January 22nd, 2015 IRC Meeting

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  1. Jan. 17, Arisia at Westin Waterfront, Crypto-panel
  2. Jan. 19, 4 Mile March


  1. PirateCon 2015
    1. Site Review
    2. Program

Events Summary

  1. Feb. 4, Cryptoparty @ Boston Desktop Linux Users Group
  2. Feb. 8 (week of), Pirate Show, SCATV (Noe)
  3. Feb. 14, WMass Cryptoparty (lisbon), Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, 100 Bigelow Street, Holyoke, MA (http://mghpcc.com/), Snow date is Feb 21st, dates tentative. duration 4 hours. Need to supply our own projector? Time is 11:00a - 3:00p
  4. Mar. 15, Boston Peace Parade
  5. Mar. 22, Cryptoparty, Worcester
  6. Apr.-May, PirateCon?
  7. May 6, International Day against DRM
  8. May, Together Boston Cryptoparty?
  9. Jun. 13, Boston Pride Parade
  10. Jun. cryptoparty?
  11. Sep., Freedom Rally

Every Thu., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak - Arlington, MA)
  • igel (William Fleurant, Arlington MA)
  • plantzz (Leilani Mroczkowski, Somerville)
  • lisbon (Christopher Maria - Ludlow, MA)


  • davidd
  • decipherstatic
  • Pharyngeal
  • zby


Reviewed events: Arisia cryptoparty, four mile march (notes at 2015 Event Notes).

PirateCon 2015. Democracy center is booked up for weekends in April and May. We choose April 25th as the conference day. Community church is tentative location -- we'll put down a deposit now.

From poll, the top topics are

  1. Net neutrality & Open Government
  2. pirate strategy
  3. building third party coalitions & filing FOIA/public records requests
  4. income inequality
  5. running campaigns

Steve will contact Muckrock, re: participating in FOIA campaign.

Jamie will contact Boston Open Government group.

Net neutrality. Perhaps contact BNN, freepress, SCATV

Feb 14th cryptoparty is 11:00 - 3:00pm. Steve would like to do presentation on how browsers leak information (aka corporate surveillance). Perhaps Andrew Lewman on Tor. Would be nice to record the session. Micky offered to do a session on OTR.


21:00 < jokeefe> agenda -
21:00 < jokeefe> ids - James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:01 < srevilak> Steve Revilak - Arlington, MA
21:01 < jokeefe> ahoy lisbon
21:01 < lisbon> ahoy
21:01 < plantzz> Leilani Mroczkowski, Somerville
21:01 < lisbon> Christopher Maria - Ludlow, MA
21:03 < jokeefe> anyone want to add anything?
21:03 < srevilak> nothing to add to the agenda
21:04 < jokeefe> Review
21:05 < jokeefe> Jan. 17, Arisia Crypto-panel - Went well - 35 people
        attended.  Was able to cover GnuPG and Tor in about an hour.  At least
        as an overview.
21:05 < srevilak> Did stallman stop in?
21:06 < jokeefe> There is interest in doing it again next year.  Think we
        should focus on getting people to use software on tablets and smart
        phones since that is mostly what was available.
21:06 < lisbon> stallman was there??
21:06 < jokeefe> yes he did.  he dropped off some fliers and stickers,
        made a speech, then left.  came back later to pick things up
21:07 < lisbon> interesting. What is the best way to do it on a mobile
21:07 < lisbon> I have had bed experienced in the past with tor on
        android tablets
21:07 < srevilak> lisbon: https://guardianproject.info/  (for android)
21:08 < lisbon> excellent, maybe this will work for me
21:09 < lisbon> *bad experiences
21:09 < jokeefe> Well, we have months to try them out, though we certainly
        need to cover it more
21:11 < jokeefe> Jan. 19, 4 Mile March - was very well attended.
        very well run
21:12 < srevilak> jokeefe: were you there with banner?  anyone else?
21:12 < igel> lo'
21:12 < jokeefe> Noe and I were there.  We brought the banners.
21:12 < srevilak> ahoy, igel
21:12 < igel> William Fleurant, Arlington MA
21:12 < jokeefe> ahoy igel
21:12 < lisbon> was there as many people there as their Facebook page
        says there was?
21:13 < srevilak> news claims ~ 1000 participated
21:13 < jokeefe> seemed like at least a 1000 people were there.
21:13 < jokeefe> more than the 100s the media said
21:14 < lisbon> great (except for the inaccurate numbers from the media)
21:17 < jokeefe> so it went well
21:17 < jokeefe> Decisions - kind of short
21:17 < jokeefe> PirateCon 2015
21:18 < igel> i read that the somerville library cryptoparty went quite
        well too
21:18 < srevilak> igel: yes, it was a good gig
21:19 < jokeefe> yes, igel, it went well.  18 people were there.
        not too many.  not too few.
21:21 < igel> shoot i think i am reading last week wiki
21:21 < igel> aah
21:21 < jokeefe> Site Review - Looks like Democracy Center is busy all
        weekend in April/May
21:22 < jokeefe> I emailed someone I know at Suffolk Univ. to see what
        their policy is.
21:23 < srevilak> Community church is booked mornings of first weekend
        of the month.
21:23 < jokeefe> The Anarchist Book Fair was at BU.  Not sure how they
        got the rooms.  Would guess a student got it for them.
21:25 < plantzz> how big of a space are you looking for?
21:26 < jokeefe> one room for 100-150, and 1-3 classrooms
21:27 < plantzz> JP Forum hosts events at the first church on Centre
        street, not sure what the specs are.
21:28 < plantzz> Armory in Somerville, would be able to house that,
        but not sure what it would cost for everything. I think the big room is
        pricy, but maybe worth checking out
21:29 < jokeefe> I think the winter farmer’s market has started
21:30 < plantzz> ahh yes...you're right
21:30 < jokeefe> here is the faq -
21:31 < lisbon> winter farmer's market? wish we had those where I live
21:31 < srevilak> jokeefe: was looking at rental-faqs.  Mezannine would
        probably be large enough
21:32 < jokeefe> it is nice lisbon. surprised there isn’t one near you,
        but then somerville is pretty dense
21:33 < jokeefe> srevilak, the mez is used for the market
21:33 < jokeefe> lighting is better at the community church
21:38 < jokeefe> srevilak, can we book Community Church for now, but
        keep looking should we find something more to our needs?
21:38 < srevilak> jokeefe: yes, we can put down deposit and book now
21:39 < srevilak> can do that this weekend
21:39 < jokeefe> only $50?
21:39 < srevilak> $25 deposit
21:39 < srevilak> wait - have we finalized which date?
21:39 < srevilak> (need date to put down deposit)
21:40 < jokeefe> not yet.  suggestions?
21:41 < srevilak> How about 4/25, last saturday in April?
21:41 < jokeefe> http://www.studentcity.com/when-is-my-spring-break
21:43 < jokeefe> will 4/25 will interfere with college finals?
21:43 < plantzz> If you go with the April date, the winters farmers
        market will be over
21:44 < srevilak> I think most college finals are in mid-may
21:44 < jokeefe> that seems to be the case with UMB
21:44 < jokeefe> 4/25 works for me, do we have a 2nd?
21:45 < plantzz> BC website says May 7-12
21:45 < igel> for date alone, that works for me aye
21:47 < jokeefe> three for.  any others for 4/25?
21:47 < lisbon> sounds good
21:48 < plantzz> seems like a good date to me
21:48 < jokeefe> any objections?
21:50 < lisbon> none
21:50 < plantzz> no
21:50 < jokeefe> ok, 4/25 it is.  with a tentative location of the
        community church of boston
21:51 < srevilak> will put in reservation request with CCB and send
21:51 < jokeefe> thank you
21:52 < jokeefe> The breakdown of the conference topic poll results is at
21:53 < jokeefe> net neutrality, open gov, as 1 & 2
21:53 < jokeefe> pirate strategy as 3
21:53 < jokeefe> Building third-party coalitions, Filing FOIA and public
        records requests, Income inequality as 4
21:54 < jokeefe> Running campaigns as 5
21:55 < jokeefe> could ask muckrock about doing a how to file FOIA and
        public records requests
21:55 < srevilak> jokeefe: had talked two one of the muckrock fellow
        (evan) about this in the past
21:56 < jokeefe> Could invite the Grees, Libs & SA to a Building
        third-party coalitions panel
21:56 < jokeefe> Greens that is
21:56 < srevilak> I'll volunteer to contact muckrock, re FOIA
21:56 < jokeefe> thanks
21:57 < jokeefe> Will ask open gov boston group if there is anyone who
        wants to be on a panel on open gov
21:58 < jokeefe> suggestions for a net neutrality panel?
21:59 < srevilak> lolita kelsey?
21:59 < plantzz> i went to a net neutrality panel discussion early last
        year that had folks from freepress on it
22:00 < jokeefe> could invite evan as well
22:00 < srevilak> or SCATV
22:01 < jokeefe> could ask ageis for suggestions
22:02 < jokeefe> what about income inequality?
22:02 < plantzz> Erica from SCATV is my partner, I could pick her brain
        for suggestions (she had freepress at her event last year). I can get
        back with suggestions by this weekend
22:02 < jokeefe> thank you!
22:02 < jokeefe> we are at time.
22:03 < srevilak> one quick additional thing.
22:03 < jokeefe> sure
22:03 < srevilak> Feb 14th cryptoparty - we need to nail down times
22:04 < srevilak> (or perhaps we've done this, but I don't know what
        the times are)
22:04 < jokeefe> 11am-3pm
22:04 < srevilak> great, settled :)
22:04 < lisbon> Didnt we already decide
22:04 < lisbon> yes 11-3
22:05 < srevilak> I'd looked on wiki (meeting notes), didn't see time
        listed there
22:05 < jokeefe> ah, posted on the blog.
22:05 < jokeefe> what do you want to cover?  GnuPG/Tor/?
22:06 < srevilak> I'd like to do a session on browser surveillance (aka,
        what your browser says behind your back,
22:06 < srevilak> and how to make your browser shut up)
22:06 < lisbon> I like both of those ideas
22:07 < jokeefe> I think that would be a great idea.
22:07 < srevilak> If Andrew Lewman can present, he should cover tor
22:08 < jokeefe> sounds like we should record this one.  lets test the
        wireless mic!
22:09 < lisbon> And how about the projector?
22:09 < jokeefe> do they have any?
22:10 < srevilak> IIRC, their AV folks aren't around on Sat.  We need
        to bring our own
22:10 < lisbon> They have large displays but they have a policy that a
        staff member must set them up and there is no one there that day to do it
22:10 < jokeefe> overhead or big monitors?
22:11 < lisbon> I believe they are two large TVs
22:11 < jokeefe> if they have a VGA (or HDMI, srevilak?) cables, that
        might be good enough
22:12 < srevilak> VGA for me :)
22:12 < lisbon> We cant really do that, I find their policy stupid but
        we must abide by it (even though im sure we all know how to plug in an
        HDMI cable)
22:12 < srevilak> In that case, I guess question is can we bring a
        projector, and project on a wall
22:13 < lisbon> That looks like the only option
22:13 < srevilak> I can give them a call to discuss
22:14 < jokeefe> if you can that would be great.  just to clarify.
        can bring a projector if needed
22:14 < lisbon> sounds good, I had already discussed this with someone
        there and they seemed to be pretty firm on the policy
22:14 < igel> yaar
22:15 < igel> ill read the mins, gtg..
22:15 < lisbon> I also need to go, any last thoughts
22:15 < jokeefe> I have none
22:15 < jokeefe> motion to adjourn?
22:16 < lisbon> I second
22:16 < jokeefe> all in favor?
22:16 < plantzz> jokeefe, i will get back to you on net neutrality
        folks. I also have to step out
22:16 < jokeefe> thanks!
22:16 < jokeefe> aye
22:16 < lisbon> aye, and goodnight
22:17 < srevilak> will post minutes
22:17 < jokeefe> thanks.  think we are an end if only by attrition
22:17 < jokeefe> good night all!