October 17rd, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  • Igel (william fleurant, arlington ma)
  • Kendra, Kendra Moyer, Arlington, MA)
  • Bluestreak (Lucia Fiero)
  • js0000 (john saylor waltham)
  • Joe (Joe Guertin, Bellingham,MA)
  • oneiros (Dragone, Deerfield)


  • davidd
  • zby


Meeting Minutes

[20:53] == Bluestreak [webchat@lsdb-337-92-721-744.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #masspirates
[21:01] <Bluestreak> The Captain is unwell, I am taking the helm. Not too many folks on board though, so I will be waiting for a spell to ship off.
[21:02] <oneiros> Aye, aye
[21:04] == Kendra [webchat@099-43-940-515.c6-8.arl-ubr9.sbo-arl.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #masspirates
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[21:06] <Kendra> Hi, is anyone running the meeting this evening? I saw the email that Jamie is sick.
[21:06] <Bluestreak> I am
[21:06] <Bluestreak> It's only an hour
[21:06] <Bluestreak> we can manage
[21:06] <Kendra> Great, how are you doing?
[21:07] <Bluestreak> I was hoping Steve would be here tho
[21:07] <Kendra> He's in California.
[21:07] <Bluestreak> I'm beat. How are you?
[21:07] <Bluestreak> IRC works from CA
[21:08] == Joe [webchat@u-42-193-167-09.hsd7.ct.comcast.net] has joined #masspirates
[21:08] <Kendra> I'm getting some things done.  Trying to figure out how much I want to get involved with the Digital Media Conference next weekend.  steve might show up, but I think he's vacationing.
[21:08] <Bluestreak> OK we have enough folks now. I am running the meeting as Steve is in CA and Jamie is unwell.
[21:09] <Bluestreak> IDs pls
[21:09] <Bluestreak> Lucia Fiero
[21:09] <oneiros> Dragone, Deerfield
[21:09] <Joe> Joseph Guertin, Bellingham
[21:10] <Kendra> Kendra Moyer, Arlington
[21:10] <Bluestreak> OK. First business is the IPM this Sunday
[21:10] <Bluestreak> Jason and I are hosting
[21:10] <Bluestreak> Jason is working on his delieverable and will not be at IRC
[21:11] <Bluestreak> Lasagna this month, ppl
[21:11] <Bluestreak> Who can attend?
[21:11] <Igel> william fleurant, arlington ma
[21:11] <Igel> hi all. hi.
[21:11] <Bluestreak> Hey
[21:12] <Kendra> FYI I am going to May First membership meeting on Saturday and returning Sunday, so I will not be able to make it.  
[21:12] <Bluestreak> Aw
[21:12] <Joe> I should be good for the IPM. I may not be able to stay long
[21:12] <Kendra> Hi Will, got your email earlier
[21:12] <Bluestreak> Can you get out to REDACTED, Will?
[21:12] <oneiros> As usual, I live on the other side of the state and have quite a limited range, so I won't be there
[21:13]  * Igel cant make it -- im 24/7 slammed
[21:13] <Bluestreak> OK well we will get back to the western MA issue in a bit
[21:13] <oneiros> Should we secede from the Commonwealth? :)
[21:13] <Bluestreak> LOL
[21:13] == js0000 [~js0000@479-493-984-459.c1-3.wth-ubr9.sbo-wth.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #masspirates
[21:13] <Bluestreak> OK I will mention it now...
[21:14] <Igel> Kendra -- aye... ive been hammered with a bunch of blah i couldnt get back to it
[21:14] <Bluestreak> We have a plan to be in Holyoke en masse
[21:14] <oneiros> Oh my
[21:14] <Igel> heh oneiros, sup :D
[21:14] <Bluestreak> On the 9th, can you get to Holyoke, Dragine?
[21:14] <Bluestreak> Dragone
[21:14] <oneiros> Quite possibly, yes
[21:14] <oneiros> Holyoke is only 45 minutes or so
[21:15] <Bluestreak> Great. Keep an eye on the blog and facebook page. here is the fb event for the gathering
[21:15] <Bluestreak> and js0000 pls id
[21:15] <oneiros> I have no FB access
[21:16] <Kendra> Is the 9th the Scorpion Bowl?
[21:16] <Bluestreak> Yes... can you make it?
[21:17] <js0000> john saylor, thriving metropolis of waltham
[21:17] <Bluestreak> oneiros my email is EMAIL REDACTED ... email me for the details
[21:17] <Kendra> I have not ever been to Holyoke, but if Jamie or Steve are going I might catch a ride with them
[21:18] <Igel> oneiros: did u get any of my mails
[21:18] <Bluestreak> back on track IPM js0000 can you make it out to REDACTED this Sunday?
[21:18] <Bluestreak> Please do.
[21:18] <oneiros> Igel: I think so?
[21:18] <Bluestreak> IDK about Jamie yet
[21:18] <Bluestreak> But Steve hasn't said anything AT ALL about it.
[21:19] <Bluestreak> It *is* a haul from Arlington or Somerville, but how committed are we to expanding westward?
[21:19] <Bluestreak> Therz a whole STATE out there.
[21:19] <Igel> oh..
[21:19] <js0000> can't make Sunday, sry
[21:21] <Kendra>  Is there a commuter rail or something?  I have no idea of how far we are talking about from here.  How long is the drive to Holyoke from our area?  Maybe a few of us can work somethingout and rider together.
[21:21] <Bluestreak> It's right off 91/90
[21:22] <oneiros> I'm hoping this is going to be at the mall, otherwise Holyoke can be a bit of a mess to navigate
[21:22] <Bluestreak> pike to 91 and you drop off and you are there.
[21:22] <Bluestreak> very funny
[21:22] <Bluestreak> Dwight Street is right off a main drag
[21:22] <Bluestreak> Very easy to get to.
[21:23] <oneiros> I'll take your word for it. I find Holyoke to be a bit like suburban New Hampshire in terms of one-ways and loopbacks
[21:23] <oneiros> But sufficient Googling beforehand should hopefully do the trick
[21:23] <Bluestreak> True but I have been there and it was easy peasy
[21:23] <Bluestreak> yes Google works wonders
[21:24] <Bluestreak> OK so we have already covered IPM and SB
[21:24] <Bluestreak> On to DMC
[21:24] <Bluestreak> Kendra was there stuff you wanted to bring up here?
[21:25] <Bluestreak> PS oneiros I emailled all pertinent info
[21:25] <oneiros> Danke
[21:25] <Bluestreak> While we are waiting for Kendra, there is the point of the COST
[21:26] <Kendra> I now a lot of people involved with the DMC and I want to use my time productively that weekend.  I might just do the crypto party part.  In cost, do you mean admission fees?
[21:26] <Bluestreak> Yes $35 is a little steep for ppl who only want to attend the cryptoparty
[21:26] <Bluestreak> We are all expected to register
[21:26] <Bluestreak> all of us who will be attending
[21:27] <Bluestreak> http://digitalmediaconference.org/2013/node/7
[21:27] <Kendra> There are a lot of people there who I want to see and many I want to avoid, so I have mixed feelings.  There is a $10 low income option and these events usually are pretty easy to get into if people are low on funds.
[21:27] <Bluestreak> LOL
[21:27] <Bluestreak> The avoiding ppl part
[21:28] <Bluestreak> Just walk into the room like you own the place.
[21:28] <Bluestreak> That's what I do.
[21:28] <Kendra> I expect I will be there for a bit, but there will be other things going on that weekend
[21:28] <Bluestreak> They aren't happy to see you? Too bad!
[21:28] <Igel> hmm
[21:28] <Bluestreak> OK well of course what we are most concerned about
[21:29] <Bluestreak> is supporting Steve.
[21:29] <Kendra> I figure that's the point of going.
[21:29] <Bluestreak> His block is... (fetching info)
[21:29] <Igel> 25 to the 27?
[21:29] <Igel> what day are we talking about? the 25th?
[21:29] <Bluestreak> Yes 7pm on Friday until 4 pm Sunday
[21:29] <Bluestreak> BUT
[21:29] <Bluestreak> You don't have to be there for the whole thing.
[21:30] <Igel> ok
[21:30] <Igel> ill prob go
[21:30] <Bluestreak> I was asking Jamie about tabling but that will have to wait... perhaps we can discuss it on Sunday.
[21:30] <Igel> its prob 10min walk..
[21:30] <Bluestreak> Great
[21:30] <Bluestreak> That helps!
[21:31] <Igel> let me know time, date..
[21:31] <Igel> and then.. yea
[21:31] <Igel> :D
[21:32] <Kendra> Blue Streak I can't find the email Jamie sent about the crypto party on Saturday.  Does it start at 1:30?
[21:33] <Bluestreak> No, 2:30
[21:33] <Bluestreak> http://digitalmediaconference.org/2013/workshop-securesurfing
[21:34] <Bluestreak> Our slot is Sat from 2:30 to 4:00
[21:34] <Kendra> Thanks
[21:34] <oneiros> Speaking of secure surfing, Igel, sorry I haven't gotten anything done on the portal - midterms
[21:34] <oneiros> All long papers
[21:34] <Kendra> This time of year everything gets super busy and no one has as much time as they think they do.
[21:35] <Bluestreak> Truth
[21:35] <Igel> same here oneiros
[21:36] <Bluestreak> Well, also at the event we could have a MPP table
[21:36] <Bluestreak> We would just need volunteers.
[21:36] <Bluestreak> I could table for a while and I am flexible.
[21:37] <Kendra> Would we need to schedule that?  I could take a time slot to work the table.  
[21:37] <Bluestreak> Yes. Why don't you and I see if Jamie od Jason Pramas has any more ideas about this?
[21:37] <Bluestreak> *or
[21:38] <Bluestreak> Kepp an eye on your email tomorrow.
[21:38] <Kendra> Are you working from and agenda tonight?  I did not see one on the wiki.
[21:38] <Bluestreak> I liked tableing with you at SFD
[21:38] <Bluestreak> LOL
[21:38] <Bluestreak> No
[21:38] <Bluestreak> I found out Jamie wasn't coming when y'all did!
[21:39] <Kendra> I liked it too.  So are we ready to talk about other items like campus outreach, etc.
[21:39] <Bluestreak> I hope he's OK.
[21:39] <Bluestreak> Make a suggestion!
[21:39] <Bluestreak> I am so not about control
[21:40] <Bluestreak> I stepped up because I am the only officer around tonight, LOL
[21:40] <Bluestreak> What do you want to talk about Kendra?
[21:40] <oneiros> I have a question, really, which has been getting me for a while now - as this is a political party (to my understanding), is/are there going to eventually be representative nominations?
[21:40] <Kendra> Well campus outreach coordination.  I suggest that people who have time try to get involved with a school in their area.   Also, if we are going to do more fundraisinfg inthe future or a holiday party for fudnraising.
[21:40] <Bluestreak> Both good topics... which 1st?
[21:41] <Igel> wheres the link to the agenda
[21:41] <Kendra> I think representatives and getting people involved to run for future elections , which is part of more serious outreach.
[21:41] <Bluestreak> There is no agenda tonight, Igel
[21:41] <Bluestreak> srry
[21:42] <Bluestreak> I found out I was running this at 8:52
[21:42] <Bluestreak> So this sounds like a 3rd point Kendra
[21:43] <Igel> ok
[21:43] <Bluestreak> Democracy is messy.
[21:43] <Bluestreak> :-D
[21:43] <Kendra> It's ok, we have to improvise sometimes.  But Ithink that finding people or deciding who besides Joe want to actually run for local elections.  I am not sure if that was the same thing tha onieros was mentioning.
[21:43] <oneiros> To a degree, yes
[21:43] <Bluestreak> Remind what you were mentioning Oneiros?
[21:44] <Igel> yeah -- keyword is outreach
[21:44] <Bluestreak> This is why I am so gung ho about Scorpion Bowl
[21:44] <Kendra> The thing is we have the problem of educating people as to what we are doing ,why it matters to them and then encouraging them to support or join the party.  
[21:44] <Bluestreak> It is a networking party
[21:44] <Bluestreak> it is a warm audience of activists
[21:44] <Bluestreak> and artisits
[21:44] <oneiros> I was wondering about the issue of nominations, representatives, et al, both at the local (city, county) levels and at some point at the Senate level.
[21:45] <Bluestreak> Well...
[21:45] <Bluestreak> we *were* going to have a calling party
[21:45] <Bluestreak> we could try to reschedule that
[21:45] <Joe> I think our best outreach would be to get people that already believe in what we believe. Working on youtube videos and spreading the message would def help
[21:45] <Bluestreak> We call our current list of supporters and ask if they would run
[21:45] <Igel> hmm
[21:46] <Kendra> Getting people to actually run for office is ramping it up, because they have to buy into our platform and then be willing to be the face of the party at times.  It'sa lot to ask of people with busy lives. It means we have to spend time getting to know people and presenting the party as legitimate and worhty of time and effort.  It's a tall order to say the least.
[21:46] <oneiros> We would certainly need strong baseline support to not simply be laughed out of any election
[21:46] <Bluestreak> OK.. Kendra how about inviting people to a Social
[21:46] <Bluestreak> Like at Sprouts
[21:47] <Bluestreak> Let's shoot for say March
[21:47] <Bluestreak> We have Christmas and families and finals
[21:47] <Kendra> Well, everybody likes a good party and it is a way to approach people when they are relaxed and having fun.  So less pressure.
[21:47] <Bluestreak> yes
[21:47] <Bluestreak> so when we call we ask them if they would like to come to the Pirate Social
[21:48] <Bluestreak> invite them to dress up or not
[21:48] <Kendra> I am flexible about when and where, I know that this time of year gets crazy.  We should have multiple events though.
[21:48] <Bluestreak> I will galdly dress up to entertain ppl
[21:48] <Bluestreak> Well let's try one and see how it goes
[21:48] <Bluestreak> then when we have them in the room...
[21:48] <Bluestreak> THEN we sell them on running.
[21:49] <Kendra> We might want to get a few more Pirates to decide on the best date, but I have no problem with March.
[21:49] <oneiros> One possible long-standing problem there
[21:49] <Bluestreak> We need to give ourselves enough time to be successful
[21:49] <Bluestreak> OK Shoot
[21:49] <Bluestreak> tell
[21:49] <oneiros> It's been said (not in these exact words) that no one ever gained power who didn't first seek it.
[21:49] <oneiros> Ergo
[21:50] <oneiros> If we have to really sell, we may be barking up the wrong tree
[21:50] <Bluestreak> We don't NEED power seekers
[21:50] <Bluestreak> we need people who are willing to be on the ballot
[21:50] <Bluestreak> or the sake of raising awareness
[21:50] <Kendra> I like to think more in terms of helping people to empower themselves.
[21:50] <Bluestreak> and for giving voters more choice
[21:50] <Bluestreak> That too
[21:50] <oneiros> Idealistically, sure
[21:51] <Kendra> People tend to vote with their feet.  Most do not engage in the process at all.
[21:51] <Kendra> But they complain.
[21:51] <Bluestreak> What is also goo about March is we will can start promoting PirateCon 2014 while we are at it.
[21:51] <Igel> hmm
[21:51] <Igel> if we had door-hangers -- i could put some door hangers up
[21:51] <Igel> and even lawn-signs work
[21:51] <Igel> that could help -- i think it was the 2nd time i saw a cryptoparty sticker/flyer in somerville was when i decided to look it up
[21:51] <Igel> i mean -- people that want to run for office , but not democrat or republican..
[21:52] <Bluestreak> That's why Geico ads are so annoyingly repetetive
[21:52] <Igel> *shrug* statistics show repeat doorhangers and other gorilla-marketing works
[21:52] <Bluestreak> To recap Call Yes
[21:52] <Bluestreak> Ask them to run in call no
[21:52] <Bluestreak> invite them to social
[21:53] <Bluestreak> talk up running at the event
[21:53] <Kendra> That's the other thing.  You are competing with people who often have a louder microphone etc, so obviously persuasion (manipulation) becomes an issue.  But is your ideas are sound I  don't think you have to be too pushy.
[21:53] <Bluestreak> Well, we will have a warm audience if we invite people from the mailing/calling list
[21:54] <Bluestreak> Make the social a fundraiser, too
[21:54] <Bluestreak> I already know ppl who would like to perform
[21:54] <Igel> oneiros:
[21:54] <oneiros> Igel
[21:54] <Bluestreak> and we can start promoting PirateCon 2014 at the Social.
[21:54] <Igel> i asked jamie to add you to the email list
[21:55] <oneiros> Yes, I'm on the mailing list
[21:55] <Bluestreak> He did
[21:55] <Bluestreak> I think
[21:55] <Igel> and ah.. i emailed you about that-- did u get it?
[21:55] <Bluestreak> lemme check
[21:55] <Igel> ok
[21:55] <oneiros> Yes
[21:55] <Igel> ah werd.
[21:55] <oneiros> Yesses all around
[21:55] <Igel> i wanted to ask somthing tho
[21:56] <Igel> totally diff but relevant
[21:56] <Igel> i couldnt find where to send people in the right direction when they asked how to switch to the pirate party
[21:56] <Bluestreak> I checked. Added and approved
[21:56] <Igel> the form -- and the link to it..
[21:56] <Igel> (may be its in the wiki?)
[21:56] <Bluestreak> Oh oK
[21:56] <Bluestreak> we need a blog post for that!
[21:57] <oneiros> I thought the party reg form was right on the front page of the site?
[21:57] <Bluestreak> It may be
[21:57] <Bluestreak> BTW Jamie gave testimony yesterday at the State House
[21:58] <Bluestreak> about a bill that would make it necessary for us to get 10,000 total voters in 2 yeasrs
[21:58] <Bluestreak> or else lose our designation
[21:58] <Bluestreak> bastards
[21:58] <Bluestreak> Gangsters don't like competition
[21:58] <Kendra> That the name of the game, keep moving the goal post.  See it all the time.
[21:58] <Bluestreak> Truth
[21:59] <Bluestreak> So you need to tell you elected officials to vot AGAINST it
[21:59] <Bluestreak> and ask your friends and family to, also
[21:59] <Kendra> The fact that they come up with that is that they obviously feel threatened by other parties and know that some of the up and coming parties have potentiol to dethrone them.
[21:59] <Igel> hrmm
[21:59] <Bluestreak> H639
[22:00] <Bluestreak> OPPOSE IT
[22:00] <Kendra> It will defiitely give us something to work on and do in the near future.  When does it go to vote?
[22:00] <Bluestreak> https://malegislature.gov/Bills/188/House/H639
[22:00] <Bluestreak> Well better to oppose it than to have to gather 10,000 registrations!
[22:00] <Bluestreak> Oh vote?
[22:00] <Igel> aah i didnt even see it doh
[22:00] <Bluestreak>  UM...
[22:01] <Bluestreak> I DON'T KNOW!
[22:01] <oneiros> Just the way they want it
[22:01] <Bluestreak> I will find out
[22:01] <Bluestreak> Truth
[22:01] <Bluestreak> When I have the date of the vote I will post it to the list, FB page, tweet it
[22:02] <Bluestreak> But y'all can start opposing it now.
[22:02] <Kendra> We should just be prepared to be proactive and start thinking about swelling up the ranks if need be.  We should make this well know at the conference when we table.
[22:02] <Bluestreak> Brilliant
[22:02] <oneiros> Chicago Voting?
[22:02] <Bluestreak> exactly
[22:03] == js0000 [~js0000@479-493-984-459.c1-3.wth-ubr9.sbo-wth.ma.cable.rcn.com] has quit [Quit: js0000]
[22:03] <Bluestreak> Oh we are reaching time
[22:03] <oneiros> Pretty sure my great-great-grandfather, rest his soul, is voting Pirate Party this year
[22:03] <Bluestreak> :-)
[22:03] <Kendra> I am ready to call it a day.  Move to adjourn?
[22:04] <Bluestreak> someone else has to 2nd  I think as I am mod
[22:04] <Igel> yaar
[22:04] <Bluestreak> close enough
[22:04] <Igel> :D
[22:04] <Joe> lol
[22:04] <Bluestreak> all in favor?
[22:04] <Joe> Aye
[22:04] <Kendra> Aye! All right Pirates, sweet dreams.
[22:04] <Bluestreak> Nighty night!
[22:04] <Joe> Peace out everyone
[22:04] == Kendra [webchat@099-43-940-515.c6-8.arl-ubr9.sbo-arl.ma.cable.rcn.com] has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:05] == Joe [webchat@u-42-193-167-09.hsd7.ct.comcast.net] has quit [Quit: Web client closed]