May 22nd, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Amendment #630 to stop the police and private corporations from tracking our movements forever, with no warrants! Details


  1. Financial Report
  2. Participation in DMC planning. Next conference call 5/29 @ noon. Please sign up to the DMC planning email list
  3. One week to ballot deadline. Joe got to town hall? Joe need any assistance getting back to Secretary of State?
  4. Candidate bank accounts
  5. "WordPress 3.9.1 is available! Please notify the site administrator." Are we UTD?
    1. Nothing in 3.9.1 seems terribly critical to us
  6. Security on the MPP blog is: TOO DAMN HIGH. Lucia finds herself CONSTANTLY logging in to make simple changes. (HALP!)


  1. May 24th Boston Security Conference - James speaking at it, Steve attending
  2. May 24th, March Against Monsanto, Boston, Lucia and Jason attending, raising banner. Others?
  3. May 24th 6 pm, Candidates (and Captain?) guests on TYJ (The You Jurks) on WEMF. Must arrive before 5:30 @ 110 Brookline St, Cambridge, EMF Building 2nd floor Annex...
  4. June 5th, Reset the Net, we will announce that we now support https. Anything else?
  5. June 14th, 11am+, Boston LBGT Pride Parade


  • Bluelustreak (Lucia Fiero)
  • JCFiero (Jason Fiero)
  • noe (Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville, MA)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • davidd (David van Deijk, Eindhoven, Netherlands)


  • zby


We vote to endorse Amendment 630.

Budget. Around 780 in the bank, and ~ $600 in planned expenditures for the remainder of FY 2013. Steve will send out budget when we get it together.

As suggested during our budgeting meeting, we'll start recording event data at

ScatTV would like to do another net neutrality event with us.

We'll discuss tech issues after the meeting.

March against Monsanto. Noe, Jason, and Lucia joing.

Boston Security Conference. Jamie presenting. Steve attending.

Candidates doing an interview on Young Jurks Saturday evening.

Please talk up June 14th Boston Pride parade, so that we can get people to march with us.

Meeting Minutes


[21:04] <Bluelustreak>,_2014_IRC_Meeting [21:04] <jokeefe> thanks [21:04] <jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [21:05] <JCFiero> Jason Fiero [21:05] <Bluelustreak> Lucia Fiero [21:05] <@davidd> David van Deijk, Eindhoven, Netherlands [21:05] <Bluelustreak> EINDHOVEN! [21:05] <Bluelustreak> (That is all) [21:06] <srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA [21:06] <@davidd> birthplace of the famous philips, brand of consumer electronics and lightbulbs [21:06] <noe> Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville, MA [21:06] <jokeefe> 1. Decisions [21:06] <Bluelustreak> We had a Philips TV. [21:07] <jokeefe> Support "Amendment #630 to stop the police and private corporations from tracking our movements forever, with no warrants!"? [21:07] <jokeefe> [21:07] <noe> I support this amendment [21:07] <Bluelustreak> Sure thing [21:08] <JCFiero> aye! [21:08] <@davidd> agreed [21:08] <srevilak> I share some of js0000's concerns. Not fantastic, but much better than nothing [21:10] <jokeefe> any objections to saying it doesn't go far enough, but we support it? [21:10] <@davidd> dont let perfection stand in the way of improvements [21:10] <jokeefe> agreed [21:10] <@davidd> better to not cast a shadow of doubt and just fully support it [21:11] <srevilak> I'd say support it. Perhaps my reservations are the result of not having time to read the full bill [21:11] <noe> i think the reservations are fair, and we can go into it if/when asked [21:12] <jokeefe> willing to write the statement, srevilak? [21:13] <srevilak> Hmm. [21:13] <srevilak> I'm not clear about what ACLU means by amendment 630 [21:13] <srevilak> There's S.1648, H.3068, S.2141 [21:14] <srevilak> I don't see a 630 on's list of bills [21:14] <srevilak> I'll write to ACLU for clarification [21:14] <jokeefe> thanks [21:14] <jokeefe> seeing no objections, it passes [21:15] <jokeefe> Next up, Tasks [21:15] <jokeefe> 1. Financial Report [21:16] <srevilak> Notes from budgeting meeting:,_2014_Budget_Planning_Meeting [21:16] <@davidd> [21:16] <srevilak> davidd: thx [21:16] <@davidd> i found the source for you [21:16] <@davidd> yw [21:16] <srevilak> we have ~ 780 in the bank [21:17] <jokeefe> thank you, davidd [21:17] <srevilak> Of things we discussed saturday, I've made changes to our accounting of In-kind [21:17] <noe> we're rich! [21:17] <jokeefe> ha ha, noe [21:17] <srevilak> Hoping to get the budget done this weekend [21:17] <jokeefe> thanks, srevilak [21:18] <jokeefe> any idea what our required expenses are for the rest of the year? [21:18] <srevilak> planned expenses for the rest of FY2014 total around 600 [21:18] <noe> easy come, easy go, i suppose [21:18] <srevilak> That doesn't give us a cash flow problem, but we should continue fundraising [21:19] <jokeefe> agreed. [21:19] <JCFiero> I'll work on fundraising when I'm done in NJ [21:19] <srevilak> One suggestion from budgeting mtng was to keep track of event metrics [21:20] <srevilak> started doing this at [21:20] <srevilak> Pls add some notes for today's event :) [21:20] <Bluelustreak> WELL DONE [21:20] <Bluelustreak> Um OK [21:20] <Bluelustreak> I will [21:20] <noe> I know this isn't on our agenda, but I've been approached by SCATV to try and get another Pirate co-sponsored net neutrality event going. [21:20] <noe> If we're talking about events. [21:21] <Bluelustreak> Coolness [21:21] <srevilak> noe: sounds good to me [21:21] <noe> I spammed the VillePirates list to see if I can get just one other person interested. [21:21] <Bluelustreak> LOL [21:21] <Bluelustreak> I am very interested but the distance is a challenge [21:21] <jokeefe> thanks, srevilak [21:21] <noe> It needs to be a person who isn't me! People in Somerville are aware that I'm running and they want ti to be educational, and non-political [21:22] <srevilak> A villen pirate would probably be ideal. [21:22] <srevilak> If all else fails, I used to be a villen :) [21:22] <jokeefe> lets see who we can find. [21:22] <noe> If people can chat up other Pirates who might be interested, it would allow us to create or have a hand in creating internet video that we can share [21:22] <noe> And fundraise with. [21:22] <Bluelustreak> Suburbanite discrimination1 [21:22] <jokeefe> not ideal if me either. [21:22] <Bluelustreak> ! [21:23] <jokeefe> you could put forward a net neutrality talk for your community access station ;-) [21:23] <Bluelustreak> Who are you talking to? [21:23] <noe> Was that directed to me? [21:24] <jokeefe> Bluelustreak [21:24] <noe> Ah, the SCATV person I'm chatting with on Saturday may know of a public media center near you Lucia. [21:24] <noe> I will pass on information if I can wring it from her. [21:25] <Bluelustreak> Sure thing. I will start working on that, Jamie. [21:25] <Bluelustreak> TY Noe [21:25] <Bluelustreak> tyvm [21:25] <jokeefe> :-) Perhaps we could get you the tufts talk to play on community cable [21:25] <noe> srevilak: anything else about fundraising? sorry for the derailing [21:25] <jokeefe> no [21:26] <Bluelustreak> Again, "you"? [21:26] <srevilak> noe: nothing else on fundraising. I'll send out budget when I get it together [21:26] <jokeefe> Reminder that folks should help with DMC planning [21:27] <Bluelustreak> I vounteered to moderTE NEXT WEEK [21:27] <Bluelustreak> OOPS [21:27] <jokeefe> cool! [21:27] <JCFiero> jokeefe pls check FB after mtg. thx [21:27] <jokeefe> if you don't know, contact me, Bluelustreak or srevilak as to how to get involved. [21:27] <Bluelustreak> I keep hitting cap locks [21:27] <jokeefe> will do JCFiero [21:27] <@davidd> do you have a reason to have the capslock on your keyboard? [21:27] <@davidd> do you ever use it purposefully? [21:27] <Bluelustreak> My finger slipped is all [21:27] <Bluelustreak> ALL THE TIME [21:28] <srevilak> davidd: I use caps lock all the time [21:28] <@davidd> otherwise you could remove the key [21:28] <Bluelustreak> ME? ARE YOU KIDDING? [21:28] <noe> all caps screaming can be fun, mumble mumble [21:28] <Bluelustreak> YOU DONT KNWO ME DAVID D [21:28] <@davidd> who needs caps when you can bold [21:28] <noe> Does anyone know if Joe Candidate made it to Town Hall today? [21:28] <Bluelustreak> testify, pirates [21:28] <Bluelustreak> I cannot raise him [21:29] <jokeefe> We dropped off the signatures today. Got lots of pictures. [21:29] <Bluelustreak> Honestly annoyed right now [21:29] <noe> We can collectively poke him tomorrow. [21:29] <Bluelustreak> Thanks! [21:29] <JCFiero> ok [21:29] <jokeefe> I will. [21:29] <srevilak> jokeefe: that's great news (signatures) [21:29] <Bluelustreak> Please pester him. I hate being the only one [21:29] <@davidd> Bluelustreak something for inspiration: We are the robot pirates [21:29] <jokeefe> We meet with statehousenews service and they were interested in talking to us [21:29] <noe> So, I've heard we get bank accounts? Are these bank accounts for campaigns magical in nature? [21:30] <jokeefe> no, noe [21:30] <Bluelustreak> LOL [21:30] <srevilak> noe: AFAIK, you can just get a TIN and open one [21:31] <jokeefe> basically [21:31] <srevilak> state likes PACs and candidate committees to do cash accounting [21:31] <noe> srevilak: I think this is what Joe Treasurer has told me. [21:31] <srevilak> and keep the cash in the bank [21:31] <srevilak> tip: beware of overdraft fees [21:32] <noe> Ah! This makes sense. And this is separate from any indiegogo, gofundme or paypal account that we can make. [21:32] <jokeefe> right those are just ways for people to give money [21:32] <noe> Can we connect this bank account to those fundraising methods? [21:32] <jokeefe> aye, srevilak [21:32] <jokeefe> yes [21:32] <jokeefe> just need a bank account # [21:32] <srevilak> noe: right. You can pull in funds through any means where we take ocpf-required data. Just move the money into the bank [21:33] == Bluelustreak [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [21:33] <srevilak> Important point: you can't take money until your treasurer is on file with OCPF [21:34] <jokeefe> that is done for both campaigns [21:34] <@davidd> or what else will happen srevilak? [21:34] <jokeefe> fines [21:34] <jokeefe> jail time [21:34] <jokeefe> mostly fines [21:34] <srevilak> davidd: money donated without treasurer becomes disqualifying funds, and you have to give it to charity [21:34] <srevilak> and there are probably fines [21:34] <noe> I like charity, but fines make me sad. [21:35] <jokeefe> just need to fill out a page, so registration is easy [21:36] <srevilak> Regarding agenda, what does " Joe got to town hall? Joe need any assistance getting back to SoS" mean? [21:36] <jokeefe> Joe has some additional paperwork to get. [21:37] <srevilak> assumed that SoS != Sack of Shit [21:37] <noe> LOL [21:37] <srevilak> :) [21:37] <jokeefe> SoS = secretary of state [21:38] <jokeefe> I think we can take the tech items offline [21:38] <srevilak> jokeefe: sounds good [21:38] <jokeefe> or after the meeting [21:39] <noe> heading into events? [21:39] <jokeefe> Saturday is a busy day [21:39] <jokeefe> Who is going to the March Against Monsanto? [21:40] <noe> Me! [21:40] <JCFiero> possibly Lucia and I [21:41] <jokeefe> srevilak and I are at the Boston Security Conference [21:42] <JCFiero> Garette is going to the Justina thing allegedly.. [21:42] <jokeefe> Candidates are speaking at the Young Jurks, at least [21:43] <jokeefe> June 5th, Reset the Net, we will announce that we now support https. Anything else? [21:43] <@davidd> Young Turks ? [21:43] <noe> Young Jurks, wordplay on Young Turks, I think. [21:43] <JCFiero> [21:43] <@davidd> have a link to some footage? [21:43] <@davidd> i dont do facebook sorry [21:45] <JCFiero> radio show .. no footage that I know of [21:45] <noe> I think there are youtube vids, @davidd, do you do youtube? [21:45] <@davidd> yes i do [21:45] <jokeefe> Maybe at [21:46] <@davidd> ah thanks jokeefe [21:46] <noe> or [21:47] <jokeefe> Reminder that June 11th, Boston LBGT Pride Parade - please talk it up so we can get people to march with us [21:48] <noe> June 11, 11am! [21:48] <noe> I guess that really means we want people there around 10am? [21:48] <jokeefe> June 14th, I mean [21:48] <jokeefe> earlier for marshals [21:48] <srevilak> noe: yes, organizers would like people there by 10am [21:50] <jokeefe> we don't have a cryptoparty scheduled - suggestions for when we should do the next one? [21:50] <JCFiero> Maybe one in the Bahamas? [21:50] <jokeefe> lol [21:50] <noe> July 5? [21:51] <srevilak> How about early july? [21:51] <@davidd> 4th of july ? [21:51] <noe> (7/5 is the Saturday after 4th of July) [21:51] <srevilak> I'll be out of town [21:52] <srevilak> How about Jul 12th or 13th? [21:52] <JCFiero> may be hard for me and Lucia too... then we have Hope X later in the month hto [21:52] <noe> Both sound good to me. [21:53] <noe> July 29 or 30? [21:53] <jokeefe> later June? [21:53] <srevilak> Late June could work [21:53] <noe> I could do that. [21:53] <noe> (I should probably teach a thing) [21:53] <jokeefe> aye, noe [21:54] <srevilak> noe: yes, go for it! [21:54] <jokeefe> want to try a weekday night? [21:54] <noe> Could do! [21:54] <srevilak> likewise, could do weekday night [21:55] <noe> (I've heard people begging for meshnet stuff, but I have no current familiarity with it) [21:55] <srevilak> weekdays are good for 1--2 topic [21:55] <srevilak> weekdays are good for 1--2 topics [21:55] <srevilak> I'll try to thing of groups we can work with [21:55] <noe> If we do it in Somerville, we can try to have two stations: security & internet [21:55] <noe> Security: encrypted surfing, secure email/browsing [21:56] <noe> Internet: meshnet options, municipal internet? [21:56] <jokeefe> somerville public library west branch open until 9pm on Thu. [21:57] <jokeefe> main branch it is M-Th 9pm [21:57] <noe> So probably 6-9 or 7-9? [21:57] <srevilak> doing this at library could be good [21:57] <jokeefe> could try cambridge public library [21:58] <srevilak> Met someone on Sat who was interested in having cryptoparty @ library in watertown [21:58] <noe> the beautiful main branch is M-Th 9pm [21:58] <jokeefe> did you get their contact info? [21:58] <srevilak> jokeefe: ageis has it [21:58] <jokeefe> ok, will ask him [21:59] <jokeefe> I know I gave the librarian my info [21:59] <srevilak> jokeefe: me too [21:59] <srevilak> noe: somerville public library sounds good [21:59] <noe> have to go now . . . talk later? [21:59] <srevilak> ok [22:00] <srevilak> it's 21:59 [22:00] <jokeefe> motion to adjourn? [22:00] <srevilak> motion to adjourned, followed by tech issues? [22:00] <jokeefe> sure [22:00] <jokeefe> 2nd? [22:00] <noe> 2nd [22:00] <srevilak> second motion [22:00] <jokeefe> all in favor? [22:00] == noe [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [22:00] <srevilak> aye [22:00] <jokeefe> noe votes aye [22:01] <jokeefe> aye [22:01] <jokeefe> motion passes [22:02] <srevilak> So, on to tech issues [22:02] <jokeefe> yes [22:02] <srevilak> Reviewd wordpress 3.9.1 release notes [22:02] <srevilak> [22:02] <srevilak> Nothing seems critical to us. I think we can skip this release [22:03] <jokeefe> any downside to updating? [22:03] <srevilak> no downside [22:03] <srevilak> just takes a little time to test first [22:04] <srevilak> I already have a dev version; can probably do it Sat evening [22:04] <srevilak> ok to move to next item? [22:05] <jokeefe> if there is something more pressing, then then postpone the update [22:05] <srevilak> ok. Will see how things go on sat [22:05] <JCFiero> sorry I have to run too bye buys [22:05] <JCFiero> guys' [22:05] <jokeefe> good night! [22:05] == JCFiero [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [22:05] <srevilak> Re: Security on the MPP blog [22:06] <jokeefe> yes [22:06] <jokeefe> I think the problem is using http & https [22:06] <srevilak> according to wordpress docs, using the "remember me" box on wp-login.php makes your login cookie valid for four days [22:06] <srevilak> er, fourteen days [22:07] <jokeefe> I can test and write up instructions [22:07] <srevilak> AFAIK, we removed all of the http references. [22:07] <srevilak> suggest starting with https, and staying there [22:07] <jokeefe> me too [22:07] <srevilak> in present state, Wordpress should not kick you back to https [22:07] <srevilak> in present state, Wordpress should not kick you back to http [22:08] <jokeefe> is it forcing http to be https? [22:08] <jokeefe> I specify http and it goes with http, not https [22:08] <srevilak> Not a short answer [22:08] <jokeefe> thought so [22:08] <srevilak> when we started rolling out https://, wordpress' site URL was http: [22:09] <srevilak> You had to be really careful over https, or you'd get kicked to http, and lose your session [22:09] <srevilak> Now, we have the reverse. [22:09] <srevilak> If you start over http, you'll have to be really careful, or you'll get kicked over to https and lose your session [22:10] <srevilak> Suggestion: type "" into your browser, and go from there [22:10] <srevilak> That alone will send you to https [22:10] <jokeefe> should, but have sometimes seen it fail to do that. [22:11] <srevilak> Can you give me a test case? I can't reproduce [22:11] <jokeefe> I cannot either. at home. [22:11] <jokeefe> will look futher [22:11] <srevilak> Unless your browser is caching stuff it shouldn't be [22:11] <jokeefe> yes [22:12] <srevilak> Of course, I advocate having your browser clear cache on exit :) [22:12] <srevilak> But try doing it manually [22:12] <jokeefe> always a good idea [22:13] <jokeefe> ok, well we have action items on these issues. [22:13] <jokeefe> call it a night? [22:13] <srevilak> I'll set up separate access logging for http/https, so we can get a better idea of what traffic is going where [22:13] <srevilak> Yes, okay to call it a night [22:13] <jokeefe> thanks, that would be good to see [22:14] <jokeefe> have a good night! [22:14] <srevilak> you too