May 29th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Schedule either a full state or local (Somerville) meeting before the end of June?
  2. Can we do something for June 5th Reset the Net?


  1. Discuss DMC planning. Conference call was 5/29 @ noon. (Also: Please sign up to the DMC planning email list, especially: Mars needs women!)
  2. Lucia and Jason editing Joe's local press release. Send out Friday or wait until Monday?
  3. Candidate bank accounts, update from Noe, advice for Joe


  1. Recap epic weekend?
  2. June 5th, Reset the Net, we will announce that we now support https. Also doing an event at E5. 7-9pm
  3. June 14th, 11am+, Boston LBGT Pride Parade Logistics


  • Bluelustreak (Lucia Fiero)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • Joe (Joseph Guertin, Bellingham, Ma)
  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • Kendra


  • davidd


Next in-person meeting. June 21st, 2-4pm, Pizzaria Regina, 353 Cambridge st, Allston

We'll do a reset the net event. Thursday June 5th, 7-9pm at E5. Talk about surveillance + informal keysigning. Steve to make E5 reservation and do blog post.

DMC. Weekly conference calls at noon Thursday. DMC mailing list (ignore the banner that says "2011"). They're looking for a diverse group of organizers. Please help if you can.

Candidates preparing to open bank accounts.

Logistics for Pride parade:

Meeting Minutes

[21:07] <Bluelustreak> So... Id's?
[21:07] <jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville
[21:07] <Joe> I always need the money. We just haven't met in a while and I didn't know your schedule.
[21:07] <srevilak>  Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA
[21:09] <Bluelustreak> Yes Joe
[21:09] <Bluelustreak> Lucia Fiero
[21:09] <Joe> Joseph Guertin, Bellingham, Ma
[21:09] == Kendra [] has joined #masspirates
[21:10] <jokeefe> ahoy Kendra
[21:10] <jokeefe> doing ids
[21:10] <jokeefe> and Decisions
[21:10] <jokeefe> agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting
[21:10] <Kendra> Hi Pirates, Kendra Moyer, Highland Park, MI
[21:10] <jokeefe> Schedule either a full state or local (Somerville) meeting before the end of June?
[21:11] <jokeefe> Bluelustreak pointed out we haven't had a social/inperson meeting in a while
[21:11] <jokeefe> having one in June would be good
[21:11] <Kendra> I say do the full state.
[21:11] <Bluelustreak> I have fairly competent activist that is new to the area
[21:11] <srevilak> How about the weekend of June 21-22
[21:11] <Bluelustreak> He just needs a place to come out to to meet y'all.
[21:11] <srevilak> No other events that weekend
[21:12] <jokeefe> Usual pizza place?
[21:12] <Bluelustreak> Wait, which weekend?
[21:12] <srevilak> June 21--22
[21:12] <Bluelustreak> Um... Sunday?
[21:12] <srevilak> Bluelustreak: Saturday the 21st or Sunday the 22nd
[21:13] <Bluelustreak> If Saturday Garret can come
[21:13] <Bluelustreak> usually.
[21:13] <Joe> Hey Kendra
[21:13] <Bluelustreak> Just saying
[21:13] <Bluelustreak> Hi Kendra!
[21:13] <Kendra> Hi
[21:13] <srevilak> I'm okay w/ Sat 21st
[21:14] <jokeefe> Either is fine with me at this time
[21:15] <jokeefe> All in favor of meeting for lunch on Sat. June 21st?
[21:15] <Joe> I should be able to make it but won't know til the 10th
[21:15] <srevilak> usual 2pm-4pm?
[21:15] <Bluelustreak> can we vote time?
[21:15] <jokeefe> 2-4pm has been suggested
[21:15] <Bluelustreak> Sure OK
[21:16] <srevilak> I'm okay with Sat June 21 2-4pm
[21:16] <Bluelustreak> I will tell Garret and Harrison, and Al Willis, who has expressed an interest
[21:16] <Bluelustreak> Aye
[21:16] <jokeefe> Aye
[21:16] <jokeefe> thank you, Bluelustreak
[21:16] <srevilak> Presume the usual Pizzaria Regina?
[21:16] <Bluelustreak> Putting it on my calendar
[21:16] <jokeefe> aye
[21:16] <Bluelustreak> Aye
[21:17] <jokeefe> Any opposed?
[21:17] <Kendra> I would like to attend, but will not be there yet, but all in favor.
[21:17] <jokeefe> motion carries
[21:17] <srevilak> aye
[21:18] <jokeefe> ok, now motion carries
[21:18] <jokeefe> Next - Can we do something for June 5th Reset the Net?
[21:18] <jokeefe> Evan suggested a cryptoparty, can help with getting the word out
[21:19] <jokeefe> On June 5th.
[21:19] <srevilak> I liked the idea of doing a cryptoparty/keysigning @ e5
[21:19] <srevilak> E5's calendar seems to be open that evening
[21:20] <jokeefe> Do you have time to do it, srevilak?
[21:20] <Bluelustreak> I can attend, if needed.
[21:20] <srevilak> jokeefe: I can do it
[21:20] <Bluelustreak> Can't be there before 7, though.
[21:20] <srevilak> Ditto - I'd also ask for a 7pm start time.  Maybe 7 -- 8:30 or 9?
[21:21] <jokeefe> if you are ok wth it and running it, then it goes to your schedule
[21:22] <jokeefe> June 5th, e5, 7-8:30/9, PGP/Email/Keysigning Cryptoparty
[21:22] <srevilak> I'd say keysigning.  
[21:22] <srevilak> For 90 minutes, might be easier to talk about pervasive surveillance
[21:23] <jokeefe> whatever you want to call it.  srevilak, you want to tell Evan the good news?
[21:23] <srevilak> (e.g., tell people all the ways they're being tracked)
[21:23] <srevilak> jokeefe: I can tell evan
[21:23] <jokeefe> thanks
[21:23] <Bluelustreak> I thought this was about net neutrality
[21:23]  * srevilak switches windows to make E5 reservation
[21:23] <Bluelustreak> Link pls
[21:23] <srevilak>
[21:24] <jokeefe> NSA & spying
[21:24] <Bluelustreak> Oh wait do I just show up at e5?
[21:24] <jokeefe> yes
[21:24] <jokeefe> srevilak, would you be able to put out the blog post?
[21:24] <Bluelustreak> Is there a reset the net event about NN?
[21:25] <jokeefe> don't know of one
[21:25] <srevilak> jokeefe: sure
[21:25] <jokeefe> thank you
[21:26] <jokeefe> Tasks
[21:26] <jokeefe> 1. Discuss DMC planning. Conference call was 5/29 @ noon. (Also: Please sign up to the DMC planning email list, especially: Mars needs women!)
[21:26] <jokeefe> Bluelustreak, would you talk about it?
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> *looks for Noe*
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> Specifically?
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> The specifics of the tracks were not discussed
[21:27] <jokeefe> have a date?
[21:27] <Bluelustreak> Sort of
[21:27] <Bluelustreak> one sec
[21:27] <Bluelustreak> They have Friday the 24th reserved at Lesley
[21:28] <Bluelustreak> But they are waiting for work from Roxbury...
[21:28] <Bluelustreak> BCC?
[21:28] <Bluelustreak> Sorry Al never posted the notes
[21:28] <Bluelustreak> And I tried to remember details but I had a bit of a headache
[21:28] <jokeefe> Two tracks are "Tools to protect your privacy" and "Women and technology"?
[21:29] <jokeefe> hope your head is feeling better, Bluelustreak
[21:29] <Bluelustreak> Well after they have the venue settled they will be discussing the specifics of the tracks
[21:29] <Bluelustreak> right now the women thing...
[21:29] <Bluelustreak> hasn't even got a subcommitte yet
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> Sarah will be taking the lead with myself and Deb Nichols but....
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> WE WANT ALL WOMEN
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> So was really hoping to see Noe
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> I will reach out to her by email.
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> As for Privacy tools track
[21:31] <Bluelustreak> Once they have the venue issues ironed out, we will need to sit down with them by phone IRC or in person
[21:31] <Bluelustreak> So not for two weeks but soon after... OK?
[21:31] <jokeefe> when is the next meeting?
[21:32] <Bluelustreak> DMC? Next Th @ Noon
[21:32] <jokeefe> ok
[21:32] <Bluelustreak> I will be there.
[21:32] <jokeefe> ok to advertise that me are looking for people to help?
[21:32] <Bluelustreak> YES PLEASE
[21:33] <jokeefe> ok, will put it in the next email
[21:33] <Bluelustreak> Awesome
[21:33] <jokeefe> and blog post
[21:33] <jokeefe> Anything about the DMC?
[21:33] <Bluelustreak> ?
[21:33] <Bluelustreak> else?
[21:33] <jokeefe> yes, else, missed the word
[21:33] <Bluelustreak> The theme is "Express yourself"
[21:34] <Bluelustreak> Subtitle: Safely or without fear (of reprisal)
[21:34] <srevilak> DMC notes:
[21:34] <jokeefe> cool
[21:34] <Bluelustreak> Where did you find that?
[21:34] <Bluelustreak> Please?
[21:35] <Bluelustreak> Called Al personally got no reply
[21:35] <srevilak> Bluelustreak: Al sent via email to
[21:35] <Bluelustreak> Man I looked for that!
[21:35] <Bluelustreak> Too many inboxes in my gmail
[21:36] <Bluelustreak> Pirate activists' emails have shifted themselves from "forums" to "Promotions"
[21:36] <Bluelustreak> And I don't even know why or have time to figure out how to change it
[21:36] <Bluelustreak> (Thanks)
[21:37] <Bluelustreak> Al seemed eager to hear from Jamie...
[21:37] <Bluelustreak> BTW
[21:37] <jokeefe> Would need to look at your settings to figure it out.
[21:37] <Bluelustreak> You have time to reach out to him
[21:37] <jokeefe> Will do.  Please let me invite him to our upcoming events.
[21:38] <jokeefe> Moving on to "Lucia and Jason editing Joe's local press release. Send out Friday or wait until Monday?"
[21:38] <Bluelustreak> OK Jason took pity on me.
[21:38] <Bluelustreak> When I told him I was overwhelmed and submitted something after all.
[21:39] <jokeefe> so the press release is done?
[21:39] <Bluelustreak> Sign off on it, come up with something else, or take mine as it was originally written
[21:39] <jokeefe> and sent?
[21:39] <Bluelustreak> One sec I will send what I just got from Jason to the list
[21:40] <Bluelustreak> Sent
[21:41] <jokeefe> great
[21:41] <jokeefe> My only suggestion on timing is to send it so they have it in enough time before the deadline for their issue.
[21:41] <Bluelustreak> So Friday?
[21:41] <Bluelustreak> For Monday?
[21:41] <Bluelustreak> Oh you like it. Great
[21:42] <Bluelustreak> Make sure you thank him
[21:43] <jokeefe> Re: dates - Depends on when the reporters have to submit their articles.  Only way to know is to ask them.
[21:43] <Bluelustreak> I will get right on it in the AM
[21:44] <jokeefe> Anything else on press releases?
[21:44] <Bluelustreak> I have determined which papers cover our area.
[21:44] <Bluelustreak> Just have to reach out to them
[21:44] <jokeefe> huzzah!
[21:44] <Bluelustreak> Yay me.
[21:45] <srevilak> E5 calendar entry:
[21:45] <jokeefe> Moving on to Candidate bank accounts
[21:45] <jokeefe> thanks, srevilak
[21:45] <Bluelustreak> Excellent, thanks
[21:45] <jokeefe> Noe's campaign is reviewing our options on Sunday.
[21:46] <Bluelustreak> Meaning?
[21:46] <jokeefe> reviewing paperwork and the like
[21:46] <Bluelustreak> Joe
[21:46] <jokeefe> will have to open account later in the week
[21:46] <Bluelustreak> You wanna get a bank account this Sat?
[21:46] <Bluelustreak> Oh!
[21:47] <Bluelustreak> Well whomever succeeds first can advise the other
[21:47] <jokeefe> great
[21:48] <Joe> Yeah, I'd like to get the bank account done ASAP
[21:48] <Bluelustreak> OK!
[21:49] <Bluelustreak> Jason (your treasurer) will be home tomorrow
[21:49] <jokeefe> wonderful
[21:49] <Bluelustreak> Yes it is.
[21:50] <jokeefe> Moving on to Events
[21:50] <Bluelustreak> We are ar 10 minutes to
[21:51] <jokeefe> Do we need to recap last weekend or did everyone read the reviews?
[21:51] <Bluelustreak> I move we skip it
[21:51] <jokeefe> 2nd
[21:52] <jokeefe> all in favor?
[21:52] <Bluelustreak> Not that many revelers present anyway
[21:52] <Bluelustreak> aye
[21:52] <Kendra> aye
[21:52] <Bluelustreak> So Pride?
[21:52] <Kendra> One quick question on the turn out last week.
[21:53] <Bluelustreak> Go ahead
[21:53] <Kendra> sorry did many show up or were they scattered?
[21:53] <Bluelustreak> At MAM?
[21:53] <Bluelustreak> Big turn out
[21:53] <Kendra> ok
[21:53] <Bluelustreak> Pirates present were Noe, me and Bry
[21:54] <Bluelustreak> Valerie Malta came by to talk to us
[21:54] <Bluelustreak> and she introduced all the Pirates present at WEMF to Carmelita and the others
[21:54] <Bluelustreak> Carmelita gave me mere minutes to sell her on Piracy
[21:54] <jokeefe> :-)
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> Had my talking points down and Val backed me up so all in all went very well
[21:55] <srevilak> Bluelustreak: who's Carmelita?
[21:55] <Kendra> is that a dj?
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> Bay State Rock Carmelita from WAAF
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> Formerly of WBCN
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> Local celeb
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> pet side project:
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> "Smoking in the Girls' Room"
[21:56] <Bluelustreak> All Politics talk
[21:56] <Bluelustreak> Local, feminist
[21:56] <Kendra> sorry that was the question, carry on.
[21:56] <Bluelustreak> Val co hosts
[21:56] <Bluelustreak> What do marshalls need to do for Pride?
[21:56] <Bluelustreak> Anything?
[21:57] <srevilak> Bluelustreak: we need to check in before 10am
[21:57] <Bluelustreak> Where please?
[21:57] <srevilak> Checkin tent is next to Boston Public Library
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> Like last year
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> Awesome
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> Thanks
[21:58] <srevilak> yes: afaik, same place as last year
[21:58] <srevilak> I think the challenge will be getting pirate marcher turnout
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> So... Inflatable swords, jokeefe?
[21:58] <srevilak> We should also be more selective about what we put in the wagon :)
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> lol
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> 2nd
[21:59] <jokeefe> Yes, I will find them
[21:59] <Bluelustreak> WATER
[21:59] <Bluelustreak> Good luck ,sir
[22:00] <jokeefe> Started a new pad to talk logistics -
[22:01] <srevilak> anything else for this evening?
[22:01] <jokeefe> We should finish up planning for pride next week
[22:01] <Bluelustreak> 2nd
[22:02] <jokeefe> That is our agenda, motion to adjoun
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> 2nd
[22:02] <jokeefe> all in favor?
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> aye
[22:02] <Kendra> aye
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> great meeting ppl. Thanks for coming
[22:02] <Kendra> nite
[22:02] == Kendra [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> Night mwah
[22:02] <jokeefe> have a wonderful night all, thanks
[22:02] <srevilak> will post transcript
[22:02] <Joe> goodnight eceryone