February 24th, 2021 IRC Meeting

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Revise Platform

Leader: jokeefe




Leader: Malt

  • Setup local video meetups by region with people who said they were interested in organizing a local chapter
  • Organize candidate trainings

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Pirate news recording scheduled for Sundays, 7pm with go-live at 7:30pm. Unless changed

Boston Pride Festival

Leader: jokeefe

While in-person events, including outdoor events, are on hold until COVID-19 numbers go down, we should plan for our table at the Boston Pride Festival.


  • setup signup sheet
  • Announce
  • Need to purchase insurance
  • Need volunteer sign up form
  • Tie to an activity, mapping the CCTV cameras in Boston or along the Pride parade route?

Other To Do

  • Application to PPI

Upcoming On-line Events

  • Every Tuesday, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, on-line
  • Sun., 2/28/2021, noon-2pm, 'Democracy Meeting, on-line


  • jokeefe
  • Malt
  • joe
  • srevilak


  • ChanServ
  • davidd
  • hvxgr
  • Deffy
  • mikey
  • Mikaela
  • slerman


Health policy.


Video newsletter

  • Sunday, 7p - 8p

Tech meeting.

  • Sunday, noon-2pm


21:02 <@jokeefe> Agenda:
21:02 <@jokeefe> ids
21:02 <@jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:02 < malt> sam capradae, worcester
21:03 < Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:03 < Joe> l
21:03 <@jokeefe> anything to add?
21:03 < Joe> Not atm
21:03 < Joe> l
21:04 < malt> Can I use the mailing list to solicit signatures for
       some candidates?
21:04 <@jokeefe> If you feel it is right
21:05 < malt> OK!
21:06 <@jokeefe> Decisions/Endorsements - Revise Platform
21:06 <@jokeefe>
21:08 <@jokeefe> It needs a clean up, but are there any topics we
       haven’t included?
21:09 < Joe> Shelter as a healthcare right.
21:09 < Joe> Just adding it now.
21:09 < malt> Good call, I think we've covered the rest of the wraparound
21:10 < Joe> Having overlapping paths to the same goal ensures that
       everyone gets the care needed.
21:10 <@jokeefe> “By embracing preventative care, including mental
       health, substance abuse treatments, diversion programs for at risk
       populations, ensuring access to enough food and housing support, we can
       provide quality care for all while reducing our long-term expenditures.”
21:11 < Joe> Plus someone whom would not want to conform the the norms
       of one program would have options and not slip through the cracks.
21:13 < Joe> brb
21:13 < malt> I like what we've got :)
21:13 < malt> cleaned up the notes at the botom
21:13 < malt> bottom
21:13 <@jokeefe> cleaned up how. they look like they are gone
21:14 < malt> yeah, we've included them so there's no need for the
21:20 < Joe> That looks good. I would like to see if I can get a
       healthcare professional on this as well.  If you have anyone in mind I
       would love to hear about them.
21:20 < malt> The only ones I can think of are a little preoccupied :-/
21:21 <@jokeefe> sure. finish the review in another week?
21:23 < Joe> Sounds good
21:24 <@jokeefe> malt / srevilak?
21:24 < malt> good by me
21:25 <@jokeefe> Projects
21:25 < Joe> srevilak said he was ghosting
21:26 <@jokeefe> yes
21:27 < malt> i've been wrapped up in local worcester stuff
21:27 <@jokeefe> Outreach - malt should we set a video conference for
       people who said they were interested in organizing a local chapter?
21:28 <@jokeefe> maybe a week from Saturday?
21:28 < malt> sure!
21:28 <@jokeefe> what time?
21:29  * srevilak is finished with work conf call
21:30 < srevilak> I'm generally free on Sat Mar 6th
21:31 <@jokeefe> noon-2pm?
21:31 < srevilak> I could do that
21:32 <@jokeefe> malt?
21:33 < malt> i am usually done with my writing group by then
21:33 < malt> :)  can do!
21:33 <@jokeefe> would 1-3pm be better for you malt?
21:34 < malt> sure!
21:35 <@jokeefe> 1-3pm Sat. Mar 6th it is
21:35 < malt> see you then!
21:35 <@jokeefe> Video Newsletter/Podcast - Sunday, 7-8pm?
21:35 < srevilak> aye
21:36 < Joe> Aye
21:36 < Joe> The reason I'm distracted this evening is I am finally
       setting up my main <3
21:36 < malt> see you then!
21:38 < malt> we will probably have to cover all the new revelations
       about the insurrection
21:38 <@jokeefe> no doubt
21:39 < srevilak> We could have a good discussion, just about Texas
21:39 < srevilak> and utility demand pricing
21:39 <@jokeefe> Any other topics to cover?
21:39 < Joe> Please bring them up for me then, I have a lot going on
       atm and so thus likely to forget most of this.
21:40 < malt> oh we will
21:40 < Joe> I know, just figured I would be nice and ask!
21:40 < malt> oh yeah that gridly service with the wholesale bills
21:40 < srevilak> yes
21:41 <@jokeefe> I have no other update other than to we have a tech
       meeting sunday noon-2pm.
21:41 < srevilak> Gov and one Senator said "Damn those utilities".
       Lt. Gov said "folks should have read the fine print"
21:42 <@jokeefe> the Gov going before the legislature tomorrow
21:42 <@jokeefe> over vaccination effort
21:42 < malt> good!
21:43 < malt> rake him over the coals!
21:43 <@jokeefe> aye
21:43 <@jokeefe> if there is nothing else, shall we adjourn?
21:44 < srevilak> so motioned
21:44 < malt> okay
21:44 < malt> 2nd
21:44 <@jokeefe> all in favor?
21:45 < srevilak> aye
21:45 < srevilak> will post transcript
21:45 < malt> night yall1