October 10th, 2020 Tech Meeting

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  • Steve Revilak
  • James O'Keefe

Conference Planning

Suggestion that conference run noon-6pm

Platform Discussions

  • Use big blue button for live breakout sessions
    • jokeefe talk with Micky about setting it up
    • write up notes of the conversation
    • how are ids setup?
  • Aim to setup big blue button in two weeks
  • Scheduled sessions
    • 1 hour long
    • people sign up send a reminder with contact details
    • Divide up draft platform

Panel discussions or presentations

  • Mix live and prerecorded
  • Topics
    • open/close
    • Housing policy (srevilak)
    • MassMesh node setup (jokeefe)
    • What have we learned from public engagement during the pandemic and how can we continue the best parts after the pandemic (open discussion)
  • What to do?
    • look at the top topics
    • Email ideas by 10/23 EOD
  • Live streamed sessions
    • Fallback to Joe's setup or meet.jit.si youtube plug in
    • Later upload archive.org
  • Prerecorded sessions
    • Upload to Youtube and archive.org prior to conference

archive.org library

  • srevilak will download videos and upload them as podcasts/videos to archive.org
  • Backcatalog of conference videos
    • get uploaded to archive.org and youtube prior to conference and announce them with pitch to attend next1

Action Items

Next meeting: 10/24 - 11-1pm