October 2nd, 2011 In-Person Meeting

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1. Campaigns and campaign funding

2. Review of upcoming events so we know to register early

3. Talk about how to connect with potential supporters, esp. 30 & younger, and build a visible Pirate movement

4. How to do a lot of awareness and activism programs

5. National Pirate Book?

6. Report back on OccupyBoston

7. Ada Lovelace dinner

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


Henry Lo, Medford JP Hollembaek, Lowell (via Skype) James O'Keefe, Somerville Chris Walsh, Cambridge


Meeting Minutes

1. Support OccupyBoston

      PR - jamie will write, jp will suggest bullet points
      Ask what tech needs they have
      Kate helping with website / IRC, Gregg working on interaction with BosPD
      Henry will talk with them about needs / holding a teach in
      Jamie will reach out to twitter/fb to get reps (have Henry / Lauren)
      Liquid Feedback as a way of getting people not there to offer input
      For talk - make an announcement at previous day's GA, best to do it before 6pm as GAs start 6-8pm.  see what times are good.
      From Chris:
      Their big priority is outreach
              people affected more by economy downturn
              as broad as possible
      On messaging:
      1. what brought everyone together so have common agreement
      2. not do to quickly so more people have input
      Tactical team oversees needs:
              Meeting at 5pm to talk about outreach - Dewey Sq.
      We could run silent movies after GA
      1. get projecter
      2. people to run them / computers

2. Setup pirate meeting / dinner (ada lovelace) with Gregory pref in BU/MIT/Harvard/Tufts - Jamie working on it

3. National pirate book - publicize

4. ConConCon - report by Chris

      Structural reform of gov to get $ out of politics so it is policy neutral to resolve debates of left/right
      We should be on board to fix the decision making process
      Fear of a ConCon getting out of control (takes 38 states approve, though)
      a lot of fatalism about getting congress to fix the problem
      Two interesting key notes - Lessig's & conservative argument on the proper relationship between corps & gov.
      callaconvention.org / root strikers