September 26th, 2020 Tech Meeting

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  • srevilak
  • jokeefe


Live streaming plan

Reviewed of BobC's live streaming plan that he emailed out.

Came up with a few questions/observations:

  • Does BobC or any of us have experience with NGINX and setting it up
  • Time line looks complete
  • For communication during the event - can use the conference matrix channel

Surveillance documentation

  • JohnB, srevilak and jokeefe posted docs on camera mapping at Mapping Surveillance
  • JohnB is looking at whether field papers can display cameras on their maps

Next meeting

Saturday, 10/10, 11am-1pm

Action items

  • jokeefe will bring all interested people in doing the live stream by email and see who is willing to configure live stream setup - email sent
  • jokeefe create a page for BobC to post his live streaming plan to the wiki - done and notified BobC.
  • jokeefe will share matrix conference discussion page
  • srevilak will talk with NickR about his status and whether he has all the access he needs to check security of our systems
  • jokeefe will email cryptoparty/democracy lists asking people to verify whether the android mapping app he put together is accurate or needs updates - emails sent
  • jokeefe will complete video for go map!! before next meeting
  • jokeefe will setup meeting invite/sign up by 9/27 - create, emailed and posts scheduled.