November 14th, 2011 IRC Meeting

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1. Status Reports

2. 2011 Objectives

   a. Stopping E-PARASITE/SOPA/PROTECT-IP bills
   b. Teach-ins on our issues at Occupy events
   c. Teach-ins on How 2 Run 4 Office
   d. Budget & Fundraising.  Also find a new treasurer

3. Switching to PirateIRC

4. Anything else others want to bring up

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


  • irc name - name, home town


We will explore holding a rally and march against the E-PARASITE/SOPA/PROTECT-IP bills in the 2nd week in December. Likely will start at Occupy Boston, march to Govt. Center finally urge people to go visit their Congress people. Outreach/publicity is key. Will need to talk with ACLU/Demand Progress/Tea Party/etc. groups to see if they want to participate. Will mention it to other state parties in case they want to have rallies/marches in their states.

Meeting Minutes


[21:35] <@jokeefe> hi all [21:36] <AphelionZ> Shit, i didnt know WA had a pirate party [21:36] <AphelionZ> last I checked it was MA and Florida [21:36] <AphelionZ> hi jokeefe [21:37] <@jokeefe> how are things in WA Grizzly? [21:42] <@jokeefe> AphelionZ, did you get a chance to look at [21:43] <AphelionZ> I have - is that a blog with a domain pointed at it or a custom WP install? [21:44] <@jokeefe> custom WP install [21:44] <@jokeefe> we started on and moved. [21:45] <AphelionZ> cool, cool. Ok, I'm gonna sound very obvious here [21:45] <AphelionZ> but [21:46] <AphelionZ> 1) Add more pictures, 2) get plugin install via FTP working and install some plugins [21:46] <Grizzly> James [21:46] <Grizzly> Sorry for the delay, in class. [21:46] <Grizzly> We're chugging along. [21:46] <Grizzly> But the occupies hear are getting hurt [21:46] <Grizzly> Especially Portland [21:46] <AphelionZ> also get those notifications out of that space to make room for the featured content [21:47] <AphelionZ> (the space right underneath the nav) [21:47] <@jokeefe> Thanks, AphelionZ [21:48] <@jokeefe> 1. more pictures would be very good. [21:48] <@jokeefe> 2. the WP is pretty good about offering plugins, any you feel would be very useful [21:48] <@jokeefe> 3. yes the three key things needs some improvements. [21:49] <AphelionZ> Like I said, some obvious stuff but I like to be thorough :) [21:49] <AphelionZ> I'd install a good SEO plugin, and a sitemap plugin first just to feed the spiders [21:49] <@jokeefe> How is OccupySeattle doing, Grizzly? [21:49] == SplendidSpoon [] has joined #masspirates [21:49] <AphelionZ> Then probably a subscribe-by-email thing [21:49] <AphelionZ> Grizzly: I heard about Portland, I'm so sorry :( [21:49] <SplendidSpoon> Hey sry Im late [21:50] <@jokeefe> Any recommended SEO pluggins, AphelionZ? [21:50] <AphelionZ> let me look, I havent in a while [21:50] <@jokeefe> no problem, SplendidSpoon [21:50] <@jokeefe> welcome [21:50] <AphelionZ> [21:51] <AphelionZ> [21:51] <AphelionZ> You should also look at [21:51] <AphelionZ> IDK if a 527 applies but Google is offering $10,000 a year in in-kind advertising to non-profits [21:52] <AphelionZ> they probably won't be psyched about endorsing a political party though :-/ [21:52] == Redly [183f564d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:52] <@jokeefe> yes probably not. [21:53] <@jokeefe> Might also run up against campaign finance laws. Though if we had a 501c3 [21:53] <@jokeefe> hi Redly! [21:53] <@jokeefe> Will JP be able to make it? [21:53] <@jokeefe> thanks for the links, AphelionZ [21:54] <Redly> Howdy howdy. So sorry, Blue isn't feelin' very well and he's out cold right now. I'll be here in his place tonight. ^_^ [21:54] <AphelionZ> np [21:55] <@jokeefe> good to have you with us. Hope JP gets better. Finals are approaching and all. [21:56] <@jokeefe> Agenda at,_2011_IRC_Meeting [21:57] <@jokeefe> Not so much on status, as what to focus on the rest of 2011 [21:59] <AphelionZ> What's the story on the three bills in 2.a as far as like, when those bills will be voted on, active petitions, etc [22:00] <@jokeefe> E-PARASITE = SOPA & PROTECT-IP [22:02] <AphelionZ> :) [22:02] <@jokeefe> SOPA would make over ten uses of a copyrighted song on a youtube video public performances and allow the charging of royalties, IIRC [22:02] <SplendidSpoon> eww [22:03] <AphelionZ> yeah that's super lame [22:03] <@jokeefe> PROTECT-IP allows the govt / private individuals go after wikileaks / "pirates" [22:03] <AphelionZ> is PROTECT-IP related to the wikileaks/twitter verdict? [22:04] <@jokeefe> no, that is a privacy issue, though I could see it being used as leverage [22:04] <@jokeefe> PROTECT-IP could get a judge to shutdown site or get mc/visa to stop payment processing with little/no due process [22:05] <@jokeefe> Demand Progress / EFF have done petitions [22:07] <Grizzly> How far do you see those going? [22:07] <AphelionZ> Also, how do we feel about aligning with those organizations? [22:07] <Grizzly> I'd also like to hear your thoughts on that. [22:07] <@jokeefe> Not an issue with working with others. Even some of the Tea Party folks have been against the bills. [22:08] <SplendidSpoon> I always thought EFF was fighting good fighr [22:08] <AphelionZ> As far as I know, I'm down with the EFF but idk a lot about Demand Progress [22:08] <AphelionZ> who funds them, etc [22:08] <SplendidSpoon> But their latest talk is sponsered by a private contractor who has spyed on and worked against wkileaks [22:08] <AphelionZ> cuz something for 2011 could be to seek a fiscal sponsorship relationship with a 501c3 [22:08] <AphelionZ> SplendidSpoon: hrmm [22:08] <SplendidSpoon> A company called palantir, which was part of the team themis anonymous exposed [22:08] <SplendidSpoon> Yes, it was in wired today [22:09] <SplendidSpoon> But I wouldn't back away from EFF completely because of it, just makes me nervous [22:09] <@jokeefe> Grizzly, I am not sure how they will go, but if they get in place, then the internet will be a place that is less friendly to free speech [22:09] <AphelionZ> Can you get us links to those petitions? [22:10] <@jokeefe> Yes, something to watch SplendedSpoon [22:10] <@jokeefe> 1 min, will get them [22:10] <SplendidSpoon> I have my eye on the situation [22:11] <AphelionZ> So it seems like the assertion is that pushing the petitions forward and fighting down the legislation is more immediate than dealing with the politics of the EFF / DP [22:11] <@jokeefe> Demand Progress - [22:12] <@jokeefe> EFF has been very good/active on these issues. I met with Demand Progress awhile ago and they seemed like good folks with similar ideas [22:12] <Grizzly> We can support their petitions without supporting them as a company. [22:12] <SplendidSpoon> Yes [22:12] <Grizzly> Or organization* [22:12] <SplendidSpoon> This legislation is important to fight I think [22:12] <@jokeefe> EFF - [22:12] <SplendidSpoon> I think much of the internet feels this way [22:13] <Grizzly> We will need to shamelessly cooperate with many disparate groups. [22:13] <Grizzly> Even, sometimes, people like the Tea Party. [22:13] <Grizzly> And corporations. [22:13] <Grizzly> >.> [22:13] <@jokeefe> [22:13] <@jokeefe> Wednesday [22:14] <@jokeefe> I'll get a notice about it out tomorrow morning [22:14] <@jokeefe> email/blog post etc. [22:14] <SplendidSpoon> Cool [22:21] <AphelionZ> fantastic [22:21] <@jokeefe> The tactics *we* have used are urging people to call their congress people [22:21] <AphelionZ> and I agree about the bill, let's burn this mother down [22:21] <@jokeefe> Holding a rally would be a good thing, if we can get people to it [22:21] <AphelionZ> Can you get OccupyBoston to march? [22:21] <SplendidSpoon> Id go] [22:22] <@jokeefe> meeting with congress people or their staff would be good esp. if we had a good packet of info on the problems with the issues. [22:22] <@jokeefe> letters to the editors [22:22] <@jokeefe> all are possible. [22:25] <SplendidSpoon> All of the above :D [22:27] <@jokeefe> Any one up to putting together a packet of info for congress folks or writing draft letters to the editor? [22:27] <AphelionZ> I might be, when is this being voted on? [22:27] <SplendidSpoon> When are the bills to be voted on? [22:30] <@jokeefe> Well, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon has said that he will oppose all bills, so by the Senate rules he can put a stop on them, though for how long that will last I don't know. [22:30] <@jokeefe> There are house hearings on SOPA at least on Wed. [22:31] <SplendidSpoon> I think I sent a letter to Scott Brown through the EFFs website [22:31] <SplendidSpoon> they have something like that up therer [22:31] <SplendidSpoon> I believe it was for Protect-IP [22:31] <SplendidSpoon> Theres many groups online opposing this [22:32] <SplendidSpoon> Some of their sites might have good packet information [22:32] <@jokeefe> The responses I have gotten from him are of the "I will keep you in mind" variety [22:32] <SplendidSpoon> lol me too [22:32] <@jokeefe> Kerry was worse, he responded to the wrong issue. [22:32] <SplendidSpoon> haha omg [22:34] <@jokeefe> We did call all reps/senators and didn't get many clear responses. [22:34] <SplendidSpoon> Thats nervewracking [22:35] <SplendidSpoon> This is a dem bill too isnt it? [22:35] <@jokeefe> Mostly the staffers didn't know about their positions. [22:35] <@jokeefe> Yes, the bills are bipartisan [22:36] <SplendidSpoon> oh they are bot [22:36] <SplendidSpoon> both* [22:36] <@jokeefe> Well, we could hold a rally at Occupy Boston and a march to their offices to speak with them. [22:36] <@jokeefe> December. [22:37] <@jokeefe> Before Xmas [22:37] <SplendidSpoon> I'd go! [22:37] <SplendidSpoon> and bring sympathizers. Easy to get people against this working at an internet company! [22:38] <@jokeefe> The week of the 12th gives us about a month to plan [22:39] <SplendidSpoon> Cool [22:39] <SplendidSpoon> I wonder how you could get something about it onto Occupy Bostons website/calender [22:39] <SplendidSpoon> I dont know how myself, maybe Gregg does [22:39] <@jokeefe> I think so [22:40] <SplendidSpoon> right, you already got the other thing up [22:40] <SplendidSpoon> Lots of tech people in Boston would support this I think [22:40] <@jokeefe> Grizzly, do you think the WA Pirates would be interested in holding a similar event on the same day? [22:41] <Grizzly> I think we would [22:41] <Grizzly> If we could get enough people. [22:41] <Grizzly> We're lacking activity right now [22:41] <@jokeefe> Dec will be cold, but marching will keep us warm. Brief speech at OB, one at the gov office bldg then urge people to go talk to their reps. [22:42] <SplendidSpoon> maybe other parties could be part of it too [22:42] <@jokeefe> SplendidSpoon makes a really good point that being tech areas, outreach could be easier. Doesn't just have to be Pirates [22:42] <SplendidSpoon> in other states [22:42] <Grizzly> Occupy has the most potential manpower for marches. [22:43] <Grizzly> So we'll have to see about that. [22:43] <AphelionZ> Occupy is ripe for issues involving freedom of speech on the internet [22:43] <@jokeefe> True, but it cannot just be Occupy so outreach is key [22:43] <Grizzly> Occupy is so heavily dependent on the Internet, they should be for this. [22:43] <SplendidSpoon> MITland [22:43] <AphelionZ> plus these bills are a good talking point about the pirate party [22:43] <SplendidSpoon> Go to MITland [22:43] <@jokeefe> aye [22:44] <AphelionZ> I can help remotely - I can try my hand at the sample letters as well as maybe some flyers for MITland :) [22:44] <@jokeefe> If we had a good poster design to put up around all the campuses, and tech areas in Boston/Cambridge [22:44] <AphelionZ> if jokeefe and Grizzly are willing to address the general assemblies [22:44] <SplendidSpoon> I can put up posters in Kendall sq [22:45] <AphelionZ> I can design the posters [22:45] <SplendidSpoon> cool [22:45] <@jokeefe> Agree that getting a proposal before Occupy is a good idea. [22:45] <AphelionZ> I'll be in Boston between Dec 21-Jan 4 btw [22:46] <AphelionZ> I'd love to march :) [22:46] <Grizzly> I'm not happy with our Occupy [22:46] <Grizzly> Their outreach and media groups have been terrible. [22:47] <@jokeefe> maybe they need help? [22:47] <Grizzly> I set with a city councilmember to come to our occupy, and have been trying since Wednesday to get someone to answer me. [22:47] <Grizzly> No time to go down to the GAs, but they won't even answer texts, e-mails, voicemails... [22:47] <Grizzly> I wouldn't know, they won't respond at all. [22:47] <AphelionZ> I've noticed a distinct lack of response from most @Occupy twitter accounts, honestly [22:48] <Grizzly> I'd rather they give me a negative response rather than NO response. [22:48] <@jokeefe> Thanks, AphelionZ. My thought for a poster design was something like a single picture of a girl at a computer with a caption like, if XXX law is passed, then she won't be able to do YYY. Stop the Great Firewall of the US [22:48] <AphelionZ> jokeefe: should I just set a date for the march and put it on the flyers? [22:48] <AphelionZ> March: Dec 12 or something [22:48] <AphelionZ> and then SplendidSpoon can flyer [22:48] <Grizzly> I'll send this information to our PR group [22:49] <@jokeefe> no, we should pick a date and see who can make it. [22:49] <AphelionZ> Jan 2 :) [22:49] <SplendidSpoon> Ill flyer as soon as that flyer comes out [22:50] <@jokeefe> Depends if govt offices are open. [22:50] <@jokeefe> Was thinking December will be warmer than Jan. [22:50] <AphelionZ> what age girl? I'm seeing an edward gorey tim burtonesque shadowy little girl [22:50] <AphelionZ> Yeah, im just being selfish cuz i wanna go :p [22:50] <AphelionZ> but i don't have to be there [22:50] <@jokeefe> Girl should be wholesome. [22:51] <SplendidSpoon> student looking [22:51] <AphelionZ> and the list of things she can't do are like [22:51] <@jokeefe> Just one idea. The key point is an image with what gets lost if the bills are passed [22:51] <AphelionZ> * research evolution on youtube [22:51] <SplendidSpoon> But will the bill prevent something like that? I dont know examples [22:51] <SplendidSpoon> Maybe watch that video about how it would "break the internet" [22:51] <@jokeefe> Yes [22:52] <Grizzly> Doesn't the bill enter congress wednesday? [22:52] <Grizzly> Wouldn't that be too late? [22:52] <Grizzly> Tangent - Please come to PirateIRC, lurk in #uspp, and consider moving #masspirates to PirateIRC ...they have a great webclient. [22:53] <AphelionZ> here's the video [22:54] <@jokeefe> thanks [22:55] <@jokeefe> House Judiciary Committee hearing is Wed. [22:55] <@jokeefe> Doubt the bill will go that quickly with 12 sponsors. After all, we have a super committee to cut the budget in two weeks [22:56] <AphelionZ> lol they're just going to push everybody onto a Tor network [22:56] <AphelionZ> this is so retarded [22:57] <@jokeefe> that would take down tor [22:57] <@jokeefe> actually 20 sponsors [22:57] <AphelionZ> well if it's strictly domain name based…? this video says you can still access raw IP addresses [22:57] <SplendidSpoon> and Tors so slow.... :( [22:57] <@jokeefe> could create a P2P DNS system [22:57] <AphelionZ> i meant to say Tor-like network too [22:59] <AphelionZ> I also think that as the representatives of the open internet we should have a backup plan ready to propose in case the bill gets passed [22:59] <AphelionZ> but maybe that's just an agenda item for a future meeting [23:01] <@jokeefe> Tentative date of Wed. Dec 14th? We can bring it to other groups to see what they think [23:02] <Grizzly> Please CC on any relevant e-mails. [23:03] <@jokeefe> sure [23:03] <AphelionZ> my email is [23:06] <@jokeefe> I have to get up at 5am, so shall we iron out the remaining details over this week and make any final decisions next monday? [23:07] <AphelionZ> Sure, are we done or just continuing the agenda [23:09] <SplendidSpoon> I think we done, he said he's gotta sleep [23:09] <@jokeefe> we usually run an hour and we are over. Folks are welcome to continue talking about items on the agenda. A rally will be a big item to focus on for this year [23:10] <@jokeefe> well i'm going to head out. I'll put the minutes up on the wiki. [23:10] <@jokeefe> have a good night! thanks all. [23:11] <AphelionZ> goodnight jokeefe, thank YOU