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Preliminary Results from our PirateCon 2015 Survey

Here are some of the preliminary results from our PirateCon 2015 survey.  Twenty two people participated.

When Should we Hold Piratecon 2015?

January 2
February 4
March 9
April 13
May 12
June 7
July 4

Where Should we Hold Piratecon?

Boston, Cambridge, Somerville Area 13
Route 128 belt 7
Between 128 and 495 4
West of 495 5

How would you prefer to get to the conference?

Public transit 11
Bus (PeterPan, etc) 2
Car 9
Car to public transit 7
Bicycle 6

How Long Should PirateCon Last?

The usual one day is fine 14
Saturday & Sunday 7
Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday 3

If Pirate Con could only be on one day, choose which days work for you?

Saturday 18
Sunday 7

Should we arrange for childcare at the conference site?

Yes 11
No 11

Conference Topics

Building third-party coalitions 11
Corporate power 9
Environment 7
Filing FOIA and public records requests 11
Income inequality 11
Minimum wage 9
Net neutrality 17
Open government 15
Organizing 5
Patents 3
Proposing local legislation 9
Pirate strategy 12
Running campaigns 10
The war on drugs 7

We are thinking about choosing a date and several differently sized locations and then crowdfunding the payment and setup costs. Would you be interested in participating in our crowdfunding efforts?

No 4
I would help fund the conference 8
Also, will tell my friends 7
And, I would help organize the crowdfunding effort 4

Where do you live?

Western Mass. 4
Along 495 4
Along 128 1
Greater Boston 7
South Shore 1
Somewhere else 1
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