November 1st, 2015 Campaign Planning Meeting

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Attending: Joe, Steve, James, Rob, Brian, Barton, Rachael


Do we have:

  • summaries of our positions (Halley's MAPP zine, flyer)
  • single snappy web page that says who we are (no, but is available)
  • forum (suggestions to use Slack)

What would be the best way to reach out to potential pirates and who are our natural constituents:?

  • tech
  • writers/artists

Suggestion that we should be for things rather than against

  • host neutral debates on topics on ideas that aren't key (SCAT)
    • we support open conversation
    • even playing field


  • revise platform
  • videos:
    • why run
    • how to run set
  • reach out to supporters:
    • ask to organize/volunteer/recommend candidates
  • identify candidates
  • mentor & support candidates
  • get candidates on the ballot

Open questions

How to deal with influx of people?

Next Meetings

The next meetings will be Nov. 15, Sun., and Dec. 6, Sun. Both will be at Regina Pizzeria in Allston.