June 6th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Reminders
    1. General Meeting, Sun., June 16th, 2-4pm
  2. Committee Reports
  3. Event Review
    1. Support Bradley Manning - June 1st, 1pm, ParkSt.
    2. Int'l Day of Privacy Protest - June 1st, 2:30-6pm, Roxbury Fusion Center
    3. Cameron D’Ambrosio probable cause hearing
  4. Scheduled Events
    1. Boston Pride Parade - June 8th
    2. 2nd Cammy Dee PC hearing June 27th
    3. PirateCon 2013 June 29th
  5. Working with Evan Greer to get the D’Ambrosisos back on line
  6. Conference
    1. Speakers & Schedule
    2. Logistics
  7. Cryptocurrency Conference

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


A reminder that we have a General Meeting on Sun., June 16th, 2-4pm. It will be at REDACTED. If you are Facebook and plan to attend, please join the event.

Free Cameron D'Ambrosio

Cameron D'Ambrosiois a Methuen 18 year-old high school student who made a rap song that the kids around town didn't like and was charged with inciting terrorism. They picked him up not that long after the Boston Bombing, but found no weapons or bomb making materials. They seized his family’s only computer for analysis, but after 30 + days they haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe if they spent less money on street tanks and body armor and outfitting SWAT teams, they would have the money to hire what they seem to think are the the required analysts. He is being held without bail. On June 3rd the prosecution was granted a delay for the probable cause hearing. He was sent back to jail until his next PC hearing date, Thursday, June 27th. We need to pack the courtroom with QUIET and RESPECTFUL supporters. (The crowd on the 3rd was a bit rowdy.) If you can get to Lawrence district court on that date please come appropriately attired. Court is in session at 9 am, but people who came late on the 3rd didn’t miss much. His hearing was finally called around 11:30.

We should call for all charges to be dropped and endorse his freedom say stupid or “offensive” things. Here is the Facebook event.

Cryptocurrency Conference

Conferences tend to take a lot of our time. We need to be finding and preparing candidates for 2014. Having a cryptocurrency conference in Sept. will likely be a distraction from our election plans in 2014 and getting our platform finalized. Jokeefe suggests cancelling it.



  • Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero
  • srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • Kendra: Kendra Moyer, Arlington
  • black_van - Sevan
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville


  • passstab
  • illunatic
  • davidd: David van Deijk, Eindhoven, NL
  • rocode


National Affairs

Event Review

Jason and Lucia Fiero attended the Bradley Manning solidarity demonstration on June 1st at Park Street. Lucia said a few words and invited folks to come see David House speak at Pirate Con. Everyone there took both fliers. Lucia distributed fliers to MA resident Turks protesting on the common in solidarity with the Gezi Park protesters in Istanbul.

Garret attended Int'l Day of Privacy Protest - June 1st at the Roxbury Fusion Center. (I asked Garret for a brief report. Waiting.)

Scheduled Events

Boston Pride Parade - June 8th

Nine marchers so far.



Distributed 1000 of our 2000 flyers.

Speakers & Schedule

Have the following panels:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Open Gov.
  • Government surveillance in 2020

Other suggestions:

  • Old and new cyber security legislation
  • Don't Agonize, Organize!

srevilak will ask if we can go longer.

Finishing the discussion on email.

Meeting Minutes

21:11 <@srevilak> ok, intros
21:11 <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA
21:11 <+Bluestreak> Lucia Fiero
21:11 <+GarretK> Garret Kirkland, Winchester, MA
21:11 <+shep> Marc Shepard, Rehoboth, MA
21:11 <+Bluestreak> shep ?
21:11 <@srevilak> Agenda is http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=June_6th,_2013_IRC_Meeting
21:12 <+Bluestreak> oops
21:12 <@srevilak> Report from Bradley Manning solidarity demonstration?
21:12 <+Bluestreak> Two Pirates in attendance
21:12 <+Bluestreak> Jason and myself. Maybe 40 ppl there
21:13 <@srevilak> how was the reception?
21:13 <+Bluestreak> When I told them David House would be speaking at PirateCon everyone took flyers
21:13 <@srevilak> awesome
21:13 <+Bluestreak> They seem to like my remarks. Jason videoed that.
21:13 <@davidd> awesome
21:14 <+Bluestreak> Nice ppl
21:14 <+Bluestreak> Good networking opportunity, too.
21:14 <+Bluestreak> It was only an hour so...
21:14 <@davidd> ow bluestreak you make me all warm and fuzzy inside
21:14 <+Bluestreak> Didnt have enough power in Jason phone to recored the whole thing
21:15 <+Bluestreak> Aw DD!
21:15 <@davidd> did anyone show a sincere interest in the pirateparty?
21:15 <@davidd> outside of the david house on piratecon i mean
21:15 <+Bluestreak> yeah!
21:15 <@davidd> potential volunteers
21:15 <+Bluestreak> Yes, but afterwards even more so because...
21:15 <+Bluestreak> There was a demo on the common
21:16 <+Bluestreak> of Turks in solidairty with
21:16 <+Bluestreak> the Gezi Park protesters and every MA resident Turk I spoke to...
21:16 <@davidd> when wikileaks was taken down ppnl delivered the first servers before the mirroring started
21:16 <+Bluestreak> Was very interested in their internet rights, the lack of media coverage etc
21:17 <@davidd> ppfr, ppnl and ppse ran the servers, ppch took care of the dns
21:17 <+Bluestreak> So I handed out ALL THE REST OF MY FLYERS
21:17 <@srevilak> That's great
21:18 <@davidd> so how many people were there and how many of them do you expect at piratecon?
21:18 <+Bluestreak> So yeah thats my report for that
21:18 <+Bluestreak> Turks? like 200+
21:18 <+Bluestreak> Much bigger demo for Gezi than for BM
21:18 <@srevilak> For piratecon, Jamie may be able to give # on registrations
21:19 <@davidd> i meant at the manning rally
21:19 <@davidd> or were the turks there also?
21:19 <+Bluestreak> OK we'll ask him when he gets here
21:19 <+Bluestreak> no
21:19 <+Bluestreak> 40 tops at BM demo
21:19 <+Bluestreak> Average ppl dont even know who he is
21:20 <+Bluestreak> A LOT  of passers by stopped to learn about him though
21:20 <+Bluestreak> So that was good
21:20 <+Bluestreak> The Turks were all over on the other side of the common (in the shade... we were in the SUN!)
21:21 <+Bluestreak> (Smart ppl)
21:21 <+GarretK> (yup!)
21:21 <+Bluestreak> :-)
21:21 <@srevilak> GarretK: you had an update on Cam?
21:21 <+GarretK> indeed
21:22 <+GarretK> are we all up to speed on the charges he is facing and what he was arrested and searched for?
21:22 <@srevilak> aye
21:22 <+Bluestreak> No
21:22 <+Bluestreak> Please leaborate
21:22 <+Bluestreak> why is he still facing charges?
21:22 <+GarretK> ok, i'll run it through as succinct as possible
21:22 <+Bluestreak> I dont understand how that works
21:23 <+GarretK> so far as today's events
21:23 <+GarretK> there is the probable cause hearing coming that the grand jury needed to pass an indict down in order for the prosecutors to proceed on the 27
21:23 <+GarretK> on june 27 i am expecting the entire charade to collapse, but you still have to go through the process
21:24 <+GarretK> he's out on his own recognizance after the grand jury did not indicy
21:24 <+GarretK> indict^
21:24 <+Bluestreak> Oh good well I will be there
21:24 <+GarretK> all very good signs that our presence on Monday, June 3, made a huge impact on the course of this
21:24 <+Bluestreak> I really like Guy and Brianna. Good ppl
21:24 <+Bluestreak> Thank you for organizing that!
21:24 <@srevilak> Where's the hearing on the 27th?
21:25 <+GarretK> so right now, i am still recruiting for the June 27 hearing
21:25 <+GarretK> Lawrence District Court, Lawrence MA
21:25 <+GarretK> 2 Appleton St
21:25 <+GarretK> 11:00 AM
21:25 <+Bluestreak> Ooh I had the time wrong
21:26 <+GarretK> This time will be a second call hearing, the Defender is coming up from Chelsea or something from another court, so the Judge on monday put it to second call
21:26 <+GarretK> the entire prosecution hinged on this grand jury indictment (formal accusation)
21:27 <@srevilak> Anything we can do for support?  (Besides coming on 27th?)
21:27 <+Bluestreak> GIVE MONEY
21:27 <+Bluestreak> LOL
21:27 <+GarretK> Well, the hearing is one. We have a benefit show coming up, looks like the first week of July. 
21:27 <+GarretK> that will be to help the costs for the family
21:27 <+Bluestreak> So we can share that widely
21:28 <+GarretK> we'll have actions moving forward to seek accountability for the prosecutor, Methuen's chief, and others
21:28 <+GarretK> oh ya, share share share. i WANT everyone there. let the hecklers come to. they will help us with their presence, showing how these punk kids used the State to bully Cam
21:28 <+Bluestreak> I want to wait until the charges are dropped before publicizing that much
21:29 <+GarretK> wait to publicize what?
21:29 <+Bluestreak> We doont want them to try to hang on to this to cover their asses
21:29 <+GarretK> they've got nothing left
21:29 <+GarretK> it doesn't matter
21:29 <@davidd> i'd like to publish the story on the dutch website when appropiate
21:29 <+Bluestreak> Accountabilty
21:30 <+GarretK> right now we have a PR victory that MUST be taken advantage of
21:30 <+Bluestreak> plenty of time for that after the charges are dropped
21:30 <+GarretK> this isn't about Cam, this is about Freedom of Speech
21:30 <+Bluestreak> Well that is my two cents
21:30 <+GarretK> we have momentum now
21:30 <+GarretK> they went from 1 mil bail, to no bail for 90 days, to cam's release on his own recog today (day 37)
21:30 <+GarretK> carpe diem!
21:31 <+GarretK> so that's the report. 20 folks at the court monday, two of us pirates
21:31 <+Bluestreak> As a Mom I see a boy who looks like my own kid in 6 years...
21:31 <+Bluestreak> It was awesome
21:31 <+Bluestreak> Garret did a great job!
21:31 <+GarretK> we also looked amazing, if i can say that much
21:31 <+GarretK> ;)
21:32 <+Bluestreak> True dat
21:32 <+GarretK> make sure anyone on the Face finds me and our event page. i'm keeping it very updated
21:32 <+GarretK> we also have a video from KOPProductions coming out tonight
21:32 <+Bluestreak> Dont go yet garret
21:32 <+Bluestreak> IDP report, too!
21:32 <+GarretK> it was hot
21:32 <+GarretK> lol
21:33 <+GarretK> that is all..... j/k. ok....
21:33 <+GarretK> so about 12 of us were out there
21:33 <+Bluestreak> We drove by...
21:33 <+GarretK> i think i may be the only pirate in attendance, mostly MassOps and Anons, plus Alex from Warrantless/CDFAR/Digital Fourth
21:33 <+Bluestreak> Jason was too sick to stay
21:34 <+Bluestreak> Saw a guy dressed as Gitmo priz
21:34 <+GarretK> we had a man up orange jumpsuit and blackbagged in front of the BRIC, did some bullhorning and shot some vid
21:34 <+GarretK> yup^
21:34 <+GarretK> and huge props to him, who is nameless
21:34 <+Bluestreak> (in the heat!0
21:34 <+Bluestreak> Where is the vid?
21:35 <+GarretK> there was no foot traffic to speak of really, got some attention from the busy intersection
21:35 <+GarretK> police stayed inside, didn't even come out
21:35 <+GarretK> i am not sure where the vid is. MassOps someone or other would know
21:36 <+GarretK> I came to support them and brought my bullhorn (and obviously the message, which is HUGE to me)
21:36 <+Bluestreak> davidd http://massops.weebly.com/
21:36 <+Bluestreak> Love the bullhorn BTW
21:37 <+GarretK> it's my baby
21:37 <+GarretK> even bears Immortal Tech's signature. ;)
21:37 <+Bluestreak> Too cool!
21:38 <+Bluestreak> Make sure to post a link to the KOP vid BTW
21:38 <+GarretK> as soon as i get it from KOP i'm blasting it everywhere
21:38 <+Bluestreak> TY
21:39 <+GarretK> i'll def slap it up on your Face, too
21:39 <+GarretK> :P
21:40 <@srevilak> Are we ready to move to upcoming events?
21:40 <+Bluestreak> I'm good
21:41 <+GarretK> that pretty much covers everything on the BRIC, and my bullhorn. so yup
21:42 <@srevilak> Thanks for the updates GarretK 
21:42 <+GarretK> happy to be here to do it
21:42 <+GarretK> ;)
21:42 <@srevilak> Pride parade - any notes from the marshalls?
21:43 <+Bluestreak> I hate to say they are predicting rain but...
21:44 <+Bluestreak> Also the staging schedule will be posted tomorrow
21:44 <@srevilak> yes, I heard that
21:44 <@srevilak> Are we staging in same area as last year?
21:44 <@srevilak> hey Joe 
21:44 <+Joe> hello, running a little late
21:44 <+Bluestreak> We will meet by the Hynes
21:44 <@srevilak> np, happens
21:44 <+Bluestreak> Hey Joe
21:45 <+Bluestreak> Yeah so Jamie and I working out how to get all of our crap there
21:45 <@srevilak> I'm working on parade chants.  If you have something catchy, please send me a copy
21:45 <+Bluestreak> (I was actually hoping he'd be here by now)
21:46 <+Joe> no worries, we can figure something out
21:46 <+Bluestreak> Chants are NOT my forte
21:46 <+Bluestreak> Well I want to get at least one car...
21:46 <+Bluestreak> into the staging area.
21:47 <+Bluestreak> Because we have the wagon ship, cases of water, the banner...
21:47 <@srevilak> Sounds like we have a lot of flyers to hand out
21:47 <+Bluestreak> All heavy stuff
21:47 <+Joe> Hmm
21:47 <+Bluestreak> that is another thing
21:47 <+Bluestreak> Jamie asked for someone to print more...?
21:47 <@srevilak> I (and maybe Kendra) are riding down with Jamie, and I think the wagon
21:47 <+Joe> I assumed Jamie was going to the staging area
21:47 <+Bluestreak> I would but IDK who to use
21:48 <+Bluestreak> I would gladly run the stuff I have over to Somerville tomorrow night. Or to you in Arlington Steve
21:48 <+Bluestreak> I assumed that too.
21:49 <+Bluestreak> We will have to talk about this bit later
21:49 <@srevilak> We can talk logistics on activists@.  Jamie needs to be part of that discussion
21:49 <+Bluestreak> yes, definitely
21:50 <@srevilak> speak of the devil
21:50 <+Bluestreak> lol
21:50 <@srevilak> hey jokeefe 
21:50 <@jokeefe> hi
21:50 <+Bluestreak> Hey hung up without you here
21:50 <@srevilak> just started discussing parade logistics
21:50 <+GarretK> captain on deck!
21:50 <+GarretK> LOL. SORRY
21:50 <+Bluestreak> Talking about staging the parade
21:50 <+GarretK> i gotta go guys. thank you again!
21:50 <@jokeefe> k
21:50 <@srevilak> :)
21:51 <+Bluestreak> No THANK YOU1
21:51 <+Bluestreak> !
21:51 <@srevilak> do we still need to get flyers printed?
21:51 <+Bluestreak> I would but IDK who to use
21:52 <+Joe> welcome
21:52 <@jokeefe> flyers arrived today
21:52 <+Bluestreak> lol nice of you to mention that
21:52 <@srevilak> excellent.  We ran through 200 pretty quickly last year.  More = better, I think
21:52 <@davidd> can i put another topic on the agenda of this meeting?
21:52 <@jokeefe> they were at the door when I got in 10 min ago :-)
21:52 <+Bluestreak> So we are all set with flyers then?
21:53 <@srevilak> davidd: sure
21:53 <@jokeefe> Bluestreak, yes
21:53 <@davidd> i'd like to brainstorm about the NSA verizon thingy, wheter masspirates could do some media 
21:53 <+Bluestreak> Jamie and Sevan are already working that into the parade promo et
21:54 <@srevilak> Irony - for parade, we have people dressed up as pirates, and people dressed as NSA
21:54 <@davidd> not bad
21:54 <+Bluestreak> Perfect timing
21:54 <@srevilak> idea was to chase each other around.  Theatre
21:54 <@srevilak> The timing is good
21:54 <@davidd> but please add this and continue with the topic we were on
21:54 <@srevilak> ok
21:54 <+Bluestreak> It's DESTNY!
21:55 <+Bluestreak> This is the year of the Pirate!
21:55 <@srevilak> back to parade logistics.
21:55 <@jokeefe> aye
21:55 <@srevilak> I guess Kendra and I are riding w/ jokeefe + stuff
21:55 <+Bluestreak> So can we get a car into the staging area?
21:55 <+Bluestreak> And if so, whose?
21:56 <+Bluestreak> Because we have a lot of heavy stuff
21:56 <@jokeefe> I have a wagon
21:56 <+Bluestreak> So can I get the water and banner and stuff to you tomorrow?
21:56 <@jokeefe> sure
21:57 <+Joe> If you need help tomorrow I will be around
21:57 <@jokeefe> how heavy?
21:57 <+Bluestreak> OK. I have to drive Sam to Marlboro.
21:57 <+Bluestreak> I got two cases of water though one may be enough
21:57 <+Bluestreak> A canvas bag or gear with first aid kit inl.
21:58 <@srevilak> NWS calling for highs in 70s.  Not too hot
21:58 <+Bluestreak> The banner.
21:58 <+Bluestreak>  And some costumes
21:58 <+Bluestreak> a few hats, some "tatoo" sleeves, pretty cool actually
21:59 <+Bluestreak> I have something adorable for Keryn to wear if she is coming, Joe
21:59 <+Bluestreak> (I will hold on to that)
22:00 <+Bluestreak> Some sunglasses.
22:00 <+Bluestreak> it will fit in the wagon
22:00 <+Bluestreak> But it would be a pain to take on the subway
22:01 <+Joe> haha, well I will know by tomorrow
22:01 <+Bluestreak> So when I am out dropping Sam I can bring the stuff by
22:01 <@srevilak> I'll bring plastic bags, twine
22:01 <+Bluestreak> I have clear plastic bags, too
22:01 <+Bluestreak> Cinching, at that
22:01 <@srevilak> (if it rains, need something to hold the flyers)
22:02 <+Bluestreak> Couple of umbrellas AND sunscreen. All bases covered
22:02 <+Bluestreak> Ziploc bags/
22:02 <@davidd> if it is rainy and coldish it is better to have hot drinks
22:02 <+Bluestreak> I'll bring some
22:02 <@davidd> not much interest in bottles of water then
22:02 <+Bluestreak> not drinks
22:03 <@srevilak> Sounds like logistics are looking okay.  Anything else?
22:03 <+Bluestreak> I will still get thirsty
22:03 <@jokeefe> so do you want to park near the start or end?
22:03 <+Bluestreak> So long as I don't have to haul the stuff on the subway, I'm happy
22:04 <+Bluestreak> I was going to park at Fenway, but I guess parking at Gov ctr makes more sense
22:04 <@jokeefe> the end is at gov ctr
22:04 <+Bluestreak> I was concerned streets would be closed
22:05 <+Bluestreak> Should I be?
22:05 <@davidd> i expect it will be bigger this year, gay is hot these days
22:05 <+Bluestreak> LOL!
22:05 <@jokeefe> boylston is open until 11am I think
22:05 <@davidd> what was it like last year?
22:05 <+Bluestreak> Yes very sexy!
22:05 <@srevilak> Once staging starts, streets are pretty packed, except for parade vehicles
22:06 <+Bluestreak> If i take the pike to south station I can double back...
22:07 <+Joe> That might work
22:07 <+Bluestreak> I don't need to get much BACK from you after it is over capn
22:07 <+Bluestreak> So I dont think it will matter if I am parked near you or not.
22:08 <+Bluestreak> Just my canvas bag...?
22:08 <@jokeefe> sure, we could walk back
22:09 <+Bluestreak> I would take the T back to Fenway
22:09 <+Bluestreak> right?
22:10 <@jokeefe> kind of hard with a wagon
22:11 <@jokeefe> hi para
22:11 <+Bluestreak> true
22:11 <+para> hai
22:11 <@srevilak> w/2 people, wagon on T isn't too bad
22:11 <@srevilak> take elevator :)
22:11 <@jokeefe> sorry, forgot to id, James O'Keefe, Somerville
22:11 <+Bluestreak> Avery says hi
22:11 <+para> I heard something bout a pride parade, considering im LGBT im gonna lurg
22:11 <+para> *lurk
22:11 <@srevilak> welcome para 
22:11 <@srevilak> thanks for lurking
22:11 <@jokeefe> sure, we would love for you to march with us if you want
22:11 <+para> ill chime in if I have something to say in that respect
22:12 <@jokeefe> hard to get a wagon up onto the green line trains
22:12 <+para> I am in maryland, and am sadly not going to be handing out flyers at Capitol Pride
22:12 <+Bluestreak> Are you gonna march?
22:12 <@jokeefe> sure thing, para
22:12 <+Bluestreak> Oh
22:12 <+para> Yeah
22:12 <+Joe> Welcome
22:12 <+Joe> I would say I'm lurking but my chat never scrolls down
22:13 <+Bluestreak> Mine neither, Joe!
22:14 <+Bluestreak> So we settle that the Captain and Co will be parking at Gov ctr
22:14 <+Bluestreak> But I still havent decided where I will park
22:14 <@jokeefe> I would prefer to park near copley
22:14 <+Bluestreak> Can you?
22:15 <@jokeefe> can park at pro if you arrive early enough or on newbury st.
22:15 <@jokeefe> at pru
22:17 <+Bluestreak> I'm having decision anxiety
22:17 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: toss a coin :)
22:17 <+Bluestreak> I don't like crowds.
22:17 <+Bluestreak> I dont like traffic
22:18 <+Joe> lolol
22:18 <+Joe> You're going to a parade where you walk in traffic and are surrounded by crowds
22:18 <+Bluestreak> My first instict is near Fenway. Failing that I will move further east Copley or Govt ctr
22:19 <+Bluestreak> It's my dedication to the party that is making me brave it.
22:19 <+Joe> I think Fenway would be a good place
22:19 <@jokeefe> why don't you and Joe drive in together?
22:19 <+Bluestreak> I'm done discussing this bit!
22:19 <+Bluestreak> We are
22:19 <+Joe> I'm not sure how far away it is, I don't know the city well
22:19 <+Bluestreak> Hopefully Keryn too
22:20 <+Bluestreak> I do, Joe
22:20 <+Bluestreak> Which reminds me Joe, when i give you an arrival time dont be late!
22:20 <+Joe> Batman is never late
22:21 <+Bluestreak> LOL
22:21 <@srevilak> anything else to work out for parade?
22:22 <+Bluestreak> I should ask at the FB event page...
22:22 <+Joe> I'm not sure if it needs to be said, but wear comfortable sneakers
22:22 <+Bluestreak> if anyone needs costumeing support
22:22 <@srevilak> the pushy moderator would like to wrap up by 22:40 :)
22:22 <+Joe> I will wear my suit, but I'm definitely wearing my running shoes
22:23 <+Joe> or casual walking
22:23 <@jokeefe> anything on the todo list that isn't covered?
22:23 <+Bluestreak> I am going to wear cheap vinyl boots, but I put gel soles into them. They feel comfy.
22:23 <+Bluestreak> *looks at list*
22:23 <@davidd> cant wait to see the pics
22:24 <@srevilak> Going down http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=June_6th,_2013_IRC_Meeting 
22:24 <@srevilak> Conference next?
22:25 <@jokeefe> Was 2nd Cammy Dee PC hearing June 27th discussed?
22:25 <@srevilak> jokeefe: yes.  GarretK gave an overview
22:26 <@srevilak> I have one short update on conf.
22:26 <+Bluestreak> Yeah. When garret was here
22:26 <@jokeefe> sure what is the update, srevilak?
22:26 <@srevilak> Wrote CCB, asking about going longer (9-ish?).  Also asked for details about remitting balance of pmt
22:26 <@srevilak> waiting to hear back
22:27 <+Bluestreak> i will remind him to share it with the activist list as well as on FB
22:27 <@srevilak> that's all from me, re: conference
22:27 <@jokeefe> k
22:27 <+Bluestreak> So if we go long will we still need an eatery?
22:27 <@jokeefe> maybe
22:28 <@jokeefe> probably
22:28 <+Bluestreak> I was looking into that: http://www.walkscore.com/places/restaurants-and-bars/near/565-boylston-st-boston-ma-02116
22:28 <+Bluestreak> Jason and I were hoping to check some of these out in person.
22:29 <@jokeefe> cool
22:29 <+Bluestreak> I need to know ppl's price range
22:29 <@jokeefe> Dave House is fine with giving the keynote
22:29 <+Bluestreak> and how far they are willing to walk
22:29 <@jokeefe> topic: Opening the Gates: How To Challenge Our Nation's Two-Party Monopoly
22:30 <@srevilak> I like the topic
22:30 <+Bluestreak> Storyville looks cool and being from NOLA Jason is partial but it is a little posh and two blocks walk
22:30 <+Bluestreak> Sorry
22:30 <+Bluestreak> Stopping now
22:30 <+Bluestreak> I like it too
22:31 <+Bluestreak> So need help fleshing it out?
22:31 <@jokeefe> I haven't focused on the conferen
22:31 <@jokeefe> sorry, been busy
22:31 <@srevilak> ahoy itspara 
22:32 <@davidd> who is going to talk for the pp at the piratecon?
22:32 <+Bluestreak> When do you leave Mobile Messenger?
22:32 <@jokeefe> someone willing to contact folks about the schedule
22:32 <@jokeefe> next week, Bluestreak
22:32 <+Bluestreak> So things will be less hectic then or more?
22:33 <@jokeefe> who knows
22:33 <+Bluestreak> No kidding
22:33 <+Bluestreak> I'll do what I can to help
22:33 <@jokeefe> thanks
22:33 <+Joe> I can talk
22:34 <+Bluestreak> I could talk about organizing
22:34 <@jokeefe> that is one of our talks
22:34 <+Bluestreak> Oh and Jeff Taleda insists that every orgnaizer read Falkvinge's SWARMWISE
22:35 <+Bluestreak> Completely new angle on organizing
22:35 <@davidd> yes its good
22:35 <@jokeefe> can't wait for the whole book
22:35 <+Bluestreak> Ah you've read the bits that are out... is it all out now?
22:35 <+Bluestreak> Apparently not
22:35 <@jokeefe> not yet
22:36 <@jokeefe> any suggestions for the post for the parade/NSA spying?
22:36 <+Bluestreak> I have been focused on Cammy Dee and parade.
22:36 <+Bluestreak> I like Sevan's graphic...
22:37 <+Bluestreak> Whats yer angle? Funny serious?
22:37 <@jokeefe> both
22:38 <+Bluestreak> Not piratey but Lauren made me laugh today
22:38 <+Bluestreak> Put an eye of Sauron on the roof of the NSA
22:38 <@jokeefe> LOL
22:39 <+Bluestreak> Ppl loved it on my FB page.
22:39 <+Joe> I laughed
22:39 <+Bluestreak> I'm still laughing
22:40 <@srevilak> anything else for tonight?
22:40 <+Joe> I feel like the NSA is always searching for the one ring
22:40 <+Bluestreak> I am pretty depressed about the whole sitation acktly. Pathetic laughter
22:40 <@davidd> putting more hay on the haystack
22:41 <+Bluestreak> Maybe we should go with the LOTR angle
22:41 <@davidd> in the hope that makes the needle easier to find
22:41 <@davidd> put all verizon users on the terrorist watchlist
22:41 <+Bluestreak> What are they looking for?
22:41 <@jokeefe> kind of hard to find terrorists via their patterns if they have no unique patterns
22:41 <+Joe> Internet memes may serve purpose here
22:41 <@davidd> the NSA wasnt wiretapping them for nothing were they
22:41 <+Bluestreak> Nothing really
22:42 <+Bluestreak> just trying to frighten you
22:42 <@davidd> did all of you see this keynote of CCC 2012? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNsePZj_Yks
22:43 <+Joe> Meh, 7 years
22:43 <+Bluestreak> I know plenty of ppl who keep mum on line because they know Uncle Sam is watching
22:43 <@srevilak> Meh: http://www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/press-releases/191-press-releases-2013/869-dni-statement-on-activities-authorized-under-section-702-of-fisa
22:43 <@davidd> ow and that one guy: "nobody was complaining about this when it was done under bush"
22:43 <@jokeefe> actually they were
22:43 <+Bluestreak> SURE THEY WERE
22:44 <+Bluestreak> Glenn Greenwald wrote a book
22:44 <+Bluestreak> Whole chapter dedicated to warrantless wiretapping surveillance
22:44 <@davidd> it was glenn greenwald that broke todays story in the guardian yesterday
22:44 <@jokeefe> srevilak, if I switch the site over tonight, will it work?
22:44 <+Bluestreak> All over the internet
22:45 <@srevilak> yes, it should
22:45 <@davidd> you can test it by editing your host file 
22:46 <@srevilak> As y'all have been chatting, I've been syncing up wiki pages
22:46 <@srevilak> davidd: good suggestion
22:46 <@davidd> http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/27350/beginner-geek-how-to-edit-your-hosts-file/
22:47 <@srevilak> Heh: https://twitter.com/MalwareJake/status/342834514185318400
22:47 <@jokeefe> thank you, srevilak
22:47 <@davidd> i really like how masspirates is growing
22:47 <@davidd> i think piratecon will be a big boost
22:47 <@jokeefe> thanks, davidd
22:47 <@jokeefe> hopefully
22:47 <@davidd> i hope all of you have had time to implement some of the volunteer tips falkvinge gives in swarmwise
22:48 <@davidd> have projectdescriptions ready for new people to get going
22:48 <+Bluestreak> #404 Article not found
22:49 <+Bluestreak> I will start reading Swarmwise after the parade.
22:49 <@davidd> url got changed Bluestreak/srevilak 
22:49 <@davidd> new url http://www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/press-releases/191-press-releases-2013/869-dni-statement-on-activities-authorized-under-section-702-of-fisa
22:50 <+Bluestreak> TY
22:50 <+Bluestreak> BRB AJ needs me
22:51 <@davidd> i always tell our people off when they url switch after i already sent out the tweet
22:52 <+Bluestreak> I'm back
22:52 <@srevilak> More amusement: https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%40ODNIgov
22:53 <@davidd> http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/03/bradley-manning-wikileaks-trial-aiding-enemy
22:54 <@davidd> so they changed the url from "unauthorized disclosure" to "authorized under 702"
22:54 <+Bluestreak> I'm losing focus
22:54 <@davidd> how orwellian of them
22:55 <@davidd> i think it is important masspirates does an outreach to state media on this subject
22:55 <@jokeefe> agreed
22:55 <@davidd> when the protector is worse than the threat
22:56 <@davidd> cure worse than ailment
22:56 <+Bluestreak> State media?
22:56 <@jokeefe> sorry folks, but I want to get some things moved over to get the site switched to the new one tonight.  I would hate to have folks visit us on Sat. and find the current site.
22:56 <@davidd> local newspapers, tv stations in your state
22:56 <@davidd> srevilak have you tested it with the hosts trick?
22:56 <+Joe> This made me laugh : https://twitter.com/WannabeWarhol/status/342833804605521920
22:56 <@jokeefe> so I will focus on that, and pop in periodically
22:56 <@srevilak> let me try
22:56 <+Bluestreak> Sorry what? Want to wrap up?
22:57 <@davidd> if srevilak gives a go you can switch it right then
22:58 <@davidd> i still want to know who will speak on behalf of the masspp on piratecon
22:58 <@srevilak> jokeefe: looks great
22:58 <+Bluestreak> Have I hinted enough that I need to go? I am so beat tonight.
22:58 <@davidd> does that mean he can switch it over srevilak?
22:58 <@srevilak> davidd: yes, okay to switch
22:59 <@srevilak> I'll be around tomorrow morning, in case we need to do last minute fix ups
22:59 <@davidd> sun's already up overhere
23:00 <@davidd> srevilak, will the old site be reachable on some domain after the switch?
23:00 <@jokeefe> Bluestreak, I think we are done
23:00 <@jokeefe> masspirates.us probably
23:00 <+Bluestreak> I hope y'all don't mind if I take off early. I will communicate with the list after a good night's sleep
23:01 <+Bluestreak> Goodnight everyone!
23:01 <@davidd> thanks for being here tonight again bluestreak
23:01 <@davidd> have fun at the parade
23:01 <@davidd> ttyl
23:01 <@srevilak> yes, masspirates.us will work, but we need to remove rewrite rule that redirects .us -> .org
23:02 <@srevilak> Or, put " masspirates.org" in /etc/hosts
23:03 <@srevilak> Shall we have motion to adjourn?
23:03 <@jokeefe> sure
23:03 <@davidd> make a subdomain old.masspirates.us ?
23:04 <@srevilak> davidd: that would work.  Or old.masspirates.org
23:04 <@srevilak> jokeefe: I'll make transcript of chat now, and post to both wikis
23:04 <@jokeefe> thanks!
23:04 <@srevilak> night all
23:04 <@jokeefe> night
23:04 <+Joe> goodnight