day I'd go [12:49] <SplendidSpoon> I haven't really pieced it all together yet [12:49] <[bsod]> its very difficult to get me out [12:49] <jokeefe> ok, the Together Boston table event is the 7th [12:49] <[bsod]> if you guys do something in worcester someday i can stop by [12:49] <jokeefe> looks like either Erik or I will be speaking on the 4th at the panel on patents [12:49] <jokeefe> got a suggestion for places? [12:50] <[bsod]> no idea [12:50] <jokeefe> k [12:50] <[bsod]> public free places? [12:50] <jokeefe> public libraries are good [12:50] <[bsod]> that is a good idea [12:50] <[bsod]> i was thinking maybe parks because its nice out [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> A panel on patents? [12:50] <[bsod]> its gonna get cold out again before winter ends tho [12:50] <jokeefe> BTW: if you haven't registered as a Pirate, you should! All the cool kids are doing it. [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> I'm so proud of my Pirate statud [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> status* I frame it [12:51] <jokeefe> yes, a panel on patents [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> So now anytime someone claims to be a Pirate [12:51] <[bsod]> heh, i was registered independant for the republican primary, think im the only one under 70 who showed up [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> I'm like "bitch I have a letter from the STATE telling me I am a Pirate!" [12:51] <jokeefe> lol, bsod [12:51] <jokeefe> X marks the spot [12:51] <[bsod]> seriously.. romney! [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> bsod likes romney? [12:52] <[bsod]> i cant stand him [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> mind = blown [12:52] <wingedearth> I changed my reg to independent, but then decided I won't be voting [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> oh ok phew [12:52] <[bsod]> he won by like 70% tho [12:52] <[bsod]> i might actually be stuck voting of obama if romney wins [12:52] <[bsod]> s/of/for [12:53] <[bsod]> or writing in something funny [12:53] <wingedearth> Obama is really, really awful, but his foreign policy is just a smidgen better than Romney [12:53] <jokeefe> smidgen [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> ugh [12:53] <[bsod]> we should have an option for 'none of the above' on our ballots [12:53] <wingedearth> I made that word up [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> one word [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> DRONES [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> Everyone sucks [12:53] <jokeefe> we don't put people in black prisions, we kill them [12:53] <wingedearth> but I won't be voting for obama either [12:53] <SplendidSpoon> Yes [12:54] <[bsod]> heh, good im not the only obama hater [12:54] <wingedearth> black prisons? [12:54] <jokeefe> hidden [12:54] <[bsod]> when i talk to people in the streets, he seems to have alot of support [12:54] <SplendidSpoon> secret CIA torture prisons in Egypt and Eastern Europe [12:54] <wingedearth> yes, we very much do put people in hidden prisons [12:54] <wingedearth> that never stopped [12:54] <[bsod]> heh, hidden sounds less racist [12:54] <jokeefe> and in not so hidden ones too [12:54] <jokeefe> thanks for correcting me. [12:54] <wingedearth> jokeefe wants to put Obama in a black prison [12:55] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:55] <[bsod]> creating headline now [12:55] <wingedearth> <jk> [12:55] <[bsod]> just kidding also [12:55] <jokeefe> no,just want a better president [12:55] <jokeefe> was thinking "black ops" [12:55] <[bsod]> it looks unlikely doesnt it [12:55] <wingedearth> yeah, I want a better president too, but the election won't generate one (I think b/c of cheating), so I'm not going to participatei n it [12:55] <wingedearth> in it [12:55] <[bsod]> the media seems to have manipulated old people and young people didnt turn up [12:56] <jokeefe> could vote for the Green or Libertarian [12:56] <[bsod]> if there is one [12:56] <[bsod]> i voted for jill stein for governor [12:56] <[bsod]> we almost won, 99.999% more to go [12:56] <wingedearth> I could go write someone in, but what's the point? I don't want to participate in their show election [12:56] <jokeefe> I think it was 98% to go [12:57] <[bsod]> in denmark you can cast an empty ballot, and that is different than not voting [12:57] <jokeefe> + [12:57] <jokeefe> NOTA- none of the above [12:57] <[bsod]> you won the election but more people would rather have no one... that would send a message [12:57] <wingedearth> I'd rather people just stop showing up to vote and legitimizing them [12:57] <SplendidSpoon> Like a vote of no confidence [12:57] <jokeefe> I prefer if NOTA wins, we get new candidates [12:58] <[bsod]> seems the entire youth feel that same way and only seniors are picking our presidents tho [12:58] <wingedearth> better to work on local elections and create local spaces where a fair vote can be better ensured [12:58] <[bsod]> you should see in polls romney vs paul, its a strong divide on the age line [12:58] <[bsod]> thats why paul won on the internet [12:58] <[bsod]> younger people use the internet [12:59] <[bsod]> the youth just dont feel like their vote counts [12:59] <jokeefe> we are off track - the meeting that is [12:59] <wingedearth> old people get their news from mainstream media, but young people don't as much. the Internet is a threat to the establishment, so they need SOPA/PIPA/ACTA to control it [12:59] <wingedearth> (bringing the conversation back to IP law) [12:59] <[bsod]> yeaa [13:00] <[bsod]> where were we... [13:00] <jokeefe> lots of events in April [13:00] <jokeefe> and get JP on the ballot [13:00] <[bsod]> send me the thing so i can grab some signautres [13:00] <jokeefe> you in lowell? [13:01] <SplendidSpoon> wat do? [13:01] <[bsod]> heh, no [13:01] <[bsod]> is that where hes running? [13:01] <jokeefe> state rep [13:01] <[bsod]> for whatever district that is [13:01] <[bsod]> youd be suprise how many people have no idea about local politics [13:02] <[bsod]> ramdomly picking names off a ballot because they dont even know whos in office now [13:02] <jokeefe> I'll throw this out - all in favor of nominating JP (our secretary) for state rep of his district, say aye! [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> aye [13:02] <[bsod]> aye [13:02] <jokeefe> aye [13:02] <wingedearth> aye [13:02] <jokeefe> the ayes have it [13:02] <[bsod]> how many signatures does he need? [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> lulz [13:03] <[bsod]> how do you start a refferendum in mass, we should get some piraty issues on the next state ballot [13:05] <jokeefe> 150 [13:05] <[bsod]> thats not so bad [13:06] <jokeefe> best to start with a ballot question on a state rep district. [13:06] <jokeefe> let me find that [13:06] <wingedearth> you can get those in harvard sq [13:06] <jokeefe> JP should be in the 16th Middlesex [13:07] <wingedearth> or maybe get online sigs [13:07] <wingedearth> that should be pretty easy for a piracy issue [13:07] <[bsod]> isnt middlesex the same as framgham natick area? [13:07] <[bsod]> online sigs count? [13:07] <jokeefe> BTW: here is the break down of voters in designations as we are - [13:07] <[bsod]> just stand out in front of walmart [13:08] <wingedearth> Middlesex was a really awful book that won the Pulitzer Prize [13:08] <[bsod]> theres prohibition supporters eh [13:09] <wingedearth> why shouldn't online signatures count? I don't know the laws on that [13:09] <jokeefe> so we can have public policy questions - [13:09] <SplendidSpoon> They don't have to be signatures of voters in that district? [13:09] <jokeefe> no online signatures [13:09] <SplendidSpoon> I figured it'd have to be voters in Lowells district [13:10] <jokeefe> yes [13:10] <SplendidSpoon> Wait so who would that be putting him up against [13:10] <[bsod]> some other guy that people in lowell have never heard of [13:10] <wingedearth> [13:11] <jokeefe> also [13:12] <[bsod]> geez, middlesex is huge [13:12] <[bsod]> you could get 150 signatures outside the natick mall i bet [13:12] <jokeefe> aye [13:12] <wingedearth> or inside? [13:13] <[bsod]> heh, or that [13:13] <wingedearth> maybe we could drop signature sheets at coffeeshops for people to sign [13:13] <jokeefe> no [13:13] <[bsod]> spam [13:13] <jokeefe> lost sheets [13:13] <jokeefe> best to do it in person [13:13] <[bsod]> oh, or that [13:14] <wingedearth> I'm trying to brainstorm for how to limit manned hours necessary [13:14] <[bsod]> you just need to find campaign contributions and then you hire people to go stand out there [13:14] <[bsod]> wishfull thinking right [13:14] <jokeefe> one person can do 150 sigs [13:14] <wingedearth> must be a way to pass sheets around [13:14] <[bsod]> yea definatly [13:14] <jokeefe> but better with more volunteers [13:15] <wingedearth> mail a sheet to each hackerspace and ask them all to sign and send back [13:16] <[bsod]> that would work if we had a bunch of people from there in here [13:16] <jokeefe> any hacker spaces in your areas? [13:16] <[bsod]> my wife works in natick, maybe i can ask he if she know locals [13:16] <wingedearth> in boston? [13:16] <jokeefe> I know of 2 in Somerville, 1 cambridge and 1 in boston [13:16] <wingedearth> I think there's one on kneeland [13:16] <[bsod]> i know of nothing local [13:17] <jokeefe> got a url? [13:17] <wingedearth> oh, there's a TED conference coming up in Somerville [13:17] <wingedearth> that would be a good spot to pick up signatures [13:17] <jokeefe> already over I think [13:17] <[bsod]> yea [13:17] <wingedearth> oh [13:17] <wingedearth> nm then [13:17] <[bsod]> doh [13:18] <[bsod]> or outside the release of a big movie or mpaa conferance or something [13:19] <jokeefe> I have to head out, ok if we adjourn the formal meeting? [13:19] <SplendidSpoon> I live in Middlesex [13:20] <SplendidSpoon> I can try to get signatures from neighbors and stuff [13:20] <[bsod]> ya, ill ask my wife if she can get middlesex signatures [13:20] <SplendidSpoon> I just need the sheets [13:20] <[bsod]> put the sheets online so we can print em out maybe? [13:21] <wingedearth> what issue exactly would you put on the ballot? [13:21] <[bsod]> or whatever it is that the petition has to say [13:21] <[bsod]> no idea wingedearth

[The discussion turned to where to live.]