Secure Livelihood

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Every person has the right to a secure livelihood and social participation.

People can only live in dignity if their basic needs are met and their social participation is assured. A universal basic income, in addition to robust social services, and a job guarantee, will allow everyone to more fully participate in civic life. As a person's value is not dependent upon their ability to produce wealth for others, it is important that society protects those whom capitalism would leave to starve and empower them to live full, robust lives.

Just as we provide schools, roads and firefighters without direct compensation, a secure livelihood must also become a part of our infrastructure. The Pirate Party is convinced that the overwhelming majority of people will seize the chances provided by a secure livelihood to develop their full human, social, and economic potential.

A secure livelihood creates room for self-determined education, research and economic innovation. It enables volunteerism such as taking care of family and neighbors, independent journalism, political activity, or the creation of art and free (open-source) software. This benefits our entire society. Study after study has shown that guaranteed incomes increase employment across the board. This is why the Pirate Party supports solutions which unconditionally guarantee a secure livelihood and social participation while sustaining and enabling economic freedom. Poverty is the root of all social ills, but we can defeat it together.

Adopted: June 9th, 2021 IRC Meeting