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Managing our Twitter followers tends to be haphazard.

(A) But the basic criteria for following people is:

  1. They follow us and at least one of the following:
    1. They live in the US
    2. They indicate that they are pirates
    3. The account is for a pirate party
    4. They have some minimum number of followers and have an icon that isn't a twitter default icon (ideally)

Additionally, also follow groups or people that seem related to us (techdirt, arstechnica, wikileak, ggreenwald, falkvinge, etc.) (B) We add them to various lists such as news, localnews, localmedia, othermedia, privacy, etc. These lists will be maintained manually.

(C) Try to group those we follow into several lists:

  • people who live in Massachusetts
  • people who live in New England and not Massachusetts
  • people who live in the US and not New England
  • US pirate parties
  • pirate parties outside the US
  • Pirates outside the US

For now it would be good to have an app we can run periodically (cron job perhaps) that:

  • Looks over the people who follow us and follows them back if they meet the criteria listed in A
  • Sorts the people we follow into the list grouping criteria listed in C
  • Unfollows anyone who isn't following us but who isn't on a select set of lists B
  • Cleans up the lists in C and removes anyone who isn't following us.

Additionally, if there is a way to get contact info out of Twitter for our followers and into CiviCRM, that would be helpful as well.