May 8th, 2021 Democracy/Tech Meeting

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Attending: John, Nick, Steve and James

Discussion about trying out a peertube instance. Requires Postgres. Jamie will open support ticket to see if they can give us access to Postgres instance.

Collaboration platforms. Ideas: slack, discord, signal. Signal has added features for groups, and the ability to configured timed message deletion. Slack was acquired by salesforce. We believe discord is still an independent company. There is a matrix/signal bridge, but it appears to require significant setup.

Camera mapping:

  • Still some clean up to do.
  • Organize another camera mapping event, perhaps in Chelsea.

Our version of civicrm is nearing end of life. Should upgrade. Jamie will do a first pass and Steve will look into this (probably after Arlington town meeting ends).

Fun stuff about Cellebrite:

Arlington/Newton home rule petitions for RCV:

  • Goes before legislature
  • Then to vote of the full town. Simple majority vote, no minimum turnout required

Next meeting: 6/5, 11-1pm