November 8th, 2012 Informal IRC Discussion

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Open discussion in preparation for our In-Person meeting on the 11th.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


  • SplendidSpoon -
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • Lucia -
  • mildbeard - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • srevilak -
  • davidd - David van Deijk, from PP Netherlands


  • passstab - from PA
  • sharp_ -
  • zby_home -


David recommends:

  • Having a counter for funds raised and # of members on front page of the site
  • Table at flea markets, farmers markets and other events.
  • When leafletting:
    • what do you want from these people?
    • what can you offer them?
    • clearly show the leaflet to the people you engage
    • DutchPP college leaflet
  • At events it helps to attract parents with kids if someone is dressed up as an animal
  • Photograph yourselves doing things at events and put them up on your site
  • Video how to do things such as leaflet so others can learn & share it
  • Recommends that all new Dutch Pirates watch this video on consensus based communities (in English)

Meeting Minutes


[12:06] <@jokeefe> Hey, davidd, how are things with the Dutch Pirates? Any advice? [12:06] <+davidd> what do you wanna know about it? [12:06] <+davidd> is advice the american spelling? i usually spell it advise? [12:07] <@jokeefe> what approaches have you all taken to growing the party, contesting office, etc. [12:07] <@jokeefe> yes advice is the US spelling, likely [12:07] <@jokeefe> Advise verb, advice noun :-) [12:08] <+davidd> ah thx for clearing that up jokeefe [12:08] == mildbeard [] has joined #masspirates [12:08] == mode/#masspirates [+o mildbeard] by [4Q] [12:08] == mode/#masspirates [+v mildbeard] by [4Q] [12:08] <+davidd> so we have a counter showing the amount of members on our website [12:08] == mode/#masspirates [+l 16] by [4Q] [12:08] <+davidd> and our warchest for the lawsuit [12:08] <@mildbeard> back in a sec, unloading groceries... [12:08] <@jokeefe> Also, Lucia / SplendidSpoon / mildbeard, you all still able to make the in-person meeting [12:08] <+davidd> [12:08] <+davidd> see top right [12:09] <+davidd> a bar with a target and a number [12:09] <@SplendidSpoon> was it on Sunday this weekend? [12:09] <+davidd> that really helped us drive members and money [12:10] <@Lucia> I was planning on it. You know how things can change quickly here, but no obstacles so far. [12:10] <@jokeefe> good, Lucia [12:10] <+davidd> get out on the streets with membership forms [12:10] <@jokeefe> yes, Sunday this weekend, SplendidSpoon [12:10] <@jokeefe> people were busy next weekend [12:11] <+davidd> here in europe we have like trunksales where you can hire stands [12:11] <+davidd> those are good spots to meet lots of people [12:12] <+davidd> i know the US is more into garagesales in lawns [12:12] <@jokeefe> yes [12:12] <@jokeefe> and farners markets [12:12] <@jokeefe> my city started a flea market as well [12:13] <+davidd> so if you can get a stand at a fleamarket, go for it [12:13] <+davidd> you can get like 30 members easy in a day [12:14] <+davidd> people like to see faces, not faceless institutions [12:14] <@Lucia> We don't table often. [12:14] <@Lucia> Not many opportunities [12:14] <+davidd> so i really focussed during the campaign on getting pictures with pirates on our website [12:15] <@SplendidSpoon> yup [12:15] <@jokeefe> yes, our site doesn't have enough pictures of people on it. [12:15] <@mildbeard> Hey I can make it to the meeting. [12:15] <@SplendidSpoon> I'll be there too [12:15] <+davidd> if you have nice pics on your website you transform your image from a faceless institution to a group of young enthausiat idealists [12:15] <@jokeefe> and tabling is something we need to do more of. [12:15] <@SplendidSpoon> Pics of us [12:15] <@SplendidSpoon> at events [12:15] <@SplendidSpoon> we have them [12:16] <@SplendidSpoon> we should have like a gallery on the site [12:16] <+davidd> any action you take offline document it with cameras [12:16] <@SplendidSpoon> throw up some good ones [12:16] <@Lucia> Our culture is different. Unless there is an event we can't set up a table. [12:16] <@jokeefe> usually can on public sidewalks, though [12:16] <+davidd> if you flyer you can reach like 100 people, if you videotape yourself flyering you can easily multiply that number [12:16] <@jokeefe> good point [12:17] <@Lucia> So OK more pictures [12:17] <+davidd> if you meet in a bar or something, you have a night of fun, and that is good PR [12:17] <@Lucia> We could take pictures on Sunday. [12:17] == sharp_ [webchat@129.10.lo.qxn] has joined #masspirates [12:17] == mode/#masspirates [+v sharp_] by [4Q] [12:17] == mode/#masspirates [+l 17] by [4Q] [12:18] <@jokeefe> hi sharp_ [12:18] <+sharp_> hello [12:18] <@jokeefe> good idea Lucia [12:18] <@mildbeard> It would be nice to have a picture of a group hoisting beer mugs. Might attract people. [12:18] <@jokeefe> lol [12:18] <+davidd> and the picture you post with an article DO NOT NEED to match the content of the article [12:18] <@jokeefe> good point [12:18] <+davidd> if you put a picture of a random pirate with an article about trade agreements or something [12:18] <@mildbeard> I live next to a college and am looking into going up there to talk to people. Any suggestions? [12:19] <+davidd> people will still enjoy the article better [12:19] <+davidd> ok mildbeard lets brainstorm about that [12:19] <+davidd> 1. what do you want from these people? [12:19] <+davidd> 2. what can you offer them? [12:20] <+davidd> do you have leaflets? [12:20] <@Lucia> Do you need permission from the school? [12:20] <+davidd> no not important lucia [12:20] <@Lucia> Will they let you table? [12:20] <+davidd> that only changes where you leaflet [12:20] <@mildbeard> I am not thinking about a table. [12:20] <+davidd> they cant block you from leafletting outside [12:20] <@mildbeard> We have leaflets but I want to create a special one for college campuses. [12:21] <@Lucia> Good to know [12:21] <+davidd> i can show you the dutch leaflet aimed at collegecampusses [12:21] <+davidd> let me look up the url [12:22] <+davidd> [12:22] <@jokeefe> thanks [12:23] <+davidd> [12:23] <@mildbeard> I think the goal would be to have the students of the college create a student-run pirate organization. [12:23] <@mildbeard> [12:23] <+davidd> dutch word for leaflets is flyers [12:24] <@mildbeard> So the front page of the flyer is almost like a poster, and the back page has a list of issues on it. [12:25] <@jokeefe> yes, that is the ideal, mildbeard. [12:25] <@Lucia> Soahve some one film u leafleting or flyering? [12:25] <@jokeefe> so lets start talking with our supporter list. [12:25] <@Lucia> (So have) [12:25] <+davidd> if you can, put a picture of pirates on the leaflet/poster [12:26] <@mildbeard> that shouldn't be a problem. [12:26] <+davidd> also when leafletting, clearly show the leaflet to the people you engage [12:26] <@mildbeard> I think it would be a good idea to create a video for our own activists, showing them how to build support at the grass roots level. [12:27] <@mildbeard> If we're filming ourselves doing it anyway. [12:27] <@mildbeard> We can reuse the same material for other videos about the pirate party. [12:27] <+davidd> yes that is good thinking mildbeard [12:28] == srevilak [] has joined #masspirates [12:28] == mode/#masspirates [+v srevilak] by [4Q] [12:28] == mode/#masspirates [+l 18] by [4Q] [12:28] <@mildbeard> If we have a simple process that is repeatable, then we know exactly what to do and how long it takes. That helps when you have a busy life like most of us. [12:28] <@jokeefe> hi, srevilak [12:29] <+davidd> and make stuff reusable [12:29] <+srevilak> jokeefe: howdy. Apologies for tardiness. Inappropriately timed conf call [12:29] <+davidd> dont date it too much [12:29] <@jokeefe> we are brainstorming ideas for building the PP with davidd who headed the Dutch PP. [12:29] <+davidd> and if you make it so you can share it with other US states pirateparties [12:29] <+davidd> everyone benefits [12:29] <@jokeefe> BTW: srevilak, you planning to be there on Sunday? [12:30] <+srevilak> jokeefe: yup [12:30] <@jokeefe> great [12:30] <+davidd> if a few of you have some experience leafletting, organise a pirate workshop, and tape that too [12:31] <+davidd> we are the internet party, use it to your advantage to multiply the effect of every action you do [12:31] <@jokeefe> good point, any good ones you have see out there? [12:33] <@jokeefe> davidd, noticed that you included subtitles on the DutchPP youtube videos [12:33] <+davidd> yes one of our members did that [12:33] <@mildbeard> It occurs to me that there are videos out there created by other third parties or grass roots movements in the US that we could learn from. [12:33] <@jokeefe> and they are in english are those special closed captioning ones tied to the viewer's language [12:34] <@jokeefe> yes, mildbeard, I think the GPUS has some [12:34] <+davidd> <- this is a video on consensus based communities [12:35] <@mildbeard> davidd, I love the graphic on the flier at [12:35] <+davidd> that i distribute to all pirates [12:35] <+davidd> its 55 minutes [12:35] <+davidd> but the talk only takes like 40 [12:36] <+davidd> i suggest you watch that video with full attention [12:36] <@mildbeard> I have bookmarked it. [12:36] <@jokeefe> thanks! [12:37] <+davidd> so talk about it sunday when you meet irl [12:37] <+davidd> and take many pictures and video [12:37] <+davidd> you can see afterwarsds what is usefull and what isnt [12:38] <+davidd> <- this is me explaining how to leaflet at a dutch workshop [12:39] <@mildbeard> lol [12:40] <+davidd> on the left is our topcandidate [12:40] <+davidd> in the background our secretary [12:40] <+davidd> i am copresident in this pic [12:40] <@mildbeard> you are doing a little dance :D... [12:40] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: RT @sunfoundation: Sunlight's breakdown of outside spenders' return on investment - #election2012 #p2 #tcot - [12:40] <+davidd> as you can see we use lots of english [12:41] <+davidd> my shirt is official dutch piratenpartij shirt for 2012 [12:41] <+davidd> and our candidate is wearing the ppuk shirt [12:43] <+davidd> also, we sometimes go leafletting with somebody in a fursuit [12:43] <@mildbeard> a fur suit? [12:43] <+davidd> great to engage parents with children in a shopping area [12:43] <+srevilak> reminds me of [12:44] <@Lucia> Syr folks, I gtg. Thanks for your advice David, See y'all Sunday. [12:44] <+davidd> yes i think i am done for now [12:44] == Lucia [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [12:44] <+davidd> let me know what you people discuss sunday [12:45] <+davidd> and perhaps i can help brainstorm some more after that [12:45] <@jokeefe> fursuit, lol [12:45] <@jokeefe> thanks [12:45] <@jokeefe> you have one list, right not regional lists? [12:46] <+davidd> [12:46] <@jokeefe> sorry, I meant candidate lists [12:47] <+davidd> we have seperate elections for each level [12:47] <+davidd> municipalities are next march 2014 [12:47] <+davidd> in july 2014 we have EU [12:47] <@jokeefe> how difficult was it to get people to run? [12:48] <+davidd> and the regional electoins are in jan 2015 [12:48] <+davidd> until now we have only participated in the national elections [12:49] <+davidd> the netherlands has a party proportional system [12:49] <+davidd> so if we get .66% nationally we get 1 seat [12:49] <@jokeefe> yes, wish we had that here [12:49] <+davidd> that gary guy would have gotten a seat with his score [12:49] <@jokeefe> just the lower house has 160 members in Mass. [12:50] <+davidd> but uhm, you have MIT in your state right? [12:51] <@jokeefe> yes [12:51] <+davidd> i'd say noam chomsky is the easiest way to get elected [12:51] <@jokeefe> lol [12:51] <+davidd> our international angle would be very appealing to him [12:52] <+davidd> he probably isnt that aware of the PP in the US [12:52] <@jokeefe> maybe, i am sure we have the greens to compete with his attentions [12:53] <+davidd> i think he will give you great adviCe [12:53] <+davidd> and the greens have less of the international organisation we have [12:54] <@jokeefe> yes, he would. [12:54] <+srevilak> anyone going to hear chomsky tonight? [12:54] <+davidd> i am so jealous right now srevilak [12:54] <+srevilak> :) [12:55] <@jokeefe> cannot, have a family event to attend [12:55] <@jokeefe> hope it goes well [12:55] <+davidd> but if you could catch a few minutes with chomsky afterwards [12:55] <+srevilak> It's supposed to be a panel discussion. If they take questions, maybe I can ask something about pirates [12:55] <+davidd> make sure you can tell something about the TPAA or something [12:56] <+davidd> you dont have to rush it [12:56] <@jokeefe> thanks srevilak [12:56] <+davidd> i'd say first focus on the meeting sunday [12:57] <@jokeefe> yes