November 4th, 2020 IRC Meeting

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Set schedule for the conference


  • noon-12:15pm - Captain's Introduction and Year Review
  • 12:15-1pm - Where do we go from here?
  • 1-2pm - Platform Discussion
  • 2-2:30pm - Break
  • 2:30-3:30pm - Speakers
  • 3:30-4:30pm - Platform Discussion
  • 4:30+ - Pirate Beer


  • noon-12:30pm - Quartermaster's Introduction and Finances Report
  • 12:30-2:00pm - Platform Discussion
  • 2-2:30pm - Break
  • 2:30-3:30pm - Platform Discussion
  • 3:30-4:30pm - Platform Discussion


  • Steve Revilak

How housing polices were used to segregate communities in the 20th century. There will be emphasis on zoning, which is generally the domain of local governments.

  • Alexander Isavnin

State activities related to censorship, surveillance, political oppression on examples from Russia and neighboring countries.

  • James O'Keefe

Running for office (can be prerecorded)

Choose date to test video conference software


Goals for Q3 2020:

  • Organize meetups
  • Revise platform
  • Organize Fundraiser
  • Organize candidate trainings

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Next pirate news recording scheduled for Sunday, 7pm unless changed

Democracy and Dogfood (Tech)

Surveillance Mapping

  • Come up with a how to instructions
    • Paper - done
    • iPhone - done
    • Android
  • Come up with how to videos

Regional Meetings/Events

In-person events, including outdoor events, on hold until COVID-19 numbers go down.

Leader: jokeefe

Party Conference

  • Schedule regular posts on blog
  • Dividing up the platform and coming up with draft items

Dec. 4th Day Against DRM


Boston Pride Festival

  • table booked
  • setup signup sheet
  • Announce
  • Need to purchase insurance
  • Need volunteer sign up form
  • Tie to an activity, mapping the CCTV cameras in Boston or along the Pride parade route?


  • Free the Moderna Vaccine
    • Planning meeting upcoming. Contact jokeefe for details if you want to attend.
    • Planning new event
  • Yes on 1
    • Post on our support for it
    • Who could reach out to campaign to ask how we can help?
  • Yes on 2
    • Post reminder of our support for it
    • jokeefe reached out to campaign on helping. Will followup.
    • Yard signs available.



  • EARN IT Act
  • PATRIOT Act renewal


  • Legislature extended session
  • Push to get Right to Repair bill to a vote.
  • Some of facial recognition moratorium is in the police reform bill

Computer donations

Platform Discussion

Moved to 2020 Platform Discussion

Other To Do

  • Application to PPI
  • Post statement on Suit
  • Post statement on our support for Question 1: open access to vehicle telematics systems.
  • Post statement on our opposition to S.4051 - Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act.
  • Post statement on retaining section 230 protections. Docket RM-11862. Per TechDirt, 9/17 is the last date for submissions for the 2nd round. - done

Tabled Projects

FOSS Tutorials

Worcester farm group is interested in having some FOSS tutorials. Perhaps:

  • how to do basic labels in GIMP,
  • work through a few sample spreadsheets related to seed cost and
  • similarly applicable real-world situations, depending on the needs of the group

Basically how to do graph design & product management with open source tools. Malt will put together a one paragraph description of what we need and we can mail it out to ask pirates to help.

Upcoming Events

  • Every Tuesday, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, on-line
  • 10/31, 11am-1pm, Democracy and Dogfood (Tech) Meeting, on-line
  • 11/14-15, Party Conference


  • Olivia_: Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
  • Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
  • Malt: Sam capradae, Worcester


  • ChanServ
  • hvxgr
  • Deffy
  • mikey


11am Saturday. Test video system for piratecon

7pm Sunday. Pirate news recording.

Conference planning:



[9:04pm] jokeefe: Agenda:,_2020_IRC_Meeting
[9:05pm] jokeefe: ids
[9:05pm] jokeefe: Anything to add?
[9:05pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
[9:05pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Review
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Should we review the election or did we do that last night?
[9:07pm] Malt left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:07pm] Malt joined the chat room.
[9:08pm] jokeefe: ahoy
[9:08pm] jokeefe: Should we review the election or did we do enough of that last night?
[9:09pm] Malt: Thanked
[9:09pm] Malt: I'm set
[9:09pm] jokeefe: Decisions/Endorsements
[9:09pm] jokeefe: I put up a proposed schedule at:,_2020_IRC_Meeting#Set_schedule_for_the_conference
[9:10pm] jokeefe: Look good or should we move anything around/change items?
[9:12pm] Malt: Fine here!
[9:12pm] jokeefe: Joe? Anyone else?
[9:13pm] Joe: looks great.
[9:13pm] Joe: we should probably review the video. maybe make edits to upload
[9:14pm] jokeefe: We have 11 signups
[9:14pm] jokeefe: My how to run video?
[9:15pm] Joe: Sorry, I was referring to the national one.
[9:15pm] jokeefe: If someone wants to edit the video, i create, that would be great.
[9:16pm] jokeefe: Oh, ok.  It should be live now.
[9:16pm] srevilak joined the chat room.

[9:16pm] jokeefe: ahoy srevilak
[9:16pm] Joe: I can but currently under lock down
[9:16pm] Joe: ahoy
[9:16pm] srevilak: hi all, just saw email that we were meeting tonight
[9:16pm] Malt: Welcome!
[9:17pm] jokeefe: no worries.
[9:17pm] jokeefe: Schedule look good for you?,_2020_IRC_Meeting#Set_schedule_for_the_conference
[9:17pm] jokeefe: If you can edit the video Joe, that would be great.
[9:18pm] srevilak: Looks good
[9:18pm] Joe: can you upload it to mass youtube as a private video?
[9:18pm] jokeefe: great
[9:19pm] jokeefe: I would need to download the video first from youtube
[9:20pm] jokeefe: Choose date to date video conference software
[9:21pm] Joe: is it on there already on there?
[9:21pm] jokeefe: I have the account for the video conference software. When could we test it?
[9:21pm] Malt left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:21pm] srevilak: What is "date to date video conference software"?
[9:22pm] jokeefe: srevilak, did we agree to try Saturday at 11am?
[9:22pm] srevilak: Not sure, but I can make it
[9:22pm] jokeefe: corrected - Choose date to test video conference software
[9:22pm] srevilak: ah!
[9:23pm] Malt joined the chat room.
[9:23pm] jokeefe: Joe, could you do a test Saturday at 11am?
[9:23pm] jokeefe: Also Malt?
[9:23pm] Joe: Right before the conference?
[9:24pm] jokeefe: I updated OS and now IRC chat doesn’t automatically show the latest messages
[9:24pm] jokeefe: Week before the conference
[9:24pm] jokeefe: this Saturday
[9:24pm] Malt: I can, yes
[9:25pm] Malt: That's a fun bug!
[9:25pm] Joe: I can do a test this weekend but will be quite distracted.
[9:25pm] jokeefe: Have to keep scrolling up, Malt. It is a bit annoying.
[9:26pm] Joe: should not be an issue so long as it is only a test.
[9:26pm] jokeefe: Saturday, 11am it is. Will send out email to democracy/activists lists
[9:26pm] jokeefe: Projects
[9:27pm] jokeefe: Video Newsletter/Podcast - Sunday 7pm recording ok?
[9:27pm] Malt: Yup!
[9:27pm] srevilak: yes
[9:28pm] Joe: Aye
[9:28pm] jokeefe: Topic ideas?
[9:28pm] Joe: Pirate conference really.
[9:29pm] srevilak: Does the rise and fall of fascism occur in cycles?
[9:29pm] srevilak: Too much?
[9:29pm] Joe: like the tides
[9:29pm] jokeefe: Pirate conference promo would be good
[9:29pm] jokeefe: srevilak, lol
[9:29pm] Joe: on a scale of human social memory.
[9:30pm] srevilak: Make 1946 great again!
[9:30pm] jokeefe: seems too early to discuss it going out with the tides
[9:30pm] jokeefe: aye, srevilak
[9:30pm] Joe: lol
[9:30pm] srevilak: One of my co-workers thinks it's a 100-year tide.  So, just starting to come in
[9:31pm] • Joe sighs.
[9:31pm] Malt: I thought it was 250ish
[9:31pm] srevilak: Malt: Think 1920's
[9:31pm] Malt: Oh
[9:31pm] Malt: Hm
[9:31pm] srevilak: shit ...
[9:31pm] srevilak: Sorry, I'm just grumpy tonight
[9:32pm] Joe: Biden is winning at least.
[9:32pm] jokeefe: got the popular vote at least
[9:32pm] Joe: silver linings
[9:33pm] Joe: this year the choice was either crazy or senile.
[9:33pm] Joe: lets really start preparing for running candidates again
[9:33pm] jokeefe: aye that
[9:34pm] jokeefe: Democracy and Dogfood (Tech) - meeting set for 11am sat.
[9:34pm] Malt: Pissed we lost q2
[9:35pm] jokeefe: Regional Meetings/Events - Party Conference
[9:35pm] jokeefe: Setup an etherpad:
[9:35pm] srevilak: Malt: yeah, Q2 was disappointing
[9:36pm] jokeefe: Agree Malt, but it took three ballot initiatives to get greyhound racing banned.  I think there are things we can do to improve the results next time.
[9:38pm] jokeefe: They only got proportional representation in New Zealand when they kept electing minority governments with FPTP.
[9:38pm] Malt: Get it on the front page? I heard some folk didn't turn theirs over
[9:38pm] Joe: a lot of people seemed to be misinformed about RCV. they think the old system has work for 200+ years, why change...
[9:38pm] jokeefe: That would help
[9:39pm] jokeefe: Will have to look at the official results and see how many didn’t make a choice.
[9:39pm] srevilak: What read do you get from this map:
[9:40pm] jokeefe: Doesn’t list abstains, unfortunately.
[9:41pm] srevilak: I was thinking more in terms of the clusters of cities that voted yes, vs the ones that didn't
[9:41pm] jokeefe: good point
[9:42pm] Malt left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:43pm] Malt joined the chat room.
[9:43pm] jokeefe: Boston area Rt 2 corridor and Pioneer Valley, parts of the Berkshires
[9:43pm] srevilak: Compare with Q1:
[9:43pm] Malt: The dem establishment seemed lukewarm
[9:43pm] srevilak: Of cities reporting, Georgetown is the only one that went no
[9:45pm] jokeefe: Springfield total vote is 47,000, which seems small
[9:46pm] srevilak: Indeed.  Population is 153k
[9:46pm] Joe: I do not have much to add tonight, sorry. very distracted by my son whom is still awake.
[9:46pm] Malt: I can't focus worth a single gosh darn
[9:48pm] jokeefe: Let’s end then. Please add conference planning items to
[9:49pm] srevilak: will do
[9:49pm] srevilak: Next, off to $work call at 22:00.
[9:49pm] srevilak: will post transcript