May 22nd, 2021 Community Organizing Discussion

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Six people attended, of which at least four were from Massachusetts and one was from Texas.

What should we do more of?

  • on-line events
  • advocating for solutions. People already know the problems of centralization, security and privacy
    • free software
    • decentralized networks
    • Swarm economy
  • come up with the minimal pirate tech stack in next 6 months
  • Regular Pirate Onboarding
    • What are our ideals & history
    • Things to do there
    • What role can I take / how can I found out what needs doing
    • Where to find resources
    • Who are the local contacts/leaders
    • What tools we have / how to talk with other pirates?
    • Checkout XR onboarding
  • Day of Freedom event perhaps in late September or 10/2 (10-2?)
    • Have people doing trainings
    • tables where people can learn about/try out some tech things like Signal
    • Virtual event: Have people doing trainings, some recorded, with scheduled times to ask questions
  • Have author event with Gregory Scott Katsoulis about his books including All Rights Reserved ( - micky will ask him. if he is ok, we can approach Somerville public library
  • Sunday (tomorrow) Movie Night on

Next one: 6/26 - 4-6pm

Sites/software discussed: