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We installed an instance of Liquid Feedback, but it is having issues moving proposals to the 2nd step. Of primary importance is fixing that or finding another tool.

Top Items

see for priorities

  • Bitcoin + Credit card gateway in CiviCRM (srevilak, js0000, Kendra)
  • Improve UI navigation of wiki & expose more wiki bits on blog (Noe, jokeefe)
  • Allow distributed organizing on CiviCRM (and pointers to get started) (Kendra, srevilak, Chris, jokeefe)
  • js0000 and jokeefe will work on building a tool to manage twitter:
  • Forum (or needed now that lists are publicized?)

Possible Action Items

  • Review Articles of Agreement to see what additional positions we need to fill
  • Add better Captcha images for wiki to deal with spammers
  • Add Wordpress plugin for Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenId login
  • Migrate Liquid Feedback to new site
  • Get Liquid Feedback working correctly
  • Setup Muckrock Open Source Legislative analysis crowd sourcing tool
  • Consolidate supporter/email list and move to our system so we are not required to use a single login/third-party tool.