March 10th, 2019 Boston Regional Meeting

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Main Ideas for Discussion

  • What differentiates us from other parties/groups?
    • What are we focusing on?
    • Where are we going?
    • How to we reach out to more people?
  • Platform
  • How to run

What differentiates us from other parties/groups?

  • Focused on personal privacy
    • Tends to be defensive, though
    • Counter are cryptoparties and other means to show people how to protect themselves
  • People first
  • Focused on democratic decision making
  • Non-electoral efforts
    • Cryptoparties
    • Mesh Networking
    • Break light clinics
    • Ask for other ideas at meetings/on-line

Platform changes

  • Housing first
    • everyone has a place to live, providing stability and improving state of mind
    • not solely focusing on people who are homeless, but recognizing the increasing cost of housing
  • Education reform (but not the neoliberal kind)
    • Fix the infrastructure of our schools
    • Use technology (only where needed?)
    • Centering on student empowerment and help for students to succeed at what they are good at and support them where they have challenges
  • Criminal justice
    • reducing policing and incarceration
    • Increasing harm reduction policies.
    • Less punishment, more restorative justice

What would we implement in our first 100 days of achieving power?

  • Citizen surveys of police and school systems and municipal government (13 and older)
  • End solitary confinement
  • Fair pay for fair work (even prisoners)
  • Open government additions
    • Removing exemptions of the open meeting law for all three branches of government
    • Actual enforcement of open meeting law and FOIA
    • All data paid for by the public should be on-line and machine readable/searchable (with personal privacy exceptions) That includes all branches of government
    • No scanned documents without OCR
    • All bills have to be voted on in committee
    • All votes have to list who the individual votes
    • Reduce the power of house speaker/senate president
    • Remove legislative loopholes (no votes in out of session periods). Spell out limits on emergency sessions.
    • Require bills only include content relevant to the original purpose of the bill
    • Expand whistleblower protections (suggested after the meeting)
  • Full decriminalization of private consensual activities and implement effective harm reduction strategies.
  • Change the law to use IRV/RCV
  • Fully fund the MBTA and all public transit systems
  • Pass net neutrality bill
  • Have a mock budget with taxes and spending
    • Include money for energy conservation fund
    • Solar credit?
  • Close the fusion centers
  • Stop any support for ICE and other related agencies. Prohibit county sheriffs from helping ICE
  • Try to increase competition in oligopolies esp. media
  • Promote training for creating cooperative operations and tomorrow’s leaders (e for all?)

What would we implement in our first year of achieving power?

  • Restorative justice approach for minors
  • Implementing changes based on survey results
  • Within the first year exonerate and wipe records of all private consensual crimes
  • Basic right education
  • Fund the development of public transit in Mass.
  • Development of high speed broadband in Mass.
  • License requirement
    • law students have to teach kids their rights
    • psychology students to help homeless
  • Education
    • Expand financial decision making/responsibilities education
    • Teaching labor rights and struggles
    • Bring back home economics and food preparation
  • Require state (MEMA) and municipalities do a climate change/storm risk assessment
    • Must include food security, housing, transportation

What would we implement longer term?

  • Decentralize federal/state government to county/regions and municipalities
    • Reconstitute county governments to make them elected and able to solve regional problems
  • Removal of laws that no longer apply especially if they are harmful to individual rights
  • Expand the ballot initiative and direct democracy. Institute a people’s veto

Attendance Statistics

  • 7 people a1tended in all
  • 6 activists, 2 supporters
  • 6 people participated in the discussion, 1 person observed
  • 6 men, 1 women
  • 0 people of color