October 20th, 2013 General Meeting

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  1. Events
    1. Stop Watching US, 10/26, DC - Endorsed
    2. DMC 2013 (Cryptoparty) 10/25-10/27
    3. Berkman Center Crypto Potluck, Sprouts?, 10/27 (Kit/Steve)
    4. Million Mask March, 11/5 - Endorsed
    5. Speak at LibrePlanet, 11/6
    6. Scorpion Bowl, 11/9
    7. Nov. General Meeting, 11/17 or 11/24, see poll
    8. Dec. Fundraiser, 12/28? (Kendra/Lucia)
    9. CryptoParty, 288 Norfolk St., 4th Floor, Cambridge, 12/14, 1-3pm
    10. Other Cryptoparties
      1. W. Mass Makerspace, ask Mark
      2. Lawrence Makerspace, ask Kamal
      3. Colleges, Oneiros & others
  2. Tasks http://piratenpad.de/SKwdoMqk26


  • Lucia Fiero
  • Jason Fiero
  • James O'Keefe
  • Steve Revilak

Meeting Minutes


There's a possibility to do a future cryptoparty in Lawrence

Kit was planning to organize a crypto-potluck for Berkman folks, on Sunday October 27th. Steve to check with Kit, re: whether it's open to non-Berkman folks.

Kendra and Steve are planning to hold a cryptoparty on Dec. 14th, at Industry Labs in Inman Square, Cambridge. One consideration: does this space normally allow outside groups to hold talks? If not, we'll have to consider whether this would be an in-kind contribution (i.e., we can't accept in-kind contributions from corporations, and this would have to be a non-pirate cryptoparty).

Next In Person Meeting

Lucia will create a poll, for when to hold the next in-person meeting.

We discuss having IPMs at restaurants, as opposed to people's houses. Right now, IPMs are very similar to our IRC meetings. Steve suggests making IPMs more social events: hold them in public spaces, try to bring in new people, and use the time to discuss our Pirate platform.

We decide to hold the next IPM at Pizzeria Regina, 353 Cambridge St, Allston, MA. It's close to the Mass Pike, and it looks like they have parking.

Pirate Social/Fundraiser

We discuss having a pirate social in December or January. We need events to fundraise, and to recruit new candidates. We decide on Dec 27th and Dec 28th as tentative dates.

For a fundraising event, we'd like to bring in 50--100 people and (at the very least) break even on the event.

We discuss asking for donations on a sliding scale: from $10 up to $500. We should pick a few dollar amounts, and give them names (perhaps taking names from parts of a pirate ship -- crow's nest, quarter deck, etc). A sliding scale should accomodate both those with limited disposable income, and those that can afford to give more.


Lucia tells us that Joe is interested in working on video material, as soon as he has the bandwidth to do so.

We should try to think up short scripts to develop into a video.

Jamie suggests "What's in your file", as a play on "What's in your wallet".

Public Records requests

We talk about how to make public records requests. For example, how to request a copy of your FBI file, or how to request a copy of your BRIC file.

The FBI's website give instructions for requesting a copy of your file. See the section "Privacy act request" in http://www.fbi.gov/foia/requesting-fbi-records. The FBI provides a sample FOIA request letter at http://www.fbi.gov/foia/sample-fbi-foia-request-letter.

For BRIC, The Massachusetts Secretary of state website has a sample public records request letter: http://www.sec.state.ma.us/pre/prereq/reqidx.htm. The challenge is mailing the request to the right place. BRIC is part of the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region, who's mailing address is here: http://www.mbhsr.org/?page_id=191.